Sports Stars and Their Superstitious Pre-game Rituals

    sports stars pre-game rituals, superstitions, Jim Thome
    Jim Thome | image credit - Wikimedia/Keith Allison

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams these are the top names in today’s sports generation. They all have hit the top and most interestingly none of them without superstitious rituals to help. Obviously we mustn’t argue, being successful in the sporting world takes talent, dedication, sometimes you may refer dose of good luck. Surely that’s never surprising. But we can also remark the most famous sportspeople tend to develop some slightly strange habits.

    These things starts from something doing on the day of a particularly convincing win with extra significance. Sometimes they feel like they should do the same thing every time they play or risk devastating losses. Many of our well-known athletes feel obliged to perform bizarre rituals before competing in important situations. Experts analyze these behaviors as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and warn that it may force sports stars out of the very competition.

    sports stars pre-game rituals, superstitions, Jim Thome
    Jim Thome | image credit – Wikimedia/Keith Allison

    A number of sports stars have confessed to the odd rituals that help them stay focused. Listing those famous names would hardly keep anyone left. Michael Jordan, Björn Borg, Kevin Rhomberg, Serena Williams, Jason Terry, Wade Boggs, Patrick Roy, Jason Giambi, Lyoto Machida, Turk Wendell, Curtis Martin, Laurent Blanc, Marshall Faulk, Turk Wendell, Neil McKenzie, David Beckham, Rafael Nadal – seriously who’s there still not without a bizarre superstitious pre-match ritual.

    We must admit sometimes that it’s really tough to justify about superstitious rituals that don’t seem to serve any particular purpose. No reason we should scream at the moon to get out of the way during eclipses anymore. That had been replaced a long time ago with working knowledge of science and advanced technology. But for professional popular sports, truly speaking, statistics on sports stars superstitions are continuing to become more complex. We are definitely concerning more precise idea of who contributes what in any given game.

    The numbers on this particular list can give a very detailed idea of what’s going on. Playing the game is more or less the same physical, unpredictable activity as it always have been. Undoubtedly smart and rational players are the most successful. Still, all of them found their way to the top stage of the game through practice and honing their instincts.

    Sometimes not only players, even whole teams are found to be following weird habits. May be these rituals got them to the top level stages and may have provided them with a routine with which they feel comfortable.

    Jordan never hit the court without his UNC trunks under his Bulls uniform. And Boggs ate chicken before every game

    Above all, we must conclude a pro athlete with hard training, raw talent and the ability to perform under pressure. A little superstitious reasoning can also be added to the edge they need to get into the zone, whether it’s drinking urine or talking to goal posts.

    Take a look below at some of sports biggest stars strangest rituals:

    infographic on sports person odd rituals
    Img Source: 888Poker
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