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Spain vs Chile: Defending Champions are the first to be eliminated!

Spain vs Chile: Defending Champions are the first to be eliminated!, defending champions, world cup 2014, Brazil 2014, group events
Spain vs Chile ; image credit David Ramos

Is there actually any explanation? The Spain manager, Vicente del Bosque couldn’t have one! Truly the defending champions are the first team to get back home from the tournament, after the unbelievable match, Spain vs Chile.

Probably now we can conclude that the era is ended, unexpectedly ended with a sigh. Two European Championships and one World Cup, good time it was. But it’s over, at least it appears like the very end.

After Brazil steamrollered Spain 3-0 in the Confederations Cup, Del Bosque had to face situations like this. There were quite the same puzzles around. But the last 12 months suggested that he had found some of the answers. You can off-course say that, especially when Spain won eight of their next ten fixtures in preparation for their return to the leadership. Though there was a thrilling 2-2 draw with the same opponent in September was one of only two setbacks for the defending Champions.

After the Confederations Cup final Del Bosque admitted that Brazil were better than them. At that time he also congratulated them for the victory. He said,

“They had more energy than us and they channeled that into every move they made”

And the history just repeated itself on Wednesday as Chile swarmed Spain’s midfield and pressed with rabid persistence. Defending Champions were overwhelmed. Also there was a matter to be noticed, their former conductor Xavi Hernandez was completely left unused on the side bench.

Year ago, it appeared like the Spain team probably need to search for a new striker. Del Bosque had to react that Fernando Torres’ time had undeniably passed. Again a few months later Fernando Llorente failed to take his chance against South Africa. Though he proved himself with his impressive season for Juventus. Yes and obvious, these were not the answers for Del Bosque at that time. Alvaro Negredo couldn’t also let himself to be chosen for World Cup 2014.

May be the plan was to answer the problem exposed by Brazil, by a Brazilian. Spain rushed through Diego Costa’s international transfer and then rushed the striker back to fitness following a hamstring injury. Spain hoped, Costa will provide a similarly brusque finish, like the way Fred’s two goals tore Spain apart in June 2013.

When Costa trudged off after 64 minutes at Maracana, we could easily understand that the plan didn’t actually work. The Atletico Madrid forward has failed to manage a single shot on target for the defending champions. And now the man he is expected to replace at Chelsea this summer. But Roman Abramovich may now have to think twice about another expensive striking gamble.

We know, Costa is more effective than his performance last day. But Chile simply didn’t allow him the space to be at his devastating best. Along with all their individual skills, Jorge Sampaoli’s side can now be considered genuine contenders for the trophy this time. Spain previously employed their quick and transitional tiki-taka to slice open opponents. But may be Chile were comfortably aware of the game plan and the way to hurt the defending champions back.

Sampaoli at the press briefing said,

“I’ll never forget today’s match and I feel very proud of my boys. They believe in one idea and that’s why we’re so dangerous”

He is also expecting to determine this Chile team as the best ever for them.

The Spaniard are now left to ponder their return to the pedestal. This time the future of the exaggerated tiki-taka is well well predictable. Hope for the youth ranks and the players who just missed out on the World Cup squad, will come back stronger at France 2016. There are probable chances to have changes in every prospective aspects, even for the managerial post for Del Bosque himself. As he admitted,

“It’s true that when such things happen during the World Cup there are consequences, we will have to take a decision for what is best for Spanish football and that applies to myself as well”

Basketball bio history

NBA Finals History Wiki and Champions List

NBA finals history starts with legend Larry O’Brien trophy. However, as noted above, the design of the trophy would remain the same which was established in 1977. The latter period of the history of NBA champions began in 1984 with the renaming of the trophy given to the winning team of the big end NBA finals history by the name of Larry O’Brien.

Peculiarities of NBA Finals History

This new era, which extends to the present, has been marked by the great domain mainly three teams. Two of them had already left their mark on the NBA finals history. We talked about Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls, these specially thank legend Michael Jordan, has been much talk in recent decades.

