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What have we learned from England versus India cricket series?

Virat Kohli, England vs India test
Virat Kohli | image credit - c6.staticflickr.com

As the English cricket team are currently halfway through their tour of India, it’s a good time to check how they’ve been progressing and what tempting test match betting options could be ahead.

Playing against the Indian side on their home soil was always going to be a tough challenge for the English team. But the first test in Rajkot showed that England had what it takes to play in difficult conditions with the all-rounder Ben Stokes in great form to power his way to 128 runs in the first innings despite the impressive off break skills of Indian star Ravichandran Ashwin.

Cook Batting, England vs India
Cook Batting | image credit – Wikimedia/Nic Redhead

And England fans will have also taken heart from captain Alastair Cook’s performance in the second innings that brought him a decisive thirtieth century, and meant that India faced an uphill struggle that ultimately saw the first test being concluded in a draw.

However, Alastair Cook’s fatal dropped catch from Mohammed Shami meant that the English team missed a golden opportunity to take the advantage in this opening match. And this mistake was certainly made all the more memorable by the events that took place in the second test.

Although the England tour to India was always going to provide the visitors with long odds to win at test match betting sites like Coral, few would have realized how England’s batsmen would be torn apart at the second test in Visakhapatnam.

Vizagacavdca, cricket
Vizagacavdca | image credit – Wikimedia/Nballa

As well as James Anderson suffering the ignominy of being the first English player to have a king pair in a test since 1906, the side also endured no less than ten batsmen being dismissed by LBW – the most ever in a test for an English side.

Although the Decision Review System undoubtedly raised many questions about some of these dismissals, few could argue with India’s performance as Virat Kohli powered the team to a massive 455 in the first innings.

Virat Kohli, England vs India test
Virat Kohli | image credit – c6.staticflickr.com

And special mention must also be made for Jayant Yadav who quickly became a favourite of the press as a result of his solid all-round performance.

But with plenty of cricket left to play, it’s clear that despite India’s phenomenal performance in the second test, the betting options for this gripping test match series are wide open as long as the English side work out how to survival the assault of India’s deadly spin bowlers.

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