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Top 10 Managers in English Premier League history

We know them by a single name, we know them like our own family members, they are known by the silhouette they cast along the touchline.

Mourinho, Wenger, Ferguson, Benitez….in past and present the English Premier League has seen its share of iconic managers and these are only four of them.

The list is based on the best winning percentage in the Barclays Premier League, having managed a minimum of 50 matches. The special ones like Pat Rice (Arsenal), John Carver (Newcastle) and Jim Barron (Aston Villa), who all boast a 100% winning record in the English Premier League. However, Carver and Barron have managed Newcastle and Aston villa respectively only once, whilst Pat Rice managed Arsenal three times, they fail to be included in our list of top 10 managers in English Premier League. But what a boast that was!

It is sure that the list will certainly spark some debates, so please feel free to have your constructive comments.

Top 10 Managers in English Premier League history

10. Gianluca Vialli (winning rate: 48%)

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gianluca vialli————image via:

Between 1998 and 2000, Vialli managed Chelsea 94 times in the English Premier League. At the pre-Abramovich Chelsea era, the Italian had a great successful time. Vialli managed to win 45 games of the 94 matches in the Premier league, winning five trophies in less than three years of his service. He is the most successful manager at the time of his tenure at Chelsea with a league win record of 48% and it is easy to see why.

9. Kenny Dalglish (winning rate: 48%)

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kenny dalglish———-image via:

Kenny Dalglish, commonly known as ‘King Kenny’ in the red half of Liverpool FC, has had a successful career both as a player and a manager. Kenny had managed the Reds twice and in total 238 Premier League matches. The Scottish manager won 115 of those, earning himself a success rate of 48%.

8. Andre Villas-Boas (winning rate: 52%)

Andre Villas-Boas, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
Andre Villas-Boas———image via:

Andre Villas-Boas may have failed at Chelsea and Tottenham, but his win percentage suggests otherwise. Despite a success rate of 52% with winning 42 of his 81 Premier League matches, the Portuguese tactician has struggled enough to win over the critics in England. Still his winning isn’t half bad at all.

7. Claudio Ranieri (winning rate: 52%)

Claudio Ranieri, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
Claudio Ranieri——–image via:

Commonly known as “The Tinkerman”, Claudio Ranieri was a popular figure at his time at Chelsea. After taking over from Gianluca Vialli in September 2000, the Italian tactician managed 146 matches at Stamford Bridge, winning 76 of them. Ranieri is now in the French League 1 managing AS Monaco and after 2014 World Cup he took the managing hand of Greek National Football team.

6. Rafael Benitez (winning rate: 56%)

Rafael Benitez, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world, top ten managers in football, top 10 download managers
Rafael Benitez——-image via:

Rafael Benitez has proved himself to be one of the most iconic managers in English Premier League history and his record shows that. At Liverpool, Benitez won 141 of his 254 matches in the Premier League with a success rate of 56%. The Spaniard is now at Napoli and trying his best at Italian Serie A. Rafael Benitez is best remembered by the Liverpool fan for his significant role in Liverpool’s Champions League success in 2005.

5. Arsene Wenger (winning rate: 58%)

Arsene Wenger, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
Arsene Wenger———-image via:

The current Arsenal manager is by far the most successful and also longest-standing manager in the English Premier League. The Frenchman started his managerial career at Arsenal in 1996 and he is still there now winning 386 of his 666 Premier League matches. His impressive record also includes winning the title three times for the gunners, including the memorable campaign of 2003/04, when his ‘Invincible’ side didn’t lose a single match.

4. Roberto Mancini (winning rate: 62%)

Roberto Mancini, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world, top 10 download managers
Roberto Mancini———–image via:

In Manchester City, Roberto Mancini won 82 matches of his 133 as the club find themselves at the very top of the English game. In 2012, the Italian guided the club to the Premier League title. He remains as a much loved character at Eastlands.

