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Chelsea seeking More Than Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic for Next Season

Chelsea seeking More Than Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic for Next Season, transfer to Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa
Diego Costa ; image credit

Many saw his return to Stamford Bridge as being a major indicator the Blues would lift the Premier League trophy again. But their deficiencies eventually restricted them to a third-place finish. Champions League semi-final is also no surprise for them.

May be Chelsea is lacking a true world class striker. They have plenty of talent in defense and midfield. So their downfall is probably the cause of striker.

Chelsea mustn’t be planning for being undefeated against the top four in the league. It can be a better prospect for the teams like Aston Villa, Sunderland or Crystal Palace. As these are the present struggling teams. They soaked up pressure before striking. They could have liked a shock victory against their opponents.

This season ended for Chelsea a little bitter way. In some cases they progressed but they had to put an end without being able to punish their opponent squads.

Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic:

Mourinho has already been quick to act for the remedy. He is waiting for Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid to arrive imminently. There is also another possibility. The Brazilian cum Spaniard could be joined in attack by another striker. This one is from Bayern Munich, Mario Mandzukic.

The World Cup event may be taking all the focus for the present month and half of the next. But these rumors prove that Chelsea have plenty of fans to be excited about even in this World Cup event.

Definitely, the potential of two big names (Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic) arriving at Stamford Bridge will whet the appetite. Still, there are confusions about the other front men from the Blues.

The English media is expecting that Chelsea will be finding an entirely new front line for them, next season.

Everyone is expecting, Fernando Torres as the biggest casualty. Even Chelsea star Demba Ba’s future is questioned. Many suggesting him to join the Turkish club Besiktas.

Another thing, Samuel Eto’o’s one-year contract will expire shortly. He hasn’t been offered a renewal. Romelu Lukaku is also in doubt. Will he be trading places with Diego Costa at Aletico Madrid??

Regardless of the talent he acquired, Mourinho could well be placing himself in a weaker position if he offloads all four players as suggested.

Chelsea seeking More Than Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic for Next Season, Mario Mandzukic, Croatia star
Mario Mandzukic ; image credit

Both the players Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic have proven their undoubted qualities in recent seasons. But it’s very difficult to rely that much on just two front men to carry the Blues’ hopes. Even it’ll be risky for Mourinho himself.

Chelsea would become incredibly weak, if one of these players get suspensions, injury or even loss of form. Their rivals will not allow them such weakness endured.

Manchester city have already big stars like Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Stevan Jovetic and Alvaro Negredo. They just need to choose from. While Liverpool also added Rickie Lambert to their ranks.

This is not a rare story. Similarly each of the clubs in this continent is trying to boost up their front line with enviable forwards. May be Mourinho needs to do the same. Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic can easily be the preference.

There is not many more options of clearing out the players who failed to prove themselves last season. The manager must find something more to flourish them. And this can be a greater solution for him.

Various times in the last stages of 2013 and 2014, Ba came to rescue Chelsea. He scored some the vital goals, especially against Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool. Fernando Torres also proved in Europe. He scored five goals in ten Champions League matches.

When given an opportunity, Lukaku also scores for the team. Though he was much more successful in Everton. But he tries his best to find some space for the Chelsea team.

Now that, in a situation like this Mourinho must take a decision. A decision about the former strikers and the upcoming twos. The World Cup 2014 have already seen, Diego Costa failed to prove for the Spaniards. Mandzukic still going on with pace and beauty. He can become a great addition for the Blues.

Yes of course, again after 12 months, we will be here discussing the transitions at Stamford Bridge. But Mourinho must be needing some urge to accomplish as to reside with the Blues for some more. Then the statistics will also be with us about Diego Costa and Mario Mandzukic at Chelsea.

barclays premier league club football football News flash recent

Chelsea Earn Record £99M in Prize Money

English club Chelsea earned around £99 million in the last Premier League campaign. The club have made a record to be the highest earning football club in the 2014/15 season. Jose Mourinho’s side finished the table with eight points ahead of Manchester City. Manchester City is another club who received the second-highest earning of £98.5 million.

On the other hand, Van Gaal’s Manchester United who finished fourth in the table, ultimately trumped 3rd place Arsenal in regard of financial prize. Manchester United have played more televised matches, which is 27, than the Gunners’ (25). That may be the reason for the Manchester United to stand above Arsenal in terms of prize money.

English Premier League’s lucrative prize money are focused after watching the money earned by the rest of the division. The last-placed Queens Park Rangers drop into the EPL championship for the second time in last three years and they were able to earn around £65 million. It was the most amount of money ever earned by a 20th -ranked club in the English Premier League history.

Chelsea Earn Record £99M in Prize Money, Chelsea flag
Chelsea FC Flag ; image credit

In the Barclays Premier League, all clubs have received a merit payment prize money their finishing position in the table. According to the Mail online, the last-placed QPR received £1,244,898 where the top-placed Chelsea earned a stunning £24,897,960.The calculation was so simple behind distributing the money. Each club’s total earning is multiplied by the number of places they finished in the English Premier League.

 Chelsea Earn Record Prize Money:

At least £8,775,160 has been handed to the EPL teams as the facility fees. The other thing includes, the number of times every club are shown live on UK television, which was at least 10 times for each club throughout the season. Dramatic storyline can also influence the prize money level for a side.

The last season of EPL was so eventful for the teams. With Manchester United’s tiresome quest for Champions League and Chelsea’s simple title win- the red devils were more popular on live TV than any other English club. Another club, Newcastle United battled with the relegation and an unexpected development throughout the season, drew the media attention more than any other teams. They appeared on TV 20 times and only five teams were able to exceed that media coverage.

As highlighted in the aforementioned table, all clubs receive the same distribution of money from overseas rights, as well as commercial payments.

The Sky Sports and BT Sport led the media in a £5 billion deal, confirming the Premier League’s tremendous financial value. Interest of this huge money continues to increase with time. This is undoubtedly a major factor for the competitiveness of the Premier league division which also involve numerous world class stars.

Chelsea being one of the richest clubs, have a huge task ahead of them. They will be hoping to continue their battle in the UEFA Champions League in the next season. They would be very much aware of Financial Fair Play rules by winning the big games.

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English Premier League revenue distribution:

Top earners in the table: Chelsea – £98,999,554.

Bottom earners in the table: QPR – £64,886,028.

Most facility fees for any club: Manchester United – £21,447,152 from 27 matches.

Least facility fees in the EPL: Stoke, West Brom, Leicester, Hull and Burnley – £8,775,160 from 10 matches.

All clubs receive: £21,968,793 which is a share of domestic broadcast rights; £4,392,630 – which is a share of central commercial revenue. £27,757,371 – which is a share of overseas broadcast rights;