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Top 10 young footballers in EPL

With the start of the new Barclays Premier League season of 2014/15 just a few weeks away, we are here to look at some youngsters who will be making the differences. We present you the list of top 10 young footballers in EPL in this Premier League season.

When the season gets underway all the players will be 21 or even younger but they still have plenty of experience. In our list, players from top English Clubs seem to dominate. There is several reasons to be hopeful for the future for fans on Merseyside as the Everton and Liverpool players account for half of the list.

Young footballers in English Premier League:

1. Ross Barkley

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ross barkley——–image via:

For Everton Ross Barkley produced a string of impressive performances last season. It was a real breakout season for him. The 20- year-old midfielder featured in total 34 Premier League games and netted six goals. Towards the end of the last season, his superb effort was most notable.

Ross Barkley has already collected nine caps for England national team, making his debut in September 2013. His Brazil World Cup experience will have done him good and we can expect to see another strong season from Barkley this year.

Ross Barkley has made his place in our list of top 10 young footballers in EPL.

2. Raheem Sterling

young footballers, promising young footballers, young english footballers, raheem sterling
raheem sterling goal celebration——–image via:

The 19 year-boy, Raheem Sterling has two seasons of first team experience in the bag. Sterling already earned Liverpool’s first choice 11 and it is hardly surprising considering the trouble that he causes for the opponent defenders. His dribbling abilities, his equal capacity to play on the left, right or even in the center, made him one of the few highlights of England’s World Cup campaign. In the World Cup match against Italy, his excellent display caused numerous problems for the Azzurri. In the next upcoming season, Raheem Sterling has a great chance to improve in order to fill the void left by Luis Suarez’s exit.

3. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, young footballers, young football players, top young footballers, young football stars
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain———image via:

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, another exciting youngster made his debut for the England National team in May 2012 as an 18 year old. He already travelled to two major tournaments and represented England 15 times. The pacey and exciting winger like Oxlade-Chamberlain can light up games with his darting runs down the wings and is capable of grabbing several goals over the course of the next season. His last campaign was disrupted by a number of injuries and his club Arsenal will be hoping that they can keep him fresh this season. If Arsenal want to push on and have their first serious title challenge, Chamberlain will be a vital ingredient for them.

4. Adnan Januzaj

Adnan Januzaj, young footballers, young football stars, young talented footballers, promising young footballers, young english footballers
Adnan Januzaj——–image via:

Though Manchester United had their worst ever Premier League Season, the only highlight for them was the emergence of Adnan Januzaj. The 19 year old Belgian made his debut as a late substitute against Wigan and then went on to quickly establish himself as a regular in the first team. He eventually appeared 35 times and netted four goals in all competitions. Adnan Januzaj is equally comfortable in a central attacking midfield or in the wing. His excellent dribbling abilities and passes made him one of the finest young footballers in Europe. If Januzaj will able to gain more consistency this season, he could be a real star in the Premier League.

5. Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw, promising young footballers, young english footballers
Luke Shaw—–image credit:

It has been a meteoric rise for the 19 year-old, Luke Shaw while Manchester United paid £30 million for the left back, making him the most expensive ever teenager this summer. In January 2012, Luke Shaw made his debut for Southampton and with some excellent performances he quickly came to the attention to the Premier League Clubs. After some eye catching skills, he made his debut for The England National team in February 2014, before being included in the World Cup squad. Hopefully he will occupy the number three role for England for the best part of the next decade.

He is one of the young footballers in the English Premier League in this season.

6. Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku, young footballers, young football players, top young footballers, young football stars
Romelu Lukaku——-image via:

Romelu Lukaku, the 21 year-old is a proven goalscorer in the English Premier League. In the last two seasons while playing on loan for West brom and Everton, he bagged 32 goals in the last two seasons. He put himself ahead of established stars like Daniel Sturridge, Sergio Aguero and Wayne Rooney during the same period. However, the question is why Chelsea would let him go? He returned to Everton and it seemed that the loss of Chelsea is Everton’s gain. We can certainly expect more of the same from Lukaku this season as he is determined to push them into the top four.

7. John Stones

John Stones, top young footballers, young football stars
John Stones——image via:

The 20-year-old, John Stones is another product of the youth system at Goodison Park. After his debut on New Year’s day this year, he made himself the heart of Everton defence. Less than six months later, john Stones picked up his cap for England against Peru. Although he didn’t make it to the World Cup, but there is evidence that John Stones has the eminent potential to be a star for Three Lions in near future. He will likely be in the first choice 11 for Everton when the season kicks off. If he continues to improve more and more, it shouldn’t be long before he becomes regular for England National team.

