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Rafael Nadal Dominates the French Open (Grand Slam tennis tournament)

Rafael Nadal Dominates the French Open,Rafael Nadal news
Rafael Nadal ; image credit www.flickr.com
Rafael Nadal Dominates the French Open,Rafael Nadal news
Rafael Nadal ; image credit www.flickr.com

No one has ever before dominated the French Open (a Grand Slam tennis tournament) like Rafael Nadal. He has an unmatched numbers of titles at the French Open.

Another record that reflects his talent is the 59-1. Looking at the 60 matches we can easily understand how he tips the balance in his favor.

Rafael Nadal opened his latest title defense Monday against Robby Ginepri of the United States. He has played 11,485 points at the French Open in nine years. All these points has significance beyond the win-and-loss column.

French Open, Rafael Nadal
King of the Clay-Court ; image credit ar.wikipedia.org

Nadal’s set and match percentages are overwhelming. Things are a lot closer on the level of games and points. Rafael Nadal has had such remarkable success at the French Open. He did this while remaining so close to a 50-50 battle in points won.

All the statistics of tennis show that each year the number one player in the world typically wins about 55 percent of all the points he plays. Particularly for that very season. So we can always say that every point matters.

Rafael Nadal has spent a total of 150.7 hours on court at the French Open since 2005. He has always been torturing the opponents with heavy topspin and controlling the flow of each match.

It looks like he has his opponent on a yo-yo. Unbelievably he been stretched to play a fifth set for only two times. Against John Isner and in last year’s semifinal victory over Novak Djokovic.

Rafael Nadal at the French Open Won-Lost Percentage of Winning
Matches Won 59-1 98.3%
Sets Won 177-19 90.3%
Games Won 1169-635 64.8%
Points Won 6465-4920 56.7%


Rafael Nadal has served 177 aces and 83 double faults in nine years. This is actually splendid performance for a better than 2-to-1 ratio in this critical first-strike area. He never did serve more than four double faults in a match. Only once did he reach double figures (10) in aces.

May be these numbers can suggest a heavy aversion to risk. Strongest thing about Nadal’s service games is getting his first serve in. he does this almost 71.1 percent of the time at the French Open. It can be considered extremely tough to break him as he wins 71.3 percent of first-serve points and 57.7 percent of second serves.

French Open Winners
Nadal ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Break Point opportunities:

Another thing matters most for Rafael Nadal at the French Open is break-point opportunities. Converting 50 percent of his break points, is a great advantage for him. Which is 5 percent higher than his career average. While opponents could only convert 30 percent of their break points against him.

All Serves Percentage of Winning
1st Serve 71.1%
2nd Serve 57.7%
Opponent’s 2nd Serve 57.6%
Opponent’s 1st Serve 40.2%

Combining all the eight finals, Rafael Nadal’s opponents converted only 25 percent of the break points. For the first five of those finals the conversion rate was only 15 percent. Which is ridiculously low.

French Open 2014, Rafael Nadal biography
Rafael Nadal ; image credit www.flickr.com

Returning Serve:

May be returning Serve is the arm by which the King of Clay hurts opponents the most. Surprisingly Rafael Nadal wins 40.2 percent of opponent’s first-serve points and 57.6 percent of their second-serve points. This can effectively mean that he has three serves for the match and his opponents have one only.

In the last nine years Nadal has won 67.4 percent of all points serving and 47.1 percent of his return points as well.

Unlike any other year he has lost more at the clay-court lead-in events in Monte Carlo and Barcelona. It is said that Rafael Nadal grows a foot taller when he walks onto Court Philippe Chatrier. He has already proven himself almost impossible by slaying clay’s greatest gladiator in that arena.

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