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Pele expects Brazil to keep behind all the problems and stage a fantastic World Cup

The Brazilian legend Pele believes his country will rise above all the problems. Recent problems are blighting its preparations for football’s global showpiece. Pele expects one of the most fantastic World Cup this time.

Pele expects Brazil to stage a fantastic World Cup, the Brazilian legend
The Brazilian Legend ; image credit

Some movements have been taking place all over Brazil since last summer’s Confederations Cup. These issues are raising concerns about security at the upcoming big event.

The Brazilians were originally organized to protest against increases in travel fares. Now they have gone on to include demonstrations against staging the World Cup. They are also protesting against the corruption in government and a lack of social budget.

Above all this, Pele believes everything will settle down. He expects for the event to begin. And as a matter of fact when the fantastic World Cup begins, all the problems will become of secondary importance.

Pele told CNN,

“We have had political problems, but it will be a fantastic World Cup”

Pele expects Brazil to keep behind all the problems and stage a fantastic World Cup, world cup 2014
Pele ; image credit

Last year the 73-year-old national hero had to come under fire for his criticism of protest. It began at last year’s Confederations Cup and have continued on a sporadic basis ever since.

The Brazilian fans have found this odd with the current idol. Present Brazilian legend, Barcelona’s Neymar said to be inspired by the mass mobilization. He also inspires the issues focused on poor quality public services. Despite all these negative enrollment of the government, billions of dollars are being spent on the World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Pele had to clarify his position,

“We accept of course we want the best for our country. But the players have nothing to do with this or political corruption”

‘So it’s wrong to boo the players like happened in the Confederations Cup”

Pele expects Brazil to keep behind all the problems and stage a fantastic World Cup, confederations cup 2013
2013_ Confederations_Cup ; image credit

Pele expects people to separate these things. He believes that the players have always shown off the best side of Brazil. So why not support them.

“Let’s support them, because this is a good moment for us”

He said.

The Brazilian legend is hoping, Neymar to help Brazil a record sixth World Cup triumph. Neymar started for Pele’s old club Santos before his big money move to Barcelona. Pele hopes Neymar is benefitted from playing in European club.

“A lot of Brazilians were annoyed when Santos sold him to Barcelona, for Neymar it was fantastic as he gets more experience at the highest level”

He explained.

Pele expects Brazil to stage a fantastic World Cup, Brazil team 1970
Brazil_team_1970 ;image credit

Pele kept a starring role in Brazil’s triumphs in the finals of the 1958 and 1970 World Cups. He is hoping the current team can take their own place in such a fantastic World Cup history.

Though Pele never mentioned the Brazilian team as most favorite for the fantastic World Cup. He didn’t even forget to point at Spain, Argentina, Germany and Italy as their most dangerous challengers. But Brazilian football is still the best and most beautiful of the world.

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