3. Carlo Ancelotti (winning rate: 63%)

Carlo Ancelotti, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers, top soccer managers
Carlo Ancelotti————image via:

Carlo Ancelotti has enjoyed a very successful two seasons as Chelsea manager between 2009 and 2011. Currently he is managing Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti, in his first season in England won the League and FA Cup double, doing so in an exciting manner. Chelsea netted 103 goals in their 2009/10 season, more than any other club in Premier League history. His record of winning 48 games out of 76 matches suggests how successful he was at his time in England.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson (winning rate: 65%)

Sir Alex Ferguson, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers, top soccer managers
Sir Alex Ferguson———image via:

Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to be seen as one of the ionic managers to have graced English football more than anyone else. The tough Scotsman managed to win an incredible 528 wins in 810 Premier League matches. For Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson won 13 EPL titles as well as many other titles. Ferguson has become such a legend that he will be admired as one at Old Trafford for an infinite period of time.

1. Jose Mourinho (winning rate: 70%)

Jose Mourinho, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers, top soccer managers, top ten managers in football, top 10 download managers
Jose Mourinho——–image via:

Jose Mourinho, ‘The Special One’ is currently in the middle of his second stint as Chelsea manager. The legendary Portuguese tactician has managed to won 105 of his 149 English Premier League matches to date, earning him an incredible 70% winning rate.

The special one guided Chelsea to grab two league titles in his first two seasons at the Bridge. Jose Mourinho currently boasts a record of 75 unbeaten matches at home. In the 2004/05 season the club collected a record 95 points in accorded with Mourinho’s tactics.

With an incredible performance, it is hardly surprising that Jose Mourinho leads this list of top 10 managers in English Premier League history with the success rate of 70%.

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Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015

Umpire in cricket is the man who declares any batsman out or giving him a sixer or an over boundary. It’s all in his hand standing behind the wickets at bowler’s end. They are the ones maintaining peace and harmony according to the rules of cricket. As the umpires are also humans, some misjudgments can also come from their sides. A wrong decision is well enough to put any team in tough situation, even when they are very close to the victory.

Irrespective of those unavoidable wrong decisions which are very few in number, the cricket umpires are the symbol of justice for any team on the ground. Without them, the cricket match will be itself a misery.

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket:

Today, we will bring to you the list of top 10 best umpires in cricket. The names in this list may be arguable, but they are undoubtedly the elite ICC cricket umpires in the history of cricket.

10. Tony Hill

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Tony Hill
Tony Hill ; image credit

Tony Hill’s full name is Anthony Lloyd Hill. He was born in 1951 in Auckland, New Zealand. He made his ODI debut as an umpire in a match against New Zealand and Zimbabwe, which was played at Napier in March 1998. His Test debut came in 2001. There he managed a match against New Zealand and Bangladesh at Hamilton, New Zealand.

ICC had decided to appoint Tony Hill to matches away from New Zealand during his time on the International umpire panel. He played his role as a neutral umpire for supporting the elite panel. His particular highlights are the third test match between South Africa and Australia at Johannesburg in March 2006. Beside this, he was officiating on-field at three Group- A matches at 2007 Cricket World Cup in St. Kitts.

Tony Hill had officiated at 96 ODIs, 39 Teat matches, along with 17 T20 international so far. In 2009, Tony Hill was elected in the ICC Elite Panel of umpires. In this ICC cricket umpires list, Tony Hill is the 10th of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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09. Darrell Hair

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Darrell Hair
Darrell Hair ; image credit

Darrell Hair, real name Darrell Bruce Hair was born on 1952, New South Wales, Australia. His debut as a Test umpire was on January 1992, between Australia and India in Adelaide. He was well mentioned to call NO BALL in great spinner Muttiah Muralitharan seven times in three overs for throwing the ball. The match was held in 1995, between Sri Lanka and Australia in Melbourne.

Darrell Hair had officiated a total 139 ODIs and 78 Test matches. On the 4th day of the 4th Test match between Pakistan and England in 2006 at the Oval ground, Darrell Hair and his fellow umpire Billy Doctrove ruled out Pakistan for illegal ball tampering. They awarded five penalty runs to the England team and offered them a replacement new ball. Pakistan team refused to take the field in protest.

