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Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America

The Copa America is one of the prestigious football tournaments in the world. It is also the oldest football tournament in the world, starting from 1916. Formerly, the competition is known as ‘South American Football Championship’. South America is the region, where the game of football flourished better than any part of the world. Football is kind of a religion in this continent. Some greatest footballers were born here and brought glory for their countries. Footballers like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo all played their magnificent role in world football. In recent time, Messi, Neymar, Rodriguez, David Luiz are remarkable South American footballers who are shining in the world football.

Copa America 2015 is taking place in Chile from 11 June. Now, we have taken an initiative to enlist the top 10 all-time greatest records in Copa America. Let’s have a look and enjoy.

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America:

1. Most Titles

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most title winner
Uruguay in Copa America ; image credit

Uruguay National team are the most successful nation in the history of Copa America. The Uruguayans have won 15 Copa America titles. Uruguay won the competition defeating Paraguay by 3-0 in the final. Surprisingly, the runner-up Paraguay were able to reach the finals without winning a single game in the competition.

Their success in the final stage was determined by the way of penalty shoot-outs. However, Uruguay earned the right to play in 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil where they finished third.

2. Hosts

Argentina has hosted Copa America more times than any other nations in the South America. The nation arranged the tournament a record nine times with the last one in 2011. Uruguay are at second place having hosted the event seven times and Peru and Chile both share the third place for this record by hosting six tournaments each. On the other hand, Brazil have hosted only four occasions of this competition.

2015 Copa America is hosted by Chile in 9 different venues. As a matter of fact, the tournament was to be held in Brazil. But, after arranging 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, 2014 FIFA World Cup and preparing for the upcoming summer Olympics in 2016, they decided against hosting Copa America in 2015.

3. All-time top scorers

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, top scorer, Zizinho
Zizinho ; image credit

There are two players sharing the record for the most goals scored in the history of Copa America. They are Zizinho of Brazil and Norberto Mendez of Argentina. Both footballers have scored 17 goals in Copa America campaign. Severino Varela of Uruguay and Teodoro Fernandez are jointly placed second with scoring 15 goals each.

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, top scorer, Norberto Mendez
Norberto Mendez ; image credit

Agentina’s Norberto Mendez played 33 games for his country and won 3 Copa America titles and 3 Primera Division titles in his career. Zizinho, the Brazilian attacking mid-fielder was great player with his incredible array of offensive skills with both feet as well as extraordinary vision. He made 53 appearances for Brazil and scored 30 goals. Truly, the record is worthy enough to be included in the list of top 10 all-time greatest records in Copa America.

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4. Most appearances by player

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most appearence, Serjio Livingstone
Serjio Livingstone ; image credit

The Chilean goalkeeper, Serjio Livingstone held the record of most Copa America appearances. He played 34 Copa America matches, which is more than any other player. He took part in seven South American Championships and one world cup. Livingstone was nicknamed as “El Sapo”, (the Toad) for his trademark posture between the goal-post. The goal-keeper later became a well renowned journalist.

Brazil’s Zizinho is in the second place with 33 appearances while Leonel Alvarez and Carlos Valderrama share the third place with 32 appearances in Copa America.

5. Most successful coach

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most successful coach, Guillermo Stabile
Guillermo Stabile ; image credit

The Argentine footballer and manager Guillermo Stabile is the most successful coach in the history of Copa America. He led Argentina to victory in six Copa America tournaments: 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1955 and 1957. He coached the Argentine National side in 123 official matches gaining a total 83 victories, which made him one of the few coaches with more than 100 matches in charge of a national team.

As a footballer, Stabile was the top goal scorer of the first FIFA World Cup in 1930. He also played football in France and Italy.

6. Longest match

The longest match in the history of Copa America took place in 1919, in the 3rd Copa America competition, which was held in Brazil. It was a final match, where host Brazil beat Uruguay in the playoff match and claimed their first title. The match lasted a total of two and a half hours.

When the score was level after 90 minutes, it was needed an extra time, which was oddly consisted of four periods of 15 minutes each, not like two halves of 15 minutes as is still usual nowadays. It was a historic match for Brazil as they won their maiden title at home with 1-0 in the playoff against Uruguay.

7. Worst goalkeeper

The worst goalkeeper performance in the history of Copa America came in 1942, at the 17th edition of South American Championship, held in Uruguay. Ecuador goal-keeper Napoleon Medina became the most unlucky man, after conceding a record 31 goals in total. The record is still alive for the most goals ever conceded at a football tournament. Medina nearly broke his own record three years later conceding 27 goals as a goalkeeper.

Argentina’s remarkable victory came here when they beat Ecuador by 12-0. And also Uruguay can claim their most fascinating victory against Ecuador when they too crashed them by 7-0 in the 1942 Copa America competition. The record still remains in the book of Copa America.

8. Most goals in a match

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most goals, Jose Manuel Monero
Jose Manuel Monero ; image credit

The record for the most goals scored in a Copa America match is five. The record has been accomplished four times in the history of Copa America. Firstly came by Hector Scarone for Uruguay against Bolivia in 1926, Juan Marvezzi for Argentina against Ecuador in 1941, Jose Manuel Monero for Argentina against Ecuador in 1942 and Evaristo de Macedo for Brazil against Colombia in 1957.

9. Longest unbeaten run

Uruguay is the nation holding the record for the longest unbeaten run in Copa America, when it comes to matches in a home nation. They hold the record of unbeaten for 38 matches in Uruguay. The unbeaten matches consist of 31 home victories and 7 draws. The last match Uruguay played at their home was a 1-1 draw against Brazil in 1995.

They became runner-up six times while winning the title a record 17 times. Uruguay’s record is considered to be included in the list of top 10 all-time greatest records in Copa America.

10. Red cards

Most amazingly, the first 21 years of Copa America saw no red cards in any of the matches. Juan Emilio Piriz of Uruguay was the first player to be sent off by straight red card in a match against Chile in 1937.

The first 21 years of the Copa America saw no red cards in any of the matches. The first player to be sent off at the tournament was Juan Emilio Piriz of Uruguay when he was shown a straight red card in a match against Chile in 1937. The Uruguayans lost the game by 0-3 to Chile. So far, a total of 169 red cards have been shown in the history of Copa America.

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Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World

In the wake of tragedy, sports always act as a palliative by giving us excitement and pleasure. It provides us a much needed distraction, but we often tend to forget the dark side of sports. The disasters in sport can take severely ugly forms ranging from miniature riot to excruciating physical damage with mass death. The second anniversary of Boston Marathon bombing has just passed with another anniversary in May 4 of 1949 Superga air accident which claimed the lives of the whole Turin professional soccer team, tragically known as Il Grande Torino.

We have enlisted the top 10 worst sports disasters in the world. All of these incidents are well remarkable in the history of sports. The departed souls will be remembered forever as long as the disaster marks it’s place in the history.

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Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World:

10. Happy Valley Racecourse fire, 1918

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World, Happy Valley Racecourse fire
Happy Valley Racecourse fire, 1918—————–image via:

The sport disaster took place on 28th February, 1918. The Happy Valley racecourse in Hong Kong, China was engulfed in an enormous fire which claimed as many as 570 people. Just a few seconds after the fire broke out, the large areas of racecourse stands and booths were collapsed. The exit root became blocked and many people were trapped inside the fire. It was supposedly the main reason of that much of death toll. However, the exact number of deaths was never known as a huge number of people were burnt with such intensity that only remnants were found in the incident place.

The exact origin of the catastrophe is still unknown. But, it was suspected that people engaged in preparing meals on cooking ranges in the sheds nearby must be accidentally caught fire and resulted in one of the worst sports disasters in the world.

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9. Boxing Champion Michael Watson incident, 1991

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World
Boxing Champion Michael Watson incident, 1991——–image via:

21 September, 1991, was remembered as a Black Day in the history of British Boxing. The incident took place, when a rematch was taken place between an admirable English boxer, Michael Watson and the unpopular Chris Eubank. Notably, Watson lost the super middleweight title earlier that year to Eubank. As the people demanded, three months later, the rematch was held. The boxing match was going fair and fine until 11th round and Watson was visibly outscoring Eubank. Then, suddenly something went wrong and Watson started falling back taking blow after blow onto his face. As the game progressed into the 12th round, poor Watson walked straight into Eubank’s punch several times and eventually he could hardly lift his gloved hands. The match referee finally called for a stop smelling the trouble, but that didn’t restrain Watson collapsing in the ring.

After going through 6 major brain surgeries and 40 days of coma, Michael Watson became the survivor of that fatal incident. Later, he sued the British Boxing Board for lack of proper immediate medications. He ultimately won the damage compensation of £1 million.

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8. Death of Hansie Cronje, 2002

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World
Death of Hansie Cronje, 2002, the death site————-image via:

The cricket world became speechless on 1 June 2002, when South Africa former captain Hansie Cronje died in a plane crash near George airport along with two pilots. However, two years before the accident, Hansie was accused for match fixing conspiracy. After a subsequent enquiry by the King Commission, he got himself banned for life from all kinds of cricketing activity. The plane crash following the banishment immediately sparked off the conspiracy theories. The plane crash may have been pre-ordained to eliminate Hansie Cronje, who could be a threat for some high-profile people involved in that match fixing. The exact truth is still unknown to the cricket-loving people.

The death of Hansie Cronje is still a mystery, yet more unfortunate than anyone in the cricket. It has been ranked at no. 8 in the list of top 10 worst sports disasters in the world.

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7. The Heysel Riot, 1985

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World, The Heysel Riot
The Heysel Riot, 1985——–image via:

On 29 May, 1985, the fans of Juventus and Liverpool-the two biggest clubs in Europe-went literally at war during the European Cup final in Brussels, Belgium. The escaping Juventus fans were pressed against a collapsing wall by the Liverpool hooligans, before the start of the game. Around 39 people were reportedly dead and over 600 were injured in that disaster.

Following Heysel Stadium tragedy, all English football clubs were placed under an indefinite ban by UEFA from all European tournaments (lifted in 1990-91), while Liverpool was excluded for an additional three years banishment. The sports disaster was described as “The darkest hour in the UEFA competitions’ history”.

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6. Ghana Football Tragedy, 2001

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World, Accra stadium disaster
Accra Stadium blood stained stairs—————image via:

A football match was emerged as a tragedy when a Ghana league game between ‘Asante Kotoko’ and ‘Hearts of Oak’ ended into a bloodshed on 9 May, 2001. The home side Hearts of Oak scored two late goals and claimed their victory by 2-1. The troubles was anticipated and extra security measures were ensured accordingly. But the disappointed Kotoko fans started to throw plastic chairs and bottles onto the pitch after the match. Police was to fire the tear gas in order to control the situation, but panic ensued among the people and resulted in death of 127 people due to compressive asphyxia.

After the official investigation, the Accra police department was blamed for over-reacting with indiscriminate firing of plastic bullets and tear gas. Some dishonest officers were also accused and punished accordingly.

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5. The Colourful 11 Disaster, 1989

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World,The Colourful 11
The Colourful 11———–image via:

The Surinam Airways Flight 764 was departed from Amsterdam to Paramaribo on June 6, 1989 carrying 187 passengers, including a group of Dutch Surinam footballers known as “The Colourful 11”. At the moment of landing, the no. 2 engine of the plane stuck a tree at the height of approximately 25 meters above the ground. When the right wing of the plane stuck another tree, the plane began to roll and impact the ground. 176 passengers were incidentally dead including the the colourful 11 in that aircraft disaster.

Footballers like, Ruud Gullit, Aron Winter, Frank Rijkaard, Bryan Roy, and Regi Blinker were luckily denied permission to travel in that flight. These Dutch footballers survived the disaster by the grace of God.

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4. Kurt Jenson and Others, the curse of Doping, 1960—

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World,kurt jenson
Cyclist Kurt Jenson fell on the road———-image via:

It was even before the Lance Armstrong incident. The illegal use of performance enhancing drugs had brought an enormous dishonor to the cycling world. Kurt Jansen, a Danish cyclist was accused of illegal doping back in 1960 Rome summer Olympics. The accusation came, when he suddenly collapsed to the ground due to an amphetamine overdose. The sports world was shocked again when the doping incidents came into lime light in 2003. Eight eminent cyclist aged between 16-34 years died of heart attack within the 13 months time span. Thorough investigations found that the EPO drug being the culprit behind all these deaths.

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3. The Death of Ayrton Senna, 1994

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World
Ayrton Senna, the legend of F1———-image via: commons.wikimedia.or

Ayrton Senna was considered one of the most successful Formula One drivers in the sports world. Thus, the death of Ayrton Senna was the saddest moment people could ever imagine. It was the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix where Senna lost his control of his car while turning a corner. He crashed into a sidewall after skidding off the race track. Ayrton Senna hurt his head in that fatal race accident, when a piece tie rod penetrated his helmet visor just above the right eye. Senna died due to fatal brain injuries and ruptured temporal artery. The death of Ayrton Senna was probably the greatest lose in the Formula One’s history ever. The tragic event is inducted in our list of top 10 worst sports disasters in the world.

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2. The Munich Olympic massacre, 1972

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World, Munich olympic tragedy
The Munich Olympic tragedy———image via:

The 1972 Munich Olympic tragedy will never be forgotten by the world and pray such disaster never occurs again. A group of Palestinian terrorist named Black September took 11 Israeli athletes into hostage demanding the release of 234 criminals detained in Israeli jails. The terrorists named the attack as ‘Biram’ and ‘Iqrit’ (after two villages). A rescue attempt was initiated instantly which was failed disastrously, leaving all 11 Israeli athletes, 1 German police officer and 5 of the terrorists dead.

