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David Beckham looking for football stadium in Miami

David Beckham looking for football stadium in Miami, david beckham, david beckham soccer, david beckham net worth, david beckham retiredRetired English football captain David Beckham is trying for the approval of his proposed 25,000 seat football stadium. He has lobbied Miami lawmakers on Wednesday.

Wearing a tailored dark suit, David Beckham went door-to-door in Miami lawmaker’s offices in downtown. He was quite busy meeting with commissioners and posing for pictures throughout the morning and evening.

Beckham is planning for a futuristic and waterfront stadium near the port. He is intending to house a new Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise in Miami. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez offered an alternative proposal this week. He wants the location of the stadium to be on another nearby downtown waterfront site, which is currently a boat slip. It would be in between an art museum and the Miami Heat basketball arena.

“If they want to have a piece of property there … they would have to bear the cost of filling the slip in”

Gimenez said. He pegged the cost between $12 million and $18 million and claimed that the land could be worth as much as $50 million.

Outside the county hall on Wednesday, David Beckham told reporters,

“It’s another option. It gives us another location which has come out of the blue. It’s gone from having one great possible location to two. We are very happy.”

David Beckham was never expecting a “smooth ride” getting the stadium approval.

“Investors and I will be putting up a quarter of a billion dollars … we don’t want to bring worries”

Simon Fuller (creator of American Idol) and Bolivian-born billionaire Marcelo Claure are the two partners of David Beckham. This group is the founder of Miami-based Brightstar Corp. they are planning to privately finance the $250 million stadium construction.

 David Beckham looking for football stadium in Miami, david beckham, david beckham soccer, david beckham net worth, david beckham retired
David Beckham and Victoria – image via

Alternative plan of the mayor has already drawn the ire of several critics. Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz is one of them. He said that the space should become parks and plazas for the tens of thousands of downtown Miami residents. He is also afraid of a national real estate collapse.

Miami has become one of the world’s leading urban centers; let us not purge this gift by building a stadium where it does not belong”

Diaz commented in a widely circulated Wednesday email.

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