Later on an ICC board meeting panel decided that Darrell Hair should not umpire matches involving the Test playing nations. On 22 August 2008, Darrell Hair handed his resignation letter to ICC in order to continue his career as a cricket coach. Despite all these controversies, Darrell Hair is in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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08. Rudi Koertzen

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Rudi Koertzen
Rudi Koertzen ; image credit

Rudi Koertzen was born in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa in 1949. His real name is Rudolf Eric Koertzen. He was devoted for cricket since his childhood. While working for South African railways, he used to play cricket league. Initially, he became an umpire officiating at domestic games in 1981.

In the year 1992, Rudi Koertzen broke into the International cricket arena. He made his umpiring debut in ODI in a South Africa and India match. During the same tour, Rudi made his Test debut too, again in a match between South Africa and India. He took the standards to a higher level and in 1997 he became a full time ICC umpire. Soon, Rudi Koetzen became an important part in the ICC Elite Umpires Panel.

He officiated 209 ODIs along with 108 Test matches with 14 T20 Internationals in his career. He achieved ICC Bronze Bails Award for 100 ODIs, ICC Silver Bails Award for 200 ODIs and ICC Golden Bails Award for umpiring 100 Test matches. Rudi Koertzen is in the No 8 position in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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07. Daryl Harper

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Daryl Harper
Daryl Harper ; image credit

Daryl Harper was born in 1951 in Australia. Daryl Harper started his living as a primary school teacher. He had a short career as an Australian football referee until an injury forced him to quit. Then he made it in umpiring cricket. He made his debut as a cricket umpire in 1983 and became the first Australian umpire to be selected into the ICC Elite Umpires Panel in 2002. He continued his career as an elite umpire till 2011.

Between 1998 and 2011, He was also an international Teat umpire. Daryl Harper had a brilliant umpiring career. He officiated 94 Test matches and 174 ODIs in his career. Following a criticism in June 2011, during India-West Indies test series, Daryl Harper decided to be retired. He achieved the honorable ICC Bronze Bails Awards for umpiring 100 ODIs. He is indeed one of the best umpires in cricket.

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06. Billy Bowden

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015,  Billy Bowden
Billy Bowden ; image credit

His real name is Brent Fraser Bowden. He is commonly known as Billy Bowden. Billy was born in 1963, in Henderson, New Zealand. He made his ODI debut as an umpire in 1995 between New Zealand and Sri Lanka match. His test umpiring debut was made in 2000, between New Zealand and Australia.

Billy Bowden gloriously officiated at three ICC World Cup events and was the reserve umpire in both 2007 ICC World Cup final and 2007 World T20 Championship. Billy Bowden’s career is decorated with 184 Tests and 77 ODIs along with 21 T20 matches. He was elected into the ICC Elite Umpires Panel in 2003. In the current game of cricket, he is best known for his bizarre and unique umpiring signals.

Among them, his dancing jig while signaling sixer and his crooked index finger to give out of a batsman are most notable. Billy was awarded with the ICC Bronze Bails for conducting 100 ODIs in 2007. Billy Bowden is at the No 6 stand in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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05. Aleem Dar

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Aleem Dar
Aleem Dar ; image credit

Aleem Dar is a Pakistani born umpire with the full name Aleem Sarwar Dar. He was a Pakistani first-class cricketer, before starting his career as a cricket umpire. He played cricket for Gujranwala Cricket Association, Lahore, Allied Bank of Pakistan and Pakistan railways as a right-handed batsman. Aleem Dar was also a leg break bowler. Just at the age of 30, Aleem Dar started his journey as an international cricket umpire in 2000. He managed his debut in a match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Two years later in 2002, Aleem Dar was selected into the ICC Elite Umpire Panel for his outstanding performance in umpiring. He was able to win three consecutive ICC umpire of the year prize, in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He also achieved the award “Pride of Performance Award Pakistan”. In 2011 Cricket World Cup, he spent a splendid period of time while he gave 15 consecutive correct decisions that won against the DRS challenges. He has officiated a total of 159 ODIs and 87 tests in his career. He proudly made his place in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket history.

