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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, BASE jumping
BASE jumping ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Sports literally can be a great way for the exercise for both body and mind. Not only that sports are also an incredible source of mere entertainment. Some people may pursue sports for their recreational purposes, while many take it to the professional level. Most of the physical sports have involved some risks. Players playing this sports always have the chance to get injured. In the world of sports there are some sports that are extremely perilous. To some extent these sports are considered to be lethal indeed. Today Sporty Ghost will bring to you top 10 most dangerous sports in the world. So let’s take a look at the list.

Most dangerous sports in the world | Extreme sports list:

It is little bit difficult to rank all these dangerous sports according to severity. It’s because, the sports organizations do not like to bring many possible risks into spotlight. However, some of them often take into account the casualties and possible dangers.

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In other words, here we are presenting the list of extreme sports around the globe. This extreme sports list includes some of the rare and most deadly sports found to be played in specific places in the world.

Let’s check out, what is the most dangerous sport in the world?

1. White-water Rafting

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, White-water Rafting
White-water Rafting ; image credit www.flickr.com

White-water rafting is actually an outdoor game. This game is full of thrill and peril. In this sport an inflatable raft is used as a vehicle for navigating the rough white water. In this game the environment varies widely and for this reason new challenges are always there for the participants to face. The white wild water threats the participants to get tossed or being smashed into the solid hard rocks.

The most dangerous thing is that the foot entrapment between the rocks may entangle the participants in case he falls off and it becomes much harder to dislodge from this trap easily. Twisted knees and broken bones are the common injuries in this dangerous game. In this game there are various difficulty levels depending on the locations. The costs in this game also vary widely for the participants.

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2. BMX

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, BMX
BMX ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

BMX is commonly known as “Bicycle motocross”. It is extremely thrilling yet dangerous cycle sport. For the participation, one needs to own a special kind of bike, commonly known as “BMX Bikes”. At the professional level, these BMX bikes are quite expensive. The BMX biking is essentially a racing sports with too many off shoots. These offshoots include bicycle stunts on vertical ramp and flatland.

The participant cyclist has to perform a combination of acrobatics in this game. The bikers strive to perform innovative and hazardous tricks which are not only fun to see but dangerous for one else has ever tried. These outstanding spectacular events of sports cause numerous injuries or even concussion, cuts and bruises. Much more fatal injuries are documented too, undoubtedly can reside within the extreme sports list.

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3. Mountain climbing

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Mountain climbing
Mountain climbing ; image credit pixabay.com

Mountain climbing is a kind of highly dangerous sports which involves the breath taking activity of climbing up and down to the highest peak of the natural mountain. The truth about this game is that each and every step of it is risky. The mountain climber is exposed to various range of risks. The climber has to perform a heavy physical activity. Very often they suffer from muscle sprain, broken bones, torn ligaments, twisted ankles, back injuries, concussion, frost bite or even death.

The weather may change every now and then and strike the climber with a lethal blow. One can easily lose his path, can slip and fall. However, there are several national parks offering good rock-climbing locations and there are several schools for mountain climbing offering different courses.

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4. Street luge

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Street luge
Street luge ; image credit de.wikipedia.org

Street luge is lot like skateboarding, with the only difference being that the rider has to be in a supine position on the sled which is called the luge board. This game is extreme gravity powered with a high velocity. The fact is that, the legality of this game is still in the shadows. Considering the danger level of this sport, it is an absolute requirement for the participants to put on helmets and protective leathers.

For this reason, the chance of getting smashed becomes lesser. As the drivers use their feet to brake, it has chances to break their legs, torn their ligaments or even much severe injuries. The participants must need full medical insurance coverage.

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5. Big wave surfing

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Big wave surfing
Big wave surfing ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Surfing is a famous adventure sport. Big wave surfing is a discipline of surfing. In this sport the surfer of surfing board paddle into or towed onto huge waves which are of at least 20 feet high. Moreover, the utmost credit goes to one who rides the wave of an intimidating height of 100 feet and this competition offers him a prize money of $100,000. However, Tow-In World Cup in Maui offers prize money of $70,000 and Quicksilver’s Waimea Bay Contest offers prize money of $65,000.

