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Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Coaches in 2016

Pete Carroll, best paid nfl coach
Pete Carroll--------image credit: www.flickr.com

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NFL (National Football League) is a billion-dollar industry. It is the most popular American football league watched throughout the world. It is a very profitable sports business for the concerning authority. It seems that everyone involved with NFL is filling their pockets, except the NFL players. Some of the assistant coaches in NFL earn in millions and most of them receive annual salaries comparable to major players in NFL. The NFL franchises themselves are worth hundreds of millions, which they get from ticket sales, memorabilia and numerous team endorsements. Ultimately, they enlist their names as highest paid NFL coaches with the enormous amount of money.

The NFL teams provide their head-coaches with a sky-high salary, which is four-times that of their staff. The NFL teams invest a huge amount of money in their head coaches. The coaches make themselves worthy by years of experience, records and winning potentials. In this article, The Sportyghost team brings to you top 10 highest paid NFL coaches in 2016.

Top 10 highest paid NFL coaches in 2016

NFL is the top platform of American football. Every NFL franchise wants to get the most experienced and best-of-all head coach. This is the most important part of team’s management and they have pay a huge in this case. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid NFL coaches in 2016. Just scroll down and find who is the highest paid NFL head coach in 2016?

10. Chip Kelly, San Francisco 49ers

6 million/year

highest paid NFL coaches, chip kelly, top NFL coaches
Chip Kelly——–image credit: www.youtube.com/FanDuel

The San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly as a new head coach on 14 January, 2016. They signed him a four-year deal which is worth of $24 million. There are some interesting aspect of this new signing. Chip Kelly is still getting paid by his previous team, Philadelphia Eagles. If the Eagles were paying him $7 million this season, The 49ers would be left paying him $1 million. So, he will still make $13 million, from which $12 million will be paid by San Francisco 49ers, making him one of the highest paid NFL coaches in 2016.

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9. Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

Estimated $6 million/year

Mike McCarthy, nfl coaches salaries
Mike McCarthy———image credit: Wikimedia/Spikegrant, Thomas J. Grant, Skaneateles, NY, USA

The Green Bay Packers signed Mike McCarthy to a multi-year extension in 2014. The contract will keep the NFL’s longest-tenured general manager-coach combination healthy upto 2018. According to Forbes, McCarthy will earn $6 million annual salary. The income will move him into a tax bracket much closure to Pete Carroll and Sean Payton and other highest paid NFL coaches. In order to give him the full benefit of the contract, Packers may increase his weekly salaries in an undisclosed manner.

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8 acheter du cialis belgique. Bruce Arians, Arizona Cardinals

$6 million/year

bruce arians, highest paid nfl coaches
bruce arians——–image credits——-Wikimedia/FF Swami

Coach Bruce Arians signed a four-year contract extension with the Cardinals in 2015, which is technically keeping him through the 2019 season of NFL. According to the contract, he will earn approximately $6 million annually. He is one of the top NFL coaches. Arians became AP Head Coach of the year in 2014. He also won most of the games with Cardinals in his first two seasons as a head coach.

7. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

$6 million/year

Jason Garrett, salary for NFL coaches
Jason Garrett———-image credits: Wikimedia/en:User:Archbridge

Jason Garrett is a famous American football coach and acting as a head coach of Dallas Cowboys since 2010. In 2015, Jason made a five-year contract extension with the team. The contract would worth of $30 million, which will leave him $6 million as an annual salary. He led the Cowboys to the playoff in the last season of NFL for the first time since 2009. The Dallas Cowboys won the NFC East beating Detroit Lions in the wild-card round under the management of Jason Garrett. He stands at no. 7 in top 10 highest paid NFL coaches in 2016.

6. Jeff Fisher, Los Angeles Rams

$7 million/year

Jeff Fisher, best paid nfl coaches
Jeff Fisher——–image credits: Wikimedia/AJ Guel

The current head-coach of Los Angeles Rams, Jeff Fisher net worth is estimated over $16 million. Most of his earnings come from the NFL salary, which is $7 million per year. He signed a five-year contract with the Rams in 2012 worth of $35 million. He also served as a head coach in Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers. The former Super Bowl Champion, Jeff Fisher serves as a co-chairperson in NFL competition committee.

5. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

$7 million/year

John Harbaugh, top paid nfl coaches
John Harbaugh———-image credit: Flickr/Keith Allison

After winning the Super Bowl championship in 2013, Baltimore Ravens signed him a multiyear contract extension.  According to his signing, John Harbaugh will get around $12 million as a salary. His contract extension allows him to earn more than $7 million in 2016, though he ought to get $3 million. He has a cap hits of $4 million last year. After the Super Bowl victory, Ravens are committed to hold Harbaugh for a longer time.

4. Andy Reid, Kansas City

$7.5 million/year

Andy Reid, nfl coach salary
Andy Reid——-image credit: Wikimedia/SRA Moses Ross

The Kansas City head-coach Andy Reid is the 4th highest paid NFL coaches in 2016. He has been managing The Kansas City since 2013 and made a five-year contract. According to the salary scheme, Andy receives a total $37.5 million during his time with the city. The deal left him annual salary of $7.5 million. He is the NFC champion in 2004 and AP Coach of the year in 2002.

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3. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

$7.5 million/year

Bill Belichick, best nfl coach's salary
Bill Belichick———-image credit: Flickr/Keith Allison

He is considered as the longest tenured head coach in the history of NFL. Bill receives an annual salary of $7.5 million from the Patriots. Bill Belichick net worth in 2016 is estimated around $35 million and he is at 3rd spot in our list of top 10 highest paid NFL coaches in 2016. He is the two-time NFC Champion and seven-time AFC champion. He also won NFL Super Bowl 6 times in his coaching career, making him one of the winningest NFL coaches of all time.

2. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints

$8 million/year

Sean Payton, top earning nfl coaches
Sean Payton———-image credit: Wikimedia/vamostigres

Sean Payton is a former American football player and the head coach of New Orleans Saints. He has been managing the New Orleans since 2006. He signed a five year contract with the team in 2012. According to the deal, he will earn a total $40 million and $8 million annually for five years. He has also earned a cap hit of $8 million per year in 2016. He stands at no. 2 in our list of highest paid NFL coaches in 2016.  Sean Payton will be a free agent in 2018, if the Saints don’t extent the contract.

1. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

$8+ million/year

Pete Carroll, best paid nfl coach
Pete Carroll——–image credit: www.flickr.com

Pete Carroll is the head coach and executive vice president of Seattle Seahawks. Carroll has signed a contract extension following Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory in 2014. The contract will keep him with the Seahawks through the NFL season of 2016. His five-year contract upto 2014 would let him earn a total $35 million, before his 2-year contract extension. His annual salary is reportedly bumped from $7 million to $8+ million in 2016. His  annual earning salary also includes signing bonus, roster bonus, restructure bonus and workout bonus. Pete Carroll is one of the top NFL coaches in the world.

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