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04. Simon Taufel

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Simon Taufel
Simon Taufel ; image credit

Simon James Arthur Taufel, commonly famous as Simon Taufel was born on 21 January 1971, New South Wales, Australia. Taufel initially made his career in cricket as a fast-medium bowler and played for Cammeray Cricket Club. In 1990-91 season, he grabbed the club’s best and fairest player award as he was the leading wicket taker with lowest bowling average. But, it was a sudden unfortunate that, his bowling career was cut short because of a back injury.

As an umpire, he made his ODI debut in 1999 in an ODI match between Australia and Sri Lanka. In 2000, he stepped ito Test between Australia and West Indies match. Cricket loving people soon started considering him as one of the best ICC cricket umpires of all time in cricket history after he was awarded with five consecutive ICC Umpire of the Year between 2004-2008. Taufel officiated at 174 ODIs, 74 test matches and 34 T20 Internationals. He announced his retirement after 2012 ICC World Cup T20 final. We are very glad to put him in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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03. David Shepherd

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, David Shepherd
David Shepherd ; image credit

David Shepherd is an English umpire who was born in Bideford, Devon on 27 December, 1940. He stated his cricketing career as a first-class cricketer. He played county cricket for Gloucestershire for 14 long years as a middle order batsman. He qualified for umpiring in 1981 and made a debut as an umpire in World Cup 1983 in England. It was a match against Pakistan and Sri Lanka which was played at swansea. He made his debut umpiring in Test in 1985 Ashes series at Manchester.

A funny fact about David Shepherd was, he always raised his leg whenever any score would reach 111. He appeared in 92 Test matches and stood last of them on June 2005. Shepherd also umpired 172 ODIs including three consecutive World Cup finals in 1996, 1999 and 2003. In 2009, he died of lung cancer. This great umpire is certainly made the position in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket world.

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02. Dickie Bird

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Dickie Bird
Dickie Bird ; image credit

Harold Dennis Bird who is better known as Dickie Bird was born on April 19, 1933 in Yorkshire, England. He had a very struggling childhood. Dickie Bird was a school dropout and worked in a coal mine in his hard days. Surprisingly his first passion was football. But, after suffering an injury, he had to leave the dream. Then he began to play county cricket in his early career in Barnsley. He also played for his home, Yorkshire.

Bird made his debut in cricket umpiring at a Test match between England and New Zealand. He carried the glory to be the umpire for three consecutive Cricket World Cup finals notably in 1975, 1979 and 1983. He was officiated at 69 ODIs. He achieved officer of the Order of the British Empire award in 2012 for his outstanding contributions in cricket. In his last Test match, he was given the guard of honour by the English and Indian cricketers in 1996. Dickie Bird is the 2nd best umpire in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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01. Steve Bucknor

Top 10 Best Umpires in Cricket World 2015, Steve Bucknor
Steve Bucknor ; image credit

Steve Bucknor was one of the most experienced and prolific umpires in the cricket world. His full name is Steve Anthony Bucknor. Bucknor was born in Jamaica, in 1946. He was a high school mathematics teacher in his early life. Initially, he was a football referee before he stepped in cricket at the age of 45. His Test umpiring debut was documented in 1989, in a match between West Indies and India. He officiated at his first ODI in the same year also between West Indies – India match.

In his outstanding career, Bucknor stood in 128 Tests along with 181 ODIs. Bucknor was awarded the Order of Jamaica in 2007 for his outstanding service in the field of sports. He also received ICC’s Bronze Bails awards for his 100 ODI standings as well as Golden Bails for 100 Test matches. This well-known ICC elite umpire announced his retirement in 2009. Steve Bucknor is the umpire we are looking for to put him in No 1 in our list of top 10 best umpires in cricket.