Later, the Israeli government launched two major military operations namely, “Operation Spring of Youth” and Operation Wrath of God to hunt down and kill the rest of the terrorists involving the Munich Olympic massacre.

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1. The Superga Tragedy, 1949

Top 10 Worst Sports Disasters in the World, superga disaster
The superga disaster in 1949—————image via:

The tragedy took place on 4 May, 1949. The Torino AC football team along with their coaching staff, sports journalists and plane crew were returning from a friendly match. The Fiat G.212 aircraft of Italian airlines lost its control during landing and crashed into the retaining wall at the back of the Basilica of Superga. All 31 people on board were reportedly dead. The day of May 4th is still remembered as “the day when Italian football died”. On the funeral day, nearly a million people took to the streets of Turin and gave a final farewell to the players. The following year, the Italian national team traveled to Brazil by ship to join 1950 FIFA World Cup.

The disaster shook the Italian national team as the 10 of the dead Torino players were playing on the national side. It took Torino as long as 27 years to overcome the damage. The Superga Tragedy is undoubtedly the worst sport disaster in the world. We all pray to God to rest their souls in peace.

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bio football history international football recent Top 10 Women Soccer world cups

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time

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Soccer is a kind of sport, which always has been considered for the men only. Soccer is a game of power and agility, where men compete with other equally strong men. They are not even afraid to get all dirty for the game. Over the years, things have been changed and women have proven that they are nothing less than men when it comes to the sport of soccer. Women have shown their strength and skill to handle the game properly and get the football to the goal for a score. Some female footballers have established themselves as famous and popular sports figures among the fans.

As the Women football world cup is going on, we have made a list of top 10 best female soccer players in the world. Let’s take a look at the list and give us your valuable opinion regarding top 10 best female soccer players of all time.

10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time:

10. Michelle Akers

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Michelle Akers
Michelle Akers ; image credit

The former leading American soccer player, Michelle Akers was the most important players for United States during the 1991 and 1999 Women’s world cup victory of USA. Between 1985-1990, Akers scored 15 goals in just 24 matches for USA national team. In the 1991 season, she also scored a record 39 goals in 26 games. 1991 was truly a golden year in her career as she was awarded the Golden boot with top score of 10 goals in 1991 Women’s world cup in China. Her name is inducted at the 10th place in our list of top 10 best female soccer players of all time.

Michelle Akers was named as the FIFA Female Player of the Century and her name is also inducted in the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Finally, she retired from the international football before the 2000 Summer Olympics. She is the second all-time leading goal scorers for US national team with 105 goals in her 153 appearances. She also made 37 assists and 247 points for the United States.

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9. Homare Sawa

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Homare Sawa
Homare Sawa ; image credit

Homare Sawa is the former captain of the Japan women’s national soccer team. Currently, she plays for INAC Kobe Leonessa in the Nadeshiko League Division 1 besides Japanese national team. The attacking mid-fielder led her team to win the Gold medal at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup and also won silver at 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She makes her place at no 9 in our list of top 10 best female soccer players of all time.

Last year, Japan won the 2014 AFC Women’s Asian Cup with her incredible help with the team. Sawa scored 6 goals for INAC Kobe Leonessa in her 33 appearances for the club since 2011. She has also flourished her international football career by scoring 83 goals in 200 appearances since 1993. She is one of the most prolific female soccer player in the history of Japanese football.

8. Birgit Prinz

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Birgit Prinz
Birgit Prinz ; image credit

Birgit Prinz is a former German professional soccer player who played for 1. FFC Frankfurt besides her national team. She is considered as one of the most successful strikers in the history of German football.she grabs the second position at all-time leading top scorers in the FIFA Women’s World Cup with 14 goals (First is now Brazil’s Marta). Birgit Prinz was awarded the FIFA Player of the year in 2003, 2004 and 2005. She got retired from football on 12 August 2011.

Prinz has participated in five FIFA Women’s World Cups and four summer Olympics scoring a total 24 goals in 43 matches. During the 2003-2011, she scored a total of 136 goals in 114 caps for her club 1. FFC Frankfurt. She also scored 128 goals in 214 games for her national sides from 1994-2011. She is considered as one of the top female soccer players in the world.

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7. Kristine Lilly

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Kristine Lilly
Kristine Lilly ; image credit

Kristine Lilly is a retired American female soccer player who played as a midfielder for her side. She was the most remarkable player for Boston Breakers in Women Professional Soccer league. Kristine Lilly played soccer for her national side for 24 long years and marked her name as the most capped soccer player for the United States national soccer team. We have considered her for the no. 7 place in our list of top 10 best female soccer players of all time.

She took part in five FIFA Women’s World Cups and won the world titles twice in 1996 and 2004. She appeared in a record 352 matches for the United States with 130 goals in her career. Kristine Lilly used to wear the number 13 jersey in her national team, which is currently wore by Alex Morgan.

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6. Nadine Angerer

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Nadine Angerer
Nadine Angerer ; image credit

The recently retired German professional football goalkeeper, Nadine Angerer was the captain of the German National team. Last year on 13 January, Nadine was awarded FIFA World Player of the Year. She is the first soccer goalkeeper, male or female, to win this prestigious award from FIFA.

Nadine Angerer made her international debut in August 1996, in a match against the Netherlands. Nadine didn’t concede a single goal at 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup, setting a record for most consecutive minutes played without conceding a single goal in the history of world cup for 540 minutes. She was named the best goalkeeper in the 2007 FIFA Women’s World cup. Her name is considered for the no. 6th place in the list of top 10 best female soccer players of all time.

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5. Sydney Leroux

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Sydney Leroux
Sydney Leroux ; image credit

Sydney Leroux is a Canadian-born American professional female soccer player. Besides her national team, she also plays for Western New York Flash in the National Women’s Soccer League. At early ages, she represented Canada at various youth levels. Then she chose to play for the US Women’s national under-20 football team in 2008. She has been a regular member of United States national soccer team since 2012. Sydney Leroux won the gold medal for the national team in 2012 London Olympics.

She has scored 35 goals in 72 matches for her national side. Leroux has played for many different clubs in NWSL in US. For Seattle Reign FC, she scored 5 goals wearing 22 caps and for the Boston Breakers, she scored 11 goals in her 19 appearances. She is one of the best young potentials for the United States national soccer team.

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4. Abby Wambach

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Abby Wambach
Abby Wambach ; image credit

The two-time Olympic gold medalist, Abby Wambach is an American professional soccer player, who was named as the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2012. She has been playing for the national side since 2001. The forward is currently the all-time top goal scorer for the United States with 183 goals in 244 international appearances. At the club level, she also played for Washington Freedom, magic Jack and the Western New York Flash. She is currently in a contract with Seattle Reign FC, although she doesn’t plan to play in 2015 due the preparation for 2015 FIFA Women’s world cup.

She is the six-time winner of the US Soccer athlete of the Year and better known for scoring goals with diving header. The 2012 FIFA Women Soccer player of the Year was awarded to her and she became the first American woman to win that award in last ten years. Abby Wambach is one of the key players for US team in 2015 Women football world cup.

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3. Marta

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Marta
Marta ; image credit

Marta da Silva is a famous Brazilian soccer player, who also plays for the Swedish club FC Rosengård. Marta was awarded the FIFA World female player of the year for five consecutive years between 2006-2010. Her name has been selected for the no. 3 place in our list of top 10 best female soccer players of all time. 2007 FIFA women’s world cup was quite significant for her as she won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot in that soccer competition. She was the top scorer with seven goals and made numerous assists.

Marta scored a total 93 goals in her 94 appearances for the Brazil national team. For her current club FC Rosengård, so far she has scored 10 goals in 16 matches in 2014 season. She is one of the vital strength for Brazil in this 2015 Women’s world cup.

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2. Hope Solo

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Hope Solo
Hope Solo ; image credit

Hope Solo is an American soccer team goalkeeper and won two-times Olympic gold medals for the United States national team cialis a vendre montreal. She is the regular goalkeeper for the US national side since 2000. She is regarded as one of the best female goalkeeper in the world. Hope Solo is currently holding the US record for the most career shutouts. She has played club football for various teams such as Atlanta Beat, magic Jack, Seattle sounders women and currently in the Seattle Reign.

Her exceptional skill in goalkeeping was unleashed in 2011 FIFA Women’s world cup, while US defeated Brazil in the quarter-final penalty shoot-outs. Solo was awarded the Golden gloves in that tournament for her incredible performance. She stood at no. 2 in our list of top 10 best female soccer players of all time.

1. Alex Morgan

Top 10 Best Female Soccer Players of all time, Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan ; image credit

Alex Morgan is a professional American soccer player, who plays as a striker for the United States female soccer team. Currently, she plays for the Portland Thorns FC, besides her national sides and we consider her as the best female soccer player of all time. Morgan represented the US national team at 2011 FIFA Women’s world cup only at 22 years of age, being the youngest ever for the national side. She scored the match-winning goal in 2012 London Summer Olympics, where they beat Canada to reach the final.

Alex Morgan has played a total 85 games for her national side and scored 51 goals. As in club career, she scored 14 times in 33 appearances for the Portland Thorns FC. 2012 was a remarkable season for Alex Morgan as her 28 goals and 21 stunning assists which makes her the sixth youngest US player to score 20 goals in a single calendar year. Subsequently, her name was inducted as the US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year 2012 and FIFA Player of the Year. She is indeed the best female soccer player in the modern era of football. In our list, Alex Morgan is the no. 1 best soccer player in the world.

fifa world cup 2014 football history international football recent Uncategorized world cups

paul the octopus: You will be missed

paul the octopus: You will be missed, paul the octopus, world cup predictions, famous octopus, famous psychic predictions, world football predictions

2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was bewitched by a psychic octopus “Paul”. By predicting the winner in every important world cup match Paul attracted the media quite impressively. His success rate was 85%. He predicted a win for Spain against Netherlands in the final match in 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa by eating the mussel in the Spanish box.

Paul the octopus was hatched in 2008 at a sea life center in Oberhausen, Germany. From the very beginning, Paul was used as an animal oracle for predicting the winner of football matches. Firstly, Paul was attending only German matches. He came into worldwide attention with his accurate prediction in 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

During a divination, the octopus was presented with two boxes containing food. Each box was marked with a national flag in an upcoming match. Paul the octopus predicted the winner by choosing the box with the flag of the wining team.

paul the octopus: You will be missed, paul the octopus, world cup predictions, famous octopus, famous psychic predictions, world football predictions


Sea life’s entertainment director Daniel Fey said,

“There was something about the way he looked at our visitors when they came close to the tank. It was so unusual, so we tried to find out what his special talents were.”

paul the octopus: You will be missed, paul the octopus, world cup predictions, famous octopus, famous psychic predictions, world football predictions

According to the animal rights organization PETA octopuses are some of the most intelligent invertebrates with complex thought process, short and long term memories and different personalities. They can learn through observation and particularly sensitive to pain. The organization complained that it would be cruel to Paul to keep him a permanent confinement. The sea life center denied the accusation mentioning as he was born in captivity it would be dangerous for him to release.

paul the octopus: You will be missed, paul the octopus, world cup predictions, famous octopus, famous psychic predictions, world football predictions

Following Paul’s rise to fame a businessman offered 30000 euro for him. Nevertheless the sea life center rejected him.

Paul’s prediction in the 2010 world cup endowed him with a celebrity status. Paul predicted each of the German matches in that world cup played against England, Australia, Argentina, Serbia, Ghana and Spain. After foretelling Argentina the loser, Nicolas Bedottou, an Argentine chef posted an octopus recipe on Facebook. Paul also threatened by the Germans as he chose Spain over Germany in the semi. Then Spanish prime minister announced that Spain would be a safe haven for him.

paul the octopus: You will be missed, paul the octopus, world cup predictions, famous octopus, famous psychic predictions, world football predictions

Paul the octopus died on October 2010 aging two and a half years, a normal life span for the species.

However, Paul’s fan need not disappointed. Paul’s aquarium is said to be grooming a successor. He was also named Paul as well. But he wouldn’t be a psychic octopus by predicting the winners of world cup like Paul.

Basketball bio history NBA Top 10

Top 10 Unbreakable Records In NBA History

NBA is the most popular professional basketball league for men in North America. NBA is composed of total 30 members, in which 29 from United States and 1 from Canada. The inaugural season of NBA started in 1946-47. NBA is also considered as one of the four major sports leagues in United States. Top NBA players are among the world’s highest paid athletes.

Today, our team will focus on the top 10 unbreakable records in NBA. NBA is one of the most exciting form of entertainments not only in United States but also throughout the world. all through the course of time, NBA has produced some eminent basketball players and some records which still remain unbreakable.

Top 10 Unbreakable Records In NBA History

10. Chicago Bull’s 72-win season

Chicago Bulls became only team unbeatable during the 1995-1996 season of NBA. Dennis Rodman joined Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in the course of making history. The trio built the 72-10 winning record for the Bulls, which was marked the only 70-win season in the history of NBA. The closest of this record was also done by the Bulls, when they went on 69-13 winning record in the following season of NBA.

michael jordan
michael jordan—–photo credit: Flickr/Basket Streaming

9. Raptors’ Jose Calderon made 98.1% in FT

The Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon took a total 154 free throws in the NBA season of 2008-09. Calderon only missed three of them, making accuracy percentage of 98.1%. He broke Calvin Murphy’s 95.8% in FT that was in 1980-81. The record he built is supposed to be unbreakable in the history of NBA.