8. James Ward-Prowse

James Ward-Prowse, young footballers, young football players, top young footballers, young football stars
James Ward-Prowse——-image via:

In the upcoming 2014/15 season, it will be a great chance for the Southampton midfielder to be the main man. Last season, he showed a tremendous ability with the ball and established himself as a first team regular. Ward-Prowse will be seen as a key man for Southampton this season and it will be right time to make a real name for himself. If Ward-Prowse can handle the extra responsibility, it could well be that he will go on to greater things in this season. On the other hand, it will be hard for Southampton to keep hold of him too.

9. Jon Flanagan

jon flanagan, young talented footballers, promising young footballers, young english footballers
jon flanagan——–image via:

Jon Flanagan, the 21 year-old got his opportunity last season because of several injuries in Liverpool. He made some excellent performances in his unfamiliar position of left-back. Although he is more comfortable in the right side of defence, Jon Flanagan looked assured on the left-back and his marvelous form earned plenty of plaudits. For the right-back role he has got Glen Johnson. As it will help him to get more game time, his flexibility could prove to be a great benefit for the Reds. Jon Flanagan earns his debut for England this summer against Ecuador. If he can maintain the rhyme in the club level, we can see him wear more caps for England side too.

10. Ben Davies

ben davies, young footballers, young football players, top young footballers, young football stars, young talented footballers, promising young footballers, young english footballers
ben davies———–image via:

Two years ago, Ben Davis made his professional debut for Swansea. Since then, the 21-year-old boy went on to play 85 times for Swansea and also appeared ten matches for Wales. His consistency and strong performance drew the attentions of the big clubs from the English Premier League, like Tottenham Hotspur. Ben Davis possesses the quality to make a name for himself at White Hart Lane, but as bigger the club as higher the pressure. He will have to cope with all of that, for the sack of making his career great.

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Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in 2015

Football is a game of passion; it’s a game of thrill yet excitement. All across the globe the game has earn immense popularity and it is liked by the huge masses of people. In fact Football is considered as the ‘Most popular Sport’ around the world.

The players, the managers and the assistants, the physios and many others contribute to build a team and various football clubs are formed. Each of these clubs comprise of players belonging to different countries, teams, and they step onto the field to compete with each other.

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Today Sporty ghost will focus on the list of Top 10 richest football clubs in 2014. So, just relax and scroll down to have a sneak peak of this list of richest football clubs in 2014.

Top 10 richest football clubs in 2014

10. Liverpool (England)

Liverpool FC, richest football clubs, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world
Liverpool FC———image via:

Liverpool is a famous football club in England, commonly known as “The Reds”. After establishing 122 years ago, Liverpool F.C is one of the most successful football clubs in England. It remains at no 10 position on our list of top 10 richest football clubs in 2014 with a value of $691 million.

In the 2012/13 season its revenue was $313 million and the operating income was $61 million. The last English Premier League season of 2013/14 made the club qualify for the Champions League for the first time since 2008/09.

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9. Juventus (Italy)

Juventus FC, richest football clubs, forbes richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs
Juventus FC——–image via:

Juventus football club, Fidanzata d’Italia (The Girlfriend of Italy), is the most successful and historic club worldwide. Overall the club have won 56 official titles in the national and international stage, more than any other clubs in Italy. Current value of Juventus is $850 million. In the year 2012/13, the revenue was $354 million.

In the same year the operating income was $66 million. Its not the all of Juventus’s achievement. They have won second consecutive domestic League title and also reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League gathering $85 million more among the top football teams. Juventus remains at 9th position in our list of Top 10 richest football clubs in 2014.

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8. A.C Milan (Italy)

AC Milan, richest football clubs, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world, forbes richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs, top richest football clubs
AC Milan——–image via:

A.C Milan is the second most successful club in world football in terms of international trophies along with Boca Juniors. The current value of A.C Milan is $856 million and in 2012/13 season with the revenue of $343 million and an operating income of $47 million, it remains in No. 8 position on our list.

However the owner Silvio Berlusconi is thinking to sell a minority stake in the club for raising the fund to build a new stadium.

