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Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers in 2016

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john cena-----------image credit: www.youtube.com/McGregor Show

WWE is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. WWE is a privately controlled entertainment company, which draws the attention of millions of viewers to see the wrestling superstars performing in the ring. The WWE fans use to cheer on their favorites while boo their opponents at the WWE stage. WWE always maintains a perfect balance between violent fights and breaking the seriousness with some comedy. WWE is an ideal place to be thrilled and amused as well. The fighters of WWE have to keep their bodies in top shape to perform dangerous stunts in the ring. There are many, who don’t want to consider pro-wrestling as a sport at all. But it is quite a challenge for the performers to induce some adrenalin rush in viewers’ vein. In fact, it is the most exciting sport in the world. We did some research on highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2016 and we’ll focus on that here in this article.

Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers in 2016

The WWE wrestlers earn a huge salary just like any other high-profile sports player. WWE wrestlers are the true performers in sports. They also get a smart payment from this huge entertainment business. It is notable that, in 2014, WWE earned around $542.6 million revenue from this business worldwide. The average wrestler on main roster makes around $500,000 per year while the top WWE superstars make well into the seven-figure range salary. The WWE wrestlers’ basic salary list has been leaked online. So, it’s been a great opportunity for us to brings you the list of top 10 highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2016.

10. Dolph Ziggler: $900,000

highest paid wwe wrestlers, Dolph Ziggler, top paid wwe wrestlers
Dolph Ziggler———–image credit: Wikimedia/Shamsuddin Muhammad

Dolph Ziggler earns around $900,000 annual salary from WWE in 2016, Which makes him one of the highest paid WWE wrestlers. He is in a three-year contract with the company. WWE pays his accommodation and travel cost. He has been named Rolling Stone’s “WWE Wrestler of the Year” in 2014. He joined WWE in 2004 and since then he is quite satisfied with the company. He made $540,000 annual salary from WWE in 2014. His income is increasing exponentially with his popularity. He is very athletic inside the ring and achieved many awards. But, recently he is displeased with his position at Royal Rumble. His frustration should be taken seriously. Possibly, he’s signaling to increase his annual salary once again this year.

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9. Ray Mysterio: $985,000

Ray Mysterio, highest paid wwe wrestlers
Ray Mysterio——-image credit: Wikimedia/Will Beardmore

The Mexican-American professional wrestler, Ray Mysterio jr. has made $985,000 annually as salary on a five-year contract with WWE. Besides his salary, Ray also received a four percent bonus money from travel, high merchandise sales and accommodation purposes. His high-flying style earned him enormous fame in United States. Ray Mysterio net worth in 2016 is around $8.5 million, most of which he earned from WWE since 2001. His career has been embarrassed because of the unfortunate death of his opponent, Aguayo Ramirez in 2015, who died from an injury during a match against Mysterio. He also lost some reputation in his fans for charging $20,000 for indie signing appearances. However, Ray Mysterio is a king of mystery in WWE.

8. Big Show: $1.2 million

Big Show champion, wwe highest paid wrestlers, big show
Big Show———–image via: Wikimedia/Ed Webster

Big Show has earned $1.2 million annual salary from WWE in his three-year contract. The WWE provides him with a tour bus for his personal transportation. You may ask, why bus? The answer is, the Plane would be a problem for someone as big as Big show. The net worth of Big Show in 2016 is $20 million. He is a certified seven-time world champion and one of the most fascinating WWE wrestlers. He has a luxurious mansion in Tampa, which costs over $680,000. His estimated salary in 2014 was $1 million. He is also very popular figure in television and movies. Big Show acted in several movies such as The waterboy, Star Trek: Enterprise . He also appeared in some TV shows like Royal Pain and Burn Notice. It’s clear that, the wrestler knows the way to make money.

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7. Sheamus: $1.3 million

Sheamus, top wrestlers, famous wrestler
Sheamus———image credit: Wikimedia/ Anton

With $1.3 million annual WWE salary, Sheamus is at no. 7 in the list of top 10 highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2016. He has signed a five-year contract, which permits him free travel and accommodation. He gets around $516,667 as a bonus and winning titles. He is the first Irish-born WWE champion in the history. The market value of Sheamus in 2016 is about $7,750, 000. He is a dominant powerful wrestler in WWE. Since 2013, he has managed to earn $10,263,514 as net worth with an expected payroll of $1,782,500. With this high-profile salary and a pretty good friendship with Triple H, Sheamus is a dangerous offender to go head-to-head against the best wrestlers in WWE.