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8. Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored 38,387 points

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a skillful and athletic basketball player. He was an elite point scorer for most of his career. Jabbar allowed him to keep pouring in points into his 40s. After ending his career playing 20 seasons, he managed to gather a stunning 38,387 points, the number only Karl Malone (36,928) has approached since. The modern age great players like Kobe Bryant is still 7,000 points behind him. He could reach the mark if he decides to play upto 40s. Even Kavin Durant and LeBron James have the potential to break the record. Jabbar’s record has been enlisted here in top 10 Unbreakable Records In NBA History.

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7. Lakers’ 33 straight wins in 1971-72

The 1971-72 NBA season is the most significant for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers team was studded with star players like Wilt Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich and Jerry West. Their winning streak started just after the retirement of Elgin Baylor. The Lakers won their every game in NBA and the winning streak lasted for more than two months. They set a mark no NBA team even approached nearer until the Miami Heat reeled of 27 wins in 2013. Lakers’ record looks safe and unbreakable for the foreseeable future. The record stays at no. 7 in our list of top 10 Unbreakable Records In NBA History.

Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain—-photo credit: Wikimedia/ Unknown

6. Rasheed Wallace earned 41 techs in a single season

Rasheed Wallace earned total 41 technicals in 80 games for the Portland Trail Blazers in the season of 2000-01. It seems very hard to break the records. Wallace also built the mark of 308 technicals in his career, which is also safe and became one of the unbreakable records in NBA history.

Rasheed Wallace, basketball players
Rasheed Wallace—-photo credit: Flickr/PROKeith Allison

However, the administrative wing of NBA is decided on suspension of players after their 16th technical fouls in a single season. So , Wallace’s record seems truly unbreakable now.

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5. Bill Russell won 11 NBA championships

Bill Russell, basketball legends
Bill Russell——ohoto credit: Flickr/Kip-koech

Bolton Celtics dominated NBA from 1957-69, when Bill Russell was their major weapon of fire. The Celtics won total 11 championships in 13 seasons. The NBA expanded from eight teams to 14 during that period and now the league has 30. It seems nearly impossible for any team to win such a run now a days. The closest competitor in this race is not Michael Jordan (6), or Kobe Bryant (5), he is Robert Horry with seven championship titles.

4. Wilt Chamberlain’s 50.4 points/game in a season

It is very tough for any NBA player to score 50 points in a single game. The exception was made by Wilt Chamberlain, who did that for 42 times in 1961-62 NBA season. He averaged 50.4 points in that season which still remains unbreakable. His closest competitor was said to be Michael Jordan, who scored an average of 37.1 in 1986-87 season. The record is also regarded as unbreakable records in NBA history.

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3. A.C. Green played 1,192 consecutive games

Cal Ripken, the baseball short stopper played a total 2,632 straight games. The equally significant record was built by A.C Green, who played 1,192 games in NBA. He appeared in more than 14 NBA seasons and never missed a game for any reason. The record is said to be unbreakable by any NBA player now a days.

2. John Stockton assisted 15,806 times

John Stockton had the luxury of playing with a great finisher Karl Malone for 19 long seasons. His unbelievable record of 15,806 assists won’t be touched any time soon. The second place in this record is grabbed by Jason Kidd with nearly 4,000 behind. Steve Nash, the fourth, trail by more than 5,000. Stockton’s assist record seems unbreakable records in NBA history.

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1. Wilt Chamberlain’s game of 100-point

The most dominant record in NBA is supposed to be Wilt Chamberlain’s game of 100-points. All sports fans are quite aware of that record. His astonishing 100-point effort came against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962. Chamberlain earned attention for himself in his third season of NBA by making 36 of 63 field goals and 28 of 32 free throws. Only Kobe Bryant made a near approach to him, scoring 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in 2006. Wilt Chamberlain’s record stays at the top in our list of Top 10 Unbreakable Records In NBA History.

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Top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-2016

Undoubtedly football is one of the most followed sports in this world. So, it is no surprise, highest level of financing and commercialization should enter this very sporting arena. Though, there is always mixed reactions about this commercialization from spectators around the globe. People now can enjoy a variety of international talent at various domestic leagues. While, they often criticize the highest paid soccer players for being overly paid. Sometimes the reaction is, they don’t worth that much money.

Here we are trying to make a list of 10 highest paid soccer players especially for the year 2016. And we don’t believe to hide the secret that this list is made mostly based on the latest list by Forbes.

According to the magazine, the 29- year old Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader of this short list. The second ranked is now at no#1 in the list of highest paid soccer players in the world 2016 with an estimated earnings of 80 million USD.

Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2015:

From last year, the boost is around $30 million for Cristiano Ronaldo. And now on, the Spanish Primera owns the top two spots as Lionel Messi from Barcelona is next with $65 million. Though he is expected to receive a raise of $13 million after the next deal is signed.

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               Top 10 best soccer players in the world 2015

This list of highest paid soccer players is presented here with stars strictly from the Spanish Primera, English Premier League and France’s Ligue 1.

10. Fernando Torres – Atletico Madrid

highest paid soccer players, highest paid footballers
Fernando Torres——–image via:

Fernando José Torres Sanz is a Spanish professional footballer. He played as a striker for both the Spain National Team and English Club Chelsea. He started his career with Atletico Madrid in 2001.

Torres is now at number 10 in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16. He has an annual earnings of 20 million USD. And he is continuing his sponsor deals with Adidas and Pepsi.

Very recently Torres refused to move for Italy as the Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho is very keen to keep the 50 million striker for the English Club. He might have planned to play his last match at Stamford Bridge. He came back to join Atletico Madrid last season. His performance is increasing with time.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
21.3 Million USD 17.8 Million USD 3.5 Million USD

Now at this moment he is no longer considered one of the top strikers in the world football. But probably his sponsorship deals still rank him among the highest paid soccer players 2015-16.

9. Yaya Toure – Man City

yaya, toure, mancity, ivory coast, soccer player, highest paid, highest paid soccer players
Yaya Toure ; image credit

Gnégnéri Yaya Touré, known as Yaya Touré, from the Ivory Coast National Team, now plays as a midfielder in Premier League club Manchester City. Formerly this versatile player played as a center back for FC Barcelona. He is renowned for combining passing ability and physical power with technique.

For the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16, he is at number 9. His annual earning is around 21 million USD, of which he receives almost 19.2 million USD from salary and the other 3 million from endorsements.

Toure signed a new 4-year contract to stay at the Etihad Stadium until 2017, last April. He is the captain of Ivory Coast National team. Toure was selected for the African Player of the Year for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. So far, he has scored 53 goals for Manchester City.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
21.7 Million USD 19.2 Million USD 2.5 Million USD

Yaya Toure was third (just below his teammate) in the last BPL with 20 goals. And naturally his contract is loaded with much more incentives. Definitely his wages can reach sky high next year, especially if Manchester City performs well again.

8. Sergio Aguero – Man City

sergio, aguero, man city, maradona's son in law, striker, argentine, highest paid soccer players
Sergio Aguero ; image credit

Sergio Leonel “Kun” Agüero Del Castillo known professionally as Sergio Agüero is an Argentine professional footballer. He also plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester City and the Argentina national team. One of the forever legends, Diego Maradona’s Son in law, Aguero started with the European side Atletico Madrid in 2006.

Sergio Aguero is presently representing the 8th position of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16. Recently (on 14th August 2014) he has signed a five year deal with the city for about 42.35 million Euros. And also the Sponsorship deals with companies like Puma, Pepsi and Gillette are facts about being 8th richest soccer player of 2015-16.

His new contract with the English giants will keep him at Manchester City until 2019. Hopefully he will continue his form as one of the key players for the team in English Premier League.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
23.3 Million USD 18.3 Million USD 5 Million USD

Definitely Sergio Aguero is one of them who helped City capture a second EPL title in the last three years. He scored 17 total goals this season, which is fourth most in league for the term.

7. Wayne Rooney – Manchester United

wayne, rooney, manchester, united, captain, red devil, beststriker, english striker ever, highest paid soccer players
Wayne Rooney ; image credit

Wayne Mark Rooney is an English footballer who plays for both Manchester United and the England national team. Recently he was seen as captain for both the teams. Probably he is one of Most Gifted Footballers, England Ever Produced. Undoubtedly he can find his place in the all-time best striker list for England. At the age of only nine, he joined the Everton youth club and finally moved for the United in 2004 summer transfer window. So far, he has scored 192 goals in the English Premier League, which makes him the second most top scorer in EPL. He is currently the most decorated Barclays Premier League player.

And for the updated list of highest paid soccer players 2015-16, Wayne Rooney is the 7th highest paid soccer player in the world. He has a grand total of 23.4 Million USD annual earning. This also includes the 5 Million sponsorship deals.

The famous club rewarded 10-year veteran Rooney with a record 4-year contract extension, which worth up to $104 million.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
23.4 Million USD 18.4 Million USD   5 Million USD

The Red Devils along with Rooney have trudged through a downtrodden English Premier League season. But now with the new manager they are willing for a better prospect. And endorsements from Nike, Samsung and Harper Collins, still keeping the 28-year-old MANU forward in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16.

6. Neymar – Barcelona

neymar, barcelona, brazilian, sensation, rising star, expensive footballer, highest paid soccer players
Neymar ; image credit

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr., is a Brazilian professional footballer. He plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team as a forward or winger. For the time being he is considered as one of the Most Rising Star in Football Arena.

Neymar started his career with the Brazilian club Santos in 2003. And after rising through ranks, now he is transferred to the Spanish club FC Barcelona last year.

Neymar was transferred with a record €57, which was 10th most expensive transfers in football history. Currently he is at number 6 in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16. Annually he earns almost 34 Million USD. Of which, 16 Million, he receives via sponsorship deals form Nike, Panasonic and Volkswagen.

Neymar announced on 27 May 2013 that he would sign with the FC Barcelona. On June 3rd, Neymar was unveiled by Barcelona and presented at the Nou Camp in front of 56,500 fans, which was a record turnout for a Brazilian player.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
33.6 Million USD 17.6 Million USD 16 Million USD

Probably Neymar is the only player on the list of highest paid soccer players 2015-16, whose endorsements outweighed the salary. The Brazilian superstar has already become a sensation for the Barcelona side. And above all, he is expected to represent Brazil for their sixth World Cup title.

5. Radamel Falcao – Chelsea

radamel, falcao, colombian, striker, manu loan, monaco star, highest paid soccer players
Radamel Falcao ; image credit

Radamel Falcao García Zárate, commonly known as Radamel Falcao, Falcao García or Falcao in South America, is a Colombian professional footballer. Only a few days ago he was transferred to Manchester United on loan from AS Monaco. He plays as a striker for both the club and the Colombian national team.

He had already travelled so many famous clubs like Lanceros, River Plate, Porto, Atletico Madrid, Monaco and now the big one Manchester United.

The 28 year old Star struck a 5 year deal that doubled his salary with AS Monaco, bankrolled by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

He also spent a very successful year with Atletico Madrid, where he scored 34 goals in one season. But Falcao justified the move to the club saying his heart had been with it since his idol Henry had played there. And magically, before that he was not even in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players. Now he is enjoying the 5th position of highest paid soccer players 20115-16.

It is heard that Manchester United is very keen to keep the Colombian star with them, which means they are processing the deal for him. Let’s see what happens, Falcao of Monaco or Falcao of MANU??

Falcao is now playing for Chelsea on loan. He is not having a good form there as he scored only once in his nine games.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
35.4 Million USD 32.4 Million USD 3 Million USD

A serious knee injury derailed him from the season as well as the World Cup 2014, Brazil. But hopefully he will score again for the Red Devils this season.

4. Gareth Bale – Real Madrid

Gareth, Bale, real madrid star, expensive transfer, rich footballer, highest paid soccer players
Gareth Bale ; image credit

Gareth Frank Bale is a Welsh footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid. He also plays for the Wales national team as a winger. Gareth Bale began his professional career at Southampton as a left back. Very quickly he acclaimed his name as a free kick specialist.

The Spanish giant Real Madrid spent $118 million last September to sign the 24-year old Welshman from Tottenham Hotspur in the year 2013 after Neymar’s move to Barcelona.

Now Bale is at number 4 in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16. He earns around 36.4 Million USD per year, including 11 million via his deals with Adidas, EA Sports, Lucozade.

Bale began his professional career at Southampton. On 25 May 2007, Bale signed a four-year deal with Tottenham. And finally On 1 September 2013, Real Madrid announced that they had reached an agreement for the transfer of Gareth Bale. A six-year deal was signed with an undisclosed fee for the superstar.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
36.4 Million USD 25.4 Million USD 11 Million USD

Definitely the record breaking transfer to Real Madrid puts a lot of pressure on Bale. But we can say he had already proven himself worthy. His winning-wonder goal in the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona solidified his place in Europe’s toughest and famous most league.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – PSG

Zlatan, Ibrahimovic, PSG, highest paid soccer player, 2014, highest paid soccer players
Zlatan Ibrahimovic ; image credit

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a Swedish professional footballer. He plays as a striker for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Swedish national team. Ibrahimovic is the present captain for Swedish national team. Most definitely he is one of the strongest footballer around the world.

