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Basketball Basics – How to play basketball For Beginners

Basketball is a team game that is played on 92 feet long and 50 feet wide court. There are two netted rings on each corner of the court which is about 10 foot higher than the ground. It is played between two teams where each team contains of five active players. Each team players attempt to score points by pulling the ball into the opponent’s net.

If you love basketball, but don’t know how to play basketball, you can see this article to get basic information about playing basketball. This article is well written to learn how to play basketball.

So, read these instructions, get on the court and practice yourself to learn playing basketball.

Instructions about how to play basketball:

  • When two teams are ready to play, when the time starts, the referee throws up the basketball. Both of the teams’ players compete to take the possession of the ball.
  • The team who first catches the ball plays offense, and the opponent team play defense.
  • The players of the same team try to pass the ball each other to forward and backward to keep the ball position, while the opposition team try to possess the ball. The team players of each team are assigned in different positions. These positions are known as: center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard and point guard. So you have already got some idea about how to play basketball.
  • Every player have to dribble (bounce the ball on the floor) the ball and try to move forward (to the extreme ends of the opponent’s court where the netted rings are waiting). Walking or traveling with ball is omitted, instead of that players should dribble or pass the ball within 35 seconds. This is also the answer of how to play basketball.
  • Making any types of illegal body contact is considered as foul. If any of the two teams commits consecutive fouls, the referee awards the opponent a free throw. If a single player of the basketball commits six fouls in game, he or she will be disqualified for the game. That means, he or she cannot continue the game anymore.
  • The team which scores the most in the fixed time will be declared as the winner. If the scores of both teams are equal, they will get overtime to play. The overtime periods are played until one team scores more than another team. Now you can easily discuss with your team members about how to play basketball.


How to play basketball for beginners?

If you are a beginner in the basketball game and want to know how to play basketball, you should read the below to gain skills for playing basketball.

  • Learn how to dribble the ball

As you are a beginner, so this trick will help you to learn how to play basketball. Dribbling the ball is an essential skill that every basketball player should learn.

Basketball Basics - How to play basketball For Beginners, basketball dribbling, learn to play basketball
Basketball dribbling ; image credit

In order to learn this skill, you can take a basketball and practice dribbling by bouncing the ball on the ground. Practice bouncing the ball once when you take two steps. Also try to run along with bouncing the ball ahead.

  • Learn how to pass the ball

Passing the ball is important to defend the other team’s defense. You can take help of your friend to practice basketball passing directly, or through a bounce. It is also a good tricks of how to play basketball.

  • Learn to shoot the ball with good form

Good shooting form means, you have the ability to score in the basketball. There are certain techniques to grasp and throw the basketball. If you want to learn the good shooting form, you should see some videos from internet or take help from an experienced player. Read through to learn more about how to play basketball.

  • Know the basketball rules properly

Before going to learn the techniques of playing basketball, you should learn well about how to play basketball. If you know what you can do and what you cannot, you can learn basketball playing quickly.

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How to Score More Points

As you have already learnt how to play basketball, now it’s time to score more points. You can score more points by shooting the basketball through the circle. In ball, a hostile player can score somewhere around one to three points with a shot, contingent upon where the shot is tackled the floor.

Reaching out in a half-ring, around 20 feet almost 6.1 m from the band on most courts, ought to be the “three-point line,” past which shots are worth an additional point. Inside that circular segment, all shots are worth two extra points. All the foul shots are also worth one point every and are taken from free-toss line, which is about 15 feet, almost 4.6 m from the circle.

Basketball Basics - How to play basketball For Beginners, playing basketball,
Basics for Beginners in Basketball ; image credit

Players will be recompensed somewhere around one and three free tosses in the event that they are fouled amid a shooting endeavor, or fouled after the other group has gathered an excess of fouls. Read more to know how to play basketball.

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Techniques to Pass Basketball

The passing techniques will help you to learn how to play basketball. Move the basketball by spilling or passing. When you have the ball, you need to either be stationary, with one foot planted on the floor to turn from, or you must be spilling the ball, bobbing it here and there on the floor.

When you’re planted, you can turn around on one foot, however that foot needs to stay planted in case you’re not spilling. You can at present bounce to shoot or pass, however when you return you have to have disposed of the ball. When you begin spilling, you must spill always as you move, until you pass, shoot, or quit spilling to plant on your turn foot. On the off chance that you quit spilling, you can’t re-begin spilling, which a foul is called a “twofold spill.”

Basketball Basics - How to play basketball For Beginners, passing techniques, play basketball
Passing techniques ; image credit

It’s likewise vital to stay away from “over/under” spills, in which you get the ball from underneath and turn it over to spill it down. Figure out how to spill legitimately in the accompanying segment.

In case you are driving into shoot, you can get the ball and make two strides without spilling before you shoot or pass. More than two steps will bring about a voyaging infringement. In the event that you’ve been spilling and you stop, you can’t make two strides. You have already become an expert on the topic of how to play basketball.

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Bottom Line: How to play basketball is very similar to the steps of how to play shooting drill in addition to baseball scoring and waste talking. Developed for the film of the same name by the South Park makers, b-ball is fundamentally two groups that interchange attempting to score focuses from three separate “bases,” while the other group tries to psych them out. Each one missed shot is actually an out.

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This is great advice. Maybe a little more information on out of bounds plays and screening and what all of the positions do. We name our positions like this. #1 is the person at the top, # 2-3 are the wings and #4 is the top post and #5 is the bottom post. I am on a middle school basketball team but my main sport is volleyball. I could use some more information so I am not confused.

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