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FIFA Ballon d’Or Winners List, 2006-2018

FIFA Ballon d'Or, Ballon d'or winners list
FIFA Ballon d'Or----photo credit: Wikimedia/Jaime de la Fuente

The FIFA Ballon d’Or is a prestigious award that is given by FIFA to the male footballer. The best performance in football in the previous calendar year comes into consideration for giving FIFA Ballon d’Or. A neutralized voting system is arranged in which national team coaches and captains, as well as the journalists all over the world, cast their votes to select Ballon d’Or nominees. Whoever gets the most votes, would have the opportunity to be included in the FIFA Ballon d’Or winners list.

FIFA Ballon d’Or is the most valuable and significant individual award in football. The best footballer in the world gets this award every year. The history of Ballon d’Or started back in 1956 when it was known as “European Player of the Year Award”. That time, only the European players had the opportunity to get the award.

In 1995, Ballon d’Or authority changed some rules saying that any player playing for the European club could win it. It gets its full name “FIFA Ballon d’Or” in 2010 after merging France Football’s Ballon d’Or and men’s “FIFA World Player of the Year”. The winner of the inaugural FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2010 was Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who then went on to win the title two more titles in a row in the following two years.

However, FIFA Ballon d’Or award has been dominated by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi with 5 and Cristiano with 5, become rivals for this award. As of 2018, LUKA MODRIĆ is the latest recipient of FIFA Ballon d’Or. He bet Cristiano and Messi in the course of getting the award.

FIFA Ballon d'Or, Ballon d'or winners list
FIFA Ballon d’Or—-photo credit: Wikimedia/Jaime de la Fuente

Jury and selection process of FIFA Ballon d’Or winners list

Since 2010, after the commencement of FIFA Ballon d’Or, the selection process is disclosed to the public. A fair voting system is involved in this process, where all national team captains and coaches and in addition one specialized journalist from every country around the world can vote for the nominees.

In this process, they have to pick three footballers in descending order. When the draft return to FIFA, they calculate points account to the following criteria: 1st position pick is awarded 5 points, 2nd position is 3 and 3rd gets 1 point. Each player competes for the highest point in total 500 points (170 national team captains, 170 national team coaches and around 170 journalists around the world). The player with most points gets FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

Our team has taken an initiative to present you FIFA Ballon d’Or winners list from 2006 to 2015 in descending order. We will also explain the reason behind winning FIFA Ballon d’Or. So let’s start the tour and hope you will enjoy the article on FIFA Ballon d’Or winners list hereby.

FIFA Ballon d’Or winners list, 2015-2006

         YEAR      Winner    Nationality         Club




Luka Modric

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi





Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Real Madrid


2014 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Real Madrid
2013 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Real Madrid
2012 Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona
2011 Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona
2010 Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona
2009 Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona
2008 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Manchester United
2007 Ricardo Kaka Brazil AC Milan
2006 Fabio Cannavaro Italy Real Madrid/Juventus

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2018: Luka Modric

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2017: Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, Ballon d'Or
Lionel Messi——-photo credit: Wikimedia/Unknown

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015 winner Lionel Messi has spent an outstanding season in 2014-15. Last season with Barcelona he won five trophies, including the Champions League and La Liga. Lionel Messi had been an overwhelming favorite for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015. He had notable achievements in 2015.

Messi scored a total of 52 goals with 26 assists in his 61 games for club and country. The previously four-time Ballon d’Or winner received 41.33% votes which are third highest in the history of Ballon. He helped Barca winning La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League in 2015. In addition, he also helped Argentina National team to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2015 Copa America finals. He was the most responsible figure for Barcelona’s treble.

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo enlisted his name in the FIFA Ballon d’Or winners list the third time in his career after winning it in 2008 and 2013. Cristiano and Messi have been the only players to receive the award since 2008, while the Argentine winning it for four straight years from 2009-2012.

Cristiano won 37.66% votes, while Messi and Neuer had 15.76% and 15.72% respectively. In the 2013-14 season, Cristiano scored stunning 61 goals for his club and country. He guided Real Madrid to their 10th Champions League title, the long-awaited La Decima. His influential presence in the Champions League was marked by two goals in the semi-finals against Bayern and the crowning goal in the final against Atletico Madrid.