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Many more world renowned umpires have already retired from cricket pitch and so many are in the way of making themselves famous. Now in 2014, the ICC Elite Panel Umpires consists of Bruce Oxenford, Richard Illingworth, Aleem Dar, Ian Gould, Steve Davis, Marais Erasmus, Kumar Dharmasena, Nigel Llong, Rod Tucker, Richard Kettleborough and Paul Reiffel. The whole cricket world depends upon them. The cricket fans are always eager to see some best decisions during the adrenalin -driven matches in the upcoming ICC cricket world cup 2015.

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Real Madrid’s Clean Sheet vs Villarreal is a positive step

Real Madrid attained a 2-0 victory over Villarreal at the Estadio El Madrigal on Saturday. Though it wasn’t the sort story of vintage attacking performance we’ve witnessed from the European champions in last few games.

From the consecutive thrashings trio of Basel, Deportivo La Coruna and Elche resulted in an absurd tally of 18 goals. Truly exhilaration had been the theme of Los Blancos’ displays recently.

However, Saturday’s performance stood in stark contrast to the three that preceded the match. It was not a quite supreme exhibition of offensive fluidity. Fans didn’t get the typical Real Madrid flair.

The match has been defensively perplexing for Carlo Ancelotti’s side. Still we have to admit that the resilient showing was perhaps their most significant of the campaign so far this season.

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Perhaps, clean sheet was achieved with that troublesome one-way midfield of Luka Modric, James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos. But most importantly, Real Madrid had displayed a capacity to alter the game’s tempo. They tried to quell the home side by sitting deeper maintaining the shape conservatively.

Real Madrid vs Villarreal:

Real Madrid's Clean Sheet vs Villarreal is a positive step, real madrid, Luka Modric
Luka Modric ; image credit

According to The, The men in white splatted the possession battle 50-50 by conceding 19 shots to their own 11 and seven corners to their own six. Literally they were forced to make 29 clearances to Villarreal’s 16.

But it was not that Real denied the hosts of an opportunity to impress. The Yellow Submarine tried their best by breaking down both wings in a bright first half and finding pockets of space between Los Blancos’ midfield and defence, which finally engaged Iker Casillas into constant action display.

And the capital club was calm and organized response to the onslaught. This composure was alarmingly missing when Real Sociedad poured on the pressure in late August.

“The best thing is that we won a difficult game against a team that played well”

Ancelotti said of his team’s performance per AS

“We controlled the game. We had a good attitude and deserved to win”

As an Italian, Ancelotti is quite familiar with defensive principles. Probably he is the typically unmoved boss who was key to Real Madrid’s adapted approach in the second half , which allowed his team to ease to a third consecutive league victory this season.

Pleasantly, it all felt rather measured—a term that hasn’t been applicable to Real Madrid this season until now.

The side’s 4-3-3 with Modric, Kross and Rodriguez in midfield is still too easy to blast through. The back four are isolated as full-backs.

“Clearly it gives us less cover but we must take these risks because we have more opportunities in attack”

Ancelotti said of his preferred formation.

Real Madrid's Clean Sheet vs Villarreal is a positive step, Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid Manager
Madrid manager Ancelotti ; image credit

Such a display will no doubt be encouraging for Ancelotti. He is now looking ahead to five-game stretch that includes clashes with Athletic Bilbao. Also Barcelona and Liverpool. Definitely he is feeling that his team has progressed and taken a step forward. Obviously who else can plunder 18 goals in 270 minutes of football with the world’s most fearsome squadron and still be engulfed in doubt? Yes- of course Real Madrid can.

But the 2-0 victory at Villarreal has shown that the script can be changed positively.

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The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2015-2016

The top-tier football managers at the club and international levels are nearly as famous as are highest paid soccer players in the world. Those highest paid managers claim titles for their organizations. They are also found liking their supporters sing chants and songs in their honor.

