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Novak Djokovic Returns to Top of Tennis World

With the victory beating Roger Federer in a five-set thriller in Wimbledon, the Serb, Novak Djokovic took the no 1 ranking back from Rafael Nadal. It was his second Wimbledon title and his seventh major overall.

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer, most importantly the match was tough enough to hold the nerve. Djokovic overcame the uncertainties with a hard win of 6-7,6-4,7-6,5-7,6-4 and three hours and 56 minutes match.

Before this astonishing win, Djokovic had lost his last three major finals and hadn’t won a Slam since 2013 Australian Open. May be that was the key to his success. There is no doubt about his excellence. He was making finals and winning smaller titles, which made him a great player still. But like all other greats, at the most important times in the biggest matches, Djokovic was caving.

grass court, wimbledon, djokovic
Djokovic, making amongs the greats in the grass court—-image via;

On Wimbledon final, for a while it looked like that pattern will continue.

During this crucial final, Djokovic found himself surrendering leads again and again to in-form Federer. At the beginning, he was up two sets to one and had even a 5-2 lead in the fourth set. But he couldn’t hold on his standing. He always remains so vulnerable at Federer’s serve as Djokovic lost five consecutive games and failed to convert one championship point on that.

But it was Novak Djokovic who refused to fold and finally won the title.

Now, get a look of his rising. With his impeccable 2011 season, Djokovic created monster for himself. He entered 2011 Australian open with only one Slam in his name. but at the end of that year he packed a Wimbledon title, U.S Open crown, another Australian open win and the NO. 1 ranking.

djokovic, australian open, grand slam
Djokovic in Australian Open—-image via:

That year he won his first 41 matches before the defeat came in French open semifinals again Roger Federer.

Since then, remaining towards the top of the game he added a third and fourth Australian Open title, but he hasn’t been able to recapture his 2011 performances. Nadal beat him three Slam finals, Murrey beat him two Slam finals and most notably he looked lost and frustrated in the biggest matches.

But Djokovic never gave up despite all these high profile losses.

He was toiling hard to make him perfect.

At the beginning of this year the great Boris Becker joined his team to get him some mental edge for achieving the ultimate goal. But it didn’t seem to pay off quickly as Djokovic lost in the quarterfinals of the Australian open to Stan Wawrinka and in the French open final to Rafael Nadal.

Now, let’s get back to the Wimbledon final, this year and it was against seven-time Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer and the score was 2-2. In the final set, Novak Djokovic showed his talents, he showed he can beat the champion. He finally converted his championship point.

novak djokovic, wimbledon final, wimbledon title
Djokovic’s dream came true——image via:

He lifted his arms to the heavens, swiftly jogged to the net to embrace Federer and then kneeled down to taste the Wimbledon’s sweet grass!

djokovic eating grass, wimbledon grass court
Was he really eating the Wimbledon grass???—-image via:

Then he ran to his box embrace his team and also Boris Becker. Their partnership had paid off at last.

After winning the title Djokovic told the press,

“I realized, you know, what I’ve been through mentally to get through to this point.”

For now Djokovic has once again put himself at the top of the tennis world. He didn’t need to play his best for this to prove that he is the best.

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Fresh Gareth Bale Ready for Real Madrid

This summer seems to be a nice change of pace for Gareth Bale.

For the Welshman it has been a great disappointment missing the World Cup. But about 12 months ago, the 25-year-old Gareth Bale has enjoyed a relative anonymity around this time.

gareth bale, gareth bale profile, gareth bale skills
Gareth Bale, getting ready for the new season—–image via:

Without the intensity of a transfer saga, the limelight of a glitzy unveiling with a weight of a world –record fee and overwhelming deluge of interview questions, Gareth Bale will have enjoyed a summer a little more like yours or mine over the past couple of months.

The former Tottenham player has seen other scrutinized during their time in Brazil World Cup and has witnessed contemporaries such as Toni Kross and James Rodriguez navigate through the Real Madrid fanfare. Bale also watched opponents and teammates alike endure a tiresome summer. This will have taken both physical and psychological toll for him as the new season arrives.

And finally the end product is a fully fresh, well-rested complete fit Gareth Bale who is ready to take Europe by storm.

The fresh Welshman, Gareth Bale said at the beginning of Real Madrid’s training camp,

” It was really disappointing not being in the Brazil World Cup, but I have had seven weeks of rest and now I can have a full pre-season”.

It was notable that he denied the last summer pre-season. He is now determined to improve his skills and technique. Bale said,

“I want to have an even better season than last year. I want to give more assists and score more goals. I want to improve in every aspect.”

Last season in all competition Gareth Bale contributed 22 goals and 17 assists! So, he definitely capable to improve more…

He said,

“Without pre-season it was tough enough, but this season will be different in the sense. It was a massive change for me, but in time I have become very comfortable here.”

What the Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid are set to witness in 2014-15 season is the Gareth Bale of two seasons ago at White Hart Lane.

They will witness the Bale who left scorch mark all around England soil, smashing 21 league goals as a roaming midfielder, doing so with a combination of sublime skill and explosive power that had rarely been seen previously in the English Premier League.

The Real Madrid has got the Golden Bale who almost burst the netting from 30 yards at West Ham, the Bale who rendered a whole Newcastle United team utterly helpless, the bale who cut the heart out of Manchester united at their home, Old Trafford, the Bale who annihilated Lyon with a simply exquisite pair of free-kicks.

So basically the Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez and the coach, Carlo Ancelotti are getting everything right that had been expected from an £85 million player.

And probably more is coming…

Last season, in his opening months in Madrid as a Galactico, Gareth Bale endured a somewhat underwhelming beginning. It is not that much tough to think that some factors were there like his absence in the pre-season due to injuries, difficulties with new home, new culture and new language.

gareth bale, footballer gareth bale, gareth bale speed, cristiano ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, the Duo——image via:

In Real Madrid uniform, Bale was forced to adapt on the wing, force to develop chemistry with Cristiano Ronaldo in the heat of competition, while Ancelotti tinkered with the team’s systematic approach to accommodate Bale’s talents.

And Gareth Bale had done all of that, despite not playing a full 90 minutes until November arrived. It was a gradual process finding his feet.

It is not hard to find the differences between then and now as the new season arrives. It is a obvious warning sign for the defenders in Spain and across Europe.

“I have become very comfortable here,”

he was telling that most of the time when in California.

Remember his name, Gareth Bale, who scored 22 goals and made 17 assists, assigned a hat-trick in just his 9th La Liga outing and in Copa del Rey who struck some decisive goals and who scored in the Champions league final before he had gotten COMFORTABLE!

gareth bale, gareth bale profile, gareth bale skills, footballer gareth bale, gareth bale speed
In the Champions League final——–image via:

On Monday, Ancelotti said of Bale,

“He’s doing what he wasn’t able to do last year,”

Despite some charming transfer news with James Rodriguez and Toni Kross in Real, the Welshman will be all around the La Liga and Champions League to be more ferocious.

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Guillermo Ochoa to Malaga

Finally the Mexican stopper and free agent Guillermo Ochoa has signed the papers for a new club to join this upcoming new season. Officially he was assigned for the Spanish side Malaga on Friday.

After a sensational performance at the 2014 World Cup, he made himself the hottest free agent on the market. Although he spent the last few seasons playing for French minnows Ajaccio, it came as no surprise at all that he held out for a club of much bigger stature, like Spanish club Malaga.

guillermo ochoa transfer, guillermo ochoa mexico, guillermo ochoa transfer news
Guillermo Ochoa——image via:

The signing:

Guillermo Ochoa signed a three-year deal with Malaga after passing a medical on Friday. He is likely expected to become Malaga’s new starter after Willy Caballero’s transfer to English Club Manchester City.

Ochoa said,

”  I’m happy to be in this club that opened the doors to the Spanish league, which is a dream for me. It’s a great project.”

The Spanish club, Malaga ran into some financial difficulties in 2012. They were forced to sell top players like Joaquin, Isco and Jeremy Toulalan last year. But since then they have done an excellent job rebuilding their squad.

 While Malaga won’t challenge the likes of the giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona for the La Liga title, they will be expected push for one of Spain’s European slots in the new season.

Guillermo Ochoa, who is he?

At the age of 20 Ochoa was called up by the Mexico team as the third choice goalkeeper in 2006 FIFA World Cup. Hugo Sanchez, the then newly appointed manager called Ochoa as a deputy of Mexico’s no 1 goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez. Ochoa made his debut on 2010 World Cup qualification and in 2010 FIFA World Cup he controversially remained the back-up goal keeper to veteran Oscar Perez.

 Guillermo Ochoa in World Cup 2014:

For the 2014 World Cup, Guillermo Ochoa was named in Mexico’s 23-man squad. Ochoa started in Mexico’s opening match against Cameroon. The match ended in a 1-0 victory for Mexico. It was the debut match for Ochoa in a World Cup, having been called up for the previous two tournaments with no appearances.