He scored a remarkable 26 goals in just 16 games in La Liga and added five goals in six UCL games. However, his national team performance was relatively disappointing, scoring once in three matches for Portugal as they were eliminated in the group stage after being defeated by Germany and the United States.

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo goals, cristiano ronaldo ballon d'or
Cristiano Ronaldo—–photo credit: Wikimedia/ Anish Morarji

The Real Madrid and Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo was favorite prior to the announcement of FIFA Ballon d’Or winner in 2013. He scored 66 goals in 56 games for his club and country throughout the year. Cristiano was the key player as he sealed the 2014 World Cup qualification for Portugal by scoring a brilliant hat-trick against Sweden in their play-offs. Cristiano Ronaldo picked up his first FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2008.

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012: Lionel Messi

It was a record-breaking year for Lionel Messi. He scored astonishing 91 goals in all competitions for his club and country. He was awarded Guinness World Record title for scoring the highest number of goals in a calendar year. After breaking César Rodríguez’s 190 league goal records, he became Barcelona’s top goal-scorer of all time. Messi got 41.60% votes, while the other two competitors, Cristiano and Iniesta got 23.68% and 10.91% respectively. Messi became the only player in history to win four Ballon d’Or awards.

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2011: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi scored a total of 47 goals in all competitions in the season of 2010-11. Messi netted all four goals of Barcelona’s side in the Champions League quarter-final against Arsenal and became Barcelona’s all-time top scorer in the UEFA Champions League. Although Barcelona eliminated in the semi-final by Inter Milan, Lionel Messi finished the season as a top scorer with eight goals. He helped Barcelona to win La Liga, Super Copa and FIFA Club World Cup. Messi got 47.88% in the Ballon d’Or voting system. His other two competitors were Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi.

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2010: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was the main key in Barcelona’s sextuple in the 2009-10 season. Messi became the champions league top goal scorer with nine goals. Messi contributed by heading the ball over Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar to make the final score 2-0 in the final of Champions league.

Barcelona also won the first treble with La Liga and Copa del Rey in the history of Spanish football. Messi won both the Ballon d’Or and FIFA Player of the Year just at 22. Messi got 22.65% votes in the inaugural session of FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Ballon d’Or 2009: Lionel Messi

The award was recognized as the FIFA player of the Year. Lionel Messi scored 38 goals in 51 games in the season of 2008-09. Messi remained virtually injury-free for the whole season and unlocked his potentials. Messi did a huge contribution to Elclassico and Copa del Reay finals. Lionel Messi with 1073 points was awarded FIFA Player of the award.

Ballon d’Or 2008: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo began the season with the Manchester United in remarkable form. On 15th November 2008, he scored his 101st free-kick goals for Manchester United. Ronaldo scored each of the other 19 EPL teams, became the only player to do that. On 2 December, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first Manchester United player since George Best to receive the prestigious Ballon d’Or award.

Ballon d’Or 2007: Ricardo Kaka

Ricardo Kaka, kaka ballon d'or
Ricardo Kaka in real madrid——photo credit: Wikimedia/Jan S0L0

Kaka won the Champions League title when Milan defeated Liverpool in 2007. He provided two valuable assists in that game. In the UEFA Super Cup, Inter Milan defeated Sevilla by 3-1, while Kaka scored the 3rd goal. Milan finished runner-up in Serie A that season when Kaka scored 17 goals. His name was nominated for the Ballon d’Or in 2007 and was awarded on 2 December 2007. He became the eighth Milan player to win the prize.

Ballon d’Or 2006: Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio Cannavaro, the great defenders
Fabio Cannavaro—-photo credit: Wikimedia/ bjarnith

Cannavaro spent three seasons with Real Madrid, winning two La Liga. He was one of the most fearsome defenders in world football. He captained Italy in the 2006 FIFA World Cup and led them to victory. One of his remarkable performances came against Germany in the 2006 World Cup semi-final. The Italian defender only conceded two goals in that tournament. Alongside with Ballon d’Or, he was also awarded FIFA World Player of the Year.

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