These amazing and successful highest paid football managers on the biggest stages of the games are financially set for life.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers in the World:

English Premier League is believed by many to be the best league in the world. Though they are certainly lacking that much portion of these highest paid soccer coaches. Another arguably best League, La Liga is believed often responsible for any of the five highest paid football managers in the world. Unfortunately Serie A does not even make the list.

Here we are trying to develop the present time top 10 highest paid football managers of 2015-2016.

Let’s find, who is the highest paid soccer manager in this world for 2015-2016?

10. Jorge Jesus

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Jorge Jesus, benfica soccer manager
Jorge Jesusv ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Benfica
Salary: $5 million

Obviously Benfica is not a giant club compared to the other clubs in this list of top 10 highest paid football managers 2015-2016. They are not true Champions League title contenders on a consistent basis currently. The Portuguese soccer club cannot afford to sign and pay top talents also the top paid footballers in the world.

But their football manager Jorge Jesus is one of the most earners among the highest paid managers. He is expected to be earning around $5 million from the club as salary. The Portuguese manager has twice won the league while at the very club. He is a four-time Portuguese League Cup champion soccer coach. And also Benfica is back-to-back Europa League runners-up under Jorge Jesus.

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09. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane, highest earning football managers in the world
Zinedine Zidane | image credit –

Soccer manager of: Real Madrid
Salary: $5.8 million

Real Madrid is probably another team like Manchester City who can easily afford the highest paid soccer manager of 2015-2016 season. We all can assume that there is no other franchise in the world that can worth more than Real Madrid. According to the American Magazine, Forbes, the richest Club currently worth more than $3.44 billion. Some reports claims that Real Madrid made $675 million revenue last year.

Zidane considered to be one of the greatest goals in the competition’s history. After retirement, Zidane became assistant coach at Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti in 2013-2014 season. He was also assaigned as Real’s B team recently. But finally after Carlo Ancelotti sacked, Zidane has got the opportunity to manage his former Club Real Madrid. And after joining we all know, Madrid is just making history again.

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08. Manuel Pellegrini

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Manuel Pellegrini, manchester city manager
Manuel Pellegrini ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Manchester City
Salary: $7 million

This 9th spot on the list of top 10 highest paid football managers is definitely going to surprise soccer fans. Pellegrini is certainly believed to be earning much more considering the amount of Money City have at their disposal and in summer transfer windows. Manchester City certainly can afford to have the highest paid soccer manager in the world.

Pellegrini has been worth every cent of his paycheck since joining City in 2012-2013 English Premier League Season. Last march City defeated Sunderland to win the League Cup. The 8th of the highest paid soccer coaches is earning $7 million from the English club.

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07. Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique, best earning soccer managers 2016
Luis Enrique | image credit – Wikimedia/Олег Дубина

Soccer manager of: Barcelona
Salary: $7.3 million

Luis Enrique is a Spanish former professional football player. But above currently he is well known as the manager of La Liga giant club Barcelona. Starting in 1991 and ending in 2004 he represented both the rival teams Real Madrid and Barcelona. Appearing in more than 500 official games and scoring more than 100 goals he was appreciated for equally individual and team success.

Luis Enrique started working as a manager in 2008 with Barcelona B team. After working three more years with the Catalans, he was moved to Roma. He was also short assaigned for Celta in 2013-2014 season. Finally he meets his destination Barcelona main team and won treble in his first season. we keep him at number seven in our list of top 10 highest paid football managers in 2016.

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06. Jurgen Klopp

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Jurgen Klopp, borussia dortmund football coach
Jurgen Klopp ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Liverpool F.C.
Salary: $8.5 million

Klopp was very much popular among the Dortmund supporters. And now he is assigned for the 18 times League title winner Liverpool F.C.  He is also well known for his pitch-side fashion decisions. He has a very unique kind of gestures and facial expressions, which incredibly makes him famous. Some believe, Klopp is over prepared for the Champions League fixtures.

