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Neymar, an inspirational role model


neymar, an inspirational role model, neymar hairstyle, neymar skills, brazilian neymar
neymar, an inspirational role model——image via:

Brazil will chase their sixth world cup triumph on their home soil as 2014 FIFA world cup approaches. Brazil team has already announced their squad. Football star Neymar is leading from the front. Over the years Neymar has become the inspirational role model where he grew up.

Neymar in neighborhood:

Neymar’s face beams out from a huge poster advertising a house project near the Instituto Neymar Jr foundation in Santos. Neymar made up his name in Santos before Barcelona  lured him away last year. In the area where he spent his childhood and which remains the home of his grandmother, children play football on the same turf where Neymar used to play as a 10 year old. The locals know him as ‘a simple, nice guy’.

Neymar and Santos:

Before Neymar heading off to Barcelona, he made his name in the Santos’ Vila Belmiro stadium. The stadium hosts a memorial to its former stars, including O Rei, the king himself, Pele, though Neymar has a trophy space of his own. Coordinator of Santos’ indoor football Jose Alexandre Cadozo said that Neymar is a kind of player who has always taken a great delight in playing football. It is the place where Neymar showed early promise before coming through the ranks to make the first team. Cadozo highly praised Neymar skills of football.

Neymar, an ispirational role model, neymar hairstyle, neymar skills, brazilian neymar
neymar at santos—-image via:

According to his early trainer Cardozo, 42, Neymar developed both feet with the same expertise and in addition he had the ability to take decisions in an instant to play at speed. Neymar showed his impressive technique in football from his early age.

Cardozo recalled himself when Neymar first came to train with Santos, he looked after him and ensured the prodigy had enough to eat. Neymar was hailing from a family of modest means.

Neymar’s home:

Neymar was born in 1992 at Mogi das Cruzes near the business metropolis of Sao Paulo. His parents Neymar da Silva and Nadine Santos soon moved to Sao Vicente on the outskirts of Santos.

The neighbours in Sao Vicente witnessed Neymar playing football in the street. To them Neymar is still a simple and nice guy, though he is very famous figure now. Neymar hasn’t forgotten his home. He provides financial help to his family’s local Baptist church in Sao Vicente.

Pastor Nilton Lobato says,

“ he is very generous and a God fearing child.”

Neymar’s family home is now at Nautica 3 in a modest part of the town. It lies behind an enormous gate and is protected by closed circuit cameras.

Neymar building his dream:

Neymar built an institute named Instituto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande which will soon provide some 2500 children with activities including football coaching. The institute is a 4 million project and is running by Neymar’s parenteral uncle Jose Benicio da silva. Mentioning the lack of infrastructure and opportunity with poor education Da Silva said, “ My nephew wanted to do something for local people where he lived.”

The project was launched three years ago. Hopefully Neymar will be able to inaugurate it ahead of the world cup, said his uncle.

Neymar, an inspirational role model:

Neymar, an ispirational role model, neymar hairstyle, neymar skills, brazilian neymar
neymar being the icon for the young footballers——image via:

Neymar is a charmed character with a Mohawk hairstyle in the locals. Of 10 players taking part in an under 15 futsal match at Sao Vicente on a pitch belongs to local club Gremetal, no less than eight sport the Mohawk hair like Neymar hairstyle. He has become the model of inspiration among the young footballers. A 15 year old Anderson Silva said,

“ I want to be like him.”

See, how Neymar, an inspirational role model, is so influential in fulfilling their dream!

Neymar, an ispirational role model, neymar hairstyle, neymar skills, brazilian neymar
Neymar hairstyle——image via:

Neymar’s struggle with football and his story of life have become an example for these youngsters. He is skillful and quick and he has a great story with his life. Poverty couldn’t stand on his journey towards success. The Brazilian Neymar is putting a inspirational urge to the poor Brazilian footballers..

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