Hence the sport is included into the most dangerous sports category, there are some perilous side of Big wave surfing. Among these, the surfer may be pulled into the water by high velocity current or may drown or even have their head smashed against the hidden underwater rocks. Some use to get whacked by the surfing board.

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6. Bull Riding

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Bull Riding
Bull Riding ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Among the American cowboys bull riding is a rodeo sport. we can easily figure out, why this is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. In this sport the rider has to mount a huge bull and he has to stay atop the raging bull, while the bull attempts to buck him off its back. This dangerous sport is a huge favorite with men who love to show off their high levels of testosterone and consider themselves extremely macho. In this sport, there is a great chance of getting trampled by 1800 pounds bull, which can also lead to concussions and severe head injuries. The death is not uncommon.

The bull riders frequently suffer broken bones, back fractures and so many fatal injuries. Surprisingly, just after healing from these fatal injuries, they again use to ride it with much more passion. These fanatics treat the game as an art. There are many options for those who want to master this deadly sport. They can gladly admit themselves to the bull riding training schools or even in fantasy camps.

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7. Cave diving

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Cave diving
Cave diving ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Cave diving is no so familiar in the sports world. His adventure sport involves diving in underwater caves. The caves are at least partially filled with water content. In this sport, scuba equipment with specialized configurations are required. The sport also requires a wide range of other materials on the basis of varied circumstances involving the sport. Cave diving is full of some life-threatening dangers, of which, the major risks can be caused by lighting failure and low visibility.

These risks might eventually lead to being separated from the partners. Another hazard is the scarcity of oxygen, especially because one cannot rise to the surface to catch air, lest he might smash his head against hard underwater rocks. This game is considered among the most dangerous sports of the world hence the gamer must insured for life.

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8. Scuba diving

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Scuba diving
Scuba diving ; image credit scifundchallenge.org

Scuba diving is one of the well-known adventure sports and most dangerous sports in the world. The word “Scuba” is actually an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA). This scuba is usually used by the diver to facilitate breathing underwater. It all may sounds wonderful but this beautiful sport comes with its own dangers. For instance, if the diver ascends too fast to the surface, it may lead to a fatal life threatening condition called “Decompression sickness”.

The illness includes bends and can even cause spinal cord, brain and lung failure. The diver also has a chance of getting attack by stray sharks or other underwater creatures. The professional association of diving instructors or the Scuba school international often offers open-sea diving certificate training. In this dangerous sport, life insurances are also important.

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9. Heli-skiing

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, Heli-skiing
Heli-skiing ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

From its name, it is pretty obvious that heli-skiing involves helicopters. In fact, the sport is off-trail, skiing or downhill snowboarding is accessed by a helicopter. Some people are such passionate for this sport that they even book a year in advance so that they can find a great thrill in leaping onto snow on peaks. This advance booking helps them in getting the package at discount. The cost of this game often depends on the number of days too.

The package always includes a set number of descends. There are several Heli-ski organizations that are certified by the US government. In this game, there is a huge possibility to be stranded by weather change or get demolished by an avalanche. Even the ride with helicopter can be dangerous. Another top pick of our extreme sports list.

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10. BASE jumping

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World | Extreme Sports List, BASE jumping
BASE jumping ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Literally the term BASE in BASE jumping is derived from the acronym Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, meaning he cliff. The sport is highly exciting among the youngsters. Base jumping involves parachuting and participants hurl themselves from the fixed structures, a cliff of a mountain. The game sounds very thrilling, the act of dashing through air, with the wind blowing in the face and into the hair, can also prove to be dangerous.

There are indeed some obvious risks of jumping from such a high altitude. The risk of getting trashed by the wind is very high. In fact, the sport is announced illegal in some parts of the world, including USA. The highest BASE jumping in the world has been recorded to be from 1381 feet, from the peak of the Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysia.

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From this article it is quite obvious that, some people have great passion for these dangerous sports, no matter what the level of danger is. One thing for sure that these dangerous sports are not for the faint hearted persons. But, there will be always a common remark, “DON’T TRY THESE AT HOME”!

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  2. Equestrianism should be top… One crack of the whip too hard and your life has been thrown away. I risk my life everytime I mount my horse, but I still do it !

  3. Where’s horse riding on that list?? A horse can crush you with its own body weight-you don’t have to be riding! Equestrians are risking their lives every time they get on a horse. Only stupid people cant see that!


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