The Lakers played in 13 occasions in the final of the last decades, winning in 8 seasons NBA finals history list (1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009 and 2010). The Chicago, meanwhile, has disputed the NBA finals history six times, winning in few final has played (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998).

The Boston Celtics have not been so successful in recent decades as above, contesting the NBA finals history six times and winning half (1984, 1986, 2008). However, there have been teams that have great performance in recent times. A good example is the Miami Heat, a team that in recent years are giving much to talk about making memorable seasons. The Miami team has achieved in recent decades, participate in a total of four NBA finals history, winning three times (2006, 2012 and 2013).

NBA Finals History Wiki and Champions List, nba finals history, wiki, list, champions
NBA finals history ; image credit

Moreover, San Antonio Spurs is also showing in recent times to be a team to be reckoned as Larry O’Brien Trophy winner, winning four of the five he has played (1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007). Also the Detroit Pistons have made great seasons in the most contemporary to our times decades. In fact, Detroit has attended no less than seven times, but getting only winning three (1989, 1990 and 2004).

Finally include the Houston Rockets, who have managed to contest the NBA finals history three times, winning two (1994 and 1995).

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Results: History of NBA Champions

In 1984 Los Angeles Lakers lost to Boston Celtics in a very even final which ended 3-4 in favor of Boston, which represented the seventh meeting between the teams, resulting hitherto had always been the same.

However, Los Angeles Lakers would soon nip bad run of results in the NBA finals history against Boston Celtics. And is that the following year, in 1985, the Lakers got the victory in the final he faced them at Verdiblanco a fairly strong team 4-2 in the eighth that represent NBA finals history that faced both sets. The following year, he was the Boston Celtics who won the NBA finals history to the Houston Rockets in an exciting finale that ended 2-4.

It was in 1987 when there was the ninth clash between two of the most legendary NBA finals history sets, such as Boston Celtics and LA Lakers. The Lakers, however, came back to win the NBA finals history against the team of Boston getting repeat the last result in a duel against the Celtics, 4-2. The Los Angeles again won the NBA finals history the following year, in 1988. Although at that time the opponent was Detroit Pistons who were about to win the final, but ended up losing by a narrow 4-3.

NBA Finals History Wiki and Champions List, list, wiki, crowd at finals
Crowd at NBA finals ; image credit

However, in 1989 he returned to dispute an NBA finals history between Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Pistons, and in this case the Detroit team showed no mercy endorsing the legendary 4-0 Lakers. The Detroit came back to win the NBA finals history in 1990 against the Portland Trail Blazers for a 1-4 result again forceful than to presume that the Detroit team began a period of success.

And Detroit would not arrive at the following NBA finals history and serious Chicago Bulls, led by basketball legend Michael Jordan world, who the following three NBA finals history will take, the years 1991, 1992 and 1993. These disputed at LA Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns with results from 1-4, 2-4 and 2-4 respectively.

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Houston Rockets would become the team to win two NBA finals history in the 90s by the all-powerful Chicago Bulls. In this case, the Rockets managed to eliminate New York Knicks and Orlando Magic 4-3 and 4-0 respectively in 1994 and 1995. The next three tournaments again be the team led by Michael Jordan spectacular.

Thus, the Chicago team does make for the only team to get six trophies in the history of the NBA finals history. In 1996 they won the Seattle Super Sonics 2-4 and on two occasions, 1997 and 1998, the Utah Jazz 2-4 on both occasions.

NBA Finals History Wiki and Champions List, wiki, list, 2008 champions
NBA finals 2008 ; image credit

1999 San Antonio Spurs faced and New York Knicks to get the ring champions of the NBA finals history. It was a final in which San Antonio Spurs gave a display of good basketball, getting a 4-1 win. From NBA finals history wiki, the next three years were Los Angeles Lakers. The team was led by Shaquille O’Neal another of the great legends of the NBA.