In the second group stage match, the match against Brazil, Ochoa made four stunning saves, including a Neymar’s powerful header. The match result was draw and Ochoa was awarded man of the match.

francisco guillermo ochoa, guillermo ochoa transfer, guillermo ochoa transfer
Ochoa, the great wall of Mexico—–image via:

In the knock-out match against Netherlands, Ochoa made several crucial saves to hold on to Mexico’s 1-0 advantage. However, the Dutch took the match by 2-1. His performance and skills were well praised and awarded second man of the match. So, this is our Guillermo Ochoa.

The transfer and The Right Man:

It was their biggest need to find a replacement for Caballero for the upcoming new season. Guillermo Ochoa becomes the right man for them with World Cup experience and the skill set to thrive at the highest level.

guillermo ochoa transfer, guillermo ochoa mexico, guillermo ochoa transfer news
He is Coming——-image via:

It is a great chance for Ochoa to show he truly is one of the elite players at the position in undoubtedly the strongest league in the world, so this transfer truly feels like a match made in paradise.

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United goalkeeper David De Gea persuading Cesc Fabregas to Join ManU

David De Gea has admitted that he is trying to persuade Barcelona star to join Manchester United.

This Spanish Red Devils stopper is looking to add further Spanish flair to Manchester United that also includes Juan Mata. De Gea during an interview about Cesc Fabregas said,

“I’m trying to get him to come.”

De Gea finds it a tough job as Arsenal have first option on Fabregas if he is to leave Camp Nou. A transfer mishap happened when David Moyes famously failed to land Fabregas last summer. That was an embarrassing campaign for the recently departed ManU boss.

fabregas transfer, spain national team
Cesc Fabregas—–image via:

Then Louise van Gaal took the charge and with his attempt the rebuilding club may feel that now is an excellent time to tempt Fabregas back to the Premier League. De Gea needs to spend more time convincing the new boss van Gaal. However, van Gaal isn’t bothered by the Fabregas’ potential availability reportedly.

Van Gaal remains uninterested in Ander Herrera, who continued to crop up during Moyes’ era. The Athletic Bilbao player is outlined as a potential replacement for Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona. The aforementioned report was suggesting that he could be a key in any deal that would see Fabregas move away from his boyhood club for the second time.

If United land Fabregas, plenty will need to be changed for them. Firstly, van Gaal’s mindset will need some alternations if Jones’ article is to be believed. Secondly, the player’s eagerness to join the club. Possibly, Fabregas must favour an Old Trafford move over a return to Arsenal, if the Gunners deem him a worthwhile target.

Cesc Fabregas, arsenal
Cesc Fabregas in Arsenal—-image via;

Arsenal midfield is crammed with similar players and the coach Arsene Wenger needs to prioritise a battling central midfield over a ball-playing type, alongside a world-class forward and right-back. Former Gunners star Ray Parlour questioned whether Fabregas is needed,

”The problem with Fabregas is where do you put him in the team? They have got very similar players to Fabregas—they have Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere , Santi Cazorla, —if you bring Fabregas back where do you fit him in? “

De Gea’s attempt of influencing Fabregas may give Manchester United an advantage if a transfer for Fabregas is deemed need. There is no doubt the team need a plethora of new talent across the board. Cesc Fabregas proven talent would be an asset to any team in the world. Though United may favour an imposing physical type instead like Arsenal.

Van Gaal will certainly direct the team towards right direction. But the thing’s for sure is the Dutchman need to land a handful of world-class stars before Manchester United can be taken again.

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Mario Balotelli: “England can’t win the World Cup”

Mario Balotelli, the Italian striker has already written off England’s chances of winning the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

balotelli, Italy world cup
Mario Balotelli—-image via:

In the opening game of the tournament Italy face England on June 14 in Manaus, Brazil. Mario Balotelli, the one of the most controversials has already begun to fan the flames ahead of the match by questioning the big-tournament mentality of England’s footballers.

Balotelli said,

” I don’t look at England as a team that can win the World Cup. They have some good players, but they are no real rivals for Italy.”

balotelli goal, italy national team
Balotelli vs England—-image via:

The former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli will be aiming to damage England’s chances to march through a perilous group consisting Uruguay and Costa Rica. Mario Balotelli was notoriously famous for his erratic off-field antics during three years in England. In 2010, he joined Manchester city from Inter Milan for £24 million. Balotolli proved himself in the City scoring 30 goals in 49 appearances and helping them win the Barclays premier League, FA Cup and Community shield.

On 29 January 2013, Balotelli moved to AC Milan signing a four-and-a-half year deal which is worth of €20 million.

Mario Balotelli made his first appearance for Italy on 10 August 2010 in a friendly match against Ivory Coast. One year later, Balotelli found the net making his first international goal. So far he scored 12 goals in 29 caps for Italy. Certainly Balotelli’s holding the power –torch of attack for Italy in this World Cup.

Mario Balotelli was on the Italian expectation to Euro 2012 and played a leading role in the tournament. Right from the opening group stage he contributed to the Italy’s qualification for the final stages with a magnificent overhead shot against Ireland in the last minute.

balotelli, balotelli goal celebration
Balotelli’s goal celebration vs Germany in Euro 2012—–image via:

When Italy met England in the quarter finals, Mario scored the first of the penalties after 120 minutes that decided the match.

In the semi final against Germany Mario Balotelli scored two fantastic goals and his extraordinary performance placed him in the hearts of all Italian fans.

The 23-year-old striker is confident that Italy will kick off their World Cup campaign with a victory over England.

‘In the opening game we have to respect England because it is important to get off to a good start,’

he said.

‘They have maybe two or three players who can hurt us, but we feel well prepared for the tournament and expect to start off with a win.’

The two teams, Italy and England met each other in the World Cup five times. With 3 wins Italy will be the favourite one, while England has 1 win and 1 match remained a draw.

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Chelsea vs. Paris Saint-Germain: (2-0) Ba’s late winner dragged the Blues to semi-finals at the expense of PSG

Chelsea vs. Paris Saint-Germain:  (2-0)

chelsea vs psg
chelsea vs psg

Chelsea eluded all the probabilities, each of the predictions and prophecy to reach the last four of the Champions League quarter final on one of the greatest nights at Stamford Bridge. May be it’s a triumph of the human psyche or just one of those other things that sometimes happens in soccer.

Long enough, it appeared like Javier Pastore’s late goal in the first leg was adequate for PSG, but they were undone by a great punch from Ba that booked Chelsea’s 7nth Champions League semi-final appearance in last one decade. Probably Mourinho should have been the one bracing over his side’s hope in the competition, but it was Laurent Blanc who emerged for the first half in an obvious bid to calm any pre-match audacity.

chelsea vs psg

Chelsea did not play exceptionally well. They hit the bar twice and found one last thrust when they really needed it, with four or five minutes of massive pressure culminating in Demba Ba’s conclusive goal. However home fans got there hope back with the Belgian’s replacement – Andre Schurrle, actually when he found the net 14 minutes after coming off the bench. And Chelsea’s anticipations appeared to agonize a huge blow in the 18th minute when PSG transfer target Hazard limped was injured and replaced. The momentum reversed on 32 minutes thanks to an old-fashioned long pass, David Luiz got to Branislav Ivanovic’s throw and flicked it to Andre Schurrle, who scraped the ball beyond Salvatore Sirigu.

chelsea vs psg

A substantial team ethic permeate the Chelsea dressing-room, which makes them greater than the sum of their individual skills, a contrast to PSG, who still remain a puzzle of sparkling pieces waiting to be assembled completely.After going behind, the men from the French capital disposed little threat, and could have been two down when Schurrle burgled an effort at the crossbar. Soon after an Oscar free-kick suffered the same fate.

Mourinho played his last card, with 10 minutes left, sending on Torres for Oscar.

Right after 90 minutes Chelsea still had to hold on through four minutes of injury time, two corners and an astounding save from Marquinhos’s shot by Cech until the final whistle triggered an almighty commemoration.

One mistake, one goal ­and that brought ­obscurity for Chelsea. Lavezzi curled in a free-kick which Cech, stretching to his left, pushed away. It was never like Chelsea’s day neither like PSG’s, after Edinson Cavani had wasted a thriving opportunity to put the result beyond doubt, Ba became an unexpected hero.

Mental strength is the vital constituent for Mourinho’s men who have steel nerve about them and that will make them tough nuts to crack in the semi-finals. Mourinho has mirrored on his team’s “deserved” victory:

“I wanted Demba to play in front of the defenders, and Nando to defend Maxwell. I think we did enough in the beginning of the second half to score before, but we couldn’t. The team that decided to defend was punished, and the team that gave everything deserved to go through to the semis.”

