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Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America

The Copa America is one of the prestigious football tournaments in the world. It is also the oldest football tournament in the world, starting from 1916. Formerly, the competition is known as ‘South American Football Championship’. South America is the region, where the game of football flourished better than any part of the world. Football is kind of a religion in this continent. Some greatest footballers were born here and brought glory for their countries. Footballers like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo all played their magnificent role in world football. In recent time, Messi, Neymar, Rodriguez, David Luiz are remarkable South American footballers who are shining in the world football.

Copa America 2015 is taking place in Chile from 11 June. Now, we have taken an initiative to enlist the top 10 all-time greatest records in Copa America. Let’s have a look and enjoy.

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America:

1. Most Titles

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most title winner
Uruguay in Copa America ; image credit

Uruguay National team are the most successful nation in the history of Copa America. The Uruguayans have won 15 Copa America titles. Uruguay won the competition defeating Paraguay by 3-0 in the final. Surprisingly, the runner-up Paraguay were able to reach the finals without winning a single game in the competition.

Their success in the final stage was determined by the way of penalty shoot-outs. However, Uruguay earned the right to play in 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil where they finished third.

2. Hosts

Argentina has hosted Copa America more times than any other nations in the South America. The nation arranged the tournament a record nine times with the last one in 2011. Uruguay are at second place having hosted the event seven times and Peru and Chile both share the third place for this record by hosting six tournaments each. On the other hand, Brazil have hosted only four occasions of this competition.

2015 Copa America is hosted by Chile in 9 different venues. As a matter of fact, the tournament was to be held in Brazil. But, after arranging 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, 2014 FIFA World Cup and preparing for the upcoming summer Olympics in 2016, they decided against hosting Copa America in 2015.

3. All-time top scorers

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, top scorer, Zizinho
Zizinho ; image credit

There are two players sharing the record for the most goals scored in the history of Copa America. They are Zizinho of Brazil and Norberto Mendez of Argentina. Both footballers have scored 17 goals in Copa America campaign. Severino Varela of Uruguay and Teodoro Fernandez are jointly placed second with scoring 15 goals each.

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, top scorer, Norberto Mendez
Norberto Mendez ; image credit

Agentina’s Norberto Mendez played 33 games for his country and won 3 Copa America titles and 3 Primera Division titles in his career. Zizinho, the Brazilian attacking mid-fielder was great player with his incredible array of offensive skills with both feet as well as extraordinary vision. He made 53 appearances for Brazil and scored 30 goals. Truly, the record is worthy enough to be included in the list of top 10 all-time greatest records in Copa America.

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4. Most appearances by player

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most appearence, Serjio Livingstone
Serjio Livingstone ; image credit

The Chilean goalkeeper, Serjio Livingstone held the record of most Copa America appearances. He played 34 Copa America matches, which is more than any other player. He took part in seven South American Championships and one world cup. Livingstone was nicknamed as “El Sapo”, (the Toad) for his trademark posture between the goal-post. The goal-keeper later became a well renowned journalist.

Brazil’s Zizinho is in the second place with 33 appearances while Leonel Alvarez and Carlos Valderrama share the third place with 32 appearances in Copa America.

5. Most successful coach

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most successful coach, Guillermo Stabile
Guillermo Stabile ; image credit

The Argentine footballer and manager Guillermo Stabile is the most successful coach in the history of Copa America. He led Argentina to victory in six Copa America tournaments: 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1955 and 1957. He coached the Argentine National side in 123 official matches gaining a total 83 victories, which made him one of the few coaches with more than 100 matches in charge of a national team.

As a footballer, Stabile was the top goal scorer of the first FIFA World Cup in 1930. He also played football in France and Italy.

6. Longest match

The longest match in the history of Copa America took place in 1919, in the 3rd Copa America competition, which was held in Brazil. It was a final match, where host Brazil beat Uruguay in the playoff match and claimed their first title. The match lasted a total of two and a half hours.

When the score was level after 90 minutes, it was needed an extra time, which was oddly consisted of four periods of 15 minutes each, not like two halves of 15 minutes as is still usual nowadays. It was a historic match for Brazil as they won their maiden title at home with 1-0 in the playoff against Uruguay.

7. Worst goalkeeper

The worst goalkeeper performance in the history of Copa America came in 1942, at the 17th edition of South American Championship, held in Uruguay. Ecuador goal-keeper Napoleon Medina became the most unlucky man, after conceding a record 31 goals in total. The record is still alive for the most goals ever conceded at a football tournament. Medina nearly broke his own record three years later conceding 27 goals as a goalkeeper.

