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The History of Basketball Timeline in America

Though Basketball is one of the popular games nowadays, but the history of basketball is not new! Basketball is a sport of the twentieth century, Professor Naismith belonged to Springfield College in Massachusetts, an institution of the Christian Youth Association (ACJ), Naismith, while playing football, European and lacrosse (set of ball over boils, jockey) was a professor of Physical Education, to him it was suggested to consider the establishment of an activity with characteristics of team sport and that could play in the school gym.

Naismith came the fall and could not find a suitable formula, given the climatic characteristics he decided to take various elements of known sports and night based on the “tacitly” of the Aztecs or pot-ta-pok of the Maya, or taladzi of Zapotec, drafted the rules of basketball.

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Of course these rules have evolved a lot since then, but the basics still apply in modern history of basketball. 

History of Basketball: Inventor

The History of Basketball Timeline in America, inventor of Basketball, James Naismith
James Naismith ; image credit

If you study basketball history timeline, you will discover that Professor Naismith is known as the inventor of Basketball. Though that time the game was little bit different, but the basic strategy was same.

From the history of basketball Professor Naismith was born in 1861 in Ramsay, near Ontario, Canada. His achievements were hard won, he graduated in “Bachelor of Arts” at the age of twenty years, during which he was awarded twice as the best and most complete athlete for his prowess in rugby, athletics, football, gymnastics and lacrosse (ballgame).

In 1982, at age thirty-one year comes to being captain of the football team from Springfield College and instructor rowing, wrestling, swimming, cricket and boxing. From history of basketball, He died in 1939. He was graduated in theology, psychology and medicine and professor of physical education and other subjects in several schools YMCA and the University of Kansas.

The baptismal Basketball has a father, a birthplace and nearly a date: Father, James Naismith, the place of birth, and date SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS the December 17, 1891. The history of basketball also declares that at Christmas 1891 students spread locally Springfield new YMCA sport and decided to promote it worldwide.

The History of Basketball Timeline in America, inventor of basketball in america, James Naismith
The inventor of Basketball ; image credit

The first team was formed with nine players, students Naismith. After running and throwing, WILLIAM R CHAS scored the first history of basketball, to close the first game one by zero.

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What was the First Rule of Basketball?

History of basketball declares that a box of peaches was the first BASKET employed by the creators of Basketball plus a ladder to get the ball when a goal is produced. The number of players was unlimited, it is said that in 1892 history of basketball, came to participate up to 150 players, field measurements were free and depended largely on the number of players per team.

Basketball history timeline, in 1983 it was accepted that could play on smaller courts and five-a big tennis nine against nine. History of basketball in 1897, the number of players on the teams was fixed at five. They used to use balls of different sizes, history of basketball timeline from 1891 to 1894 use was preferred Soccer ball is played even with medicine balls, but in 1894 were undercover balls and screwed onto the nozzle needle.

Dribbling was unknown after every basket a jump took place in midfield. This “history of basketball” rule remained until 1937. There were more than a match that ended scoreless result or two single or four three.

The History of Basketball Timeline in America, first rule pf basketball history
first age Basketball ; image credit

First of all not allowed to use any board until it realized that the spectators, who were behind the circle, trying to change the direction of the ball going to the basket. To separate the audience from the basket, she placed behind a board wire, realizing the benefits players who got the ball bounce on the board, because often this correcting inaccurate shots. History of basketball in 1906 mirrors boards were introduced, until changed in 1916 by other painted white

Gradually history of basketball rules were adapted to the needs of closed gyms and the number of players, until the land with size 26 meters long by 14 meters wide that ruled until December 1984 and the current 28 15. Rack height has not changed, 3.05 meters or 10 feet.

In primitive rules a basket worth three points, one point free kick, this occurred after a foul committed by one of the two teams. History of basketball in early 1984 the free throw line is 6 meters was placed at 4.5 meters and a year later received the basket worth two points. From history of basketball in 1898 banned the player could give more than one step to the ball gripped with both hands, this forced to use the dribble.

The History of Basketball Timeline in America, first rule of basketball, nba history
First rule in Basketball history ; image credit

In this first period history of basketball was considered too violent sport, since the lack of rules and logic possession gave rise to great battles in which worth everything and the punishment was only one piece. Hence the first ideas to eliminate the player who committed 4 fouls emerged. The history of basketball in 1943, it increased to 5 fouls.

All these rules were enacted before the First World War, when the Basketball began to be introduced at different latitudes to North American. Early in the century, the number of players per team was already five baskets and in 1900 they had no background, so I leave the ladder used. 

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First Regulation of Basketball

The first regulation came into the hands of students Naismith consisted of 14 rules based on the old “tacitly” among other sports and especially in the guidelines. They were released on January 15, 1892:

The History of Basketball Timeline in America, female participation in basketball
Women’s participation in Basketball ; image credit

The goal of the players was two baskets or boxes 38 cm in diameter and 38 inch in depth; hang on either side of the ground to a height of three meters above the ground. Game objective: to enter a soccer ball on the opponent’s goal. It can be a strike, keeping the following rules from the history of basketball:

  • A spherical ball needed
  • The ball had to be launched in any direction using one or both hands
  • Also you could clap
  • Players might not run with the ball
  • The ball could be caught with your hands
  • It was forbidden hitting, catching, tripping or butting. Any infringement was a foul. In case of recurrence the player would be ejected, playing their inferiority team until a goal was made. If the fault was severe it may be disqualified by the whole party.
  • Hitting the ball with the fist was missing
  • A field goal was achieved when the ball entered the basket and stayed there
  • When the ball went out, had to put into play by the first player to collect
  • Scorer watched the players and recorded offenses and punishments
  • The referee was the sole judge
  • The game was divided into two parts fifteen minutes each with a five minute break
  • The team that scored the most baskets wins. In case of a tie in accordance with the captains, you could continue playing, until a basket. The match played nine against nine players.

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Bottom Line: You know the rules of modern basketball and after reading the history of basketball timeline, you will get the idea about the mismatches of the rules of Basketball.

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