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Barclays Premier League: Liverpool vs Manchester City match preview; Liverpool host title competitor Manchester City at Anfield

liverpool vs manchester city Barclays Premier League: Liverpool vs Manchester City match preview

For a game that has been billed as a title showdown, Manchester City travel to Anfield knowing that after full-time only one of these two teams will have their fate in their own side.

Considering the crunch confrontation, the Reds are top of the table with five more fixtures to go, 4 points clear of third-placed City. Though, city has two games in hand over them.

Only two days before the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy, a minute’s silence will be held, as a Kop mural displays “96” and “25 Years”. As a mark of respect, kick-off will be delayed by seven minutes, in line with other fixtures across English football this weekend.

KICK-OFF: Sunday, April 13, 2014


13.37 BST.




Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Enrique
Gerrard, Lucas, Allen
Borini, Suarez, Downing



Zabaleta, Lescott, Kompany, Clichy

Rodwell, Yaya Toure
Nasri, Tevez, Silva



Manchester City (Kompany, Negredo) 2-1 Liverpool (Coutinho),

 Premier League, December 2013

Manchester City  (Dzeko, Aguero) 2 – 2 Liverpool  (Sturridge, Gerrard),

Premier League, February 2013

Liverpool  (Skrtel , Suarez) 2-2 Manchester City  (Toure, Tevez),

 Premier League, August 2012



Whoever wins this match will win the Premier League, that’s what I think. The winners will have all the momentum, but if I’m being honest I can’t see either of them getting it. So can’t wait to watch it and I think it will be a very entertaining football match as Manchester City don’t go anywhere and vindicate. At the other hand Liverpool won’t sit back because this is their good chance to win the Premier league.

Manchester City

Definitely Sergio Aguero’s return will make a lot of difference to City. So Liverpool will struggle to live with him – but at the same time I have to say how Man City can live with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. At Anfield the atmosphere has been absolutely remarkable recently – and for the Liverpool players and fans to win this game and virtually win the league on the day they celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough. Been brilliant this season and winning 9 games on the run is a huge ask in any league and truly I’m going for a 1-1 draw – although a 3-3 result wouldn’t really surprise me.

Some informations:

Daniel Agger (Centre-back) returns to Liverpool’s squad to face Manchester City on Sunday.

Top scorer of Manchester City, Sergio Agüero could also return for Sunday’s trip.

Liverpool have not lost any home match to Manchester City since May 2003.

After this match, City will have just one game against a team(another trip to face Everton) in the top half remaining,.

Penalty, Liverpool last scored was Steven Gerrard’s against Manchester City on January 25 earlier this year.

Manchester City are undefeated in their last five league games against Liverpool.

Still now these two teams are the top two scorers in the premier league this season – Liverpool have notched 90 times and City with 84 times. Chelsea are at 3rd with 65 goals.

Liverpool celebration

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Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted

Lawyer Michael Garcia has already submitted the Russia 2018 and Qatar World Cup 2022 bidding process to FIFA.

Garcia interviewed more than 75 witnesses. There has been recommendation for further action against individuals. It is believed that further bidding process will be necessary.

The 2018 tournament was awarded by FIFA to Russia in 2010. FIFA World Cup 2022 was also handed at the same time to Qatar.

German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert leads the adjudicatory chamber, which will decide about wrongdoings (if committed). But the report is not expected to be made public.

Eckert has the power to impose sanctions. Though he is not provided with the authority to take the Russia 2018 or the Qatar 2022 World Cup away.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has insisted only his ruling executive committee. They will sit for third-quarter meeting on 26 September in Zurich and decide either to move or stay with the previous hosts.

“The report sets forth detailed factual findings and identifies issues to be referred to other Fifa committees, future bidding processes is highly recommended” – FIFA.

Garcia is currently investigating all of those involved in the bidding process for both the Russia 2018 and Qatar World Cup 2022 events.

The 2018 World Cup was awarded to Russia ahead of Spain-Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands joint bids. England was also in the list.

And Qatar had to overcome the competition from United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia for 2022 host arrangement.

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The Qatar 2022 bid committee is facing claims of corruption. Sunday Times alleged in June that Mohamed bin Hammam (former FIFA vice-president), paid £3m to football officials around the world in return for support for Qatar 2022 bid.

Earlier this year, The Qatari bid committee denied all allegations of wrongdoing. But they probably have decided not to comment on the most recent statement from FIFA.

FIFA World Cup 2022 awarded as Qatar World Cup

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, qatar 2022,world cup 2022, fifa world cup 2022
Qatar 2022 ; image credit

On December 2nd, 2010 in Zurich, FIFA executive committee voted in a secret ballot. Finally it was decided that Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Five candidates presented their bids to stage the World Cup 2022.

The other candidates were USA, Korea, Australia and Japan, who submitted their bids for the most expected hosting rights. USA had previously staged the FIFA World Cup finals (in 1994). While Japan and Korea were the tournament’s first joint hosts back in 2002.

“The World Cup is going to new lands and I am a happy President as we speak of the development of football”

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter said.

“I would like to thank all the candidates and congratulate Qatar” he added.

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Thani (Chairman of the Qatar bid) was found almost crying after the very announcement.

“Thank you for believing in change and believing in expanding the game. After all thank you for giving Qatar a chance”

he said.

“We will make you proud. We will not let you down”

After the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014, the next edition is Russia 2018. And Qatar will for the first time stage the World Cup finals in 2022.

Qatar World Cup 2022: Reactions

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, qatar 2022, world cup 2022
image credit

Emir of Qatar:

HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani –

This is one of the great achievements of Arab countries. I hope, we will successfully stage this tournament. The infrastructure will be in place. Hopefully all the Arabs will support us. It was always difficult for us. The team headed by Sheikh Mohammad had a big hill to climb. But it would be even more difficult if we had lost. But in that case we just have to double our efforts and never give up. People may think that we are small as a country, but we really need to prove that we can accomplish great things.

Qatar bid chairman:

Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad Al-Thani –

I want to thank you for having a bold vision. On behalf of all these people, I want to let you know that we will not let you down. I believe, deciding for the Middle East they have showed right judgment. Now, we are about to locate the big date for the FIFA World Cup 2022. I would also like to thank our competitors. They kept us busy all the time. We can honestly thank FIFA for this bold decision. I believe, all the single member of our bid committee, worked harder to make this dream true. Congratulations to his royal highness, the Emir. Thanks for believing and bringing the game to our region is the right thing to do. Most importantly, I would very much like to thank all the members of the bid committee, who actually believed in us.

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No one actually saw that we had a chance and we were written off. But the millions, who stood with us, made us win. Off course it needed hard work to get to this point. We can celebrate now. And most importantly we need to remember that tomorrow the work begins. We have to deliver the tremendous work. We must make ourselves proud put the milestone in the history of Middle East and the history of FIFA. Thank you all again and hope to see you at the Qatar World Cup 2022.

General Secretary of Qatar Olympic committee:

HE Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani –

Qatar is going to introduce football in the Middle East like the World Tournament. The bid team have impressed us all. We thank them for their tremendous effort and bringing the Qatar World Cup.

HH Sheikha Mozah bin Nasser Al Misnad
I was always hoping to win for the whole region. I believe the team as well thought like this. They deserved to win. I saw them last few days and nights working harder. I’m extremely happy for winning this for the Arab World, never for Qatar only. Now everyone in Qatar knows, anything is possible with due works. Hope will provide you comfortable World Cup 2022.

Qatar 2022 bid chief executive:

Hassan al-Thawadi –

First of all, I would like to thank FIFA for believing in us. We really should thank them for their efforts to widen the borders of the game and bring it in Middle East. I promise we will serve a great Qatar World Cup and click to the opportunity.

Qatar World Cup brings delight for Qatari people

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, qatar 2022, qatar world cup 2022, fifa world cup 2022
Sepp Blatter ; image credit

Just from the very moment, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter revealed the name for the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022, almost all the people of Qatar became inexpressible happy.

Not only native Qataris, residents from all nationalities reacted with emotion. No sooner had the decision been announced by FIFA, a city-wide party atmosphere engulfed the thousands gathered in front of giant screens across the capital.

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Numerous hopeful Qataris had already begun to gather from around three. Two hours after, when it was finally announced that they are going to have the Qatar World Cup 2022 ahead, all the spaces were occupied by the Qatar bid supporters.

It was not just the locals, many of the country’s large foreign contingent came out to show their support for the bid. Everywhere just the logo marked, Qatar 2022 was available.

The unforgettable symbol of South Africa 2010, Vuvuzelas made an impressive comeback in the Qatari capital. The familiar horns provided a noisy, joyful soundtrack to the live broadcast. Both children and adults got to follow on-screen proceedings due to the lack of available seats.