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7. Manchester City (England)

manchester city, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world, forbes richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs, top richest football clubs
Manchester City winning EPL title————image

In 2008, the club was purchased by the Abu Dhabi United Group and has become one of the wealthiest football clubs around the world. They are capable enough to buy quality players from different countries in order to win trophies. The following year, The Citizens won the Premier League title, their first for 44 years.

The club is valued $863 million currently and has remained at 7th on our list. Manchester city has gathered revenue of $411 million with an operating loss of $18 million in the year of 2012/13.

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6. Chelsea (England)

Chelsea Football Club, richest football clubs, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world
Chelsea Football Club——-image via:

Since July 2003, the English football club Chelsea, commonly known as “The Blues” has been owned by Russian multimillionaire Roman Abramovich. With a current value of $868 million, Chelsea has gained 6th place in the list of Top 10 richest football clubs in 2014.

For the year of 2012/13 the club had a revenue of $394 million and operating income of $61 million. Other than this, their 10 year-contract with Adidas on kits was worth about $450 million!

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5. Arsenal (England)

arsenal, richest football clubs, forbes richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs, top richest football clubs
Arsenal, “The Gunners”——-image via:

Arsenal has one of the highest incomes and largest fanbases in the world. According to Forbes’s 2014 estimation, “the Gunners” was valued by $1.33 billion. The club’s revenue remains $370 million and operating income is $38 million.

In 2012/13 season, Arsenal was qualified for the UEFA Champions League for 16th consecutive year and departed the tournament at the round of 16 for the third consecutive year. Rank 5 has been listed for The gunners on our list.

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4. Bayern Munich (Germany)

FC Bayern Munich, richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs, top richest football clubs
FC Bayern Munich——-image via:

Bayern Munich is one of the most successful European football Clubs internationally. With 23 titles Bayern has been the dominant club in German football. The current value of Bayern Munich is $1.85 billion.

For the year 2012-13, it’s revenue was $561 million and the operating income for the same year was $122 million. Bayern Munich is the second-biggest sports club in the world in terms of membership with 262,077 officially registered members.

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3. Manchester United (England)

manchester united, richest football clubs, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world, worlds richest football clubs
Manchester United, always united——–image via:

Manchester United is one of the most widely supported football teams in the world. Current value of Man U is $2.81 billion. With the annual revenue of $551 million, Manchester United is the third richest club on our list.

Their operating income remained $165 million. After an unsuccessful last season, Louis Van Gaal took the responsibility of this club. Lets see what magic will the Dutch coach do…

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2. Barcelona (Spain)

barcelona, richest football clubs, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world, forbes richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs, top richest football clubs
FC Barcelona————-image via:

With a winning of overall 82 official titles, Barcelona is the most successful club in Spain. On December 2009, Barcelona was ranked first in the ‘All-Time Club World Ranking’ by IFFHS. In Spain, the club has a long standing rivalry with Real Madrid and the matches between them are referred as “El Classico”.

FC Barcelona having a current value of $3.2 billion stand at No 2 position on our list of richest football clubs. The club’s revenue was $627 million while the operating income was $154 million in the year of 2012/13. Now, Barcelona are planning to expand their Camp Nou stadium to a capacity of 105,000 from 99,000. The expansion cost will be $800 million.

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1. Real Madrid ( Spain)

real madrid, top 10 richest football clubs, richest football clubs in the world, forbes richest football clubs, worlds richest football clubs, top richest football clubs
Real Madrid, the real Heroes—————image via:

Now , here we are, the most valuable and richest of all football club. It’s Real Madrid. With a current value of $3.44 billion, Real Madrid is leading our list of Top 10 richest football club in 2014. In the year,2012/13 the club a revenue of $675 million with $172 million operative income.

Real Madrid have established themselves as one of the major force in both Spanish and European football. The club was named “ Best European Club of the 20th Century” by IFFHS. In 2013/14 season, Real Madrid owned UEFA Champions League title for the tenth times. Yes, Real Madrid is the club of honor and glory.

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barclays premier league club football News flash recent

United goalkeeper David De Gea persuading Cesc Fabregas to Join ManU

David De Gea has admitted that he is trying to persuade Barcelona star to join Manchester United.

This Spanish Red Devils stopper is looking to add further Spanish flair to Manchester United that also includes Juan Mata. De Gea during an interview about Cesc Fabregas said,

“I’m trying to get him to come.”

