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Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Serie A is a professional football league competition. Top Italian football clubs take part in Serie A, where they prove themselves to be the best. Serie A has been operating since the season of 1929-30. The football competition has been responsible for producing a number of great players since the beginning. Serie A has become one of the best football leagues in the world. In fact, the league was considered the best football league in the world in the 90’s. The Serie A players are notably the best in footwork, some for their goal-keeping performance, and some for their goal-scoring abilities.

Sporty Ghost have enlisted the top 10 footballers as the Serie A top goal scorers of all time in Italian history. So, let’s take a look and most importantly don’t forget to give us your valuable comments.

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time:

10. Alessandro Del Piero, 188

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Alessandro Del Piero
Alessandro Del Piero ; image credit tr.wikipedia.org

Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero plays as a deep-lying forward for the team. He is currently playing in Indian Super League for the team Delhi Dynamos FC. His Italian Serie A career has been flourished by 188 goals in 478 matches during his time. His club career spanned from 1993 to 2012 with an average of 0.39 goals per Serie A match. Considering the number of goals he scored in Serie A, Alessandro Del Piero is in the 10th place in the list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time. Here are some stats of his amazing goal records for different Serie A clubs-

Padova: 1991-1993: 14 matches: 1 goal
Juventus: 1993-2012: 513 matches: 208 goals

During his international football career, between 1995-2008, he netted 27 goals in 91 international appearances.

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9. Giuseppe Signori, 188

Former Italian striker Giuseppe Signori was an important part of Italian team in 1994 FIFA World Cup, where Italy reached the final. He scored a total of 188 goals, same as Del Piero, but in less Serie A matches, 344. During his club career, between 1991 to 2004, Signori had enjoyed much playing in Italian serie A. He scored at an average of 0.55 goals per Serie A match. The reason is very clear, why his name has been inducted at no.9 in our list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time. His Serie A club profile and international records are given below-

Lazio: 1992-1997: 152 matches: 117 goals
Bologna: 1998-2004: 142 matches: 70 goals.
Italy: 1992-1995: 28 matches: 7 goals.

8. Kurt Hamrin, 190

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Kurt Hamrin
Kurt Hamrin ; image credit pt.wikipedia.org

Former Swedish footballer Kurt Hamrin is widely regarded as the finest footballer for his incredible dribbling ability. He is also one of the greatest Swedish footballers of all time sports history. In Italian Serie A, Hamrin scored 190 goals in his 400 appearances during his club career between 1956 and 1971. With an average 0.48 goal record per match, Kurt Hamrin is placed at no. 8 in our list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time. He had a glorious Serie A career by playing in different Italian clubs.

Juventus: 1956-1957: 23 matches: 8 goals
Padova: 1957-1958: 30 matches: 20 goals
Fiorentina: 1958-1967: 289 matches: 150 goals
AC Milan: 1967-1969: 36 matches: 9 goals.
Napoli: 1967-1971: 22 matches: 3 goals

He also played an important part for the Swedish National team, scoring 17 goals in 32 international matches between 1953-1965.

7. Antonio Di Natale, 203

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time , Antonio Di Natale
Antonio Di Natale ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Antonio Di Natale is an Italian playmaker who currently plays for Serie A team Udinese as a forward. He was awarded the Serie A Capocannoniere award two times consecutively in 2009/10 and 2010/11 season of serie A. From 2002 till now, Antonio Di Natale has gathered 203 goals in his bag in 414 Serie A matches. He is at no.7 in our list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time. He averaged 0.49 goals per Serie A match during his career. Here are some of his records-

Empoli: 1996-2004: 158 matches: 49 goals
Udinese: 2004- now : 350 matches: 185 goals
Italy: 2002-2012: 42 matches: 11 goals

Antonio is a quick, hardworking and versatile striker with a lethal sharp eye for goal. He is able to play anywhere along the front and better known as a lone striker.