The entire town erupted with jubilation, as soon as the FIFA President confirmed Qatar World Cup. Great many bouts of Qatari folk dancing broke out. Also an enormous convoy of vehicles took to Doha’s 7 km-long coastal road.

This immense procession would go on long night. Travelers with flights booked out of Doha International Airport, had to postpone their departures. As it was quite impossible to move through the gigantic and euphoric throng of people.

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Mahmoud Hassan told,

“Due to the traffic jams, I wasn’t able to reach Doha airport for my flight to Bahrain. It’s really incredible to see all these people celebrating the event together”

Many football fans from other parts of the Persian Gulf had even decided to travel to Qatar to enjoy the atmosphere.

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, qatar2022, fifa world cup 2022
proposed stadium ; image credit

An Omani citizen said,

“The entire Gulf region was fully behind of the Qatar bid. The incredible progress made by this country leads me to believe that they’ll be up to the task. This country has put a huge amount of work into developing”

Mohamed, from Palestine,

“FIFA World Cup coming to the Middle East for the first time. Qatar is a great country – we were confident that they would win. Hopefully they will be the successful event provider ever from this region. And we all will be following closely”

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Gary Linker says Qatar 2022 decision is ‘LUDICROUS’

He expects for ‘clean’ countries to boycott the tournament. Former England striker brands FIFA president Sepp Blatter a dictator. He says that FIFA is not fit as the ruling body. Lineker was part of England’s failed bid team to host the 2018 World Cup. Greg Dyke expects that England wouldn’t bid to host during Blatter again.

Linker is totally disgusted at alleged corruption within FIFA. He has already labelled the Qatar 2022 decision as ‘ludicrous’.

Lineker was part of England’s bid team for the 2018 World Cup event. He declared that England wouldn’t bid again as to win by bending the rules.

The former England striker said,

“I was with David Beckham. We were out trying to get support. Prince William and David Cameron were out there, too. The whole thing smells as done deal”

“The whole FIFA thing will make you feel sick. The corruption at the top level is nauseating. Sepp Blatter has run it like a dictatorship for so long”

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Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, russia 2018
Russia 2018 ; image credit


Talking about the Qatar World Cup, Linker said,

“Ludicrous. I am not against it going to different parts of the world”

“You have to be careful what you say, but the corruption is just . . . yuck”

He suggested all the clean countries to boycott the World Cup. He also had to acknowledge that this will not happen.

Linker don’t find FIFA fit for the sport anymore. He believes that it is such a shame because it is a massive sport and means so much to so many people.

“We should stand up for what is right and if that means never hosting the World Cup again”

FA chairman Greg Dyke has said they would not again go for a bid to host the World Cup as long as Blatter was there.

Lineker also called for some restrictions, especially on advertising by gambling firms and alcohol products.

“I have turned down deals with alcohol firms over the years and I don’t agree”

“Gambling is just too easy to do now and as a parent I worry about it”


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Qatar confident FIFA will exonerate Qatar 2022 bid

One of their senior officials from the Qatari organizers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup said, they are confident that independent investigation into the bidding process for the finals will definitely be on their side.

Nasser Al Khater (Communications chief) told,

“We’ve always been confident of our position in the way we carried ourselves during the bidding stage”

The New York lawyer Michael Garcia delivered his 350-page report last week to German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert. He is currently the head of the FIFA’s Ethics adjudicatory chamber. Finally he will decide about the consequence in about a month. They will also decide either to publish public or not.

Allegations of corruption have surrounded the voting for 2018 World Cup awarded to Russia. And also the Qatar 2022 World Cup. But Al Khater claims that he has consistently maintained the Qatari bid was clean.

Another major issue surrounding the finals in Qatar 2022 is when they will occur. FIFA’s task force on that subject met on Monday. The problem is, Europe’s top clubs debated it again on Tuesday saying they needed strong decisive reasons.

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, qatar 2022 , world cup 2022
qatar wc ; image credit

They don’t get the point of disrupting the domestic European season as the Qatar World Cup tournament is proposed to shift at the winter months.

AL Khater said,

“Everyone wants to make sure there is the ideal solution for the World Cup with minimal disruption for their leagues. I think the main concern is health. We’ll have cooled training sites, stadia, public areas”

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He also added that they are not running away from the problems. There will be significant challenges. They believe that the Qatar World Cup will be a catalyst for change in society. Definitely it will not happen overnight. But the significant change is the main concern.

“People also recognize now that it is even more important that we put on an excellent show and deliver an exceptional World Cup. This is what we promised and we are excited about delivering the first World Cup in the Middle East”

Earlier this year, the European Clubs’ Association contradicted the view about summer tournament ruled out. They intend to point out that cooling technology for stadiums and pitches had been an integral part of Qatar’s successful bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

“It would be very important to have strong arguments to convince the European game to disrupt its season”

The ECA vice-chairman, Umberto Gandini said.

“There must be very good reasons for moving the World Cup from its conventional slot”

2022 Qatar World Cup will be too hot to even sit and watch

There are problems both way. One hand, questions is lingering about the allegedly shady activity of FIFA awarding the Qatar 2022 World Cup. And now the Middle Eastern country has been dogged with criticism about its suitability for the tournament hosting. There are so many thing in these speculations like human rights violation, corruption heat stroke inducing weather etc.

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In a hot Qatar summer, temperatures can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This has already been criticized for how it might affect the players. Now that a time, we have come to know from a International journal of Bio meteorology that the heat will be enough effective for the spectators too.

Recent study concludes like,

Qatar World Cup may not be appropriate for the visitors. Especially if it is placed during the scheduled summer situation. In Doha, this season a large majority of hours of the day cause strong heat stress.

The study committee recommended the FIFA World Cup 2022. They are suggesting the time between November and February. They believe, then much more comfortable conditions are frequently available.

The study backs up what many have already demanded. Either the Qatar 2022 World Cup moved to winter or another comfortable location altogether.

Last year, in August,

Sepp Blatter told the associated press,

“I would be very surprised, more than surprised if the World Cup would not be rescheduled for the winter in Qatar”

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Then short after, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke announced that the Qatar World Cup would move to winter.

“To be honest, I think it will be held between November 15 and January 15 at the latest”

But until the executive committee of FIFA takes no final decision, we cannot assure any particular date even the location for the tournament.

FIFA might shift Qatar World Cup 2022 to winter

FIFA has offered January and November in 2022 as alternative kickoff dates for the World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, world cup preparation, 2022 ,qatar 2022 heat
Qatar World Cup preparation ; image credit

FIFA consultation group met to seek ways to avoid the summer heat of June July in Qatar.

Blatter cancelled a planned visit to SoccerEx in Manchester. As football leaders were meeting Monday to discuss the potential disruption of domestic leagues. If the Qatar World Cup is held between the proposed times, then it completely disrupts the schedule.

“We have already said we cannot play in summer in this heat in Qatar, now we are making this consultation”

FIFA’s executive committee should confirm the dates at its meeting in March at least.

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Another problem is, the January-February tournament option probably could not happen if the 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled in the traditional time.

IOC president Thomas Bach has already said that the FIFA president assured him, the two events would not clash.

Blatter has repeatedly said the Qatar World Cup cannot be played in summer. But organizing committee is always standing by its pledge to build air-cooled stadiums if necessary.

FIFA opens talks on Qatar 2022 dates

FIFA will step up the search for new dates to play the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Consultation was promised last year. As FIFA President Sepp Blatter repeatedly insisted the tournament cannot be played in the summer, especially with the desert heat.

A second session is scheduled for November, FIFA planning.

Blatter is expecting that his executive committee will make a decision within next March.

Blatter and FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke have always been telling about a November kickoff of the Qatar World Cup will work.

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On December 2010, FIFA’s ruling board awarded Qatar as the 2022 host country. The local organization also stood by a promised bid of June July tournament. They promised to solve the heat problem with air conditioned stadiums.

But still Blatter say,

“It would not be rational to play in summer when temperatures in Qatar rise above 40 degrees C”

Qatar officials have said they can change their hosting plan. But most of all they need to know the international football community reaches a consensus.

Europeans leagues and clubs are the biggest critics of a winter World Cup. Top club competitions face a two-month stoppage. Which will eventually need to knock-on effect of changing calendars over three seasons from 2021 to 2024.

Zidane: Qatar 2022 is a victory for the Arab world

Qatar World Cup 2022 report submitted, qatar 2022, world cup 2022, Zidane, Zozou
Zidane ; image credit

Zinedine Zidane was an ambassador for Qatar’s bid to stage the FIFA World Cup 2022. The former French midfielder Zizou voiced his delight exclusively to

He tried to explain what it means to him on a personal level and to the Arab world as a whole.