He was the player of the year for PSG last year, in which he scored 30 goals one season. Ibra started his career with the Malmo FF in the late 90’s. Then he moved to Ajax and serially there after he played for Juventus, Internazionale, Bercelona, Milan and finally PSG.

Currently Imbrahimovic is the 3rd highest paid soccer player of the top 10 list of highest paid soccer players 2015-16. Annually he earns around 40.4 Million USD. Ibrahimovic is gaining 36.4 Million USD via salary and other 4 Million via commercial deals from sponsors.

Recently he is rewarded one year Extension in his two year contract with PSG.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
40.4 Million USD 36.4 Million USD 4 Million USD

Ibrahimovic is well known for his incredible goals and cockiness on the pitch. Undoubtedly he is responsible to bring back PSG amongst the top clubs in Europe with two consecutive French Ligue 1 titles.

2. Lionel Messi – Barcelona

lionel, messi, barcelona, argentine, soccer player, best footballer, highest paid soccer players
Lionel Messi ; image credit

Lionel Andrés “Leo” Messi Cuccittini, commonly known as Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team.

The Barcelona sensation had received Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations at the age of 21 only. He is definitely one of the greatest soccer players ever in this world. And still if we don’t accept him as the greatest, at least we can consider that he has certain possibilities with so many unbreakable records in his pocket.

Messi started his career with the Spanish giant club FC Barcelona and may be, he is all the through going to end up with them.

After remaining as runner up in 2013 Ballon d’Or award Messi is at number two in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16. He has a grand total earning of 64.1 Million USD per year. He receives 41.7 Million from salary. He also has some real big deals with sponsors like Adidas and Turkish Airline.

Recently Messi helped his team Argentina being runner up at the World Cup 2014, Brazil. He was also awarded with the player of the tournament which is commonly known as the golden ball. As always, he has never stopped surprising and undoubtedly he is ever sensational. Lionel Messi has achieved the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the 5th time in 2016.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
64.7 Million USD 41.7 Million USD 23 Million USD

The Argentine superstar has agreed to a new contract with the club. But he hasn’t signed yet. Most probably his wage is set to rise. Easily he can become no. 1 of highest paid soccer players next year.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

cristiano, ronaldo, cr7, rich footballer, highest paid, soccer player, highest paid soccer players
Cristiano Ronaldo ; image credit

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, OIH, commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and captains the Portugal national team. He is considered one of the most popular Athlete in the world.

Ronaldo became the most expensive player in the world when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009. He won the 2013 Ballon d’Or. And scored amazing 69 goals in only 59 matches for Real Madrid and Portugal.

Now a time, undoubtedly and most definitely Cristiano Ronaldo is at number one in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2015-16.

He has a grand total earning of 80 Milliion per year. Of which, 52 Million he earns from salary and the other 28 Million from endorsements. Very recently Real Madrid has awarded Cristiano a 5-year contract worth $206 Million USD. Alongside he has some huge sponsorship contracts with Tag Heuer and underwear labeled CR7. He is at the same time most paid and most popular athlete in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo started his career as a young player for Andorinha. He played there for two years. And moved to C.D. Nacional. In 1997 he moved to Portuguese giants Sporting CP. Finally in 2003, Ronaldo caught the attention of Manchester United manager sir Alex Ferguson. MANU signed him for 12.2 Million in 2004.

Ronaldo was the first player in England to win all four main PFA and FWA awards in 2007. In 2008 and 2013, he won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award as the best player in the world, the first Portuguese player to win the title twice. On 26th June 2009, Real Madrid confirmed his transfer from Manchester United for 80 Million, which made him the most expensive footballer in history.

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Total earnings in 2015-16:

Total Earning Earning Via Salary/Winnings Earning Via Endorsements
80 Million USD 52 Million USD 28 Million USD

This year the Madrid sensation racked up 31 goals and helped Real Madrid reach the Champions League final with his leadership and otherworldly scoring abilities. Ranking top in salary and endorsements, Ronaldo is by far the highest paid soccer player in the world.

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Other players, who are in the top 100 highest paid soccer players 2014 list, compiled by

bio copa america fifa world cup 2014 football history international football world cups

4 football maestros who will make 2014 FIFA World Cup shining

2014 fifa world cup, fifa ballon d'or,cristiano ronaldo,lionel messi, luis suarez, neymar
the football heroes in 2014 fifa world cup—image via

Some of the best players in the football are preparing to take the pitch on the biggest stage in Brazil 2014 world cup. As the game is approaching rapidly, starting from 12 June, there will be a gathering of elite footballers throughout the world.

All football fans eye’s will be upon Spain, the last defending champion as well as Andres Iniesta, the playmaker for Spanish national team. As plenty of their top players returning Spanish squad is stronger than yesterday. After winning the world cup 2010 they went on to win Euro Championship in 2012 with a talented football squad. Will they repeat the history as champions once again?

Although the Spanish will have a great chance to repeat the history, the following players will certainly make the difference in 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Spaniards will have their work cut out for them.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo will perhaps be the brightest name in the 2014 FIFA World Cup starting from 12 June. He is such an international football superstar who is going to lead Portugal national team in 2014 FIFA World Cup. Although  Ronaldo had fallen short with his team in the last two world cup appearances, winning  FIFA Ballon d’or will make him special this time. C. Ronaldo has been playing at an elite level for his club Real Madrid. The portugese recently broke Lionel Messi’s record after scoring 15th goal in champions league. His 33 rd minute goal against Bayern Munich in the champions league semi final helped to put him in the history book. Real madrid won the game by 4-0 while 2 goals were from Cristiano. His team will face Atletico Madrid in the final on 30 April.

2014 fifa world cup, fifa ballon d'or,cristiano ronaldo,lionel messi, luis suarez, neymar
Cristiano Ronaldo , the Portuguese hero—image via:

This session in La Liga the forward scored stunnishing 30 goals for Real Madrid, putting him three goals ahead of Lionel Messi. Probably, Ronaldo is at his best now and the 29 years is eagerly waiting for the moment to touch the 2014 FIFA World Cup thophy for his national team.


Lionel Messi, Argentina:

2014 fifa world cup, fifa ballon d'or,cristiano ronaldo,lionel messi, luis suarez, neymar
the lion of argentina, leo messi—-image via:

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest rival is leading the Argentina National Team in 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the neigbouring country. Messi is regarded as a goal machine after netting over 350 goals for his club Barcelona and winning Champions League two times. The four  times FIFA Ballon d’or winner, Lionel messi’s performance is not so promising in the national team. For Argentina he scored 37 goals in 83 appearances. But he is still the best player of the current world according to many. His Barcelona teammate Brazilian star Neymar said ,”

“I also agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world, and I train every day with Messi. I know the way he plays and for me, he is the best of them all.”

As long as Messi is in form Argentina will be a threat for any team in 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Neymar Jr, Brazil:

Claiming Neymar is better than Messi, the Brazilian legend Pele has come to the focus. Ironically they are quite good competitors.

2014 fifa world cup, fifa ballon d'or,cristiano ronaldo,lionel messi, luis suarez, neymar
neymar, the next pele——- image via:

Neymar won 2011 South American footballer of the year at the age of 19 and followed it in 2012. Neymar got nomination for FIFA Ballon d’or  and stood 10th. In his appearance in Santos ( 2009-2013) he netted 54 goals in 103 matches and there after he joined Barcelona. In his 25 presences he scored 9. The Guardian ranked him sixth best footballer of the world.

Putting the iconic no 10 jersey for the Brazil team he will be threating to keep 2014 FIFA World Cup in Home.

Luis Suarez, Uruguay:

2014 fifa world cup,
Luis Suarez, the goalmachine— image via:

Luis Suarez has been virtually unstoppable in the English Premier League this season by scoring 30 goals so far for Liverpool. He seems to improve with his every game. On 22 March,2014 he scored his sixth premier league hat-trick. For the national team he scored four goals in 2011 Copa America and Uruguay won their record fifteenth Copa America. Suarez was named man of the tournament. With 35 national goals Suarez became Uruguay’s all time record goal scorer.

Suarez is attempting to put dominance in the national team along with Diego Forlan in 2014 FIFA World Cup.

There are some other notable players that will likely turn heads in 2014 FIFA World Cup. Players like  are Wayne Rooney (England), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany), Robin van Persie (Netherlands) and Radamel Falcao (Colombia) will be much influential along with the above four.

Basketball history NFL Top 10

Top 10 Worst Sports Injuries of All-time

Sports is the principle medium of entertainment throughout the world. It is the perfect way to keep the body fit. It also helps to maintain a healthy mental status. But it is a fact that sometimes injuries occur, making it hard to lead a healthy life. Every year, there are around 30 million people are participating in sporting events all over United States. Among them 3 million sustain serious physical injuries, which are well enough to ruin their career. Especially, some specific sports, which require physical contact such as American football or rugby are expected to result in a higher number of worst sports injuries. However, all kinds of sports have the potential to cause injury either from overuse or misuse of the different body parts.

Today, we will be mentioning some of the gruesome injuries in sport’s history. The injuries may have been regarded as the series of unfortunate events. Perhaps, it’s the high time to show what real sports injuries look like. In this article, we will be talking about arm bending, knee twisting, dislocated elbows, which eventually resulted in the end of career for the athletes.

Warning: The article you are about to read is about horrific sports injuries. It will be better for a weak hearted person to avoid the content and stop here.

Top 10 Worst Sports Injuries of All-time

10. Navorro Bowman

Sport: American Football

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Sustained injuries: Torn ACL/MCL

worst sports injuries, famous sports injuries
Navorro Bowman injury—————-image credit: Wikimedia/D.W. Hartwig

The San Francisco 49ers player, Navorro Bowman suffered the nastiest knee injury American football fans had ever seen in real time. it was in 2014 NFC Championship, when San Francisco 49ers was playing against the Seattle Seahawks. The 2013-14 Pro Bowl Selection, Navorro Bowman recorded 145 tackles and five sacks for the 49ers in that NFL season before tearing his ACL and MCL of left knee. The injury he sustained could have been much more worse, but still he underwent surgery. Bowman is expected to recover soon and will come back to join his teammates.

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9. Rashad Johnson

Sport: American Football

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Sustained injury: Severed finger tip

rashad johnson  injury, horrible sports injuries, worst sports injuries
rashad johnson injury———-image credit: Wikimedia/slgckgc

It isn’t so familiar for an athlete to lose a finger while playing, even in American football. But after all, as it is American football, anything can happen during the terrible collision. Cardinals’ Rashad Johnson severed his middle finger tip during the 3rd week of 2013-14 NFL season, when he jammed it into the ground. However, Johnson primarily thought his finger was caught in an opponent’s facemask. Later, he found that his gloves wasn’t torn or ripped and it was probably due to his mistimed landing on the ground. The Arizona Cardinals came out with special foam finger for him as soon as possible which had ripped of tip of middle finger to show some solidarity. The injury is considered as one of the worst sports injuries in American football.

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8. Tim Hudson

Sport: Baseball

Team: Atlanta Braves

Sustained injury: Broken ankle

tim hudson broken ankle, horrific sports injuries
tim hudson broken ankle———image credit: Roofoh

Atlanta Braves’ starting pitcher Tim Hudson was covering the first base on a ground ball. Then suddenly, Eric Young Jr. when trying to beat out the throw, he unintentionally stepped on Hudson’s ankle. Due to that massive physical blow, his ankle went bend in a disturbing manner and he was sent out of the field with a stretcher. His injury is spotted among the worst sports injuries of all time. Before sustaining that massive ankle injury, Tim Hudson was recorded to catch the ball from Freddie Freeman.

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7. Kevin Ware

Sport: Basketball

Team: Louisville Cardinals

Sustained injury: Broken leg

kevin ware broken leg, worst sports injury ever
kevin ware broken leg————–image credit: Project Studios

Broken leg is a common sports injury and it occurs every now and then especially in Basketball. But, the Kevin Ware’s case was different as the accident would follow him for the rest of his career. The mishap occurred during the 2013 NCAA Tournament, when Ware was about to contest a three point attempt in the first half of Louisville’s Elite Eight matchup against the Dukes. Kevin Ware broke his leg landing awkwardly and found his leg snapped at a right angle. His broken tibia pierced through the skin, making it as one of the most gruesome sports injuries.

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6. Clint Malarchuk

Sport: Ice hockey

Team: Buffalo Sabres

Sustained injury: Lacerated Throat

clint malarchuk injury, top ten worst sports injuries
clint malarchuk injury————image credit:

The accident took place on March 22, 1989. The Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk experienced a nasty collision in front of his net. The skate went Malarchuk’s jugular when the two players were fighting each others. Soon the ice was covered with his blood poured from his neck. The injury Malarchuk sustained was one of the life threatening worst sports injuries. He was promptly carried out to the hospital where he received around 300 stitches in the severed neck. After Malarchuk’s injury, all ice hockey goalies are now required to wear neck protection.

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5. Wilis McGahee

Sport: American football

Team: University of Miami Hurricanes

Sustained injuries: Torn ACL, MCL and PCL

Wilis McGahee injury, gruesome sports injuries
Wilis McGahee injury———image credit:

Willis McGahee sustained a college-career ending injury in the 2002 National Championship  game. With 12 minutes remaining at the clock, he caught a screen pass at the half field and tried to juke back with the ball. Then suddenly, he faced a massive tackle around the 40-yard line by an Ohio State defender. As a consequence, McGahee’s leg bent under the weight of the pile up and all the major ligaments of his knee were torn instance. The game was set to be his final as a college athlete before he was later drafted in NFL by the the Buffalo Bills.