6. Roberto Baggio, 205

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Roberto Baggio is a technically gifted Italian playmaker and is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He is not only renowned for his curling free kicks but also for his incredible pace and dribbling. Baggio was named FIFA World Player of the Year in 1993 and also won the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or the same year. He ended his remarkable Serie A career with 205 goals in 452 appearances between 1985 and 2004. With an average of 0.45 goal per Serie A match, he inducted himself at no. 6 place in the list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time. This creative footballer has played for many Italian Serie A club as follows-

Vicenza: 1982-1985: 36 matches: 13 goals
Fiorentina: 1985-1990: 94 matches: 39 goals
Juventus: 1990-1995: 141 matches: 78 goals
Milan: 1995-1997: 51 matches: 12 goals
Bologna: 1997-1998: 30 matches: 22 goals
Internazionale: 1998-2000: 41 matches: 9 goals
Brescia: 2000-2004: 95 matches: 45 goals.
Italy: 1988-2004: 56 matches: 27 goals

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5. José Altafini, 216

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, José Altafini
José Altafini ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Jose Altafini is regarded as one of Italian Serie A’s as well as Milan’s greatest footballers ever. He was the most complete striker of his generation with his well-rounded striking performance. He was quick and strong and a prolific goal scorer all through his footballing career. He held the record for most goals in a single European Cup for more than 50 years untill the record was broken by Lionel Messi. Altafini scored a total of 216 goals in 459 Serie A appearances during his club career between 1958-1976. He stays at 5th place in our list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time with an average of 0.47 goal per match. He is a hallmark for playing powerful and accurate shots.

AC Milan: 1958-1965: 205 matches: 120 goals
Napoli: 1965- 1972: 180 matches: 71 goals
Juventus: 1972-1976: 74 matches: 25 goals
Brazil: 1957-1958: 8 matches: 4 goals
Italy: 1961-1962: 6 matches: 5 goals.

4. Giuseppe Meazza, 216

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Giuseppe Meazza
Giuseppe Meazza ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Giuseppe Meazza is widely regarded as the best player of his generation as well as the greatest Italian player of all time. Meazza led Italy to win two consecutive FIFA world cup football, notably in 1934 at home and in 1938 as the captain of Italian team. He won the Golden ball award in 1934 world cup. He is best known for his technical skill and prolific goal-scoring ability. Meazza was often nicknamed as “il genio” (the genius) by the press during his time. He is the second highest goal scorer for the Italian National Team.

Internazionale: 1927-1940: 348 matches: 241 goals
Milan: 1940-1942: 37 matches: 9 goals
Juventus: 1942-1943: 27 matches: 10 goals
Varese: 1944: 20 matches: 7 goals
Internazionale: 1946-1947: 17 matches: 2 goals
Italy: 1930-1939: 53 matches: 33 goals.

3. Gunnar Nordahl, 225

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Gunnar Nordahl
Gunnar Nordahl ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Gunnar Nordahl is a Swedish professional football player and a former Italian Serie A footballer. He was best known for his spell at AC Milan from 1949 to 1956. During that peroid, Gunnar Nordahl won two Scudetto titles and was awarded Capocannonieri awards more than any other footballer in the history of Italian Serie A. He is best regarded as the greatest Swedish player of all time. With an average 0.77 goals per Serie A match, he is at no. 3 in our list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time. He is famous for his pace and attacking football. Here are some stats on his football career.

AC Milan: 1949-1956: 257 matches: 210 goals
Roma: 1956-1958: 34 matches: 15 goals
Sweden: 1942-1948: 33 matches: 43 goals.

2. Francesco Totti, 240

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Francesco Totti is a creative playmaker who is famous for his goal scoring ability and technical skill. He is considered to be one of the best Italian footballers of all time. Being one of the most talented players in his generation, he is Roma’s greatest player ever. He was awarded Oscar del calcio AIC a record 11 times including five Italian Footballer of the Year awards. Totti is the FIFA World Cup winner for Italy in 2006 and Euro finalist in 2000. He is one of the most popular footballers in Europe. He is the 2nd highest goal scorer in Italian Serie A with his one and only club Roma.

Roma: 1992-now: 582 matches: 240 goals.
Italy: 1998-2006: 58 matches: 9 goals

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1. Silvio Piola, 274

Serie A Top Goal Scorers of All time, Silvio Piola
Silvio Piola ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Silvio Piola is known as a highly prominent football figure is the history of Italian football. He is the greatest striker of his generation. He is the winner of 1938 FIFA World Cup for Italy. The world cup was as remarkable for him as he scored two goals in the final and finished the tournament as the second best player. He is the third in all-time top goal scorers for Italy. Piola is the player we are looking for our list of Serie A top goal scorers of all time.

Lazio: 1934-1943: 227 matches: 143 goals
Juventus: 1945-1947: 57 matches: 26 goals
Italy: 1935-1952: 34 matches: 30 goals.

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