Zidane believed that it was never easy to support a bid. As it is always a competition. But he is happy as he was trying to convey the message that football belong to the whole world. And now for Russia and Qatar who have never organized such tournament. So football is taking place to new world.

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Obviously this is a fantastic news for the people of both the countries as well as for all the football lovers.

FIFA questioned about his being so much happy. But Zizou just replied as being a partner of the bid. He just supported all the way through. He feels proud of being a contributor to a new country getting the World Cup. The Arab World is having the long desired event that makes him happy.

Zidane believes the Qatar World Cup will resonate beyond Qatar. Actually it’s a victory for the Arab World. The Middle East countries will support the event together. They have actually gotten ten more years to get down to work and stage a very wonderful FIFA World Cup.

Zizou was seemed delighted similarly like the year 1998, when France was awarded the FIFA World Cup. He said,

“I clearly remember saying to myself that if France got the tournament, I’d be in with a chance of playing in it”

“But for me personally it was even more amazing to think that I could take part in it as a member of the national team”

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Champions League: Olympiakos Stuns Atletico Madrid in Athens

Olympiakos Piraeus secured a surprise 3-2 victory last night. Unbelievably their opponent was last year’s Champions League runners-up Atletico Madrid. It was quite a dream start for the Greek Champions.

Olympiakos went ahead on 13 minutes at the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium. The young French defender Arthur Masuaku found space for a low shot.

The hosts got advantage just after the half hour mark. This time Ibrahim Afellay doubled the score for them.

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Seven minutes before halftime, Atletico Madrid’s Mario Mandzukic pulled a goal back. But again the visitors had to fall behind. Kostas Mitroglou got strike at the 73rd minute for Olympiakos. It was his only goal for last ten months.

Just before the last four minutes, Atletico substitute Antoine Griezmann set up another tense finish. It was quite a close-range strike for him. But late enough, as Michel’s team clung on for victory.

Olympiakos Stuns Atletico Madrid in Athens, champions league
Olympiakos Piraeus ; image credit

 Olympiakos vs Atletico:

The match opening was a little tentative. Olympiakos went ahead from the first clean chance. Alejandro Dominguez’s short corner was teed up by Afellay for Masuaku. Then just outside the area, Masuaku had to beat Jan Oblak with a superb low strike.

Atletico Madrid fought back sometimes. But striker Mandzukic was wasteful in front of the bar. The La Liga Champions were punished against the run of play. And thereafter, Afellay put the hosts 2-0 ahead.

Dominguez showed a determined run for the goal. Mitroglou just dummied his pass then. Afellay had to finish into the bottom corner clinically.

Suddenly Mandzukic found the target. Atletico clawed their way back into the match. Cristian Ansaldi provided the precise cross head the ball home. Eric Abidal was there, but Mandzukic perfected to escape his attention.

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The hosts restored their two goal lead. This time again Mitroglou. He just superbly controlled Pajtim Kasim’s cross and swiveled past Oblak from close range.

Last time he scored at the World Cup playoff against Romania. That was last November and he was playing for Greece.

Substitute Griezmann struck from Koke’s superb cross. The final few minutes were real nervy. But still the hosts held on to claim the points and celebrations following the final whistle.

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Louis van Gaal expects Manchester United Players to Learn English in one Year

Louis van Gaal may have planned to overhaul the Manchester United Players this summer. He is determined to get all his players learn at least one thing. He expects from all his players to speak in English, especially for the new faces from different non-English speaking countries.

Van Gaal has pledged to make all the Manchester United Players fluent in one language within one year. And undoubtedly that language should be English for them.

The Manchester Evening news reporter has confirmed that all the Spanish players have started lessons in English. This has been started more than two weeks ago.

The new season players are only two weeks in this country. Before that they were in USA. There was also international week in between. For the Spanish, speaking ability in Spanish was good enough for communication on the Spanish pitch. But for English Premier League they need to be promising about learning English.

So now, Language is a kind of relevant issue for Van Gaal’s squad (Manchester United Players). As there have been plenty of foreigners have been imported to Old Trafford. But still there are ample reserves of domestic and English-speaking talent inside the Manchester United Players.

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Exact one year for Manchester United Players:

There are quite some England Internationals for the Red Devils. Wayne Rooney, Luke Shaw, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling are some of them. Midfielder Michael Carrick and Ashley Young can also be considered.

Manchester United Players to Learn English in 1 year, MANU new arrivals, players language
Luis Van Gaal of MANU ; image credit

There are also some non-English players, who can still speak the very language. Darren Fletcher from Scotland and Jonny Evans from Northern Ireland can be counted too on the book. Most specifically there is another Dutchman in the list. Van Gaal’s fellow Dutchman Robin Van Persie has spent most of his career in England. So, he is easily expected to be fluent in English.

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But still along all these English speaking Manchester United Players, there is a balancing group of players comfortable in speaking the Spanish.

As David de Gea Ander Herrera, Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria, Radamel Falcao and Marcos Rojjo preferred the language, before the QPR match, Spanish was quite the mother tongue in Red Devil’s dressing room.

Yes of course, many of them can speak English. In fact Falcao conducted all in English at his first press conference. Occasionally he had to grant help from his interpreter. Van Gaal also didn’t forget to praise him for this.

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Van Gaal’s desire is probably to foster some Squad unity inside the Manchester United Players. Communicating in one language (preferably English) is very much important at the first point. Truly this a praiseworthy patient concern, considering the huge number of new arrivals.

To make room for the new arrivals, Javier Hernandez, Englishman Danny Welbeck, Wilfried Zaha, Tom Cleverly and Nani were dispensed. Currently the Manchester united Players and also the new signs are positively taking the chance, as they don’t have to UEFA Champions League this season. Captain Rooney has recently led a night with the reshuffled squad. I believe it’s very much important for the unity.

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Wayne Rooney included his wife Coolen with them. Falcao, Marcos Rojjo, Angel Di Maria, Daley Blind, Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw were the new arrivals.

These kind of excursions can play a useful role for the Manchester United Players. More importantly this can bring a squad from the Red Devils together. Hopefully we will get have some aspects from the night at the pitch.

Manchester United Players to Learn English in 1 year, united players, MANU
the united Manchester United ; image credit

Van Gaal is probably well aware of cliques from such leaning on separate groups for camaraderie. Obviously this a hard time for the Old Trafford squad. Manchester united Players have already been struggling. And certain players simply resent are already being left out.

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Defining features of United’s squads under Sir Alex Ferguson. It was most definitely unity. Probably this was the backbone of so many title-winning campaigns.

Now that a time, Van Gaal wants that same brotherhood. He is stepping for the foundation of this new look team for greater purpose.

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Pepe Injury: Updates on present status and return

For the last few games, Real Madrid has proven their shaky defense. And now they are going to receive another minor blow. Real Madrid Star and Portuguese center-back succumbed to a muscle problem. He has already missed the tricky away game against Deportivo La Coruna in La Liga last night.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that the defender was going to miss the match due to muscle fatigue. The 31 year old’s place was taken by the young French central defender Raphael Varane. May be that another cause, Pepe’s loss needn’t be a particularly damaging blow for Real.

Pepe definitely could offer more experience. He is a genuine uncompromising streak fierce to make any attacker cringe. But at the same time he is part of that defense which was breached easily in last three games.

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Unfortunately Real Madrid had to admit seven goals that time. All involved with the squad just felt the necessity of improving the back. May be Varane is a key choice for that kind of improvement. Though he is not a regular at the squad. But Pepe injury got this chance for his talent.

Pepe Injury: updates

No matter if he plays regular or not. Madrid got to sign another new deal with the French international to keep away from other club’s reach. Real Madrid is committed to protect one of their future stars.

Pepe Injury: Updates on present status and return, Real Madrid star, Varane, defender
Madrid defender Pepe ; image credit

The 21-year-old France international moved to Bernabeu from Lens in 2011. At that time he got the six year deal with the club. Since then he had made a complete 74 appearances. Undoubtedly he got several other clubs interest. Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea is among them.

But Pepe Injury reminds Madrid that they have to keep the talent. Probably Real Madrid is going to add another three years to his existing contract in Bernabeu.

Real Madrid mostly had to rely on Pepe and Sergio Ramos. And now Ancelotti endorsed Varane’s importance.

“He is a Real Madrid player, he is young and we need him. We will help him”

“I always say that we have Ramos and Pepe, two of the best defenders in the world”

As per Real Madrid, Varane has to seize the limited chances to impress. Pepe Injury confirms that his aged legs are going to be rested ahead of La Liga tilt. Unfortunately Madrid have two actions in four days.

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The last night Coruna trip was a satisfying event for the Real Madrid fans in last few weeks. Next, Ancelotti’s men have to host Elche in Bernabeu. Hope, Pepe Injury will not make suffer the team anymore.