 4. Jessica Dube

Sport: Figure Skating

Nation: Canada

Sustained injury: Lacerated cheek

Figure skating is a beautiful game to watch. The game mesmerizes millions of viewers all over the world. Even this charming game on ice isn’t free from unfortunate injuries. Here is Jessica Dube of Quebec, Canada, who sustained one of the most horrible sports injuries. She won several figure skating championships along with his partner. They also represented Canada at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympic games. The accident occurred in February, 2007, when the partner Bryce Davison’s skate blade went through Dube’s face at the Four Continent Championship in Colorado Springs. Jessica Dube was taken to hospital immediately and bleeding was stopped by giving 83 stitches on her left cheek. Later, she was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. After recovering from the injury, she returned to the ice with the same partner. Jessica Dube’s accident stands at no. 4 in our list of top 10 worst sports injuries of all-time.

3. Steve Moore

Sport: Ice hockey

Team: Colorado Avalanche

Sustained injury: Broken vertebrae

steve moore incident, bad sports injuries
steve moore incident————–image credit:

It was in March 8, 2004, when Colorado Avalanche was playing a very close game against the Vancouver Canucks. The match ended with the Avalanche forward Steve Moore being carried off on a stretcher. Canucks’ Todd Bertuzzi was the main culprit behind that incident. He skated onto the ice, then grabbed Moore’s jersey and punched him in the head. As a result, Moore’s motionless body smashed onto the ice with Bertuzzi on top of him and again rest of the players went after Bertuzzi. As a consequence, Steve Moore sustained three broken vertebrae, facial concussion and laceration. The injury ended his career and he filed a criminal assault charges against Todd Bertuzzi.

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2. Mike Cameron

Sport: Baseball

Team: New York Mets

Sustained injuries: Broken nose and jaw

The accident occurred when the New York Mets’ outfielders Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran ran full speed to catch a pop fly and ended up in a massive collision in the air. The entire ballpark went silent and the medics immediately moved forward. Mike Cameron took off the field with broken nose and several other fractures which required surgery. On the other hand, Beltran suffered only a minor injury with concussion and minimal facial abrasion following that collision. It was one of the worst sports injuries sustained by the athletes. It was also the most violent outfield collision in baseball.

 1. Joe Theismann

Sport: American football

Team: Washington Redskins

Sustained injury: Broken leg

joe theismann broken leg, nastiest sports injuries
joe theismann broken leg—————-image credit: Wiebe

The number 1 in our list of top 10 worst sports injuries of all time is the Joe Theismann’s broken leg incident. It is one of many examples of why the NFL quarterbacks require so much toughness in the field. The accident occurred in 18 November, 1985. The Redskins’ quarterback Theismann was dropped back inside the pocket to throw a pass. There he met Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor, whose knee came down on Theismann’s right leg, breaking both tibia and fibula in a nasty way. Following the injury, Theismann was forced to retire from NFL at 36 and remains shorter than his left leg. The Theismann injury later bore a great significance becoming the principle reason why the left tackle is paid so high, in order to protect the quarterback at all costs available. Thus, American football is more susceptible to injuries than any other sports. The footballers need to acquire a extreme physique here. Moreover, American football is the most popular sports in United States.

Featured history Top 10

Top 10 Best Board Games of All time

In this era of modern technology, the kids and teenagers are fascinated to play more realistic computer games. They are somehow crazy with “Halo”, “Call of Duty”, “Fallout”, “Warcraft” and many more. But, all these ultra realistic games didn’t arise overnight. There is a long story behind this advancement and we have to look back at where they all came from. 10 years from now, the young generation used to spend most of the time with surface or board games, which are based on strategy and pure luck, or sometimes combination of both. All these board games have survived the test of time. The best board games of all time are even being converted into video games version.

Some of the popular board games are so ancient, Backgammon has been played since 3000 BC. The board games are still very much popular worldwide. The games are capable to develop skill and wisdom. They are great recreational media too. So, let’s have a glimpse of top 10 best board games of all time.

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Top 10 best board games of all time

10. Risk

best board games of all time, most common board games
Risk is playing at Amsterdam street———image credit: Wikimedia/Jorge Royan

Probably we have all played the computer games called Age of Empires or Age of Kings. Risk is the father of all those strategic war games. The game was invented by a French movie director named Albert Lamorisse, in 1957. In order to play the game, you have to be tactful, strategic and mentally cool. Risk is played on a board in which the planet earth was divided into 42 territories in six continents. The game is progressed aiming to occupy as many territories as possible through rolling a dice. Players can built up armies, strengthen their borders and control entire continent to get bonuses. Whoever grabs the most territories, will be the ruler of the earth, the winner of the game. 2-6 players can participate in this game. The game is in the market with the name of “Risk: The Game of Global Domination”, which is published by Hasbro and Winning Moves Games.

9. Pictionary

Pictionary board games, best board games of all time
Pictionary board games——-image credit: Wikimedia/François Haffner

Pictionary is a popular board game which involves players guessing specific words based on the drawings made by their teammates. The game was invented by Robert Angel and graphics of the board were designed by Gary Everson. Pictionary first published in 1985 under the name of Angel Games Inc. The game requires skills of drawing, image recognition and rich knowledge in vocabulary. Four or more players can participate in this game. The game board is formed by sequence of squares. Each square box has a letter or a shape to identify the picture to be drawn by the partner. The aim is to reach the last space of the board first. Pictionary stands at no. 9 in our list of top 10 best board games of all time.

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8. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is among the best seller board games in the world. The game was developed in 1979 in Montreal, Quebec by two Canadian journalists, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott. Both of them were extremely knowledgeable and decided to create a game out of it. In order to create Trivial Pursuit, they also enlisted the help of Ed Werner and John Haney. The game is based on player’s ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture based questions.

Trivial Pursuit board, best board games in the world
Trivial Pursuit board————image credit: Wikimedia/Gaetan Lee

The target of Trivial Pursuit is to move around the board by answering correct trivial questions.  The questions are categorized into six groups, Entertainment (pink), Geography (blue), History (yellow), Arts and Literature (Purple), Science and Nature ( Green) and Sports and Leisure ( orange). The game peaked it’s extreme popularity in 1984 in United States. In the first year, the game was sold over 20 million copies. Later Hasbro brought the Trivial Pursuit rights in 2008 for $80 million. In 1993, Trivial Pursuit was inducted in the “Games Hall of Fame” and still one of the top board games in the world.

7. Othello

Othello board, old board game lists
Othello board———-image credit: Wikimedia/Paul_012

Othello is a strategic board game which requires two players and an 8×8 uncheckered board. The game is played with sixty-four round discs which are light on one side and dark on the other side. Players take part in the game by assigning a color of the discs. The game is also known as “Reversi”. In this game, the players tries to turn his opponent’s disc color into his own color. Whoever has the most discs of his color by the time of last available square, will be the winner. The game was invented in 1883 by either of these two Englishmen, Lewis Waterman or John Mollett. World Othello Championship has been held since 1977 and Japan’s Yusuke Takanashi is the current Othello champion. Othello stands at no 7 in our list of top 10 best board games of all time.

6. Clue

Cluedo game board, top board games
Cluedo game board———–image credit: Wikimedia/TGabou

At the number 6 position of our list of top 10 best board games of all time is Clue. The game is also known as “Cluedo”. The game requires a lot of deductive reasoning skills. Clue was invented by Anthony E. Pratt in 1949 in Leeds, England. Cluedo is marketed as a classic Detective game with several versions of spinoffs. 2 to 6 players can play this game. Players move around the clue board and find out weapons and identity used in killing of Mr. Boddy. Thus the players accumulate information and the game progresses . By blocking the entrance of a room, one can prevent his opponent to enter a desired room and make a suggestion. The game has several versions now and Hasbro is now the publisher of clue under the name of “Cluedo: The classic mystery game”.

5. Monopoly

monopoly playing board, worlds best board games
monopoly playing board———–image credit: Wikipedia/Horst Frank

The current version of Monopoly was first introduced in 1943 by Parker Brothers. The game originated back in 1903 as a way to demonstrate that wealth creation is the root of happiness. The game also promoted the economic theory of Henry George and focused on women’s right that time in United States. Monopoly is is regarded as one of the best board games of all time in the world. the game is licensed over 103 countries of the world. it requires resource management skills and strategic mentality to play monopoly. The monopoly players try to buy as many properties as they can by their fake money. They can also develop their properties with hotels and houses. The wealthy players also rent money from his opponents. The players whose end up bankrupt, are out of the game. Now a days, Hasbro sells the Deluxe edition of monopoly.

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4. Scrabble

Scrabble board, list of popular board games
Scrabble board———–image credit: Wikimedia/thebarrowboy

Scrabble was designed by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938 and published by James Brunot. Two or four players score points by placing tiles that bear a single letter across a board either in left to right or downward fashion to form a word. The scrabble words are verified in an official scrabble players dictionary. Scrabble is sold over 121 countries throughout the world and roughly one-third Americans and half of the British families own a scrabble set. The scrabble board has been sold by Hasbro’s Parker’s Brothers division since 1999. The scrabble players should require enriched vocabulary skill to play this game.

3. Backgammon

Backgammon board, popular board games
Backgammon board———image credit: Pixabay/succo

Backgammon is considered as the oldest board games in the world. The proof of backgammon was found in the excavations of Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran, which is aged over 3000 BC. Backgammon is a combination of strategy and probability, which involves a lot of tactics. The game is played with a pair of dice. The player can move his pieces by throwing the dices on the board. One must have to move the pieces judiciously which is very important to anticipate the counter moves. The aim is to remove all of one’s own checkers from the board before the opponent does. The victory is awarded to the player with certain number of points. Now, in this modern era, backgammon software has been developed which is capable to beat world-class human players.

 2. Checkers

Checkers board, most played board games
Checkers board———image credit: Wikimedia/Jud McCranie

Checkers is also one of the oldest board games, which have been around since 3000 BC. The game was mentioned in ancient Greece, notably by the likes of Homer and Plato. The game is also known as “Draughts”. Checkers require two players and they are only allowed to make diagonal moves. The aim is to capture the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. Checkers have multiple variations. Some are played on 10×10, while American checkers are played on 8×8 board. The English draught world championship has been held since 1840. Most recently, Italy became the winner of world championship. Checkers is at no. 2 position in our list of top 10 best board games of all time.

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1. Chess

Chess board and pieces, best selling board games
Chess board and pieces———–image credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

Chess is the most popular board games in the world. Its root was found in India back in the sixth century. It a two-player game, played on a chessboard checkered with 64 squares in an 8×8 grid. The player begins the game with 16 pieces, one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. Each pieces have different power and different moves. The aim is to checkmate the opponent’s king. The game may also result in a draw in some situations. Chess is recognized by the International Olympic committee. The chess world championship has been controlled by FIDE. Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is the current world champion of chess.

club football football history Top 10

Top 10 Real Madrid Legends | Greatest Real Madrid Players

The remarkable history of football has its own some part at the great Santiago Bernabeu stadium. There seems to be some kind of enchanted path that leads here and entice the world’s greatest footballers eventually to become one of the Real Madrid Legends. Being one of the most successful football clubs in the world and as a richest franchise Real Madrid have never been short of possessing the starring lights of the sport.

Founded in 1902 by some college pals, the institution is a little more than 100 years has grown into a thriving sporting brand. The world has witnessed some amazing talents over the years, combining to make them one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the history of the sport.

There are different thoughts while selecting greatest Real Madrid players. Some believes, only one of the current team’s players are able to take a place alongside the greats of the club. Yeas of course, Its Cristiano Ronaldo, who have already smashed a number of records, and you all know that the most expensive player in the game is still charting out his course among the stars. He will definitely be changed time to time for reaching the twilight of his career.

There may be confusion for selecting at least two or three Real Madrid Legends to complete the list according to your own choice, but I can assure that there should certainly be no malice in the celebration of some of the best players ever to play the game.

10 Real Madrid Legends:

Here we are trying to build a short list of top 10 Real Madrid legends or you can say ‘Greatest Real Madrid players’ for your reading pleasure. I believe, now is a good time as any to rank Los Blancos’s greatest players of all time. But we are carefully avoiding the term ‘rank’ as we hesitate to do so for such great and legendary players of time. Better we maintain the serial as to the timeline of their entrance at the club.

Let’s take a look at the best of the Real Madrid players to have donned the famous White shirt.

#Santiago Bernabéu de Yeste (1911 – 1928)

Top 10 Real Madrid Legends | Greatest Real Madrid Players, Santiago Bernabéu
Santiago Bernabéu | image credit – Wikimedia/Nationaal Archief, Den Haag

Position: Foward
Matches played: 79 official matches
Goals: 68

The name Santiago Bernabeu can never be replaced to be considered as the greatest to be associated with Real Madrid. Definitely its difficult to understand how much he achieved as a player, surely following his playing days are remembered today with Real Madrid as the superpower of world football. The club owe their status and triumphs to this legendary one man. He will forever be emblazoned across the battlefields of modern and future Real Madrid greats.

Santiago Bernabéu also had a long and much less well known period as a Real Madrid player before transforming as the president of the club. Mainly he played as a midfielder/ forward and showed great quality. His physical strength, his goal scoring ability and his total commitment to the team were what characterized him as one of the Real Madrid legends.