In this way they got beat Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets 4-2, 4-1 and 4-0 respectively, making three of the most beautiful end as to what kind regards. Los Angeles Lakers lose in 2004 against Detroit Pistons 1-4 and in 2008 against the Boston Celtics 2-4, which meant the eleventh confrontation between both sets.

The following years would be dominated by a striking San Antonio Spurs, who managed to win the NBA finals history of 2003, 2005 and 2007 against New Jersey Nets, Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2, 4-3 and 4-0 respectively. Miami Heat in 2006 began to show its teeth beating Dallas Maverick by 2-4. Same final was repeated in 2011 with inverse result, 4-2 for Team Dallas. However, the success of Miami happens again in 2012 and 2013, this time led by an extraordinary LeBron James. In these last times they beat Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs by 1-4 and 3-4.

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Bottom Line: NBA finals history is just like the list of NBA records. This history went through ups and down and still running in the way to make a new history.

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Barcelona Won Champions League Final 2015 as a Worthy Side

It was well known for everyone that Juventus would be seen as underdogs against Barcelona in Champions league Final 2015. Probably the moment, they secured their place in the final, they could have felt the strength of Luis Enrique’s side. Anyone who watched the match live, will definitely appreciate Juventus for their efforts for the trophy. They played very well, in fact throughout the whole League. May be it wasn’t enough to defeat the most powerful football team in Europe.

Definitely the Bianconeri have enjoyed unrivaled dominance in Serie A. Even they could also distinguish themselves from the very best side of La Liga. Yet, they were supplied enough confidence, especially after their win over another La Liga giant Real Madrid in the semifinal. Probably they were determined to give a good account of themselves in Berlin.

“We started out with the important aim of getting into Europe’s top eight. Now we’ll look to finish first”

–          as per coach Massimiliano Allegri.

He was also trying to have a second thought of not just stopping Barcelona. He tried to build his own way of play to win the Champions League final 2015. Everyone knew, the game will never finish goalless.

Barcelona vs Juventus: Champions League Final 2015

The first shock was determined for Juventus. It was even before the game started. They had to endure the loss of Giorgio Chiellini to injury just a few days earlier. Coach Allegri mentioned of this problem earlier and finally it was proven, when Andres Iniesta ran unchecked into the box and linked up with Jordi Alba.

Barcelona Won Champions League Final 2015 as a Worthy Side, UCL Final
Champions League final 2015 ; image credit

It was quite a superb pass by the Barcelona skipper. And Ivan Rakitic footed past a helpless Gigi Buffon the first lead. Vidal had the chance to equalize and missed. The Chilean eventually received a yellow card for a foul on Neymar. Buffon continued excellent stops. In fact the Catalan side were unfortunate enough, not to get another advantage into the half-time.

After the break, it was again the Juventus captain, who made another unbelievable stop from Luis Suarez. Then, when the Spanish champions seemed set to be winners, Juventus came storming back into the game. Claudio Marchisio sent Lichtsteiner away down the right, while the full-back finding Carlos Tevez with a neat pass of his own.

Alvaro Morata reacted quickest, tapping in the rebound to net his fifth goal in his last seven Champions League matches. The former Real Madrid star enjoying his strike to the fullest.

Juventus stood toe-to-toe with Barcelona for the next few minutes. It seemed like they also deserve the Europian Title. Some of the moments were really crucial for the Catalans to keep calm. The Italians hardly reflected on that time that their opponents will net twice more to win the Champions League Final 2015.

Juventus truly have a very poor record in European Cup finals. They have just won twice in eight appearances. Supporters may have blamed for such worthless accomplishment after reaching this stage. It will take time for the pain of defeat to ease. But all must acknowledge, this was undoubtedly a remarkable campaign for the Italian side.