De Gea finds it a tough job as Arsenal have first option on Fabregas if he is to leave Camp Nou. A transfer mishap happened when David Moyes famously failed to land Fabregas last summer. That was an embarrassing campaign for the recently departed ManU boss.

fabregas transfer, spain national team
Cesc Fabregas—–image via:

Then Louise van Gaal took the charge and with his attempt the rebuilding club may feel that now is an excellent time to tempt Fabregas back to the Premier League. De Gea needs to spend more time convincing the new boss van Gaal. However, van Gaal isn’t bothered by the Fabregas’ potential availability reportedly.

Van Gaal remains uninterested in Ander Herrera, who continued to crop up during Moyes’ era. The Athletic Bilbao player is outlined as a potential replacement for Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona. The aforementioned report was suggesting that he could be a key in any deal that would see Fabregas move away from his boyhood club for the second time.

If United land Fabregas, plenty will need to be changed for them. Firstly, van Gaal’s mindset will need some alternations if Jones’ article is to be believed. Secondly, the player’s eagerness to join the club. Possibly, Fabregas must favour an Old Trafford move over a return to Arsenal, if the Gunners deem him a worthwhile target.

Cesc Fabregas, arsenal
Cesc Fabregas in Arsenal—-image via;

Arsenal midfield is crammed with similar players and the coach Arsene Wenger needs to prioritise a battling central midfield over a ball-playing type, alongside a world-class forward and right-back. Former Gunners star Ray Parlour questioned whether Fabregas is needed,

”The problem with Fabregas is where do you put him in the team? They have got very similar players to Fabregas—they have Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere , Santi Cazorla, —if you bring Fabregas back where do you fit him in? “

De Gea’s attempt of influencing Fabregas may give Manchester United an advantage if a transfer for Fabregas is deemed need. There is no doubt the team need a plethora of new talent across the board. Cesc Fabregas proven talent would be an asset to any team in the world. Though United may favour an imposing physical type instead like Arsenal.

Van Gaal will certainly direct the team towards right direction. But the thing’s for sure is the Dutchman need to land a handful of world-class stars before Manchester United can be taken again.

barclays premier league bio club football football Top 10

Top 10 Managers in English Premier League history

We know them by a single name, we know them like our own family members, they are known by the silhouette they cast along the touchline.

Mourinho, Wenger, Ferguson, Benitez….in past and present the English Premier League has seen its share of iconic managers and these are only four of them.

The list is based on the best winning percentage in the Barclays Premier League, having managed a minimum of 50 matches. The special ones like Pat Rice (Arsenal), John Carver (Newcastle) and Jim Barron (Aston Villa), who all boast a 100% winning record in the English Premier League. However, Carver and Barron have managed Newcastle and Aston villa respectively only once, whilst Pat Rice managed Arsenal three times, they fail to be included in our list of top 10 managers in English Premier League. But what a boast that was!

It is sure that the list will certainly spark some debates, so please feel free to have your constructive comments.

Top 10 Managers in English Premier League history

10. Gianluca Vialli (winning rate: 48%)

gianluca vialli, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
gianluca vialli————image via:

Between 1998 and 2000, Vialli managed Chelsea 94 times in the English Premier League. At the pre-Abramovich Chelsea era, the Italian had a great successful time. Vialli managed to win 45 games of the 94 matches in the Premier league, winning five trophies in less than three years of his service. He is the most successful manager at the time of his tenure at Chelsea with a league win record of 48% and it is easy to see why.

9. Kenny Dalglish (winning rate: 48%)

kenny dalglish, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world, top ten managers in football, top 10 download managers
kenny dalglish———-image via:

Kenny Dalglish, commonly known as ‘King Kenny’ in the red half of Liverpool FC, has had a successful career both as a player and a manager. Kenny had managed the Reds twice and in total 238 Premier League matches. The Scottish manager won 115 of those, earning himself a success rate of 48%.

8. Andre Villas-Boas (winning rate: 52%)

Andre Villas-Boas, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
Andre Villas-Boas———image via:

Andre Villas-Boas may have failed at Chelsea and Tottenham, but his win percentage suggests otherwise. Despite a success rate of 52% with winning 42 of his 81 Premier League matches, the Portuguese tactician has struggled enough to win over the critics in England. Still his winning isn’t half bad at all.