Undoubtedly, Klopp has achieved so much while at Dortmund. Most important of them are the two Bundesliga Titles. Also, Dortmund is back-to-back and reigning DFL-Supercup champions with the highest paid manager Klopp. Dortmund lost the champions League final to their rivals Bayern Munich in 2012-2013, under the successful coach.

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05. Fabio Capello

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Fabio Capello, russia national team manager
Fabio Capello ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Russia National Football Team
Salary: $10 million

It is definitely clear that no national team manager makes more money on a yearly basis than Fabio Capello in this list of highest paid football managers 2015-2016. He has not yet proven himself to be worth his massive paycheck in the Russian National football team. And hopefully, Russia is going to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia is believed to be one of the world cup odds for the 2018 Russia.

Russian Football Federation was not happy with the group stage. Capello was asked to appear before the Parliament to explain why Russia were such a disappointment at 2014 world cup. It was announced in August that Capello and other members of his staff received zero payments for straight 3 months.

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04. Louis van Gaal

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Louis van Gaal, manchester united soccer coach
Louis van Gaal ; iamge credit

Soccer manager of: Manchester United
Salary: $11.75 million

Fans could hardly believe the year and a half that has been for Manchester United recently. Living legend Alex Ferguson announced that he was retiring. David Moyes was appointed his replacement in the English giant club. United floundered under their new boss and Moyes didn’t manage to last the entire season. Very unfortunate, he was sacked before the season and his club didn’t had the minimum remarkable spot. Even with Van Gaal, Manchester United couldn’t make any promising difference at Premier League 2016.

The Dutch Legend soccer manager Van Gaal is believed to be the only savior Manchester United. He has quite the impressive resume. Van Gaal has won titles at Ajax, Bayern and Barcelona. His most recent accomplishment was leading Holland to a third-place finish at the World Cup 2014, Brazil.

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03. Arsène Wenger

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger
Arsène Wenger ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Arsenal
Salary: $14 million

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger has already proven every critic individuals wrong. Successfully the Gunners consistently finish ahead of rivals Tottenham Hotspur. The rival club is always seen changing their football manager almost every season in Barclays Premier League. And under Wenger, Arsenal remains Champions League mainstays.

Fans often think that the 64-year-old will now catch some breaks. Not only did he once again lead the club to the Champions League, last May Arsenal ended a long trophy drought winning the FA Cup under one of the top 10 highest paid football managers in the world 2015-2016. Arsene Wenger signed a new 3 year deal back in May 2014 which will keep him at the club until 2016-17 season at least.

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02. Jose Mourinho

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Jose Mourinho, chelsea football manager
Jose Mourinho ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Chelsea
Salary: $17 million

Jose Mourinho is the only soccer manager in this list who is very well known in many adjective terms. The Special One or the Happy One is probably the terms that suits him most. Whatever anyone calls him, Jose Mourinho is the true winner manager of all time. He has done it all in club football, in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain.

Mourinho has also hoisted the Champions League trophy in celebration. He has earned UEFA and FIFA Manager of the Year honors. After the controversial Real Madrid deal, Mourinho began his second stint at Chelsea in June 2013. Chelsea finished third in the Premier League table that season. Last season in 2014, Chelsea with Mourinho seemed like flying with unparalleled speed. But for the current season 2015-2016, Chelsea along with the manager feels like a bit troubled. The 2nd of the highest paid managers in the world earns $17 million from Chelsea each year.

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01. Pep Guardiola

The 10 Highest Paid Football Managers of 2014-2015, Pep Guardiola, bayern munich football coach, highest paid manager
Pep Guardiola ; image credit

Soccer manager of: Bayern Munich
Salary: $24 million

Pep Guardiola is probably the prominent most rival of Jose Mourinho. He managed to fill the Barcelona trophy case during his time as manager. He also led Barca to multiple La Liga titles and Copa del Rey titles. He also attained the success of winning Champions League with them. He then became the hottest managerial free agent in world football. Some linked him with a shock move to Major League Soccer at the time.

