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Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2016

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Tyrone Bogues
Tyrone Bogues ; image credit s304.photobucket.com

When the discussion is about basketball players, the picture that comes into mind is the taller and stronger man who can comfortably make a slam dunk. The average height of regular basketball player should be 6’7” from 1985 to 2006. Though, tall height is the main factor for playing basketball, but it is not same always. There are also some shortest NBA players who dominated in the past and some are still dominating in the basketball game. Most of them are able to jump higher and run faster than the average tall players.

Top 10 Shortest NBA players:

Below is a list of 10 shortest NBA players who have shown extra-ordinary quality in NBA games.

10) Charlie Criss (5’8”)

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Charlie Criss
Charlie Criss ; image credit www.nba.com

Charlie Criss is the NBA’s smallest and oldest player, whose height is 5’8”. Willie Sommerset and Don Dino Martina are also in this list. After graduation from the New Mexico State University, Criss had joined to the Continent Basketball Association. He has been voted for MVP twice. He was very famous for his extraordinary skills in passing and sharp shooting.

As one of the most successful basketball short players, he basically helped pave the ways for all the future stars just like Nate Robinson. Following his successful playing career he has become an ideal color commentator especially for the Atlanta Hawks.

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9) Keith Jennings (5’7”):

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Keith Jennings
Keith Jennings ; image credit trendy-sports.blogspot.com

Keith Jennings is another shortest NBA player whose height was only 5’7”. As he was comparatively short, so he was criticized. But this great player never lose his hope. Keith Jennings was a point guard in California’s Golden State Warriors who have played in different leagues in Germany, Spain, France, Turkey and Russia. He was also a famous coach.

He was chosen by the Toronto Raptors in the 1995 extension draft, however did not play for them. He additionally played professionally in United Kingdom. In the session of 2003–04, he basically parlayed his experience to help the club of basketball in France.

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8) Monte Towe (5’7”)

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Monte Towe
Monte Towe ; image credit www.sportsmanagementdegreehub.com

Due to his short height, Monte Towe was underestimated by people. But, he had proved everyone’s thought wrong. He is one of the shortest players in NBA. He has started his career at NC State Wolfpack. That time, his team coach was very much feared about his performance. But he proved all wrong with his excellent and brilliance. Monte Towe played games for the Denver Nuggets from 1976 to 77.

Towe was named head ball mentor at the University of New Orleans. He accumulated a 70-78 record in excess of five seasons. In May 2006, he cleared out UNO to end up partner head mentor at North Carolina State under head mentor Sidney Lowe.

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7) Wataru Misaka (5’7”):

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Wataru Misaka
Wataru Misaka ; image credit knickerblogger.net

Wataru Miska, another shortest NBA player who was the first Asian-American player to participate in the NBA contest. Though his stature is short, but he has great basketball playing skills. He helped his fellow players to win NCAA Championship in 1944. From 1947 to 1948 he played for the New York Knicks. He was nominated for Utah Sport Hall of Fame.

He played school basketball for the University of Utah and drove his school to the 1944 NCAA and 1947 NIT titles. As a youngster, he struggled  a lot due to his height and Japanese ancestry. Misaka was born in Ogden, Utah and was still at the high school at the beginning of World War II. After finishing high school, he attended University of Utah and signed up for the Utah Utes. Then he left the college to serve US Army. While there, he interviewed the Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors. It was a harsh experience for him as everyone eyed him as a traitor. After his service for the US army, he returned back to University of Utah in 1947 and led his college team to win National Invitation Tournament (NIT). He also played three amusements for the New York Knicks.

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6) Louis Klotz (5’7”)

Louise “Red” was well-known for his short stature and eye catching red hair. He was playing for Baltimore Bullets in 1947’s NBA. He had spent 5 years there and bought the Philadelphia’s Sphas. He named him team ‘Washington Generals’. He was an ambassador who is still spreading his love for this game.

Klotz played amid the 1948 season on the Baltimore Bullets group, the year they won the Basketball Association of America title. He played in 11 diversions, scoring 15 points. He likewise played in six playoff amusements, scoring six focuses.

5) Greg Grant (5’7”)

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Greg Grant
Greg Grant ; image credit www.tcnj.edu

Greg Grant is another shortest player in the NBA, who has proved his skills in Basketball game. Grant was a point guard and played for the Philadelphia seventy6ers. The Philadelphia 76ers manager highly praised the Greg Grant. Grant published a book named “94 Feet and Rising: The Journey of Greg Grant to the NBA in 2009.

It offers directions and centers. With the assistance of author (and individual Trenton local) Martin Sumners, Grant itemized his doubtful excursion from the play areas to school and the distance to the NBA in his personal history.

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4) Anthony Webb (5’7”)

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Anthony Webb
Anthony Webb ; image credit www.giantbomb.com

Anthony Webb is the shortest player in NBA who was able to show his excellent in basketball. He played total 814 games in the NBA. Anthony Webb was a high-sprit man who went beyond his height. he managed to score 9.9 per match. Anthony Webb is mostly remembered for his brilliant performance for the Midland College Chaparrals in 1982 Junior College Championship, where he led his team to a 93-88 victory. North Carolina State University offered a scholarship by his name. He has made a very prestigious place at NCSU and regarded as a satellite who could practically leap into orbit.

He has played for several teams, including Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks. He is also remembered for winning 1986 NBA slam-dunk contest.

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3) Melvin Hirsch (5’6”):

Melvin Hirsch was the Shortest Player in the NBA. He was born in New York City in 1921 and attended Brooklyn College, NY in 1940s. He played for his college basketball team. He played many Basketball games for his University and National League. He Joined for Boston Celtics in 1946. Although Boston Celtics missed the playoffs, Melvin Hirsch managed to play 13 games in total and 19 points for his team.

2) Earl Boykins (5’5”)

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Earl Boykins
Earl Boykins ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Earl Boykins is not only the shortest NBA players, but also the youngest player in the basketball. He played for the Eagles team of Eastern Michigan University. Earl Boykins also played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards.

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1) Tyrone Bogues (5’3”)

Top 10 Shortest NBA Players in the World 2015, Tyrone Bogues
Tyrone Bogues ; image credit s304.photobucket.com

Tyrone’s fellow mates called him “Muggsy” who was born in Maryland. Though he was short in height, but he was good at defending. This shortest NBA player had played for the Wake Forest University” from 1983 to 1987. Now he is the head coach of a Basketball team of United Faith Christian Academy.

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Bottom Line: These shortest NBA players are the inspiration for those whose heights are short but still want to play basketball.

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