6. Randy Orton: $1.6 million

Randy Orton, highest paid wwe superstars
Randy Orton———-image credit: Wikimedia/Flickr

Randy Orton has earned huge popularity along with a healthy financial status. He signed contract with WWF in 2001. Now, he is making around $1.6 million as an annual salary from the company. Randy Orton net worth in 2016 is now estimated over $9 million, while in 2012 it was $6 million. He is in a five-year contract with WWE and also gets a percentage from sales, travel and accommodation. He gets a share in PPV revenue, which contributes to his income. However, there is a controversy surrounding his involvement of using steroids. He will be certainly paid more if he gets himself out of all the criticism.

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5. Brock Lesner: $2 million

brock lesner, best paid wwe wrestler
brock lesner———-image credit: Wikimedia/Miguel Discart

WWE pays him $2 million as an annual salary in 2016, which makes Brock Lesner as one of the highest paid wrestlers in WWE. According to his two-year contract with WWE, he gets 3.25% additional bonus for the high merchandise sales and free travels. Brock Lesner net worth in 2016 is around $12.5 million, most of which he earned performing at WWE ring. Brock earned $400,000 from UFC 100 championship in 2009, where he gathered the highest selling PPV in UFC history (1,600,000 buys). The 2012 contract value he signed with WWE was worth of $5,000,000. Last year, in 2011, the wrestler pocketed $5,300,000 from the PPV bonuses and bout salaries. He is a four-time World Heavy-weight championship and most marketable wrestler in WWE.

4. Triple H: $2.12 million

Triple H, best wwe wresler
Triple H—–image credit: Wikimedia/David Seto

Triple H makes $2.12 million per year from WWE as a professional wrestler according to his five-year contract deal. Currently, he is the chief operating officer of WWE, which added a huge bulk of earnings. Triple H net worth in 2016 is estimated over $25 million. His WWE stocks is valued over $1,500,000, while his talent contract earnings is $1,000,000. In 2016, Triple H has earned a hooping $675,126 from the endorsements he made. He also got $900,167 in addition as winning bonus from all competitions. He makes his regular appearance in WWE both as a wrestler and an authority figure. The total market value of Triple H in 2016 is $900,167, making him one of the highest paid WWE wrestlers in this list.

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3. The Undertaker: $2.25 million

the undertaker, wwe highest paid wrestlers
the undertaker———-image credit: Wikimedia/jorgebueno

Mark William Calaway, “The Undertaker” by the stage-name is the most prolific wrestler in WWE. He is the only one wrestler left since his first appearance in 1993 WWF Raw. The Undertaker gets around $2.25 million annual salary from WWE in 2016. He is at no. 4 in the list of top 10 highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2016. According to his five-year contract with WWE, he gets a 7% bonus from travel and accommodation.

His winning and other bonuses in 2016, includes $296,667 with an endorsement income of $222,500. He has earned approximately $4 million as salary from WWE with an astonishing $626,296 winning bonus. He enters as a chilling powerful deadman in the ring, which earned him a nickname “Master of Pain”. The 8-time world champion, Undertaker is worth of $4,450,000 market value in 2016.

2. John Cena: $2.75 million

john cena, highest paid wrestler
john cena———–image credit: www.youtube.com/McGregor Show

John Cena has been a professional wrestler in WWE since 2001. He helped WWE to reach a new heights. John Cena has been the franchise wrestler for WWE since 2006. He is a WWE celebrity with incredible popularity around the world. WWE pays him as much as $2.75 million per year according to his five-year contract. He pocketed around $1,166,673 from winning bonuses and also earned additional $875,000 in 2016. He already attained the status of a legend in WWE after winning 19 titles in his wrestling career. He has several contract deals with Gold’s Gym, Gilette and subway, which earn him additional $5 million annually.

John Cena’s market value is over $25,000,000 this year, which puts him at 2nd place in top 10 highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2016. He is a very hard working wrestler. John Cena could be an idol for any prospective wrestler who wants to earn the fame.

1. The Rock: $3.5 million

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, highest earning wwe player
Dwayne The Rock Johnson———-image credit: Wikimedia/
Eva Rinaldi

The no. 1 in our list is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is the highest paid WWE wrestler in 2016. The American professional wrestler and popular Hollywood actor, The Rock has gathered a massive wealth, which is worth of $160 million. According to Forbes, in 2014, he earned $52 million from the movie paychecks. He makes roughly $3.5 million a year from WWE. He is only a part-time performer now, appearing in special occasions only.

Last year, in 2015 he earned $31.5 million from the Wrestlemania while his endorsement income was about $1,000,000. He has a luxurious mansion at Beverly Hills, California, which is worth of $4,995,000. The Rock also has dabbed in several television shows. He has made all the right moves in movies and curved out a high paying niche for his powerful acting in Fast and Furious saga and many more action films.

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