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Wayne Rooney Opens Up on Manchester United Future

Wayne Rooney is supposedly very much keen to complete his current five-year contract with Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney and the gossips behind

This powerful English forward and amazing finisher inked a mega £300,000 per week deal earlier this year. This may suggest that his thoughts of leaving the club have alredy passed. Wayne Rooney admitted he would like to stay during a special 10-year anniversary interview with Manchester United TV.

Rooney said,

” I think the plan is I’ve just signed new long-term deal at Manchester United and hopefully in five years time we will be sat down for a 12-year one. I don’t see any other reason why not.”

rooney, wayne rooney, rooney's goal celebration, manchester united
Wayne Rooney touches the height————–image via:

Manchester United’s twitter account posted a photo of highlights from Rooney’s stay to coincide with the TV interview’s release.

Sir Alex Ferguson on Wayne Rooney eye

The English striker, Wayne Rooney also confirmed he had no hard feelings toward former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Despite a public fallout with Sir Alex Ferguson toward the end of his United reign, Wayne Rooney appears to have settled matters with the man who took him from Merseyside to Manchester United.

Rooney said about Sir Ferguson,

” He was vitally important to me. I am grateful to him for having the faith to bring me in Manchester United from Everton. I think he is an incredible manager and an incredible person , the way you see his desire for the game. Ferguson certainly helped me a lot and helped us all.I am very much grateful for everything he has done.”

Wayne Rooney made the £25.4 million switch from Everton in 2004. Rooney has remained a key player for United ever since his debut hat-trick against Fenerbahce, but his United career has threatened to reach a crashing halt numerous times during the last decade.

The transfer gossip of Wayne Rooney

During the 2010 season, he was said to have handed in a transfer request after a series of some disagreement issues with Ferguson. At that time he also questioned the club’s ambition, suggesting he would exit if world-class signings weren’t made.

However, it was Sir Alex Ferguson’s departing comments on the hard- working player that most seriously tested Rooney’s desire to reach his landmark season with Manchester United.

Sir Ferguson suggested the player handed in a second transfer request as the 2012/13 season came to a close. The retiring manager, Ferguson had no problem dropping Wayne Rooney for key encounters-most notably against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League-and appeared set to continue frustrating his talisman until the very last.

But Rooney denied handing in the latter transfer request, despite Ferguson reiterating the footballers’ alleged desire to leave the Club in his autobiography.

Van Gaal and Wayne Rooney’s chemistry

However, later on, David Moyes restored Rooney to his preferred striking position upon taking charge of Manchester United and now the new boss Louis Van Gaal handed the long-serving player captaincy with the current campaign ahead.

wayne rooney, rooney's goal, manchester united
Wayne Rooney———image via:

Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United board also finally managed to deliver top-quality signings for Wayne Rooneyto work alongside. The likes of Radamel Falcao, Angel Di Maria, Ander Herrera, Daley Blind, Marcos Rojo and the youngster Luke Shaw can significantly improve Manchester United’s confidence after last year’s horrific disappointment. These world class players can also help Rooney return to his best.

Rooney is a very vital player for Manchester United right now. He holds a position of power and sees stars all around him-allowing the often criticised player time to reflect on an eventful 10 long years at the Theatre of Dreams.

Often it appeared that his cold war with Sir Alex Ferguson were brought on by both men possessing the natural ability to lead and strong ideas. If the manager did things his way-which would often disregard the emotion of his players-Wayne Rooney was susceptible to feeling the heat.

Neither pulled punches when it came to Manchester United, but the United fans will be glad to hear the two important figures in their club’s history appear to be on good terms.

The striker has scored two goals this season, netting in the defeat to Swansea and recent win over QPR. Rooney appeared on the pitch as a striker alongside Robin Van Persie, and then in the No. 10 position when Radamel Falcao entered the fray, highlighting the Englishman’s importance to the future of Manchester United.

Ronney is always the driving force behind Manchester United’s cut-and-thrust style of play. This may be at his best, but the worst side is, he is a complete liability. While supporters have grown accustomed to seeing both sides of his personality across the last decade, Wayne Rooney is becoming increasingly relevant to United’s hopes under Louis Van Gaal.

The end of Alex Ferguson’s tenure may have unsettled Wayne Rooney, but it’s his relationship with the Dutchman Van Gaal that will define whether Wayne Rooney makes it to his next landmark anniversary with Manchester United.

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Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga

German Bundesliga is one of the top Football Leagues in the world. There are some of the most expensive players included in the squad of the top teams from this German Premier Division. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and other teams are tight packed with remarkable superstars. Frank Ribery, Lewandowski and Lahm are some of the most expensive, highest paid and richest players in the German Bundesliga.

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                   Top 10 Most sold Football shirt names

These players are getting a huge salary from their football clubs. They are also the nominated highest paid soccer players in the world. No surprise, most of the highest paid soccer players in Bundesliga belong to FC Bayern Munich. In other words, Bayern Munich is currently occupying most of the richest footballers in Bundesliga.


Top 10 Highest Paid soccer players in German Bundesliga:

Here we are trying to find out the top list of highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga. The top six players are from German giants Bayern Munich and two from another League Champions Borussia Dortmund. Footballers’ estimated yearly salary is presented here in Euro.

Let’s find, who is the highest paid soccer player in German Bundesliga?

10. Nuri Sahin

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , nuri sahin, borussia dortmund player, richest german club footballer
Nuri Sahin ; image credit

Present club: Borussia Dortmund

Position: Midfielder

Salary: 3 million EUR

Nuri Şahin is a Turkish international who plays as a midfielder for the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. He began his career at Borussia Dortmund. After spending six years there and winning the League title in 2011, Sahin signed with the Spanish giants Real Madrid for €10 million in 2011. Sahin agreed to a one year loan deal with Liverpool in August 2012.

Şahin won the bronze ball prize at the 2005 U-17 World Cup in Peru. Turkey successfully ended the tournament at fourth position. Şahin is the youngest player to have played and scored for Turkey. Interesting fact is, he scored during his debut which was a match against Germany. He is the 10th in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga.

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9. Marco Reus

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , marco reus, german midfielder, richest soccer player
Marco Reus ; image credit

Present club: Borussia Dortmund

Position: Midfielder

Salary: 4 million EUR

Marco Reus is a German professional footballer. He plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. He has also become a regular member of the Germany national football team. Marco Reus is known for his versatility, technique and speed.

Reus began his youth career at Borussia Dortmund. And then he left for Rot Weiss Ahlen. Primarily Reus played as a left attacker for BVB. Reus won the 2013 DFL Supercup with Borussia Dortmund. He also achieved the Footballer of the Year in Germany in 2012. Now a time he is the 9th most paid footballer in German Bundesliga.

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8. Diego Ribas da Cunha

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , Diego Ribas da Cunha , most paid footballer in bundesliga,
Diego Ribas da Cunha ; image credit

Present club: Wolfsburg

Position: Midfielder

Salary: 4.5 million EUR

Diego Ribas da Cunha, commonly known as just Diego is a Brazilian international. He plays for Fenerbahçe in the Süper Lig. Recent times, he was an attacking midfielder of Wolfsburg club in German Bundesliga. Diego is a creative attacking midfielder and playmaker, who is known for his technique and accurate passing. He can also play as a supporting forward or the wing.

The set-piece taker was called up for the Brazil national squad in 2004 for the Copa America tournament. He was instrumental in securing the tournament victory for Brazil. For the last season consideration, Diego is at 8th position in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer player in German Bundesliga.

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7. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , Klaas-Jan Huntelaar , richest player bundesliga
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar ; image credit

Present club: FC Shalke 04

Position: Forward

Salary: 5 million EUR

Dirk Jan Klaas “Klaas-Jan” Huntelaar, commonly known as the Hunter, is a Dutch professional footballer. He also vice-captains for Schalke 04 and plays for the Netherlands national football team. He was named the Dutch Football talent of the year and Ajax-Player of the year in 2006. Huntelaar was a proud member of the 2006 UEFA U-21 champions. As he was the leading goalscorer of that tournament.

Huntelaar came off the bench in the Brazil World Cup 2014 against Mexico. Most notably the striker scored the winning goal for his team to qualify for the quarter-finals. He is at number 7 of top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga.

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6. Arjen Robben

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , arjen robben, bayern star, dutch footballer, richest football player
Arjen Robben ; image credit

 Present club: Bayern Munich

Position: Midfielder/ Forward

Salary: 5.5 million EUR

Arjen Robben is a Dutch professional footballer. He plays for German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Netherlands national team. Arjen Robben first came to prominence with Groningen. He became the player of the year for the 2000-2001 Eredivisie season. After two years he was signed for psv. He also won the Netherland’s Young player of the year then.

The following season, Robben’s signature was pursued by leading English clubs. After protracted transfer negotiations he joined the English giants Chelsea in 2004. Robben is currently at number 6 of the top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga.