Santiago Bernabéu spent 16 seasons as a Madrid player, although he is most famous as an extremely successful president of the club, he won many honors including nine Regional Championships and one Spanish Cup. In 80 official matches for the Whites, he scored the hugely impressive figure of 70 goals. But most interestingly, at the time of his trial for Madrid, he was almost selected as the goalkeeper. But his brother Marcelo knew him well and told –

“You either play as center forward or you don’t play”

#Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé (1953-1964)

Alfredo Di Stéfano, Real Madrid players
Alfredo Di Stéfano | image credit – Wikimedia/Puertomenesteo

Position: Forward
Matches played: 396 official matches
Goals: 308

For some, the greatest player in Real Madrid is Alfredo Di Stéfano. But surely he is the player most responsible for establishing Los Blancos’s connection with the Champions League. You should always need to consider his tendency to score in big games aside from his obvious goal scoring ability. He used to score at least one or more goals in every single European Cup Final. Probably his versatile nature is the most unnoticed feature in history. He was capable of playing in attack, midfield, and defense and could adjust to whatever his team needed him to be and was the man that made his side tick.

Di Stéfano ended his illustrious career with 2 Ballon d’ors, 5 European Cups, and 8 La Liga titles. Many believe, there will never again be a player like this man and he deserves to be known as one of the Real Madrid Legends of all time. He blessed the club with such unrepeatable feat of winning five consecutive European Cups which amazed the international football world.

Again he is the only player in the world to own a Super Ballon D’Or. In 1989 he received the trophy, which is surely to be found in the Real Madrid Museum.

The only word in Di Stéfano’s dictionary was ‘win’. His total career at Real Madrid was full of success. Eighteen trophies in eleven seasons and 308 official goals made him a symbol of the club and the idol of the Madridista worldwide. Real Madrid absolutely dominated Spanish and European football at the time. Alfredo Di Stefano certainly falls into that category. You can’t imagine the makeup of Real Madrid without some mention of the Argentine, there is enough written in the history books of the game that tells you why Alfredo Di Stefano is considered one of the best.

#Francisco Gento López (1953-1971)

Francisco Gento, greatest players of Real Madrid
Francisco Gento | image credit – Wikimedia/NL-HaNA, ANEFO

Position: Left winger
Matches played: 601 official matches
Goals: 182

If you have any question, why Gento is on this list of top 10 Greatest Real Madrid players of all time, we can offer you only two words and that is “6 European Cups”. But if you want to know more about his brilliance at the game, it will definitely take a whole book to describe.

Francisco Gento is arguably the best left-wingers of all time. Quite surprisingly, he had the pace to rival the modern day Ronaldos and Bales. His dribbling ability was quite to put Messi to shame, but most of all, the crossing accuracy that would make David Beckham’s jaw drop. He used to play alongside the likes of Di Stéfano, Raymond Kopa, and Ferenc Puskas to make Real Madrid the greatest team in the 20th century football history.

Gento probably got trophies more than any other legends in this list. He started his playing for several teams in his native Cantabria. And his brilliant performances there soon led to his transfer to Real Madrid in 1953, surely to be acknowledged as another most important signings in the history of the Whites. For many years he was also the most capped Spanish player.

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#Ferenc Puskas Biro (1958-1967)

Ferenc Puskas, Real Madrid greatest footballers
Ferenc Puskas | image credit – Wikimedia/Rossem, Wim van

Position: Forward
Games played: 262
Goals scored: 242

This time the story is different while signing. As an old (already 31 years) and overweight man from Honved Budapest, Real Madrid fans did not expect great things from Ferenc Puskas Biro. But eventually they were all proven wrong. Not only did he amass one of the greatest goal to game ratios in footballing history, but he also led Madrid to 5 La Ligas and 3 European Cups.

Puskas had an extraordinary eye for goal and ability on the ball has made him a Real Madrid legend for anyone who knows an ounce of the clubs glorious history. Now a days we often get surprised that he remains strangely an unknown to anyone not a fan of The Whites. From my understanding, he deserves to be talked about in the same breath as Pele and Maradona.

Puskas dazzled Whites’ fans with his gentlemanliness, charm, friendliness and brilliant performances on the field. As a forward he broke all the goal-scoring records, earning himself the nickname of ‘Pancho’ or ‘Cañoncito pum’. Undoubtedly he is one of the greatest strikers in history, probably the best left foot ever to be seen at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. With his signing Madrid completed the legendary group already formed by Alfredo Di Stéfano, Kopa, Rial, Santamaría, Gento and Domínguez. He became the protagonist in the unstoppable Real team of the 1950s and 60s, striking up a fearsome partnership with Di Stefano.

#Hugo Sánchez (1985-1992)

Hugo Sánchez, best soccer players in Real Madrid
Hugo Sánchez | image credit – Wikipedia/Óscar Gutiérrez Aviña

Position: Forward
Matches played: 282 official matches
Goals: 208

Hugo Sánchez flies into this of Real Madrid legend players with an eye-popping goal scoring record of all time. The Mexican possessed an incredibly keen sense of where the back of the net was. He managed to pick up 3of his Pichichi trophies with the Spanish giant club.

Hugo Sánchez was actually better known as a flair player. According to some well-established references, he is probably one of the greatest proponents of the bicycle kick in the history of the very sport. When Hugo Sánchez scored a bicycle kick against Logrones, the then Madrid coach Leo Beenhakker had to say –

“When a player scores a goal like that, play should be suspended and a glass of champagne offered to the 80,000 fans that witnessed it.”

Again, Hugo Sánchez’s finishing was incomparable and he scored goals throughout his career. The statistics will always show him as one of the best forwards in the history of Real Madrid. Some say the perfect striker for the team led by the ‘Quinta del Buitre’.

Obviously Hugo was an integral part of one of the golden periods in the club’s history and is still fondly remembered by the fans for his acrobatic shots. He was named the best footballer of the 20th century in North and Central America by the IFFHS, and earned 75 caps for Mexico. No doubt, just like at Real Madrid, Hugo Sánchez is a legend in his homeland.

#Raúl González Blanco (1992 – 2010)

Raúl González, Real Madrid footballers of all time
Raúl González | image credit – Wikimedia/Jan S0L0

Position: Forward
Games played: 741
Goals scored: 323

Here we have one of the most lethal strikers of all time, not only for Real Madrid but also in respect of the total football world. Raúl only achieved greatness in Real Madrid. He went on to win 6 La Liga titles and an incredible 3 Champions Cups, all the while being the captain and top goal scorer. Raúl also possessed an underrated amount of flair and work ethic. May be he didn’t have that much of technical abilities as others on this list, but surely deserves his place in the pantheon of Real Madrid legends for his unbelievable eye for goal.

Day by day, Raul Gonzalez became the Real Madrid symbol. He also became an example for everyone, putting in the maximum effort in every game, irrespective of the opponent. Undoubtedly an excellent role-model for anyone who has ever dreamt of being a football player.

Ever since he was a child, Raul showed a passion for football, and he excelled, a champion in the making. Acclaimed in Spain, he conquered Europe. Gonzalez is the man who was the face of Real Madrid for much of the last decade and an integral figure for the club even when Florentino Perez looked to introduce the galaxy of stars at the start of the 2000s. Raul rightfully sits alongside the other greats of legendary status, but he is undoubtedly the king of kings for Real Madrid in the 21st century.

#Roberto Carlos da Silva (1996 – 2007)

Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid players
Roberto Carlos | image credit – youtube/CRAZY SKILLS

Position: Left back
Games played: 527
Goals scored: 68

Roberto Carlos, the Brazilian, so dearly he holds the club to his heart, the left-back was quoted as saying late in his career that he would return to the Bernabeu to play for free. History of football will surely remark him as the most attack-minded defender in the world when in his pomp. But most of all, Carlos was capable of the odd spectacular goal against Tenerife in February 1998. He was the fine defender, able to use his pace to get him out of difficult situations.

Many believes, his left foot was essential in Real Madrid’s conquest of more than ten titles. Carlos will always be remembered for his friendly nature, regularity, prodigious speed and tremendous power.

The integration of Roberto Carlos within the team in 1996 was very successful. He played 11 seasons with the Whites, winning many major trophies, in particular three European Cup titles. And still he holds the Whites all-time record for most number of games by a foreigner at Santiago Bernabeu.

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#Iker Casillas Fernández (1999-2015)

Iker Casillas, greatest players of Real Madrid
Iker Casillas | image credit – youtube/greatest players of Real Madrid

Position: Goalkeeper
Games played: 725 official matches

May be you have already seen, Real Madrid’s official website calls him “the best goalkeeper in our history”, and definitely it’s hard to disagree with them. Casillas had the lightning reflexes and a one-on-one ability second to none along with humility, composure, and leadership qualities that have made him Madrid’s best ever captain. Yes it has been a long time for him to stay at Bernabeu. The number of trophies he has lifted is too large to count and needs no re-telling. I think every Madrid fan has a special place in their heart for The Saint.

Casillas arrived at the club aged 9 and wore the Whites shirt for 25 years. Day by day he became one of the benchmarks in the club’s history, winning the respect, affection and admiration of Madrid supporters along with all the football lovers all over the world. In addition to those triumphs he also won 1 World Cup and 2 European Championships with the Spain first team.

Hopefully, Madrid fans will never forget the images of the captain lifting those trophies. He was included in the FIFA FIFPro World XI on 5 occasions and was also named best goalkeeper in the world 5 times by the IFFHS. His impressive sporting career has been recognized with the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports, the Royal Order of Sports Merit and the Community of Real Madrid’s Gold Medal.

Taking over the captaincy following the departure of Raul, Casillas has followed on the same path as his predecessor and become an outstanding representative and one of the Real Madrid legends forever. He is to be considered as one of the great players of modern football.

#Zinedine Zidane (2001-2006)

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid greatest footballers
Zinedine Zidane | image credit – youtube/sports HD

Position: Midfielder
Games played: 227
Goals scored: 49

Genius. Magician. Mercurial. These are just some of the words one thinks of when hearing the name Zinedine Zidane. Some even want to say, putting Zidane in the same sentence as those words is a compliment to those adjectives! Yes! Exactly such brilliance is not an exaggeration, and he is easily one of world football’s most technically gifted players of all time. Zidane is undoubtedly an absolute delight to watch. His artistry on the pitch was not just for mere show however, as he scored a brilliant volleyed goal against Bayer Leverkusen to win Real Madrid “La Novena”.

In fact, Zidane is the only player in this list of Real Madrid legends to get back to the club as manager. As currently he is flying high with the Los Blancos for another triumph to come in time. Zinedine Zidane has marked an era in world football with his elegance and technical skills. The French midfielder won everything that could possibly be won, both with his clubs as well as with the French national team.

Zidane guided ‘Les bleus’ to victories in the 1998 World Cup and 2000 European Championship. These triumphs confirmed his status as the world’s best player and awoke an interest in Real Madrid. Florentino Perez, completed his signing –

“I wanted to win the European Cup and I wanted to win it with Real Madrid”,

-he declared during his official presentation as a Madrid player.

Believe me there occurred no mistake, one year later he won the European Cup title, the only trophy he was missing, scoring the decisive goal against Bayer Leverkusen. On some level, you’ve got to admire a club who can cast such a spell over the footballing greats of time. Zidane’s ability on the pitch was nothing short of art, and definitely not that strange kind of art that highlights everything that was wonderful about the beautiful game.

#Cristiano Ronaldo (2009-Present)

Cristiano Ronaldo, best soccer players in Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo | image credit – youtube/Soccer LeGends

Position: Wide Forward

I know, many of toy may conflict here with me, not for the ability but for some previously said arguments about legend football players of any individual institution. As a current player of Real Madrid some of you may disagree with me to put the name Cristiano Ronaldo in the Real Madrid legends list. But truly speaking, Cristiano Ronaldo is nothing short of a legend to conquer his position among the greatest Real Madrid players of all time.

His sheer desire to win, incredible individual ability, and unparalleled goal scoring record can answer for him. Signed for a then world record 80 million pounds from Manchester United, few could have guessed the monumental impact that he would have. With absolutely no stability in teammates and managers, Ronaldo went on to put up the most ridiculously consistent numbers in Los Blancos’s history-whilst simultaneously winning titles and keeping us competitive with Barcelona.

It is obviously not an overstatement to say that Ronaldo has made Los Blancos relevant again. Some have already taken him as the greatest ever player of Real Madrid. Definitely Cristiano Ronaldo is that kind of player, who is destined to make history. Since he arrived at the Bernabéu from Manchester United, his goal scoring figures have just kept on improving to the delight of Madrid fans. Again he wants to further improve the already illustrious lists of honors won by the greatest club of the 20th Century.

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Top 10 German footballers of all-time

Germany is one of the powerhouses of football in the history. Germany has more success in world cup history that no nation has ever enjoyed. After the foundation of German football association in 1900, the nation has achieved numerous glory in the history of football. Germany is one of the most successful national teams in the international competitions, having won a total of three world cups in 1954, 1974 and 1990 and three European championships in 1972, 1980, 1996. Germany has become the only nation to win both Men’s and Women’s football world cups. In this long run, Germany has produced hundreds of players who wrote their names in the history of football. Today we are going to introduce you with top 10 German footballers of all time.