7. Claudio Ranieri (winning rate: 52%)

Claudio Ranieri, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
Claudio Ranieri——–image via:

Commonly known as “The Tinkerman”, Claudio Ranieri was a popular figure at his time at Chelsea. After taking over from Gianluca Vialli in September 2000, the Italian tactician managed 146 matches at Stamford Bridge, winning 76 of them. Ranieri is now in the French League 1 managing AS Monaco and after 2014 World Cup he took the managing hand of Greek National Football team.

6. Rafael Benitez (winning rate: 56%)

Rafael Benitez, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world, top ten managers in football, top 10 download managers
Rafael Benitez——-image via:

Rafael Benitez has proved himself to be one of the most iconic managers in English Premier League history and his record shows that. At Liverpool, Benitez won 141 of his 254 matches in the Premier League with a success rate of 56%. The Spaniard is now at Napoli and trying his best at Italian Serie A. Rafael Benitez is best remembered by the Liverpool fan for his significant role in Liverpool’s Champions League success in 2005.

5. Arsene Wenger (winning rate: 58%)

Arsene Wenger, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers
Arsene Wenger———-image via:

The current Arsenal manager is by far the most successful and also longest-standing manager in the English Premier League. The Frenchman started his managerial career at Arsenal in 1996 and he is still there now winning 386 of his 666 Premier League matches. His impressive record also includes winning the title three times for the gunners, including the memorable campaign of 2003/04, when his ‘Invincible’ side didn’t lose a single match.

4. Roberto Mancini (winning rate: 62%)

Roberto Mancini, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world, top 10 download managers
Roberto Mancini———–image via:

In Manchester City, Roberto Mancini won 82 matches of his 133 as the club find themselves at the very top of the English game. In 2012, the Italian guided the club to the Premier League title. He remains as a much loved character at Eastlands.

3. Carlo Ancelotti (winning rate: 63%)

Carlo Ancelotti, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers, top soccer managers
Carlo Ancelotti————image via:

Carlo Ancelotti has enjoyed a very successful two seasons as Chelsea manager between 2009 and 2011. Currently he is managing Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti, in his first season in England won the League and FA Cup double, doing so in an exciting manner. Chelsea netted 103 goals in their 2009/10 season, more than any other club in Premier League history. His record of winning 48 games out of 76 matches suggests how successful he was at his time in England.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson (winning rate: 65%)

Sir Alex Ferguson, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers, top soccer managers
Sir Alex Ferguson———image via:

Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to be seen as one of the ionic managers to have graced English football more than anyone else. The tough Scotsman managed to win an incredible 528 wins in 810 Premier League matches. For Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson won 13 EPL titles as well as many other titles. Ferguson has become such a legend that he will be admired as one at Old Trafford for an infinite period of time.

1. Jose Mourinho (winning rate: 70%)

Jose Mourinho, top 10 managers, top 10 managers in the world,  top 10 managers football, top ten managers, top soccer managers, top ten managers in football, top 10 download managers
Jose Mourinho——–image via:

Jose Mourinho, ‘The Special One’ is currently in the middle of his second stint as Chelsea manager. The legendary Portuguese tactician has managed to won 105 of his 149 English Premier League matches to date, earning him an incredible 70% winning rate.

The special one guided Chelsea to grab two league titles in his first two seasons at the Bridge. Jose Mourinho currently boasts a record of 75 unbeaten matches at home. In the 2004/05 season the club collected a record 95 points in accorded with Mourinho’s tactics.

With an incredible performance, it is hardly surprising that Jose Mourinho leads this list of top 10 managers in English Premier League history with the success rate of 70%.

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Louis van Gaal expects Manchester United Players to Learn English in one Year

Louis van Gaal may have planned to overhaul the Manchester United Players this summer. He is determined to get all his players learn at least one thing. He expects from all his players to speak in English, especially for the new faces from different non-English speaking countries.

Van Gaal has pledged to make all the Manchester United Players fluent in one language within one year. And undoubtedly that language should be English for them.

The Manchester Evening news reporter has confirmed that all the Spanish players have started lessons in English. This has been started more than two weeks ago.

The new season players are only two weeks in this country. Before that they were in USA. There was also international week in between. For the Spanish, speaking ability in Spanish was good enough for communication on the Spanish pitch. But for English Premier League they need to be promising about learning English.

So now, Language is a kind of relevant issue for Van Gaal’s squad (Manchester United Players). As there have been plenty of foreigners have been imported to Old Trafford. But still there are ample reserves of domestic and English-speaking talent inside the Manchester United Players.

