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Top 10 Fastest Football Players in the World

Gareth Bale, running speed
Gareth Bale | image credit - Wikimedia/LauraHale

In the modern era of sports, there are some remarkable revolutions in football too. The changes are introduced to the way in which football clubs set about winning matches after matches. The teams also evolved their tactics and formations, state of art facilities and using advanced equipment. The players have to cope with that modern system as well as with the faster technology. We choose an article about top 10 fastest football players in the world, in which we’ll be able to present you some extraordinary talents with some extreme pace in football.

The speed is very eye-soothing in watching soccer, but pure speed can often tilt the balance of this beautiful game. It is a mere truth that, raw pace and acceleration in football can be almost impossible to stop, no matter how advanced the technologies and tactics have been. It is a dream to every footballer to be faster than others. For this, sometimes they sustain injuries and sometimes they succeed.

Top 10 Fastest Football Players in the World:

The Players we are presenting are enlisted by FIFA in 2015. It may surprise you that neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Arjen Robben are in the top three in this list. FIFA’s governing body prepared the list measuring the top speed of the players across all major leagues during matches in recent times. Thus five EPL players made it into the list of top 10 fastest football players in the world.

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10. Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal): 30.1 km/h

Top 10 Fastest Football Players in the World, Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez | image credit – Wikimedia/Clément Bucco-Lechat

The Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez is currently playing for English Premier League club Arsenal. In the field, when Sanchez runs speedy with the ball, it is hard to catch him. He puzzles the defenders with his amazing pace and strikes the ball powerfully. His speed is recorded almost 30.1 km/h so far, which put Sanchez at no. 10 in the list of top 10 fastest football players in the world.

He has earned over 85 caps for his national side and became the 2nd most capped of all time for Chile. Alexis participated in two FIFA World Cups and 2011 and 2015 Copa America, while winning the later. The winning goal in 2015 Copa America final against Argentina came from his feet, as he executed the penalty in the Panenka style.

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9. Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich): 30.4 km/h

Arjen Robben, fastest footballers in the world
Arjen Robben | image credit – Wikimedia/Dmitriy Neymyrok

The Dutch professional plays for German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. He is well known for his amazing pace with football. The 31-year old still manages to keep his pace at an average of 30.4 km/h. His fastest speed was recorded in 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is 37 km/h in a match against Spain, where he was helping to mastermind Netherlands’ 5-1 victory.

The forward usually plays at left or right side. Robben’s amazing crossing ability and long-range accuracy make him one of the devastating footballers. So far, he has pocketed 28 goals for the Netherlands. Arjen Robben is at no. 9 in the list of top 10 fastest football players in the world.

8. Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich): 30.7 km/h

Franck Ribery, top 10 fastest footballers
Franck Ribery | image credit – Flickr/André Zehetbauer

The French professional also plays for German club Bayern Munich primarily as a winger. Ribery is best known for his pace, energy, skill and precise passing ability. He has been described by many as a fast and excellent dribbler. He has great control with the ball.

Ribery is one of the representatives for fast sprinter in football. His name is enlisted at no. 8 in top 10 fastest football players in the world. In the FIFA World Cup 2006 final against Italy, Ribery sprinted at 35 km/h on a counter attack leaving behind Marco Materazzi. The average speed he maintains is 30.7 km/h.

7. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United): 31.2 km/h

Wayne Rooney, top 10 fastest football players
Wayne Rooney | image credit – Wikimedia/Gordon Flood

Wayne Rooney is an English professional footballer and captains both the national team and Manchester United. Although he plays as a forward, he also plays at the midfield. So far, the English captain bagged 230 goals for Manchester United, which made him 3rd highest goal-scorer of all time for Manchester United.

He is famous for his insane pace with the ball and his football skill. Rooney reached his highest speed of 20.3 miles per hour at Old Trafford in 2014 in a match against QPR. Now, he is at 7th position in top 10 fastest footballers.

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6. Lionel Messi (Barcelona): 32.5 km/h

Lionel Messi, top 10 fastest footballers in the world
Lionel Messi | image credit – Wikimedia/Christopher Johnson

There are few players in the world faster or more agile than him. He is amazing, he is outstanding. I’m talking about the great Lionel Messi. Currently he is one of the greatest footballers in the world. Argentina’s Leo Messi is extraordinary quick on the pitch. His amazing skill with the ball and lethal left foot make him one of the most explosive footballers in the game of football. There is a saying that,

“Messi is faster with the ball at his feet than the defenders are without the ball.”