10. Miroslav Klose ( 2001- present, 68 goals in 131 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
miroslav klose——image via:

Miroslav Klose has leveled with Germany’s leading goal scorer of all time Gerd Muller with 68 goal record. He is now playing in Lazio as a centre forward. Like Muller he has found the net 14 times in the world cups. Only the Brazilian Ronaldo has more goals than Klose. Klose also played for Bayern Munich, where he tasted the success by winning both Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal on two occations. He was named German Footballer of the year in 2006. Now he is one of the top German footballers of all time.

9. Paul Breitner (1971-1982, 10 goals in 48 caps)

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Paul Breitner ——image via:

Paul Breitner was primarily a defender. He is remembered for his contribution by scoring important goals in vital matches. In the final of the world cup 1974 his equalising goal against the Netherlands set the Germans on their way to a 2-1 victory. On the club scene, he won five Bundesliga titles, one DFB-Pokal and one European Cup with Bayern Munich.

8. Jurgen Klinsmann (1987-1998, 47 goals in 108 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Jurgen Klinsmann present day——-image via:

He is the most influential player for Germany in world cup 1990 in Italy. During the run to the final Jurgen Klinsmann scored three goals. He is the player who played in six major tournaments between Euro 88 and France 98 and scored at least one goal in each of them. Alongside with Lothar Matthaus and Andreas Brehme he helped Milan to win 1991 UEFA cup. He also played for the English Cub Tottenham Hotspur. He scored 29 goals in his 56 appearances for Tottenham. Currently, Jurgen Klinsmann has taken the responsibility of USA national football team.

7. Uwe Seeler (1954-1970, 43 goals in 72 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Uwe Seeler —-image via:

Uwe Seeler spent his entire career playing for his home town, Hamburg. He was awarded by lifting the German championship in 1960 and the DFB- Pokal in 1963. Seeler was the leading goal scorer in 1963-64 Bundesliga session with 30 goals. He captained west Germany in 1966 England World Cup. With his lead Germany marched on to the final where the host England stopped them with an extra time goal. He is now at seventh position in top ten german footballers of all time.

6. Fritz Walter (1940-1958, 33 goals in 61 caps )

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Fritz Walter with the winning trophy—–image via:

Walter was playing as captain of West Germany in 1954 world cup Switzerland. Playing alongside with his brother Ottomar, they became the first siblings to ever win the tournament. He was awarded UEFA Jubilee Awards in 2004 by recognizing him the single most outstanding player of the past 50 years in Germany.

5. Sepp Maier (1966-1979, no goals in 95 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Sepp Maier , ‘the cat’ —–image via:

Maier was regarded as the best goal keeper in the world in 1970s. in the 1974 world cup, he kept four clean sheets as he was nicknamed ‘ the Cat’. He was awarded German footballer of the Year three times. Sepp Maier also won the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal four times.

4. Lothar Matthaus (1980-2002, 23 goals in 150 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Lothar ‘ the Panzar’ Matthaus—-image via:


In 1990 world cup Italy Germany met Argentina in the final and took a 1-0 victory to win the world title. Midfielder Matthaus scored four goals throughout this tournaments as well as converting his penalty during the semi- final against England. He also won trophies for Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Metrostars in USA.

3. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (1976-1986, 45 goals in 95 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge—-image via:


Karl-Heinz Rummenigge scored a total of nine goals in three world cup tournaments. After signing for Bayern Munich in 1974, he had go on to become club’s second leading goalscorer of all time behind Muller. He won FIFA Ballon d’or in 1980 and 1981.

2. Gerd Muller (1966-1974, 68 goals in 62 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Gerd Muller holding the world cup—-image via:


The notorious goal machine Gerd Muller is now sharing Germany’s record goals with Klose , although he reached that milestone in only 62 appearances.

In the 1970 the centre forward scored 10 goals, including the hat-tricks he scored against Bulgaria and Peru. He won FIFA Ballon d’or that year, before he helped the Germans to win 1972 European championship. As West Germany won the 1974 world Cup , he rounded off his international career by scoring four times.

He is the leading goal scorer for beyarn Munich with amazing total 566 goals. He has the best goals –to-games ratio in the history of European football, having scored 35 times in the same number of appearances. Among the great German footballers, he made his place on the top.

1. Franz Beckenbauer (1965-1977, 14 goals in 103 caps )

german footballers, german football clubs, germany football team, germany national football team
Franz Beckenbauer in no 6, 1980—image via:


Franz Beckenbauer is the number one in this top ten german footballers of all time. He branded himself as the best defender to have ever played in the game of football. He took part in the 1966 and 1970 world cup where Germany finished second and third respectively. But in the next 1974 world cup ‘ the Kaiser’ finally got his hand on the world cup trophy.

Majority of his success came in Beyarn Munich. He won four Bundesliga title, four DFB-Pokals and three European cups for his club, Bayern Munich.

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UEFA European Championship Winners List

The final in Paris 2016 did not provide the happy ending for the host country. May be Euro 2016 was a tournament that had the odd highlights and big moments. Portugal’s win over France was mediocre for long periods, but rarely sprinkled with the stardust to elevate it above the ordinary. As a matter of fact, it can be concluded that this European Championship will not be remembered with huge affection by many countries other than winners Portugal and perhaps Wales and Iceland.

Held under the UEFA banner, European Championship takes place every four years. Undoubtedly this is the second biggest international event not only in Football but sports in general. FIFA World Cup is the only other event with more viewership, marketability and prize money.

European Championship winners list, euro, european cup, winner list
European Championship cup | Wikipedia/Piotr Drabik

European Championship winners list:

Started in 1960, only 4 teams would play in the competition. Those past editions were marred by some of the big nations withdrawing from different events. In 1980, the tournament was expanded to 8 teams with two groups each containing 4. Group winners would directly qualify for final. In 1996 England hosted the first 16 team European Championship tournament.  And finally this time, the last 2016 Euros in France was the biggest in history with 24 teams playing in main draw.

Out of the 14 editions so far taken place since 1960, 9 different countries has won the Euros. Spain and Germany are the most successful winners with 3 titles each. Apart from Germany and Spain only France has won the competition more than once. Again we can count Germany as the most successful team in European Championship as they had already appeared in six finals (3 wins and 3 runners-up).

Here we take a look at the European Championship winners list so far.

Year Winners Runners-Up Hosts
1960 Soviet Union (USSR) Yugoslavia France
1964 Spain Soviet Union (USSR) Spain
1968 Italy Yugoslavia Italy
1972 West Germany Soviet Union (USSR) Belgium
1976 Czechoslovakia West Germany Yugoslavia
1980 West Germany Belgium Italy
1984 France Spain France
1988 Netherlands Soviet Union (USSR) West Germany
1992 Denmark Germany Sweden
1996 Germany Czech Republic England
2000 France Italy Belgium & Holland
2004 Greece Portugal Portugal
2008 Spain Germany Austria & Switzerland
2012 Spain Italy Poland & Ukraine
2016 Portugal France France


At the beginning time the cup was called the European nations cup. The first final went into extra time after a 1-1 draw between the Soviet Union and their opponents, Yugoslavia. At the second half, Viktor Ponedelnik found the net with a header and won the first event at the Parc des Princes, Paris. Again they got to defend their title four years later, reaching the finals of the tournament. This time they had to loose against the host nation, Spain.

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One more time, the host nations qualified for the final. Italy was to battle it out with Yugoslavia in the 1968 European Football Championship final. Italy won their first title after the final went for a rematch and ended 2-0 in their favor. The performance of the Soviet Union team was still outstanding as they made it to the finals for the third time in 1972. West Germany won the match 3-0.

West Germany also got the chance to defend their title in 1976. They forced the match against Czechoslovakia into extra time and finally the winner was to be determined through a penalty shoot-out. Czechoslovakia won the shoot-out 5-3. But West Germany was at the finals for a third consecutive time in 1980. And they were crowned the European Champions for the second time.

Euro opening, european winner, euro history
European championship opening | Wikimedia/Joaocastro

The 1984 European Football Championship final was a match between Spain and the host nation France. Michel Platini achieve a nine-goal record in the tournament and France outscored Spain 2-0 to win their first win. The most memorable moment of the match is the spectacular second goal by Marco van Basten in 1988. Netherlands were playing in the final for the first time.

In 1992, Germany had been unified and they got into the finals once again. This time their opponents were the newcomers Denmark. The Danes took the lead in the first half through a shot by John Jehsen to seal a 2-0 win. The 1996 final also went into extra time after Germany and the Czech Republic still tied 1-1 at the 90th minute. The European Football Championship saw golden goal first time in history.

France met Italy in the 2000 final. They came into the competition having won the World Cup two years earlier. The final was determined by a golden goal 13 minutes later after David Trezeguet pushed France to win the match. In 2004, Greece made it to the final of the tournament for the first time and won against the host nation Portugal.

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Germany faced Spain in the 2008 final held in Vienna, Austria. Spain was in great form as they won the tournament unbeaten. Again the World Champions, Spain, came to defend their title in Ukraine 2012 and won. This made Spain the only team that has defended the European Championship title so far.

Here we build another list of most European Championship wins by country.

COUNTRY Winner Runners-Up
Germany 3 3
Spain 3 1
France 2 0
Soviet Union 1 1
Italy 1 2
Czech Republic 1 1
England 1 0
Denmark 1 0
Greece 1 0
Yugoslavia 0 2
Belgium 0 1
Portugal 1



bio fifa world cup 2014 football history international football world cups

Top 10 Brazilian footballers of all time

Brazil has achieved the most success as national football team in the FIFA world cup history. Brazil national team won five world cups namely, 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. This year 2014 FIFA world cup is going to be hosted by Brazil. They qualified without playing the play offs. The national team currently ranking no 1 in World Football Elo Rating and 6 in the FIFA world ranking, they will be hard competitors for rest of the nations. They are the only team to have won the world cup in four different continents. Throughout the history Brazil has become the land of great footballers who had influenced the football world profoundly.

I am going to discuss about the top 10 Brazilian footballers of all time. Choose your favourite one among them…

10. Socrates:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Socrates, ‘the doctor’—image via:

The late Socrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira played for Brazilian national football team from 1979 to 1986. The attacking mid fielder earned his nick name ‘ Doctor Socrates’ as he was a MD in medicine. He scored 22 goals in his 60 appearances for the Brazil national team.

9. Roberto Carlos:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Roberto carlos, the free kicker—–image via:

Roberto Carlos started his career as a forward but spent most of the time as a left back. He is well known for his powerful free kicks. From 1992 to 2006 he played for Brazilian national football team with 11 goals in 125 matches.

8. Ronaldinho:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Ronaldinho, the magiciann of football—-image via:

This attacking mid- fielder won the FIFA world player of the year in 2005 and 2005. For the Brazilian national team he has scored 33 goals in 97 matches. Being an integral part of 2002 Brazilian national team, his greatest achievement was winning the world cup. Starring alongside with Ronaldo and Rivaldo in an attacking trio, he was named in FIFA world cup all star team.

7. Cafu:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Cafu the captain of winners—-image via:

Cafu made himself the most internationally capped male Brazilian player in the history. He is the only player to appear in the three world cup finals-1994, 1998 and 2002. From 1990 to 2006 he played for the Brazilian team and scored 5 goals in 142 appearances. Cafu remains in our list of great Brazilian footballers of all time with dignity.

6. Jairzinho:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Jairzinho, ‘the hurricane’—-image via:

As a powerful winger, Jairzinho was a member of the legendary Brazilian national football team that won the 1970 FIFA  world cup. During the tournament he scored in every match that Brazil played. He was nicknamed as ‘ the Hurricane’. He played in three consecutive world cup, 1966, 1970,1974. Jairzinho played as an asset for Brazilian national team from 1964-1982. During this time he scored 33 goals in 81 appearances.

5. Zico:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
zico, ‘the white Pele’—-imge via:

Zico is commonly called as ‘ the white Pele’ and he is considered as the most skilful finisher of all time for Brazil. He is possibly the best player of the world in late 70s and early 80s. Pele said about Zico,

“throughout the years, the one player that came closest to me was Zico”.

He scored 48 goals in 71 official appearances for Brazil. So in my counting, Zico is certainly one of the best Brazilian footballers of all time.

4. Romario:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
romario—–image via:

Romario is a former Brazilian footballer, manager and current politician. He was a part of the Brazilian national team wining FIFA world cup in 1994. He is one of the most prolific strikers and clinical finishers in the football history. He was particularly deadly in one-on-one versus goalkeeper. He is in the 5th position in FIFA player of the century. Romario won FIFA world player of the year and world cup golden ball in 1994. He is the third highest goal scorer for his national team after netting 55 goals in 70 appearances. He is the one of very few strikers to surpass 1000 goals’ landmark in total of any international competition.

3. Ronaldo:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
ronaldo kissing the dream world cup—-image via:

Ronaldo won FIFA world player of the year three times and he is the one among the three who have won that honour. He is the second highest goal scorer for the national team as he scored 62 goals in 98 matches. As a part of the Brazilian squad he won 1994 and 2002 world cup. In 1998, he was awarded Golden ball. In 2006 he became the highest goal scorer in the world cup history after scoring his 15th. Commonly called ‘ the Phenomenon’, Ronaldo played as a powerful Brazilian striker played for his nation from 1994 to 2011.

2. Garrincha:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Garrincha doudging the opponent——image via;

Garrincha playing as a right winger and forward in the Brazilian national team and probably the best dribbler with ball in the football history. Garrincha won the FIFA world cup in 1958 and 1962 with a devastating performance. In 1962 world cup when Pele was out due to injury , he was the only one led the Brazil to victory. He won Golden ball and Golden boot in that tournament. From 1955 to 1966 he played for the Brazil national team and scored 12 goals in 50 matches.