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Exact one year for Manchester United Players:

There are quite some England Internationals for the Red Devils. Wayne Rooney, Luke Shaw, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling are some of them. Midfielder Michael Carrick and Ashley Young can also be considered.

Manchester United Players to Learn English in 1 year, MANU new arrivals, players language
Luis Van Gaal of MANU ; image credit

There are also some non-English players, who can still speak the very language. Darren Fletcher from Scotland and Jonny Evans from Northern Ireland can be counted too on the book. Most specifically there is another Dutchman in the list. Van Gaal’s fellow Dutchman Robin Van Persie has spent most of his career in England. So, he is easily expected to be fluent in English.

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But still along all these English speaking Manchester United Players, there is a balancing group of players comfortable in speaking the Spanish.

As David de Gea Ander Herrera, Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria, Radamel Falcao and Marcos Rojjo preferred the language, before the QPR match, Spanish was quite the mother tongue in Red Devil’s dressing room.

Yes of course, many of them can speak English. In fact Falcao conducted all in English at his first press conference. Occasionally he had to grant help from his interpreter. Van Gaal also didn’t forget to praise him for this.

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Van Gaal’s desire is probably to foster some Squad unity inside the Manchester United Players. Communicating in one language (preferably English) is very much important at the first point. Truly this a praiseworthy patient concern, considering the huge number of new arrivals.

To make room for the new arrivals, Javier Hernandez, Englishman Danny Welbeck, Wilfried Zaha, Tom Cleverly and Nani were dispensed. Currently the Manchester united Players and also the new signs are positively taking the chance, as they don’t have to UEFA Champions League this season. Captain Rooney has recently led a night with the reshuffled squad. I believe it’s very much important for the unity.

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Wayne Rooney included his wife Coolen with them. Falcao, Marcos Rojjo, Angel Di Maria, Daley Blind, Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw were the new arrivals.

These kind of excursions can play a useful role for the Manchester United Players. More importantly this can bring a squad from the Red Devils together. Hopefully we will get have some aspects from the night at the pitch.

Manchester United Players to Learn English in 1 year, united players, MANU
the united Manchester United ; image credit

Van Gaal is probably well aware of cliques from such leaning on separate groups for camaraderie. Obviously this a hard time for the Old Trafford squad. Manchester united Players have already been struggling. And certain players simply resent are already being left out.

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Defining features of United’s squads under Sir Alex Ferguson. It was most definitely unity. Probably this was the backbone of so many title-winning campaigns.

Now that a time, Van Gaal wants that same brotherhood. He is stepping for the foundation of this new look team for greater purpose.

barclays premier league club football football Top 10

Top five highest paid Midfielders in Barclays Premier League

The Premier League is a corporation where twenty member clubs act as shareholders. Outside England, the League is commonly referred to as English Premier League (EPL). But currently Barclays Bank is the sponsor, so it is officially known as Barclays Premier League (BPL). Undoubtedly Premier League is the most watched or the most popular first division leagues in World Football.

Seasons run from August to May. Each team in the League need to play 38 games in a complete season. Accumulating all the matches (home and away), 380 matches are arranged in a complete season. Games are mostly played in Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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There are so many top level teams in English Premier League. Teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea have taken English football across Europe. They are often found to secure a good spot at UEFA rankings. So, top plyers definitely come in during the summer and winter transfers. English Premier League is considered one of the best Leagues to experience greater soccer platform and building successful footballing career.

Top five highest paid Midfielders in EPL:

Midfielders well justified here in EPL. The big name team need to spend millions of their money to occupy big shot midfielders with them. Some of these midfielders can also be counted as richest footballers. Here we are trying to develop a list of top five highest paid midfielders in Barclays Premier League. Notably we will find three of the total five playing for the Manchester City Club.

Let’s find, who is the highest paid midfielder in Barclays Premier League?

5. Steven Gerrard

Top five highest paid Midfielders in Barclays Premier League , steven gerrard, liverpool star, best midfielder
Steven Gerrard ; image credit


Present Team: Liverpool

Salary: 5 million pounds annual

Hopefully, Steven Gerrard needs no introduction. He can be counted as one of the best players Liverpool have ever produced. He made his Liverpool debut in the year 1998 and since then has made 400 plus appearances for the English giant club.

Liverpool fans usually suggest him as the second best player in the red shirt after King Kenny. Steven Gerrard finished 3rd in the Ballon d’Or shortlist for Europe’s Best Player in 2003. Now a time we can consider him as the 5th highest paid midfielder in English Premier League. The 5th richest midfielder in England currently receives around 5million pounds per year as salary from his club.

