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He cost how much?

paul pogba, manu, red devils, epl transfer news
Paul Pogba | image credit Wikimedia/Ardfern

Yes, your lunch cost $10,99. Your rent keeps crawling up, and those happy hour cocktails aren’t so happy. But in the world of professional soccer, the transfer prices for European players are becoming beyond astronomical.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Pogba; the world’s most expensive soccer player that has ever graced the pitch; recently signed a mammoth contract at the world’s most valuable club, Manchester United. Now he might be earning over $340,000 per week *gasp* – but the transfer fee paid to Italian giants Juventus was over $110 million (£89m) plus add-ons based on future performance. What makes this transfer even crazier is that the player grew up in Manchester and left for Juventus for free just five years earlier.

paul pogba, manu, red devils, epl transfer news
Paul Pogba | image credit Wikimedia/Ardfern

Paul Pogba has surpassed Gareth Bale, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s most expensive player… with very big, shiny boots to fill. Manchester United are a commercial powerhouse, as well as a pretty impressive soccer team, even without the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm. Manchester United have won 20 League Titles, 3 European Championships, and 12 English Cups.

The ‘Special One’ Jose Mourinho made Pogba his Number 1 target when arriving for the 2016/2017 campaign as the new manager. Pogba has impressed domestically and internationally – helping France reach the Euro Finals in Paris, earlier this year. Unfortunately for Pogba and Co., Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal stole the trophy from the hosts in extra time.

Below is a table of the most expensive football transfers of all time:

1 Paul Pogba (2016) Juventus to Manchester United £89m
2 Gareth Bale (2013) Totteham to Real Madrid £85.3m
3 Cristiano Ronaldo (2009) Man Utd to Real Madrid £83.7m
4 Gonzalo Higuain (2016) Napoli to Juventus £75.3m
5 Luis Suarez (2014) Liverpool to Barcelona £75m
6 Neymar (2013) Santos to Barcelona £71.5m
7 James Rodriguez (2014) Monaco to Real Madrid £63m
8 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2009) Inter Milan to Barcelona £59m (40m+Eto’o)
9 Angel Di Maria (2014) Real Madrid to Man Utd £59.7m
10 Kaka (2009) AC Milan to Real Madrid £56m

The premier League alone spent over $1,5 Billion in transfers for the 2016/2017 campaign. But in light of Pogba’s iconic haircuts, questionable dance moves and outrageous marketability, he is on the lips of every soccer fan, every player wants to shoot the ball like him, and he is now on the back of a lot of fan’s jerseys; You might wonder how Manchester United would ever recoup their huge transfer fee… In just 3 weeks they surpassed $200 million in jersey sales. Seems like good business to us.

The real question we have is; what do these players do with all their earnings? Sure, they own exotic cars, mansions and fancy holidays. But what about the frivolous purchases? Our bet is that these players, like many of us, spend some dough on some fun. They might even join Royal Vegas and play free slot machines, doubling their earnings! Or spend a little cash betting against their teammates in a fantasy football league.

However they choose to spend their outrageous income, we’ll support them all the way. After all, they’re the ones we root for during soccer season.

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