They need to focus on feature. Morata perhaps summed up the situation best, speaking to Sky Italia immediately after the game –

“This is a great squad, a great family and we must continue working hard. This team has no limits, it can win the Champions League and the directors are working to build an even stronger side”

club football football News flash recent uefa champions league

UCL 2015 Final: Barcelona’s Triumph Built on Teamwork

It is very charming to watch Lionel Messi playing football at his own pace. You will forget other 10 men on the pitch while watching Leo in action. The Argentine captain is so mesmeric and marvelous. In the champions league final, there was a beautiful Leo Messi move, where he float forward, making an one-two exchange with Neymar and Suarez, before striking the ball an inch wide of the top left corner of the post. Juventus goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon was turning his head, with his heart in his mouth, in order to see the ball heading in or over.

Neymar and Suarez, the cunning forward were perfectly in sync with what Lionel Messi was trying to do. After Messi’s goal that won Barca La Liga, two other goals that won them Copa del Rey, everybody thought it will be none but Lionel Messi’s goal would make the difference in Barcelona vs Juventus UCL Final 2015 .

UCL 2015 Final: Barcelona vs Juventus

And of course Leo was the key in Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Juventus in the UCL 2015 Final. Lionel Messi was the prime catalyst for the Barca’s first goal by kicking a pinpoint-accurate ball from the deep to Jordi Alba’s feet on the left of the penalty area. Then Ivan Rakitic flashed his shot across Buffon and into the net. But it was Lionel Messi who started the move. Jordi Alba, Neymar and the brilliant Iniesta put their contribution to the ball, with the latter finally bursting into the penalty box at the perfect moment to square it for Ivan Rakitic.

UCL 2015 Final: Barcelona’s Triumph Built on Teamwork, lionel messi
Barcelona’s skipper ; image credit

Every players of Barcelona played their respective part to perfection in that game. With Neymar’s superbly timed pass for Iniesta and everyone’s contribution was just amazing. The goal was to be considered as a team-goal out of several perfect individual actions. All other 10 outfield players touched the ball in building up that goal.

Barcelona has become strongest with bundles of talented players. Barca goal keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen has produced some matured display all through the Champions League as well as La Liga. Dani Alves. On other hand, has turned to be a big match boy, by putting consistently impressive displays, especially in big important games. And Gerard Pique has been quite outstanding for past few months, while Javier Mascherano has shut down his doubters both on the pitch and out of it.

Jordi Alba has proved to be wonderfully consistent in his playing, with his streak down the pitch to set up a goal for Neymar in Barcelona’s Copa del Rey win over Althletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon. Sergio Busquets has been showing supreme confidence throughout the season.

For Andres Iniesta, it has been a tough campaign as Barcelona’s approach seemed top-heavy before turning the year. However, it was Andres Iniesta who was awarded the man of the match in the Champions league final. As an assistant for Rakitic’s goal and two other mind blowing passes, and doing some extraordinary ball distribution, it was only Iniesta to be awarded the man of match.

Then, time for Xavi came, he entered replacing Iniesta when Barcelona was struggling to control the game despite 2-1 lead. When Iniesta left the pitch, putting the captain’s armband on Xavi, and telling him to go on and bring the cup him in his final match for the club, it was a memorable moment to see.

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Xavi did his duty, winning his 25th trophy for Barcelona in 17-long season career. Barcelona manager Luis Enrique has used Xavi consistently as a substitute. The commander of the match came right at the moment when Barcelona looked to be pressurized. Xavi did exactly what a perfect captain would do in that situation of the game.

Ivan Rakitic was the first man to score in this vital game. Rakitic was actually the can-opener and it’s not the first time this season. He was the opening goal-scorer for Barcelona on five other occasions this season. When the attackers have been locked down, Ivan Rakitic is the man upon whom everyone can depend. But, that doesn’t happen frequently, when Messi, Suarez and Neymar are playing in one team. The MSN triad have scored an unbelievable 122 goals so far in all competitions this season, which has become a record for an attacking trident in Spanish football.

Barcelona emphasized the “team” nature for the victory in the UCL 2015 Final. The team was consisted of Claudio Bravo (the Zamora trophy winner), Jeremy Mathieu (first goal in the Clasico) and many more talents, enough to be the best among all European clubs.