1. Pele:

brazilian footballers, brazil football team, brazilian football, brazil football, brazil national team
Pele, the greatest among the greats——image via:

Now comes the no 1, the greatest amongst the greats, Pele. In 1999   Pele was voted World Player of the century. Not only that, in 2013 he received FIFA Ballon d’or Prix D’honour. Pele, “ The Black Pearl” is currently holding Guiness world record of total 1281 goals in 1363 league games. He is hailed as a national hero in his native Brazil. This world known attacking mid-fielder won three world cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970 for the national team. From his 92 appearances he bagged 77 goals for Brazil. American President Ronald Regan said about Pele,

“My name is Ronald Reagan, I’m the President of the United States of America. But you don’t need to introduce yourself, because everyone knows who Pelé is.”

What a remark it was! Yes, Pele is the no 1 in this list of great Brazilian footballers of all time..

bio fifa world cup 2014 football history international football world cups

Top 10 English footballers of all time

England is one of the two oldest national teams in football alongside Scotland. England national team won FIFA world Cup in 1966, hosting the finals and defeating the giant West Germany. Since then they didn’t achieve much success in international football, except the Semi final appearance in 1990 world cup. Nevertheless, the English football holds its glory by presenting some legends throughout the history. Sporty ghost today is going to discuss about top 10 English footballers of all time.

10. David Beckham (1996-2009, 17 goals in 115 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
David Beckham, recent days—–image via:

There are very few more technically gifted player than the English forward David Beckham. He made his international debut in September 1996. Beckham’s international career is full of highs and lows. He made himself enemy of the state in 1998 world cup by getting sent off during the defeat on penalties to Argentina. But in next world cup his stoppage time goal against Greece smoothened the english agony. During that world cup , he laid the Argentina ghost to rest by scoring from a penalty in a 1-0 win. The 39 year old retired from football last year.

9. Gary Lineker (1984-1992, 48 goals in 80 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Gary Lineker—-image via:


Gary Lineker was the closest one to touch Sir Bobby Charlton’s record before his retired in 1992. In 1986 world cup, he was the tournaments leading goal scorer with six goals in his bag and still the only english footballer to have won the honourable Golden boot.

8. Bryan Robson (1980-1991, 26 goals in 90 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Bryan Robson—-image via:

Nicknamed ‘Captain Marvel’, Robson was a prolific and energetic midfielder in the English side. He was famed for his important goals. Many believe that if Robson didn’t suffer injury in 1986 and 1990 world cup, England could have gone even further. This English footballer gave everything to his national team and his club. He is the greatest ever Manchester United player of all time. This player carries much influences for Manchester United as he is acting their ambassador. He remained in our list of best 10 English footballers of all time. Currently Robson took the responsibility as coach of the Thailand National Team.

7. Geoff Hurst (1966-1972, 29 goals in 49 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Geoff Hurst—–image via:


Geoff Hurst is remembered for his outstanding performance in 1966 world cup. In the quarter final he scored the only goal to victory over Argentina. During the final Geoff Hurst’s famous blessing hat-trick gave the chance to the English to touch the FIFA world cup Trophy for the first time.

6. Gordon Banks (1963-1972, no goals in 73 caps )

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Gordon Banks and Pele holding their memories—image via:

Gordon Banks is the second best goal keeper of the 20th century in  International Federation of Football History and Statistics rating. Lev Yashin is the only above him. During the final against West Germany in 1966 world cup, Banks kept four clean sheets and made numerous stops. Four years later when playing against Brazil, there was a cross from Brazilian Carlos Alberto which met Pele’s powerful head. Everybody was waiting for the net to bulge, but it didn’t. Banks somehow managed to get his hand on the ball to flick it over the crossbar. It was regarded as one of the best saves ever made.

Gordon Banks elected FIFA‘s Goalkeeper of the Year six times.

5. Tom Finney (1946-1958, 30 goals in 76 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Tom Finney, the finest defender—-image via:

One club man Tom Finney was England’s leading goalscorer along with Nat Lofthouse, before both were surpassed by Bobby Charlton in 1963. Former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said about Finney ,

“Tom Finney would have been great in any team, in any match, and in any age , even if he had been wearing an overcoat.”

4. Stanley Matthews (1934-1957, 11 goals in 54 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Stanley Matthews with smiling face—image via:

His greatest achievement was wining FIFA Ballon D’or in 1956. His dedication for football was unmatched as he played until the age of 50 with Stoke City, while his last appearance in international match came against Denmark eight years earlier. There were some criticisms when he was chosen for the 1958 world cup at the age of 48 but the selectors refrained.

3. Duncan Edwards (1955-1958, 5 goals in 18 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Duncan Edwards with his teammates in threir last journey—image via:
english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Duncan Edwards monument—image via:

It is highly likely that Edwards would have topped the list, unless the tragedy happened in Munich runway February 6, 1958. Edwards at the age of 21 died along with its eight Manchester United teammates while a plane crashed in taking off. Bobby Charlton mentioned him as a great player like a bright light in the sky. His loss is the hardest thing to bear in English football even today.

2. Bobby Moore ( 1962-1973, 2 goals in 108 caps)

Bobby Moore was the counter stone of a well-organized defence in 1966 world cup. In the next competition, 1970 world cup he produced a memorable challenge to Brazilian Jairzinho in full flow. He is the member of world team the 20th century. Bobby Moore Captained West Ham United for more than 10 years.

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Bobby Moore—image via:

Pele said after his death in 1993,

“He was my friend as well as the greatest defender I ever played against. The world has lost one of its greatest football players and an honorable gentleman.”

1. Bobby Charlton (1958-1970, 49 goals in 106 caps)

english footballers, english football team, england football team, english football, football players
Bobby Charlton with 1966 world cup—image via:

Bobby Charlton is the leading goalscorer for England national football team as well as Manchester United. He was an integral part of the English team in 1966 World cup. At semi finals , Bobby scored both goals to win over Portugal. His performance throughout the tournament was firing as he won FIFA Ballon D’or that year. He is in the no 1 in our list of top 10 English footballers of all time..

bio fifa world cup 2014 football history international football world cups

Top 10 Italian footballers of all time

The Italian national football team is considered as one of the best teams in the World football. In the history of World Cup it is the second most successful team just behind Brazil, having won 4 titles in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. The team also appeared in 2 finals (1970, 1994) and gained a third place in 1990, fourth in 1978. In 1968 they won the European Championship. The Italian national football team is controlled by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the governing body of football in Italy.

Nick named ‘The Azzurri’, the Italian team qualified for this year FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil with relative ease will be expected to reach the latter stages, despite having a group that includes Uruguay and England.

Today, to continue our countdown to the World Cup, we will focus at the Top 10 Italian footballers of all time.

10. Fabio Cannavaro (1997-2010, 2 goals in 136 caps)

Fabio Cannavaro has been named the title FIFA’s player of the year in 2006. Along with Franz Beckenbauer and Matthias Sammer, he remains one of the three defenders to have been awarded by this title.

Italian footballers, cannavaro
Fabio Cannavaro kissing the 4th world cup for Italy—–image via:

The 40-year-old guided Italy to the World Cup final, 2006 in Germany. Playing in every minute in every encounter, with his stunning performances, Cannavaro earned the nick name,” The wall of Berlin”.

That summer he moved himself to Real Madrid from Juventus and Cannavaro went on to win two La Liga, and the Supercopa de Espana over the course of three seasons in Madrid.

He is in the 10th position in our list of Top 10 Italian footballers of all time.

9. Paolo Rossi (1977-1986, 20 goals in 48 caps)

After being suspended for his alleged role in a betting scandal, Paolo Rossi returned to action just in time for the World Cup in 1982. However, many journalists at that time criticized negatively about his inclusion in the team.

italian footballers, paolo rossi, italian national football team
Paolo Rossi—–image via:

When he struggled throughout the group phase of the World Cup, the criticizers looked to be correct, but something was burning inside him. Rossi suddenly sprung into life by scoring a hat-trick to dispose of Brazil, the pre-tournament favourites. He added his sixth in the tournament during 3-1 victory in the final over West Germany. Rossi won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot awards.

Paolo Rossi won two Serie A titles playing for Juventus and The Cup Winners’ Cup in 1984.

8. Giacinto Facchetti (1963-1977, 3 goals in 94 caps)

Facchetti was the pioneer of attacking football, who has no hesitation in bombing forward to join in with attacks. During his time defenders were instructed not to cross the halfway line, but he changed the rules.

italian footballers, Giacinto Facchetti
Giacinto Facchetti—–image via:

The speedy left-back won Serie A four times with Inter Milan. He also helped to lift the European Cup two times in 1964 and 1965. The Nerazzurri have since retired the shirt holding no 3 in his honour.

In 1968 European Championship , he captained the team to success. They also reached the final of 1970 World Cup under his leadership.

7. Gianluigi Buffon (1997-present, no goals in 139 caps)

Buffon made his debut for Italy in 1997. After that, he has gone on to make more appearances for the Azzurri than any other player. In 2006 World Cup, Buffon kept five clean sheets as Italy were crowned with World Cup glory for the fourth time. For his leadership qualities between the posts, he has become the skipper of both Italy and Juventus.

italian footballers, italian league, buffon
Buffon, the wall between the posts—-image via:

Juventus parted with a world record fee of £32.6m for him in 2001. Buffon helped Parma to win the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia two years earlier. He has gone on to win many trophies and is regarded to be a hero among the Old Lady’s faithful.

He remains in the 7th position in the list of Top 10 Italian footballers of all time.

6. Luigi Riva (1965-1974, 35 goals in 42 caps)

None has scored more goals than him at the international level for Italy.

The 69-year-old Luigi Riva was one of the heroes as Italy won the European Championship in 1968, scoring in the final against Yugoslavia.

italian footballers, luigi riva
Luigi Riva——image via:

He helped Cagliari to win Serie A title in 1970, despite being blighted by several injuries. This one-club-man received a honor when the club recently retired the number 11 shirt that Riva wore with distinction.

5. Fanco Baresi (1982-1994, 2 goals in 82 caps)

Franco Baresi was a kind of player who won everything. Baresi helped AC Milan to lift Serie A title on six separate occasions and European Cup three times. He was voted as the ‘Club’s player of the century’ in 1999 and AC Milan’s number 6 has been retired to his honor.

italian footballers, Franco Baresi, italian league
Franco Baresi, the legend of AC Milan——image via:

He was selected in the squad in 1982 World Cup, although he didn’t feature much in that tournament. But he played as a key figure in 1990 world cup, helping his country to finish third. Four years later the disaster happened while he missed during the final shootout against Brazil.

4. Dino Zoff (1968-1983, no goals in 112 caps)

At Spain in 1982 World Cup, Dino Zoff stood between the posts at the age of 40 and won the world title. Dino remains the oldest player ever to have won a World Cup.

Dino Zoff also holds the record of longest time at the international matches (1,142 minutes) without conceding a goal, the period between 1972 and 1974.

italian footballers, dino zoff, italian football team
Dino Zoff—–image via:

In his club career he won six Serie A titles for Juventus which was followed by Buffon in the same club. Dino Zoff later coached them to success in Coppa Italia and UEFA Cup.

He is holding the number 4 position in the list of Top 10 Italian footballers of all time.

3. Roberto Baggio (1988-2004, 27 goals in 56 caps)

Roberto Baggio will be remembered forever for his skied penalty during the shootout in 1994 World Cup. The event does his ability and contribution to the game a real disservice.

Baggio is Italy’s fourth-leading goalscorer of all time along with Alessandro Del Piero. He scored total five goals in 1994 tournament in USA. Four years earlier, his goal against Czechoslovakia has been voted by FIFA as the World Cup’s seventh best ever goal.

italian footballers, baggio, italian football team
Roberto Baggio—-image via:

In 1990, he was transferred from Fiorentina to Juventus for a record fee. During his five years in Turin, he won FIFA Ballon D’or in 1993, a Serie A and a UEFA Cup title.

2. Paolo Maldini (1988-2002, 7 goals in 126 caps)

Paolo Maldini, the defender spent half of his 16 years as captain for the Azzurri without winning a major international throphy.

italian footballers, maldini, italian league
Paolo Maldini——image via:

But at the Club level, success was much easier for him. The entire life he played for AC Milan, where he built up an honours list as long as his arm. Maldini won seven Serie A titles, five European Cups, one Coppa Italia, one World Club Cup and five Super Cups. He played in 1990 and 1994 world cup. He also finished runner-up for the 1995 FIFA World player of the year.

1. Giuseppe Meazza (1930-1939, 33 goals in 53 caps)

Meazza showed his talent on his very debut match in 1930, scoring a brace in the match against Switzerland. In 1934 world cup triumph of Italy, the centre-forward scored twice. He then captained the defending Champion Italy to success four years later. His winning goal against Brazil in the semi-final was one of his contributions that was written in golden letters.

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Giuseppe Meazza, the legend of all——image via:

There was a rumour that young Meazza was rejected by AC Milan for being too slight. Their loss was then gained by Inter Milan. Meazza was too prolific for Inter, firing them to three Serie A titles and one Coppa Italia. He is the second leading goalscorer for Italy, just two goals short of Riva’s.

Guiseppe Meazza is leading our list of Top 10 Italian footballers of all time..