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4. Gareth Barry


Top five highest paid Midfielders in Barclays Premier League , gareth barry, everton star, midfielder
Gareth Barry ; image credit

Present Team: Everton

Salary: 6.2 million pounds annual

Gareth Barry mainly operates in the holding role for Manchester City Club. Previously Barry played 365 games for Aston Villa before he decided to move here for a new challenge here in Man City. From the very beginning of his career in this club, Gareth Barry has been a regular starter in midfield. In a span of just two and a half years, he has already made 101 appearances for Manchester City. Recently Gareth had to move for Everton and hopefully he will again be the midfield holder for the club.

Gareth Barry is known to be a player with vision, durability, good tackling and terrific passing. Most probably he everything you can want from a central midfielder. Everton is currently paying him 6.2 million pounds per year. Which in turn makes him at number 4 in the list of highest paid midfielders in Barclays Premier League.

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3. Frank Lampard

Top five highest paid Midfielders in Barclays Premier League , frank lampard, chelsea mid, man city holding midfielder
Frank Lampard ; image credit


Present Team: Manchester City

Salary: 7 million pounds annual

Frank Lampard is considered to be one of the best English footballers ever. He is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in English Premier League all time history. Lampard usually operates as a box to box midfielder for his team, both the National and Club. He is known to have a great footballing brain in addition to his outstanding work rate. In total, Frank Lampard has also produced 91 assists for his team. Undoubtedly this is the second highest in Premier League history.

Lampard was well known as a Chelsea megastar. There he had made 164 consecutive appearances and he is a three time player of the year for Chelsea. Perhaps it explains his consistency as a player. Currently he is being paid 7 million pounds annually from the club. Frank Lampard stands at 3rd position of most paid midfielders in Premier League table.

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2. David Silva

Top five highest paid Midfielders in Barclays Premier League , david silva, spaniard midfielder, mancity mid
David Silva ; image credit


Present Team: Manchester City

Salary: 8.3 million pounds annual

David Silva is Nicknamed “Merlin” by the Manchester City fans, which means the wizard. More often he is described as a traditional number 10 who is capable of dazzling the crowd. Recently Carlos Tevez lauded him as

“The best signing Man City have made”

David Silva was adjudged as the Premier League player of the month, on October 1st 2011.

Also, the Manchester City players’ player of the year award was gone to the Spaniard for 2011-2012 session. Now a time David Silva has become a regular member of Spain National Team. He signed for Manchester City from Valencia for a fee believed to be around 20 Million pounds. His salary is now 8.3 million pounds per year and he is the second most paid midfielder in English Premier League.

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1. Yaya Toure

Top five highest paid Midfielders in Barclays Premier League , yaya toure, man city midfielder, most paid midfielder
Yaya Toure ; image credit


Present Team: Manchester City

Salary: 10 million pounds annual

Yaya Toure has been a major force behind Manchester City winning the last season title of Premier League. He came with a big reputation from Barcelona FC to Manchester City to join his elder brother Kolo Toure. Toure has hardly put a foot wrong after beginning his career in England.

Yaya Toure is known for his brilliant vision and performance rate. Talking about the amount spent by City since Mansour bought the club, undoubtedly Yaya Toure can be considered as their best buy ever. No surprise, a player as industrious and dedicated like Toure gets what he deserves. He is being paid 10 million pounds per year as salary from Manchester City. That makes him the highest paid midfielder in Premier League.

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barclays premier league club football football recent Top 10 Tranfer news

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2016

There are so many fantastic goalkeepers in the world football. And especially Premier League holds the most of these most valuable goalkeepers in the world. Most of the Premier League Goalkeepers are capable of fantastic saves. They are also the most paid goalkeepers in the world 2016. Now, here comes the question of ranking these premier league goalkeepers in a top 10 short list.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers 2016:

Finding out the top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers is a tough job. There are so many standards to be considered while selecting them. Here in this short list we are mostly emphasizing on these English Premier League Goalkeepers’ previous and present records as well as their market value or in other words how these English Premier League Goalkeepers are being paid.

Let’s find out, who is the most valuable English Premier League Goalkeeper in 2016?

