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Sachin Tendulkar backs Virat Kohli to star at the World Cup

India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar has backed defending champions India to be one of the semifinalists in the upcoming 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. The 41-year-old master blaster Sachin also named Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa as the other three teams who will progress through into the final four teams.

Sachin told in a private tv channel,

“The top four teams that I would put them in the semifinals in 2015 World Cup would be Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India”.

Meanwhile Sachin Tendulkar also commented on star batsman Virat Kohli. He said that the 26 year-old is quick to grasp in adverse conditions and adjusts his game accordingly quite well, backing the Delhi batsman to shine during this mega-event.

Sachin Tendulkar backs Virat Kohli to star at the World Cup, virat kohli
virat kohli ; image credit

Sachin said about Virat,

“I think he is brilliant. He has the ability to analyze the situation very well. He also analyzes the pitch, the surface, the overall condition that he is going to bat on. Virat picks that very quickly, and then he is sure about when he is going to collects runs and how he’s going to collect runs”.

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Pakistan’s bowling lacks consistency: Sachin Tendulkar

Furthermore, Sachin Tendullar said that skipper MS Dhoni will be the key batsman in the Indian line-up at 2015 ICC World Cup. Sachin also mentioned that Dhoni’s ability to remain calm in pressure situations will come in handy in this mega-event of cricket. He also added that the Indian team can’t depend upon a single individual to deliver rather they have to perform as a team. Everyone’s contribution is necessary in this regard.

The 2011 world cup winner said,

“I think MS Dhoni is the guy. It’s because he has the experience of competing at this level of cricket for close to 10 years and he is composed and calm. You know, even on the biggest of the stages he is calm and composed and that is what you surely expect from a leader.”

Sachin also mentioned about his former teammate that Dhoni has a certain quality as a captain of the Indian side, but it is also equally important for a captain to be in a good form too. Sachin seeked support for the entire Indian team.

When someone asked him about India’s opening encounter against Pakistan, he said that while Pakistan’s bowling line-up does possess a great threat, they lack the consistency to deliver on a regular basis.

He said,

“I remember when we played in 2003 against Pakistan at South Africa, the bowling attack has Shoaib Akhter, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Abdul Razzak, Shahid Afridi, and leading attack in the world I would say. But, with time the team also has changed a lot. “

Sachin Tendulkar backs Virat Kohli to star at the World Cup, pakistan cricket team
Pakistan Bowling attack ; image credit

Mentioning the changes he added,

“The Pakistan team don’t have an attack of that caliber, but that does not mean newer lot cannot deliver. They still have the ability to deliver, but you all know they lack that substance. I think Mohammad Irfan is one bowler who can consistently bowl well in New Zealand and Australia’s condition. Wahab Riaz can bowl, but I feel they might lack consistency.”

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New Zealand could win maiden World Cup title: Sachin Tendulkar

The little master batsman, Sachin further said that this could be New Zealand’s best chance to cross all the barrier and win their maiden ICC World Cup title. He also praised on Australian batsman Steve Smith, calling his energy infectious. Sachin also added that he could well be one of the standout players at 2015 ICC World Cup.

About the New Zealand side sachin said,

“New Zealand is a very close to them. I think New Zealand is another underrated team but are strong side with their decent bowling attack and all of them can bat”

Sachin focused on Aussie skipper Steve Smith that four months ago nobody would said Smith is going to perform well in all sectors of cricket, the Tests, the ODI and the T20s. To Sachin, Steve Smith was always a dangerous player. In Test cricket, Steve has shown tremendous and leadership qualities. All these qualities make him one of the strong contenders to be the top players of the World Cup events.

Sachin concluded,

” Steve Smith is an energetic player, he is vibrant and his energy is infectious. The way he led the team in the Test series also played well in the ODIs, this is something that one needs to take notice of”.

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