And Guardiola signed with the Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich. He has since won the Bundesliga twice in his first two seasons in charge of Bayern Munich, DFB Cup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. Supposedly Bayern have the money to possess the highest paid football manager in the world for 2015-2016. He is expected to replace Manuel Pellegrini, who will leave on 30 June from Manchester City..

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Why Rafa Benitez Is the Perfect Manager for Real Madrid?

It has been 19 years since Rafael Benitez left the club where he cut his playing and coaching teeth and finally he set to return to the Santiago Bernabeu and take the hot seat. Benitez is a former player with Castilla and a successful coach from the age of 26. He worked hard and made his way up the ranks via the Under 19s. He was an assistant to Vicente Del Bosque. Now, he is coming home with the blessing of top man of Real Madrid, namely Florentino Perez.

Real Madrid Vice-president Eduardo Fernandez confirmed the appointment telling the press,

“Carlo Ancelotti is a real phenomenon to me. Three days ago, he was the best coach in the world, as two years ago the best was Jose Mourinho and now it will be Rafael Benitez.”

Previously, Perez tried several times to lure Benitez and bring him back to Bernabeu. It is the third time for the Real Madrid President who always had Benitez in his mind from the moment he had decided to dismiss Carlo Ancelotti.

Rafa Benitez Is the Perfect Manager for Real Madrid:

Rafael Benitez is a man who understands completely about Real Madrid. He will be fully aware about managing a club like Real entails to the players, the executive board and the media affairs. As many of the players are disappointed following the news of Ancelotti’s departure, they issued a number of farewells for him. It is not really a good sign giving the outgoing Carlo a heart-warming uplift.

Why Rafa Benitez Is the Perfect Manager for Real Madrid?, Rafael Benitez
Rafael Benitez ; image credit

Actually, players are always sorry to see a manager leaving. It will be a greater challenge for the players to accept new coach who might be tempted to get the ball rolling with double training dose. The players might sacrifice to luxuriate in the comfort zone.

Rafael Benitez is certainly that kind of manager I’m talking about. He is returning here with the full backing and unconditional support from the Club’s hierarchy. Benitez is a man with definite plan. He is going to make the players work as a team. He will balance the offensive and defensive section by doing more training jobs. When the time comes for him to leave, it will not be a simple ‘bon voyage’ type at all for sure.

However, there are many complaints about Benitez. Some critics accuse him to be an over defensive coach. Few days ago, in an interview with Marca, he was quick to point out the disbelief, mentioning the difference between organized which was previously perceived as defensive.

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Let’s have a look at the titles he won over the years- two La Liga for Valencia, a Champions League for Liverpool, two Europa league titles for Chelsea and Valencia, FA and Italian Cup finals for Liverpool and Napoli respectively. Benitez’s squad are always set up to score goals. The teams are organized in a way to win the titles. There are many trophies in his achievement which are not only own by the mere act of scoring goals after goals, but also by that of not conceding. In the interview he added, it is obviously talent which is all well and good, but eventually the team have to be organized in a proper way.

He is a master at using and adapting to what he has available. At Liverpool, it was him, who transformed Steven Gerrard to an efficient goal machine by playing behind Fernando Torres. It was one of his most successful strategies and was regarded as the stuff of legend. Benitez is also a prolific idol of tactics such as zonal marking and squad rotation. During the first implementation, they were controversial, but they were innovative and effective too.

Many coaches followed his methods, yet he never received the credit of being the chief pioneer of such approach. He is also the first to adapt the technique of twin holding midfielders. The tactic was so effective in creating balance in all areas. But alas! He is still accused of being a defensive minded coach.

Under his guidance, Liverpool scored a total of 119 goals in the 2007-08 season in EPL, which was more than any other English club. However, there is a little doubt about one thing. Will he be able to do whatever he wish at Bernabeu?

It will be a great challenge for Rafa Benitez. He will be eager to do things his way and will have a supremely organized approach to build the team. Hopefully, Real Madrid will return as a major in the next season both at home and abroad.