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Super Bowl 50 : Denver Broncos defeated Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl 50 was played on February 7, 2016 in order to determine the NFL (National Football League) champion for the 2015 season. The American Football Conference (AFC) champion Denver Broncos met the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Carolina Panthers in this competition. Denver Broncos claimed their victory over the Panthers by 24-10. Denver Broncos earned their 3rd Super Bowl title yesterday night. The game was held at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The San Francisco Bay becomes glorious for organizing the Super Bowl 50 competition and it was their 2nd time to held a super bowl in this area. Around 71,000 spectators watched the game at the stadium. The Super Bowl 50 also drew huge media attention all over the world.

The match summary:

Initially, the game wasn’t in Broncos’ hand, while their offense got just 194 yards and 11 first downs. Then the Broncos took the lead and never lost it. The Panther were accustomed with that situation. They had the league’s top class offense with an average 31.3 points per match in the regular season and 40 points during the post season. But, they didn’t face a defense like Denver’s. the most costly for them came in the first quarter, after Carolina’s second turn on offense. The defensive end Malik Jackson scooped up the ball for the score to give Denver Broncos a 10-0 lead in the game.

The Super Bowl 50, denver broncos
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With a record 7 sacks and 3 force turnovers, Denver Broncos ultimately became the Super Bowl 50 Champion defeating Carolina Panthers. Von Miller, the Denver Linebacker, was awarded Super Bowl MVP for his 5 solo tackles, 2.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

Peyton Manning at the age of 39 wins his 2nd super Bowl title. He was the oldest starting Quarterback while playing for the Denver Broncos in Super bowl 50. It was probably would be his last game and like his boss John Elway, he can ride off into the sunset after securing 2nd Super Bowl title in his long football career. Manning is the first American footballer who won super bowl for two different teams in NFL. He won his first in Super Bowl XLI  with the Indianapolis Colts. With that last win against the Panthers, he has become the first quarterback in the history of NFL with 200 wins. However, he contributed at his best in the last game making 13 of 23 passing for 141 yards, one interception and a lost fumble.

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Journey to Super Bowl 50:

Carolina Panthers:

In the course to the Super Bowl 50, Carolina Panthers finished the regular season with a 15-1 winning record. They defeated the Arizona Cardinals by 49-15 to be the NFC Champions and advanced to the Super Bowl. It was their second super bowl appearance since 1995.

Denver Broncos:

The another super bowl team, Denver Broncos finished their season with a 12-4 record and defeated New England Patriots by 20-18 in the AFC Championship. It was 8th super bowl appearance for the Broncos.

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The history of Super Bowl:

The Super bowl competition was first played in 1967. Yesterday, it was the 50th edition of super bowl where Denver Broncos defeated Carolina Panthers. American Football League and National Football league merged in super bowl since 1970 and claimed their leadership. The both football league emphasized the ‘Golden anniversary” of super bowl. The football authority temporally suspended the tradition of naming Super bowl with roman numbers. In 2013, the Levi’s stadium was selected to arrange the super bowl 50, 2016. The renovation of the stadium started soon and eventually cost $1.2 billion to finish. The Super Bowl 50 was the first ever super bowl competition held in the San Francisco Bay area. Lady Gaga sang the national anthem before the match while ColdPlay and Bruno Mars performed at the Levi’s stadium during halftime.

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The Super Bowl trophy:

Super Bowl 50 trophy, super bowl
Super Bowl 50 trophy——image via:

The Denver Broncos received a large 18-karat gold-plated “50” in addition to the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Super Bowl 50 host authority will donate 25% of all money to raise philanthropy in the Bay area. The committee already received around $40 million from the media coverage. The Super Bowl 50 was broadcasted by CBS television, which is the main broadcaster for NFL. It was considered as the “Golden Super Bowl” event.

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