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5. Robert Lewandowski

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski ; image credit

Present club: Bayern Munich

Position: Forward

Salary: 6.8 million EUR

Robert Lewandowski is a Polish International footballer who plays as striker for FC Bayern Munich. After being the top scorer in the third and second tiers of Polish football, he moved to top-flight Lech Poznan. He became the top scorer in the league as his team won the 2009-2010 Ekstraklasa.

He was transferred to Borussia Dortmund for a reported €4.5 million in 2010. There he achieved two consecutive Bundesliga titles. Finally he was moved to the rival club Bayern Munich at the starting season of 2014. Now a time Lewandowski is at 5th position of the list of top 10 highest paid footballers in German Bundesliga.

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4. Mario Götze

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , mario gotze, germany youth sensation, richest young player
Mario Götze ; image credit

Present club: Bayern Munich

Position: Midfielder

Salary: 7 million EUR

Mario Götze is a German footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for FC Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. He is actually more than a number 10 player. Mario Götze is capable of playing as either a left or right winger and also as a false nine. He was first selected for the Germany National Football team in 2010, only at the age of 18. Gotze was become a proud member of the 2012 Euro team. And two years later what happened we already know. The surprising winning goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup final was scored by this young talent.

Between 2009 and 2013, Gotze played for the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. He was the member of the team that reached the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final. He was moved to FC Bayern Munich for a €37 million bid in April 2013. Being the second most expensive German player Gotze is now at the 4th rank in the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga.

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3. Bastian Schweinsteiger

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , Bastian Schweinsteiger, richest german player, most paid footballer
Bastian Schweinsteiger ; image credit

Present club: Bayern Munich

Position: Midfielder

Salary: 10 million EUR

Bastian Schweinsteiger is a German International. He plays as a midfielder for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the German national team. And most notably he is the captain of the Germany National team. Being a right footed player, he naturally plays as a central midfielder. Schweinsteiger has in total won seven Bundesliga titles for Bayern Munich. At the same time seven German Cups and a UEFA Champions League title.

In 2004, he made his International debut. He has earned over 100 caps for Germany and scored 23 goals. Schweinsteiger was selected in their squads for three European Championships and as many World Cups, which also includes the victory at Brazil World Cup.

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2. Philipp Lahm

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , Philipp Lahm , german richest footballer, richest defender, munich captain
Philipp Lahm ; image credit

Present club: Bayern Munich

Position: Defender

Salary: 10 million EUR

Philipp Lahm is a German professional footballer who plays as a full back or defensive midfielder for FC Bayern Munich. Recently he has retired from the National team.

Lahm is considered by many to be the best full back of his generation. He had previously played with the national team in 2006, 2010 and the 2014 World Cups. Although being right-footed, Lahm is able to play on both sides of the pitch. Now a time Philip Lahm is the second most paid German Bundesliga player. His yearly salary is nearly 10 million EURO.

Lahm signed a new contract in 2014, which will definitely keep him at Bayern Munich until 2018.

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1. Franck Ribéry

Top 10 highest paid soccer players in German Bundesliga , Franck Ribéry, richest footballer of german bundesliga, french international, most paid player
Franck Ribéry ; image credit

Present club: Bayern Munich

Position: Midfielder

Salary: 11 million EUR

Franck Henry Pierre Ribéry is a French footballer currently playing for German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. He is also known as Bilal Yusuf Mohammed as an adopted name since his conversion in 2006 to Islam. He is a former France national team player.

Frank Ribéry’s career began in 1989 as a youth player for local hometown club Conti Boulogne. After seven years he left the club to join professional outfit Lille. Individually, Frank Ribéry is a three-time winner of the French Player of the Year award. He also won the German Footballer of the year. Probably Ribery is the first player to hold both the honors. Ribery won the UEFA Best Player in Europe award in 2013. He was also ranked fourth in the Guardian’s list of best players in the world. Currently and most obviously Frank Ribery is the highest paid footballer in German Bundesliga.

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Full Details on Selected Host Cities to Stage Euro 2020; Final-Wembley Stadium

UEFA president Michel Platini had confirmed that the final three games of the European Championships Euro 2020 will be held on Wembley Stadium. The total competition will span an unprecedented 13 countries from Europe. Wembley is a famous English Stadium. It is known across the world due to its striking architecture and heritage. Wembley Stadium had been selected to host both semi-finals and the final of the event- Euro 2020.

Previously Germany’s Allianz Arena was quite probable destination for the final events. But as it has been withdrawn from the bidding, Wembley won the right to host the tournament’s showpiece matches.

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Full list of host cities for the tournament Euro 2020:

The full list of host cities for the tournament Euro 2020 is shown in the table below, per BBC Sport


City Country
Final and semi-final hosts
London England
Quarter-final hosts (in addition to 3 group games)
Munich Germany
Baku Azerbaijan
St Petersburg Russia
Rome Italy


In addition to 3 group games Last-16 Euro 2020 host cities:

Dublin Ireland
Brussels Belgium
Glasgow Scotland
Copenhagen Denmark
Bilbao Spain
Budapest Hungary
Bucharest Romania
Amsterdam Netherlands

A group of cities was going to be disappointed after the announcement. Among those to miss out were Sofia, Minsk, Skopje, Cardiff, Jerusalem and Stockholm.

Wales’ failure was arguably the greatest shock of the process of selecting Stadiums for Euro 2020.

Full Details on Selected Host Cities to Stage Euro 2020; Final-Wembley Stadium, greg dyke, chairman, football association
chairman of The Football Association – Greg Dyke ; image credit

European football fans have grown accustomed to watching showpiece matches in England, especially at England’s national stadium (Wembley Stadium). Wembley Stadium had successfully hosted both the 2011 and 2013 Champions League finals. Notably, the famous 90,000 seater stadium also hosts all FA Cup, play-off and League Cup finals there.

England last hosted the European Championships in 1996. In that very competition Germany triumphed on the old Wembley’s hallowed turf. The last international final saw Mexico beat Brazil 2-1 in the gold-medal match at the 2012 London Olympics.

England look set to benefit from this decision. Obviously the country wouldn’t be hosting Euro 2020 matches without Platini’s plans. And the tournament atmosphere may be difficult to develop across the breadth of the continent.

Is Wembley Stadium the Right Choice to stage Euro 2020 Final?

Infrastructure within the country remains primed for international events. Both the football stadia and travel routes worked excellently during the London Olympic. For both the 2006 and 2018 FIFA World Cups, England were among the favorites to win the hosting rights. But, we already know that they have failed to land either of the events.

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The Chairman of the Football Association, Grey Dyke confirmed that England will bid for the World Cup once more. He also admits (per Lipton’s report) that it will be difficult to do so while Sepp Blatter remains in charge of FIFA.

“We will bid again for the World Cup at some stage. It is quite hard to see England organizing and winning a World Cup bid at the moment, while Sepp Blatter is the president of FIFA”

He expects that the next time, World Cup decision will be taken each countries voting instead of just the executive panel of FIFA.

Blatter’s willingness to run for his fifth consecutive FIFA presidency ensures England’s hopes of hosting the global competition may be some way off. Hopefully, the Euro 2020 final landing will aid the nation’s hopes again.

Full Details on Selected Host Cities to Stage Euro 2020; Final-Wembley Stadium, Michel Platini, euro 2020 final
president of the Union of European Football Associations – Michel Platini ; image credit

Michel Platini‘s grandiose previously planned to deliver a truly continental European competition. But it still remains controversial. ‘Move the tournament away from one host’ decision was taken by the UEFA president, which actually added eight teams to bulk the competition up to 24 nations.

The decision was previously described as ‘television-shaped and politically-driven’ – Henry Winter of The Telegraph.

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Euro 2020 Final – Wembley Stadium:

Wembley Stadium is an association football stadium in Wembley Park, London, England. The Stadium was opened in 2007, which was actually built on the site of the earlier Wembley Stadium. The previous famous architecture was demolished in 2003. With around 90,000 seats, the Stadium is considered as the second largest Stadium in Europe.

Full Details on Selected Host Cities to Stage Euro 2020; Final-Wembley Stadium, wembley stadium, euro 2020 final, british national stadium
Wembley Stadium ; image credit

It was believed that Football has the ability to turn any host nation into an all-encompassing, welcoming party for travelling fans. Probably this is the greatest achievement of football. But now a time with such decision, it definitely become difficult. For now, the month’s play will need to cross a lot more borders.

Even the supporters will face another difficulty. They will need to judge where their countries will be competing. May be we can conclude that the Euro 2020 main event is going to lose its total crowd possibility.

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Undoubtedly Wembley Stadium will provide an excellent backdrop for the latter stages of the Euro 2020 tournament. The impressive stadium creates a rapturous atmosphere at its best. Hopefully the host city will allow stars to shine, which is already arguably the most historic footballing stage of them all.