Lionel Messi ranks at no. 6 in the list of top 10 fastest football players in the world. He is Barcelona’s all-time top goal-scorer with 286 goals. Messi is also the all-time leading goal scorer in the history of UEFA Champions League. Leo Messi is unparallel. He is compared as the true successor of Argentine great Diego Maradona.

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5. Theo Walcott (Arsenal): 32.7 km/h

Theo Walcott, fastest footballers
Theo Walcott | image credit – Wikimedia/Ronnie Macdonald

The Arsenal forward also plays for the England National team. The 26-year old youngster was awarded the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2006. His career started with Southampton. Then he joined Arsenal for £5 million in 2006. He was caught on the eyes of Arsene Wenger very soon and established himself as an effective winger for Arsenal.

There are very few players like Walcott who can carry the ball with speed and precision. He is armed with fuel injected pace, which made him every defender’s nightmare. When he tears past his opponents with blistering pace, there is hardly anyone to stop him. Theo Walcott ranks at no. 5 in our list of top 10 fastest football players in the world. The young sprinter clocked 11.52 seconds in 100 meters at the age of just 15.

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4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): 33.6 km/h

Cristiano Ronaldo, fastest football players
Cristiano Ronaldo | image credit – Wikimedia/Fanny Schertzer

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name of a super-sonic running machine and is considered as one of the fastest football players in the world. Ask4sports.com had ran a statistic to enlist the fastest soccer players where Cristiano topped the list, having been clocked 10.9 meters per second or 24.4 miles/h. Professional sprinters like Carl Lewis, Asafa Powel, Usain Bolt usually run at 27-28 miles/h. But, we should keep in mind that, Ronaldo runs on grass, wearing shin guards with a football running on his feet. Cristiano is enlisted at no. 4 in the list of top 10 fastest football players in the world in recent times.

The great Cristiano had received his first FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2008 and then in 2013 and 2014. The Portuguese winger and the Real Madrid special is undoubtedly one of the best soccer players in the world. He is the all-time top goal scorer for Portugal with 55 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo is a true magician in football.

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3. Aaron Lennon (Tottenham Hotspur): 33.8 km/h

Aaron Lennon, 10 fastest football players
Aaron Lennon | image credit – Wikimedia/James Boyes

Aaron Lennon is currently playing for English club Tottenham Hotspur as a winger along the England National team. The young fella moved to Tottenham in 2005 from Leeds United and since then he has been an important part for the spurs. It has been a regular sight in the Premier League, that Lennon’s whirring legs eating up the turf as he blazes a trail past a opponent. The defenders fear to catch the white and blue flash of this speedy winger.

Aaron Lennon is gifted by an unnatural pace, which is averaged around 33.8 km/h. He makes his place at no. 3 in our list of top 10 fastest football players in the world. The diminutive racer with his petrol burning speed has gained the success by putting the work on the training ground. The striker hasn’t proven himself completely yet.

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2. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid): 34.7 km/h

Gareth Bale, running speed
Gareth Bale | image credit – Wikimedia/LauraHale

Gareth Bale is a professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and Wales National team. He is best known for striking the ball from distance, astonishing free kicks and his incredible abilities to get past the defenders. Gareth Bale is blessed with tremendous speed and great crossing ability. His exceptional physical quality is totally unmatched to any player.

There may be a lot of speculation about Bale’s future at Real Madrid, but if they want to get rid of him, then they have to find someone faster. According to the study of Mexican club Pachuca (endorsed by FIFA), Bale has clocked a 36.9 km/h speed with the ball and averaged 34.7 km/h, which put him at the 2nd spot in the list of top 10 fastest football players in the world.

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1. Antonio Valencia (Manchester United): 35.1 km/h

Antonio Valencia, fastest soccer player
Antonio Valencia | image credit – Wikimedia/Julia Novikova

Antonio Valencia is an Ecuadorian national team footballer, who also plays as a right winger for the English club Manchester United.

When, the question is asked, who is the fastest footballer in the world? Most of us would instantly say Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale or Arjen Robben. But, the truth is, they aren’t. It is Antonio Valencia. The 29-year old clocked an amazing speed of 35.1km/h, which put hardly any doubt that he will flourish under Van Gaal’s new tactical changes at Old Trafford.

In a match against Blackburn in 2012, Antonio Valencia set a new world record of becoming the fastest footballer in the world. Professionals of FIFA revealed the calculations regarding the list of world’s fastest footballers, where Valencia topped as the world’s fastest player. He also tops our list of top 10 fastest footballers in the world.

Professionals that are working in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) revealed the calculations which showed that Antonio Valencia is the world’s fastest player.

In the Blackburn vs. Manchester United game, Antonio Valencia set a new record becoming the best of the fastest football players in the world to run with the ball at 35.1 km per hour.

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