Deaths in the cricket | Players Who Tragically Died While Playing

Cricket is a gentleman’s game. For centuries, it was one of safest games to play. But accidents happen every now and then. Unfortunately, sometimes death ensued and lightens the game’s gravity.

Firstly, I remember those cricketers who lost their lives while playing their loving games. There are five documented deaths while playing cricket match.

Deaths in the cricket

1. Ian Folley

He was a right handed batsman and left arm spinner. He played for both Lancashire and Derbyshire cricket team. While he was batting for the Cumbrian Whitehaven on August 30, 1993 he had a devastating blow over his eyes. Undergoing treatment of black eye, he had a heart attack and died. He was only 30 years of age. Later the investigation suggested his death was due to complication of anesthesia.

There is some interesting facts about his career. At first he was a seam bowler. But later turned himself as a spinner after the suggestion of his Lancashire manager. In his first class career he took 287 wickets in 140 matches. He was in top form in 80’s that’s why was almost selected in the England team in the Pakistan tour 1987. That season,he took 74 wickets.

2. Syed Faaqer Ali

He was well known as the son of Syed Abid Ali and the son in law of Syed Kirmani, both of them were played for India. While batting for the Tracy united cricket club Fremont CA, he had a heart attack and rushed to the hospital soon after. 15 minutes later he was declared dead by the Fremont’s Washington hospital. His wife and a son were left behind.

He was the captain in his side. He worked hard for the promotion of cricket in USA. His devotion to cricket was unmatched. It was indeed a great loss in the history of cricket.

 Deaths in the cricket

3. Wilfred Slack

He was opening batsman for the Middle sex and scored a mass 13950 runs in 237 first class matches with 25 hundreds. Graham Barlow was his opening partner and their partnership was the best in English county cricket for a long time.

He started blacking out and eventually collapsed and dead while batting for cavaliers eleven during a game in the Gambia. It was 15 January 1989. He died at the age of 34.

Deaths in the cricket

4. Raman Lamba

The accident took place in 20 February 1998 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Raman Lamba’s tragic death occurred while he was fielding in the short leg and the ball accidentally hit his head batted by Mehrab Hossain Api. Lamba didn’t bother wearing a helmet as captain khaled Masud asked him to field in that position for the last 3 deliveries. He was playing for the Abahani Kriya Chakra in Dhaka premier league.

Surprisingly he felt better in the dressing room but then the black out collapsed him. Soon he was rushed to the hospital and a clot in his head was detected. He died after 3 days due to intracranial hemorrhage.

Raman Lamba aging 34 before the tragedy played 121 first class cricket matches with 31 hundreds and 50 average.

Deaths in the cricket

5. Wasim Raja

This gifted pakistani all rounder played 57 tests and 54 ODIs for his country before he died. He scored 11434 runs and took 558 wickets in his first class career. He also played a role of ICC match referee in 15 test matches.

In August 23,2006 he was playing for surrey at the age of 54. After bowling couple of overs he complaint of dizziness. He fall on the boundary and never recover.

He was renowned for his hard hitting abilities among his fans. Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram both mourned his death mentioning the loss of a great batsman.

His is the brother of Ramiz Raja, the well known cricket commentator and ex pakistani cricketer.

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