Being positive, we can expect UEFA’s decision as very important to bring the Euro 2020 final to the unparalleled footballing ground, Wembley Stadium, England.

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Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer

Where goalkeepers are concerned, natural process has almost always been to have one consistent goalkeeper. Also there is another much-less-heralded backup in the event of an injury to the consistent choice. Major football clubs across Europe have been laughing in the face of that natural so called process. They have been buying backup keepers who could easily start for other major clubs to have as a solid backup goalkeepers. This recent stockpiling of goalkeepers that we are trying to make list of the top 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer 2015.

We can easily figure out the fact by just looking at Chelsea. Being one of the famous and richest clubs in Europe as well as England, Chelsea still have Petr Cech on their list despite the return of Thibaut Courtois. They have taken him after an extremely successful loan spell with Atletico Madrid last season. There’s also the fact that Manchester City recently signed Malaga’s Willy Caballero as backup goalkeeper to support their prior choice Joe Heart.

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Barcelona signed both Claudio Bravo and Marc-Andre ter Stegen following the departure of longtime number one goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Who is still available for any club to be found as prime or backup goalkeeper. Real Madrid recently signed Costa Rican goalkeeping hero Keylor Navas to act as backup for Spanish goalkeeping legend Iker Casillas. No doubt, sometimes it feels like the number one goalkeeper of his age is currently on the downswing of his career with the Spanish Giants Real Madrid.

All this to say, backup goalkeepers are becoming a hotter commodity than ever in soccer. It’s becoming increasingly obvious as this transfer window comes to a close.

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10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer:

These 10 goalkeepers are still worth decent amounts of money despite their status of having to warm the bench. Though they are found more capable of providing a decent challenge to the guy in front.

Here we are discussing and making the list of top 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer / football world. These ranks are totally based on their market value.

Let’s find, who is the most valuable backup goalkeeper in soccer world?

10. Pepe Reina

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Pepe reina
Pepe Reina ; image credit

Present Club: Bayern Munich

Expense: $6.6 million

He was well known for so long as the main man in Liverpool. It’s a little bit strange to see Pepe Reina act as a backup nowadays in Bayern Munich. At 32 years of age, he is probably fitting that would be more accepting of a role as a mentor for Manuel Neuer, who is arguably considered as the best goalkeeper in world football.

With Bayern expected to make a serious run once again for the Champions League trophy this season, it was probably hard for the Spaniard. He is currently considered the number 10th of the list – top 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer. His current market value is at $6.6 million, which is turned down undoubtedly.

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09. Maarten Stekelenburg

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Maarten Stekelenburg
Maarten Stekelenburg ; image credit

 Present Club: Monaco

Expense: $7.3 million

Maarten Stekelenburg is currently on loan at Monaco after Fulham. The Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg is acting as the backup goalkeeper for Les Rouges et Blancs behind Danijel Subasic this season. Surprisingly he is barely entered his 30s and has gained 54 caps for the Dutch national soccer team.

Marten may be several years removed from his best days as a member of Ajax, still has a market value of $7.3 million. Which makes him the 9th most valued backup goalkeeper right now. Stekelenburg still comes with a decent price tag for any team to have.

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08. Jack Butland

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Jack Butland
Jack Butland ; image credit

Present club: Stoke City

Expense: $7.3 million

Jack has been considered as England’s goalkeeper of the future. Probably that’s the cause behind, Roy Hodgson brought him along for Euro 2012 two years ago. His previous club Birmingham City is proof enough that he’s got plenty of potential as goalkeeper.

However the 21-year-old is likely to play the role of backup to Asmir Begovic at Stoke. Unless the Potters can secure a last-minute loan spell for him. He is currently considered the 8th in the list of top 10 most important backup goalkeepers in the world. His current market value is $7.3 million. And he may not really be content to warm the bench despite his young career. He is being sent on a sixth loan spell may not be something he particularly wants either.

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07. Willy Caballero

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Willy Caballero
Willy Caballero; image credit

Present Club: Manchester City

Expense: $7.3 million

Willy had a very successful time as the main man at Malaga in La Liga previously. He has been inexplicably snubbed time and time again from the Argentine national team. Willy Caballero’s recent signing with Manchester City means that his chances of playing for his country have decreased a bit. As Joe Heart remains the main guy at the Etihad Stadium, he may only be called upon in case of injury.

Still with $7.3 million market price, Willy is at number 7 in this list of 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer 2015. It’s uncertain as to how long Caballero will be content to just be the second-string keeper at City.

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06. Michael Agazzi

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Michael Agazzi
Michael Agazzi ; image credit

Present Club: AC Milan

Expense: $8.8 million

Michael Agazzi is probably the least recognizable name on this list. The Milan backup goalkeeper Michael Agazzi has built up a decent reputation for himself as the main goalkeeper at Cagliari. At Chievo Verona earlier this year then led to him moving to the San Siro. They also signed Diego Lopez from AC Milan Football Club.

The 30-year-old is rated with a market value of $8.8 million. This makes him rank at 6th in the list of most valued backup goalkeepers in soccer world. He may not have much of a chance to compete for time as the number one keeper if Lopez’s performances for the Rossoneri are consistently better. The fact that longtime keeper Christian Abbiati is still on their books surely doesn’t also provoke.

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05. Michel Vorm

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Michel Vorm
Michel Vorm ; image credit

Present club: Tottenham Hotspur

Expense: $8.8 million

Vorm has been capped 15 times by the Dutch national team. He was also chosen as going to the World Cup this past summer as a member of the Oranje’s third place team. Michel Vorm’s recent signing with Tottenham Hotspur may come back to haunt him.

As Hugo Loris firmly entrenched as Spurs’ number one man, also evergreen American goalkeeper Brad Friedel still on their side, Michel Vorm may have a difficult time starting games at White Hart Lane. He is at fifth position considering the backup goalkeepers priority list. The former Swansea City keeper is rated at a market value of $8.8 million. Hopefully he may not stay in Tottenham for a terribly long sessions.

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04. David Ospina

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, David Ospina
David Ospina; image credit

Present club: Arsenal

Expense: $10.3 million

He has been following a great run by the Colombian national team to the quarterfinals of this summer’s 2014 World Cup, Brazil. Most obviously David Ospina needed to play for a bigger club than Nice in Ligue 1. He had been playing with them after moving overseas in 2008.

Arsenal may not necessarily be the answer for that problem. Although he’s clearly good enough to start for a major club. He will likely have to fight for playing time with the Gunners’ longtime number one Wojciech Szczesny now. With a market value of $10.3 million, Ospina is considered 4th of the most valuable backup goalkeepers in 2015 soccer world. The 25 year old still young goalkeeper need his competition which could potentially be fierce.

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03. Claudio Bravo

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Claudio Bravo
Claudio Bravo; image credit

Present club: Barcelona

Expense: $11.6 million

Claudio Bravo is currently in the starting role for Barcelona FC. As a result of the fact that promising young German keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is out injured for some times. Once ter Stegen returns, Bravo may have to sit a number of games out for the Blaugrana.

He has been playing for the Chilean national team that made it past one of the World Cup’s round. He was the longtime number one for Real Sociedad. Claudio Bravo may not be satisfied to have to be part of a goalkeeping tandem. He is at no. 3 of the 10 most valued backup goalkeepers 2014/2015. At 31 years of age, his market value is $11.6 million, which is still considered fair enough.

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02. Keylor Navas

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Keylor Navas
Keylor Navas ; image credit

Present club: Real Madrid

Expense: $14.6 million

Navas’ performances for his country at the 2014 World Cup Brazil this summer were nothing short of sensational. Undoubtedly his role in Costa Rica’s run to the quarterfinals was instrumental also. So it was obvious that Keylor Navas would not be content to still be playing for a club like Levante.

The sensational goalkeeper was rewarded with a move to La Liga giants Real Madrid. His market value of $14.6 million shows that he’s good enough to start for many big clubs around Europe. But it’s unknown how often he’ll have to jockey for position with another arguable greatest of our generation. Someday will definitely see him as the number one role at Bernabeu.

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01. Petr Cech

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Petr Cech
Petr Cech ; image credit

Present club: Chelsea

Expense: $24.9 million

Cech has been linked recently to loan spells at clubs like Paris Saint-Germain. Still he remains on Chelsea’s books. It looks as if he’ll have to settle for a backup role behind young Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Unfortunately if he doesn’t win his place back at Stamford Bridge, Petr Cech will be certain to move elsewhere.

For a time now, he’s still by far the most valuable backup goalkeeper with a market value of almost $25 million. He is also one of the best goalkeepers in recent years and still very much intact even at 32. People believes he has also fallen on the downturn of his career and leading the backup goalkeepers in world soccer.

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