Argentina’s remarkable victory came here when they beat Ecuador by 12-0. And also Uruguay can claim their most fascinating victory against Ecuador when they too crashed them by 7-0 in the 1942 Copa America competition. The record still remains in the book of Copa America.

8. Most goals in a match

Top 10 All-time Greatest Records in Copa America, most goals, Jose Manuel Monero
Jose Manuel Monero ; image credit

The record for the most goals scored in a Copa America match is five. The record has been accomplished four times in the history of Copa America. Firstly came by Hector Scarone for Uruguay against Bolivia in 1926, Juan Marvezzi for Argentina against Ecuador in 1941, Jose Manuel Monero for Argentina against Ecuador in 1942 and Evaristo de Macedo for Brazil against Colombia in 1957.

9. Longest unbeaten run

Uruguay is the nation holding the record for the longest unbeaten run in Copa America, when it comes to matches in a home nation. They hold the record of unbeaten for 38 matches in Uruguay. The unbeaten matches consist of 31 home victories and 7 draws. The last match Uruguay played at their home was a 1-1 draw against Brazil in 1995.

They became runner-up six times while winning the title a record 17 times. Uruguay’s record is considered to be included in the list of top 10 all-time greatest records in Copa America.

10. Red cards

Most amazingly, the first 21 years of Copa America saw no red cards in any of the matches. Juan Emilio Piriz of Uruguay was the first player to be sent off by straight red card in a match against Chile in 1937.

The first 21 years of the Copa America saw no red cards in any of the matches. The first player to be sent off at the tournament was Juan Emilio Piriz of Uruguay when he was shown a straight red card in a match against Chile in 1937. The Uruguayans lost the game by 0-3 to Chile. So far, a total of 169 red cards have been shown in the history of Copa America.

copa america football history international football Top 10

Top 10 Greatest Matches in Copa America History

Copa America is a South American football competition where the teams play for their greatness. The tournament is famous for producing all-action games with goals, drama and close competitions. The tournament was started way back in 1916. There are some 43 editions of Copa America have already taken place. Along the way of about 100 years, there have been some unforgettable encounters between the South American nations.

Here we will provide you with the top 10 greatest matches in Copa America. From unexpected shock to enormous goal fests, we revisit some of the closest as well as greatest encounters in the history of Copa America.

10 Greatest Matches in Copa America:

10. Chile 4-0 Brazil, 1987

Chile were heading into their group decider in a match against Brazil. For the Chileans, there was nothing less than victory would suffice if they were to advance to the semi-finals of Copa America. That was followed by the most historic performance ever produced by the Chile national team. The Brazil team, featuring Rai, Muller and Careca had dominated the first-half of the game. It was none but the Chile goal-keeper Roberto Rojas, who resisted the mighty Brazilians. Just before the break, Ivo Basay scored which nodded the underdogs ahead of the game.

Then the minors did not look back. Juan Carlos Letelier doubled the lead and then Basay headed to score from a corner in his second. After that, again Letelier put a real gloss on the score line with a delightful forth in Brazil’s net. The historic match is considered in the top 10 greatest matches in Copa America.

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9. Argentina (2) 2-2 (4) Brazil, 1995

Brazil had a breathless opening when Edmundo and Abel Balbo scored two early goals in the match. Just before the half-time, Argentine striker Gabriel Batistuta edged Argentina back in front after smashing the ball in from a tight angle. There was a controversial twist to come when, Tulio clipped home an equalizer goal following a blatant hand ball, with nine minutes remaining of the game. Brazil went on to prevail the match, when captain Dunga converting the winning penalty-kick.

8. Brazil 3-2 Mexico, 1997

With both teams having won their first game in 1997 Copa, the match was a battle for Group C supremacy in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Mexico striker Luis Hernandez had put El tri two goals ahead by a thumping header and a close range finish. The Brazilian center-back Aldair inspired his side’s fight back with a header of his own just two minutes within the second half of the game. Very soon, the equalizer came when Mexican defender, Camilo Romero diverted Romario’s goal bound effort into the roof of his own net.

The hapless Mexican defender was again proved wrong for the Brazil’s third goal, when Leonardo robbed the ball from him on the touchline and could only watch on as the left-footer surged into the box before unleashing a wonderful winning goal.

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7. Colombia 2-3 Chile, 1999

It was a quarter-final showdown match in Paraguay. The fate of that crucial match was swinging back and forth before it was finally decided by one of Chile’s great footballers of all-time. Jorge Bolano of Colombia crashed with an opener from the edge of the box early on. Pedro Reyes immediately leveled the score with an unchallenged header from a sharp corner. By the interval, the Colombians were back in the game as Victor Bonilla took advantage of some sloppy Mexican defense.

