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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2015

Floyd Mayweather, Jr is a popular American boxer who was born on 24 February, 1977. Mayweather is undefeated in all five-division world championship. He has won eleven world titles and bagged lineal championship title in four different weight classes. He is a two-time “Ring magazine fighter of the Year“, winning the award in 1998 and 2007. The year 2007 was very significant for him as he also won the BWAA Fighter of the Year award and the Best Fighter ESPY Award.

Floyd Mayweather jr is the WBA, WBO, WBC, Ring welterweight champion alongside WBC Super and Ring Junior middle weight champion. He is regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world. In 2012 and 2013, Mayweather marked his name at the top of Forbes and Sports Illustrated list of 50 highest paid athletes.

In 2014, Forbes again put Mayweather at the top of highest paid athlete in the world. Any athlete can envy him at his enormous amount of wealth.

Floyd Mayweather net worth:

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2015, earnings, salary, endorsement
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How much is Floyd Mayweather Worth?

Total Net worth: $400 Million

Salary value: $100 Million per Fight.

Floyd Mayweather is a world famous American boxer. He has a net worth around $400 Million, more than any other athlete in the world. During his boxing career, he has won six championships in five different weight categories. He possesses an astonishing professional boxing record with 48 wins and 0 losses. Out of the 48 wins, 26 were knock out win for Mayweather. Mayweather is very consistent in the list of highest paid athletes in the world. He has a wide variety of endorsement deals, which give him around $80 million per year. Additionally, $150 million is added to his account every year, while he fights.

Floyd Mayweather Career Winnings & Earnings:

Carlos Baldomir: November 4, 2006 – $8 million

Oscar De La Hoya: May 5, 2007 – $25 million

Ricky Hatton: December 8, 2007 – $25 million

World Wrestling Entertainment Appearance: – $20 million

Juan Manuel Márquez: September 19, 2009 – $25 million

Sugar Shane Mosley: May 14th, 2010 – $30 million

Victor Ortiz: September 17th, 2011 – $40 million

Miguel Cotto: May 5, 2012 – $40 million

Robert Guerrero: May 4, 2013 – $50 million

Saul Alvarez: September 14, 2013 – $75 million

Marcos Maidana: May 2, 2014 – $40 million

Marcos Maidana: September 13, 2014 – $32 million

Manny Pacquiao: May 2nd, 2015 – $150 – $220 million

Floyd Mayweather’s Total Career Earnings: $630 million (includes the most recent $220m Pacquiao earnings)

There is a long history between Mayweather and Pacquiao fight. The fight was scheduled on 13 March, 2009. The fight was thought to be the most anticipated in a decade. The PPV (Pay per View) revenues were expected to exceed $180 million. Mayweather was to be guaranteed $25 million up front with an additional $20-25 million on the backend of the deal. But, unfortunately, Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather couldn’t reach an agreement and the fight fizzled for all these years. On 2 May, 2015 the fight took place and Mayweather again proved to be the best.

Mayweather defeated “Sugar” Shane Mosley in 2010, and Victor Ortiz in 2011, and Miguel Cotto in 2012. He earned around $50 million (32 million guaranteed) by defeating Robert Guerrero on 4th May, 2013. In the same year on 14 September, Floyd added $75 million ($41.5 million guaranteed) into his account by defeating Saul Alvarez. That was a record in the history of boxing for pursing the highest amount of money. The record was beaten by him on May 2nd, 2015, when Mayweather vs Pacquiao finally took place at Las Vegas.

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The fight was postponed because of two negotiations failing. Floyd’s team firstly accused Pacquiao of abusing drugs, the steroids to gain an unfair advantage over Mayweather. The second negotiation failed because of some schedule conflicts and the statement contract regarding the winning money. The fight eventually confirmed to be scheduled on May, 2015. The boxers met in a 12-round fight where Mayweather won through a point advantage.

The fight was thought to be the highest revenue-earning in the history of boxing. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao agreed on a term to split all the profit by 60-40. Mayweather is projected to earn the major money, which is estimated around $200 million. Mayweather came out victorious against Manny Pacquiao through a unanimous decision. According to Mirror, Mayweather earned over £116,554,424 or $176 million via his 60-40 deal which was decided last February.

The contract deal would offer Mayweather 60% of the fight’s money whether he won or lost against Pacquiao. The boxing match generated a huge revenue, well over $300 million, all over the world. The contract granted him his highest career paycheck, giving him a chance to be the highest paid athlete again.

Prior to that fight, Mayweather’s projected net worth was between $280 and $300 million per year. Then, by adding $176 million to his account, Floyd Mayweather Net worth in 2015 is a total of $470 million, making him the most valued athlete in the sports history.

In comparison, Manny Pacquiao had gathered around $335 million prior to the fight. He got additional $117 million from the fight with Mayweather which was shooting his net worth to $452 million in this year 2015.

With that huge amount of money, Floyd Mayweather would be able to purchase 97,129 square-meters of the city of Tokyo, Japan, rent around 100 parking spaces in Downtown Manhattan or even own over 14 million shares of Real Oviedo.

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