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Top 10 Best Board Games of All time

In this era of modern technology, the kids and teenagers are fascinated to play more realistic computer games. They are somehow crazy with “Halo”, “Call of Duty”, “Fallout”, “Warcraft” and many more. But, all these ultra realistic games didn’t arise overnight. There is a long story behind this advancement and we have to look back at where they all came from. 10 years from now, the young generation used to spend most of the time with surface or board games, which are based on strategy and pure luck, or sometimes combination of both. All these board games have survived the test of time. The best board games of all time are even being converted into video games version.

Some of the popular board games are so ancient, Backgammon has been played since 3000 BC. The board games are still very much popular worldwide. The games are capable to develop skill and wisdom. They are great recreational media too. So, let’s have a glimpse of top 10 best board games of all time.

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Top 10 best board games of all time

10. Risk

best board games of all time, most common board games
Risk is playing at Amsterdam street———image credit: Wikimedia/Jorge Royan

Probably we have all played the computer games called Age of Empires or Age of Kings. Risk is the father of all those strategic war games. The game was invented by a French movie director named Albert Lamorisse, in 1957. In order to play the game, you have to be tactful, strategic and mentally cool. Risk is played on a board in which the planet earth was divided into 42 territories in six continents. The game is progressed aiming to occupy as many territories as possible through rolling a dice. Players can built up armies, strengthen their borders and control entire continent to get bonuses. Whoever grabs the most territories, will be the ruler of the earth, the winner of the game. 2-6 players can participate in this game. The game is in the market with the name of “Risk: The Game of Global Domination”, which is published by Hasbro and Winning Moves Games.

9. Pictionary

Pictionary board games, best board games of all time
Pictionary board games——-image credit: Wikimedia/François Haffner

Pictionary is a popular board game which involves players guessing specific words based on the drawings made by their teammates. The game was invented by Robert Angel and graphics of the board were designed by Gary Everson. Pictionary first published in 1985 under the name of Angel Games Inc. The game requires skills of drawing, image recognition and rich knowledge in vocabulary. Four or more players can participate in this game. The game board is formed by sequence of squares. Each square box has a letter or a shape to identify the picture to be drawn by the partner. The aim is to reach the last space of the board first. Pictionary stands at no. 9 in our list of top 10 best board games of all time.

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8. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is among the best seller board games in the world. The game was developed in 1979 in Montreal, Quebec by two Canadian journalists, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott. Both of them were extremely knowledgeable and decided to create a game out of it. In order to create Trivial Pursuit, they also enlisted the help of Ed Werner and John Haney. The game is based on player’s ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture based questions.

Trivial Pursuit board, best board games in the world
Trivial Pursuit board————image credit: Wikimedia/Gaetan Lee

The target of Trivial Pursuit is to move around the board by answering correct trivial questions.  The questions are categorized into six groups, Entertainment (pink), Geography (blue), History (yellow), Arts and Literature (Purple), Science and Nature ( Green) and Sports and Leisure ( orange). The game peaked it’s extreme popularity in 1984 in United States. In the first year, the game was sold over 20 million copies. Later Hasbro brought the Trivial Pursuit rights in 2008 for $80 million. In 1993, Trivial Pursuit was inducted in the “Games Hall of Fame” and still one of the top board games in the world.

7. Othello

Othello board, old board game lists
Othello board———-image credit: Wikimedia/Paul_012

Othello is a strategic board game which requires two players and an 8×8 uncheckered board. The game is played with sixty-four round discs which are light on one side and dark on the other side. Players take part in the game by assigning a color of the discs. The game is also known as “Reversi”. In this game, the players tries to turn his opponent’s disc color into his own color. Whoever has the most discs of his color by the time of last available square, will be the winner. The game was invented in 1883 by either of these two Englishmen, Lewis Waterman or John Mollett. World Othello Championship has been held since 1977 and Japan’s Yusuke Takanashi is the current Othello champion. Othello stands at no 7 in our list of top 10 best board games of all time.

