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Chelsea Earn Record £99M in Prize Money

Chelsea Earn Record £99M in Prize Money, Chelsea flag
Chelsea FC Flag ; image credit www.santabanta.com

English club Chelsea earned around £99 million in the last Premier League campaign. The club have made a record to be the highest earning football club in the 2014/15 season. Jose Mourinho’s side finished the table with eight points ahead of Manchester City. Manchester City is another club who received the second-highest earning of £98.5 million.

On the other hand, Van Gaal’s Manchester United who finished fourth in the table, ultimately trumped 3rd place Arsenal in regard of financial prize. Manchester United have played more televised matches, which is 27, than the Gunners’ (25). That may be the reason for the Manchester United to stand above Arsenal in terms of prize money.

English Premier League’s lucrative prize money are focused after watching the money earned by the rest of the division. The last-placed Queens Park Rangers drop into the EPL championship for the second time in last three years and they were able to earn around £65 million. It was the most amount of money ever earned by a 20th -ranked club in the English Premier League history.

Chelsea Earn Record £99M in Prize Money, Chelsea flag
Chelsea FC Flag ; image credit www.santabanta.com

In the Barclays Premier League, all clubs have received a merit payment prize money their finishing position in the table. According to the Mail online, the last-placed QPR received £1,244,898 where the top-placed Chelsea earned a stunning £24,897,960.The calculation was so simple behind distributing the money. Each club’s total earning is multiplied by the number of places they finished in the English Premier League.

 Chelsea Earn Record Prize Money:

At least £8,775,160 has been handed to the EPL teams as the facility fees. The other thing includes, the number of times every club are shown live on UK television, which was at least 10 times for each club throughout the season. Dramatic storyline can also influence the prize money level for a side.

The last season of EPL was so eventful for the teams. With Manchester United’s tiresome quest for Champions League and Chelsea’s simple title win- the red devils were more popular on live TV than any other English club. Another club, Newcastle United battled with the relegation and an unexpected development throughout the season, drew the media attention more than any other teams. They appeared on TV 20 times and only five teams were able to exceed that media coverage.

As highlighted in the aforementioned table, all clubs receive the same distribution of money from overseas rights, as well as commercial payments.

The Sky Sports and BT Sport led the media in a £5 billion deal, confirming the Premier League’s tremendous financial value. Interest of this huge money continues to increase with time. This is undoubtedly a major factor for the competitiveness of the Premier league division which also involve numerous world class stars.

Chelsea being one of the richest clubs, have a huge task ahead of them. They will be hoping to continue their battle in the UEFA Champions League in the next season. They would be very much aware of Financial Fair Play rules by winning the big games.

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English Premier League revenue distribution:

Top earners in the table: Chelsea – £98,999,554.

Bottom earners in the table: QPR – £64,886,028.

Most facility fees for any club: Manchester United – £21,447,152 from 27 matches.

Least facility fees in the EPL: Stoke, West Brom, Leicester, Hull and Burnley – £8,775,160 from 10 matches.

All clubs receive: £21,968,793 which is a share of domestic broadcast rights; £4,392,630 – which is a share of central commercial revenue. £27,757,371 – which is a share of overseas broadcast rights;

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