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David Beckham believes England can go far in Brazil world cup 2014

David Beckham believes England can go far in Brazil world cup 2014, english football
David Beckham ; image credit

The former England captain, David Beckham believes England have a great chance of reaching the latter stages of the World Cup in Brazil.

He has praised Roy Hodgson for his squad selection. He thinks the blend of youth and experience will give them a great chance of going a long way in the tournament.

Beckham told Sky Sports,

“Roy has done really well since he has come in as the manager of England, I think it’s a really good selection”

He believes that English players are playing at the top of their game. And the manager probably picked the right ones.

People have been saying it for years “They’re young players, they’ve had great seasons”. This time Beckham wants to say – it’s not about that anymore.

England can go far in Brazil world cup 2014, english coach
Roy Hodgson ;image credit

English football team has always been blessed with players those are playing week in and week out against some of the best players in the world and in the biggest league in the world and for some of the biggest clubs.

David Beckham

 English young players have been playing in the biggest league in the world. There is no players that are going to go on to this stage and be affected by it.

It’s another great news for the English to have a captain like Stevie Gerrard. He has had one of the best seasons probably for him and that Liverpool have had for quite a while. David is expecting to cause a few upsets, a few surprises at the Brazil world cup 2014.

“Obviously we have a tough group. You are coming up against great teams. But that can be a good thing for us because I think we always perform well against the great teams”

Beckham is a little worried about the heat and the humidity. That’s going to be a factor. But the team needs to prepare enough for the first few games only. Then it will be ok for everyone.

Beckham added,

“Just enjoy the occasion. There’s no bigger competition in the world than the World Cup and for a player to go there”

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