6. Clue

Cluedo game board, top board games
Cluedo game board———–image credit: Wikimedia/TGabou

At the number 6 position of our list of top 10 best board games of all time is Clue. The game is also known as “Cluedo”. The game requires a lot of deductive reasoning skills. Clue was invented by Anthony E. Pratt in 1949 in Leeds, England. Cluedo is marketed as a classic Detective game with several versions of spinoffs. 2 to 6 players can play this game. Players move around the clue board and find out weapons and identity used in killing of Mr. Boddy. Thus the players accumulate information and the game progresses . By blocking the entrance of a room, one can prevent his opponent to enter a desired room and make a suggestion. The game has several versions now and Hasbro is now the publisher of clue under the name of “Cluedo: The classic mystery game”.

5. Monopoly

monopoly playing board, worlds best board games
monopoly playing board———–image credit: Wikipedia/Horst Frank

The current version of Monopoly was first introduced in 1943 by Parker Brothers. The game originated back in 1903 as a way to demonstrate that wealth creation is the root of happiness. The game also promoted the economic theory of Henry George and focused on women’s right that time in United States. Monopoly is is regarded as one of the best board games of all time in the world. the game is licensed over 103 countries of the world. it requires resource management skills and strategic mentality to play monopoly. The monopoly players try to buy as many properties as they can by their fake money. They can also develop their properties with hotels and houses. The wealthy players also rent money from his opponents. The players whose end up bankrupt, are out of the game. Now a days, Hasbro sells the Deluxe edition of monopoly.

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4. Scrabble

Scrabble board, list of popular board games
Scrabble board———–image credit: Wikimedia/thebarrowboy

Scrabble was designed by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938 and published by James Brunot. Two or four players score points by placing tiles that bear a single letter across a board either in left to right or downward fashion to form a word. The scrabble words are verified in an official scrabble players dictionary. Scrabble is sold over 121 countries throughout the world and roughly one-third Americans and half of the British families own a scrabble set. The scrabble board has been sold by Hasbro’s Parker’s Brothers division since 1999. The scrabble players should require enriched vocabulary skill to play this game.

3. Backgammon

Backgammon board, popular board games
Backgammon board———image credit: Pixabay/succo

Backgammon is considered as the oldest board games in the world. The proof of backgammon was found in the excavations of Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran, which is aged over 3000 BC. Backgammon is a combination of strategy and probability, which involves a lot of tactics. The game is played with a pair of dice. The player can move his pieces by throwing the dices on the board. One must have to move the pieces judiciously which is very important to anticipate the counter moves. The aim is to remove all of one’s own checkers from the board before the opponent does. The victory is awarded to the player with certain number of points. Now, in this modern era, backgammon software has been developed which is capable to beat world-class human players.

 2. Checkers

Checkers board, most played board games
Checkers board———image credit: Wikimedia/Jud McCranie

Checkers is also one of the oldest board games, which have been around since 3000 BC. The game was mentioned in ancient Greece, notably by the likes of Homer and Plato. The game is also known as “Draughts”. Checkers require two players and they are only allowed to make diagonal moves. The aim is to capture the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. Checkers have multiple variations. Some are played on 10×10, while American checkers are played on 8×8 board. The English draught world championship has been held since 1840. Most recently, Italy became the winner of world championship. Checkers is at no. 2 position in our list of top 10 best board games of all time.

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1. Chess

Chess board and pieces, best selling board games
Chess board and pieces———–image credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

Chess is the most popular board games in the world. Its root was found in India back in the sixth century. It a two-player game, played on a chessboard checkered with 64 squares in an 8×8 grid. The player begins the game with 16 pieces, one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. Each pieces have different power and different moves. The aim is to checkmate the opponent’s king. The game may also result in a draw in some situations. Chess is recognized by the International Olympic committee. The chess world championship has been controlled by FIDE. Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is the current world champion of chess.