FIFA World Cup Best Moments: the Upsets Never Forgotten

FIFA 2022 world cup will be held in Qatar, surely a remarkable event for the middle-eastern country. They have already been able to draw sufficient curiosity from around all over the world with their fantastic proposed football stadiums.  It will be the 22th FIFA world cup in history. 32 nations all over the world will compete with each other.

The history of the world cup is plugged with many memorable moments. Because of the upsets accomplished by less favourite countries threw out the favourite ones from the tournaments. Today we are mentioning some of the biggest upsets that are considered as the FIFA world cup best moments in the history of world cup football.

Let’s see how those undesirable moments became the memories in football history-

1. USA: 1, England:0,1950:

FIFA world cup best moments,FIFA World Cup, upsets, 1950 england football team, england's defeat
Defeated England—image via

In the 1950 world cup in Brazil, England was the tournament favorite. The inexperienced USA team assembled the players who did not even know each other. Haitian immigrant Joe Gaetjens was one of them. He made a half header to produce the unexpected result.

When the telegraph arrived in England the newspapers could not believe. They thought the telegraph mistook it by listing the result as the USA: 1, England: 10. Think about how unbelievable the defeat was!

2.North Korea: 1, Italy: 0, 1966:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup, Italy's defeat
The unbound North Koreans—-image via

North Korea had its world cup debut in 1966. Uprising from the war that divided the country, this was a great achievement for them upsetting two times world champion Italy.

They won with a goal scored before half time. Just minutes earlier Italian Captain Giacomo Bulgarelli had been carried off the field with a stretcher. Perhaps the incident put its influence on the final result and made the match one of the FIFA world cup best moments.

3. West Germany: 3, Hungary: 2, 1954:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup
The rising of Germany in the world cup—–image via

In the earlier of the world cup history, Hungary was the favorite of all. After being unbeaten in 32 games Hungary entered the 1954 tournament. Before the upset, they won over West Germany in the group play by 8-3.

The German using boots with replaceable studs made by Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, rallied from a 2-0 deficit to win. Ferenc Puskas tying goal was disallowed because of offside in the last two minutes of the match.

4. Cameroon: 1, Argentina: 0, 1990:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup, argentina's defeat
the defeated champion——-image via

When unheralded Cameroon struck a blow for African soccer, Argentina was stunned as well as football god Diego Maradona. It was the opening game for the last time defending champions in the tournament.

Cameroon became the first African nation to advance past the second round of the 1990 world cup.

5. South Korea:2, Italy:1, South Korea: 0, Spain: 0 ( South Korea advanced on penalty kicks), 2002:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup, south korea victory
South Korean triumph——image via

Being the tournament’s co-host South Korea dazzled the football world. They knocked off giant Italy in the round of 16 and devastated heavyweight Spain on penalty kicks in the quarterfinals. But the Korean odyssey was overreached when Germany won the semi by 1-0. German striker Michael Black was the soul saver that day.

6.Uruguay: 2, Brazil:1, 1950:

FIFA world cup best moments,, upsets, FIFA world cup, brazil's defeat
The downfalling Brazil—– image via


A record 200,000 crowd was gathered in the Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium more than half a million t-shirts bearing a slogan claiming Brazil as the champion had already been sold. There was a pin drop silence in Maracana that day when Uruguayan Alcides Ghiggia scored the winning goal with 11 minutes left.

Alcides Ghiggia later said,

 “Only three people have ever silenced 200,000 people at the Maracana with a single gesture: Frank Sinatra, Pope John Paul II and me.”

7. Senegal:1, France:0, 2002:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup, france's defeat
Senegal’s winning dance—-image via

With Papa Bouba Diop’s goal in the 30th minute, Senegal silenced the defending champion France in the opening game. It was their first world cup appearance.

Senegal marched on to the quarter-final, where they lost against Turkey. France was eliminated in the group play. Without having scored a goal they went home.

8. Algeria: 2, West Germany: 1, 1982:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup, Lakhdar Belloumi
Algeria honors Lakhdar Belloumi—- image via


The underdog Algeria hung on to beat the reigning European champions when Lakhdar Belloumi ended 1-1 tie in the 68th minutes. All needed for West Germany was that a one-goal lead to victory. They failed to take the shot.

Alas West Germany and BRAVO the giant slayer!

9. Bulgaria: 2, Germany:1, 1994:

FIFA world cup best moments,upsets, FIFA world cup, germany's defeat
Mourning Germany—image via

After West Germany won the title in 1990, Germany was playing a unified country for the first time since the Second World War. Germany took their glorious pace in the world cup, but who could know what will be happening next! They were knocked out in the quarterfinals on gals three minutes apart late in the second half of the match by Bulgaria, who hasn’t won a world cup match since.

10. Northern Ireland: 1, Spain: 0, 1982:

FIFA world cup best moments, upsets, FIFA world cup,
Gerry Armstrong blew Spain out—image via


Northern Ireland, the smallest country to reach a world cup had a surprise gift for the football titan, Spain. Gerry Armstrong put the nail on Spanish coffin by scoring an 88th-minute goal.

They were playing with 10 men in the final 38 minutes. It was their first and last appearance in the football world cup.

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