But, it was Pedro Reyes who restored the parity five minutes in the second part with another amazing header. The Chilean captain Ivan Zamorano eventually settled the contest, latching on to a long-ball expertly to take his team into the semi-finals of 1999 Copa America. The match is ranked at no 7 in our list of top 10 greatest matches in Copa America.

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6. Peru (2) 3-3 (4) Mexico, 1999

It was another thrilling quarter-final clash from the 1999 Copa America, where Mexico eventually squeezed past Peru on penalty shoot-out. The first half of the game was unrelenting as both teams shared a total five goals. Peru made a dream start with José Pereda and Roberto Palacios who put them two up inside a quarter mark of an hour. The Mexican striker Luis Hernandez hauled his side back on terms with a well taken double to level the score.

However, Peru got the lead as Nolberto Solano curled the ball from just outside the box. Just three minutes remaining at the clock, Gererdo Torrado’s long-ranger flew into the Peru’s net for an equalizer. Then when the penalty shoot-out took place, the Mexicans held their nerve from spot, scoring four out of four as Peru crashed out in a 2-4 defeat.

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5. Brazil 0-2 Honduras, 2001

Arguably, the match was the biggest upset in the history of Copa America. The mighty Brazil stumped by the minnow Honduras in a shameful way. Although Brazil team were devoid of some star players, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Romario, there was hardly anyone who could foresee such a result as Honduras defeated Brazil in a giant-killer show that night. After finishing a goal-less first half, Honduras bounced the Brazilian net when Juliano Belletti deflected a Saul Martinez header into his own net on 57th minutes.

Brazil found their miserable end when Martinez coolly slotted home at death to seal a 0-2 victory. Brazil’s unexpected defeat sent a shock wave throughout South American football. Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Brazil coach, commented afterwards,

“I, Big Phil, will go down in history of football as the Brazil coach who lost to Honduras. It’s a horrible night for me but Honduras played better than our boys and they deserved the victory”

4. Argentina (2) 2-2 (4) Brazil, 2004

Top 10 Greatest Matches in Copa America History, Copa America 2004
Copa America 2004 ; image credit

The 2004 Copa America in Peru saw a classic climax as the rivals Argentina and Brazil squared up for the first time in a one-off final showdown in the history of Copa America. The game took the breath away in every seconds until the final whistle of the match. Argentina led the score when Kily Gonzalez scored from a penalty after a foul by Luisão. The big Brazilian defender immediately revenged with a header on the stroke of half-time.

Argentina’s Cesar Delgado looked to have won it when he fired past Julio Cesar with just three minutes remaining of the game. The fate was yet to be decided when the top scorer Adriano rifled home with a level in the injury-time of the match. At the penalty shoot-out Argentina broke their nerves in a 2-4 defeat to Brazil. The closest encounter of that match put it on the list of top 10 greatest matches in Copa America.

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3. Chile 1-6 Brazil, 2007

After losing to Brazil by 3-0 in the group stage, Chile were out for revenge in the quarter-final clash. The strategy went wrong for the Chileans as the Brazilians turned in their best performance on the way to grab their fourth titles in last five tournaments. Brazil led the score by 3-0 within the first half as Juan, Julio Baptista and Robinho scored one by another. Just after the break, Robinho striked again while Josue and Wagner Love added two more. Humberto Suazo scored from a delicate chip as a consolation when it was way too late.

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2. Uruguay (4) 2-2 (5) Brazil, 2007

The match is regarded as an unforgettable semi-final match in the history of Copa America. The match was heart throbbing in every point of view. Brazilian full-back Maicon stabbed a rebound to put Brazil ahead, but the lead was wiped out when Diego Forlan fired the ball into the net. On 40th minutes of the game, Julio Baptista bundled home an awesome free-kick.

Uruguayan striker Sebastian Abreu scored an equalizer to take the game to penalties. Brazil seized the moment in the close penalty shoot-out as Gilberto coolly netted the ball between the Uruguayan posts.

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1. Argentina (4) 1-1 (5) Uruguay, 2011

Top 10 Greatest Matches in Copa America History, copa america 2011
Copa America 2011 ; image credit

This time, Uruguay didn’t disappoint their fans in shoot-out. There may have been only two goals, but the match contained almost everything else. Uruguay’s Diego Perez opened the scoring on five minutes from a close range and then collecting himself two yellow cards before sending off the pitch. Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain had responded promptly by glancing in a Lionel Messi cross.

And then numerous chances were created from both sides with great goalkeeping performances. Ultimately, the match went down on penalty shoot-out where Carlos Tevez proved the fall guy for the Argentines, missing his side’s only effort, which allowed Martin Caceres to score the final goal in deciding the fate of that breathtaking match.