10. Brad Guzan – Aston Villa F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Brad Guzan
Brad Guzan ; image credit

Brad Guzan is one of the only three American goalkeepers in the English Premier League history. Tim Howard and Brad Friedel are the other two American goalkeepers playing in the most popular football league in the world. He showed that he was capable of taking over as first choice keeper at Aston Villa.

Undoubtedly he can withstand as much pressure as anyone else in Barclays Premier League. He can be easily counted as the most valuable English Premier League Goalkeeper as he is at his peak form right now.

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09. Ben Foster – West Bromwich Albion F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Ben Foster
Ben Foster ; image credit

Ben Foster is back again to West Brom permanently this season. He has played reasonably well for the last season. And obviously some cases were like earning points for the Baggies. He is now at 30 and still a few years to settle properly into being a real class as being one of the most valuable English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2016.

He is also currently one of the West Brom’s most valuable players in 2015-2016 season.

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08. Julio Cesar – QPR (currently at S.L. Benfica)

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar ; image credit

Julio Cesar may have come to the Premier League for just one season especially at the age of 34. But unfortunately his team QPR have been relegated last season. But he was quite able to show the type of goalkeeping that has won him League titles and cups in Italian Serie A.

Even with his team relegated, he was a real team player. He kept 6 clean sheets over the season and playing for QPR this is extremely good as being one of the most valuable English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2016.

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07. Jussi Jaaskelinen – West Ham United F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Jussi Jaaskelinen
Jussi Jaaskelinen ; image credit

The age old Premier League veteran, Jussi Jaaskelinen is another well-known goalkeeper. He is currently the 7th in this list of top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2016. This campaign has only enhanced his reputation by pulling off some world class saves for West Ham.

And most obviously he had a good season with 11 clean sheets in 2015-2016. He makes 5.11 saves a game on average. Definitely this just shows that he can still make important saves at crucial times even at his old ages of 38.

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06. Tim Howard – Everton F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Tim Howard
Tim Howard ; image credit

Although Tim Howard is one of our pick as top 10 most valuable Premier League goalkeepers in 2015-2016, he has achieved only 9 clean sheets. Yes, of course this is not bad, but still a player like him worth a little more I believe. At least a bit better can be expected from the American National Team goalkeeper in Premier League.

Hopefully he will be ending this season with some more exquisite saves and world class goalkeeping.

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05. Jose Reina – Liverpool (currently at F.C. Bayern Munich)

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Jose Reina
Jose Reina ; image credit

For the last 10 years Reina has been at Liverpool. Undoubtedly he was the number one choice for Liverpool at his time. We can imagine how consistent a goalkeeper needs to be as being a part of 10 consecutive seasons in a single team. This was totally impressive. As a matter of fact he was to move very certainly for more world class performance.

He had 13 clean sheets over the course of the last season. He was considered the 5th choice as most valuable goalkeeper in EPL 2015-2016. This top class goalkeeper still has an average of 4.17 saves per match, which is quite unbelievable.

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04. Hugo Lloris – Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris ; image credit

Lloris have joined Tottenham in the summer of last year. May be he was not at his best performance but eventually he was found getting thing straight clean. Definitely he has got his turn with 8 clean sheets in only 24 games last season. This probably explains a lot about his price tag and our evaluation as one of the most valuable English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2016.

And of course he was a world class goalkeeper before joining the Barclays Premier League. We all can appreciate his efforts to match up with a very new world class Premier League.

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03. Petr Cech – Chelsea F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Petr Cech
Petr Cech ; image credit

Probably some of you have suspected this name in number one position. What has been a rollercoaster season for Chelsea and their supporters! Petr Cech has been a very important player throughout the last season undoubtedly. He has made well over 5 saves per game on average and he also has had 14 clean sheets in 2015-2016.

Some crucial saves have kept Chelsea in the running for a Champions League spot. Also his save took the team Chelsea to Europa League final.

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02. David De Gea – Manchester United F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, David De Gea
David De Gea ; image credit

David De Gea really stepped up last season. Oh, another noticeable thing is that he has physically gotten stronger. And his confidence has grown since his shaky first start in English Premier League.

Manchester United have only lost 5 games this season and that comes as no real surprise as De Gea has been pulling off some unbelievable saves for the team. He has so far managed a decent 11 clean sheets while making 4.37 saves per match. I think its good enough for a young fella like him.

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01. Joe Hart – Manchester City F.C.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2015, Joe Hart
Joe Hart ; image credit

Of course this is the one name that wipes out all other possibilities of other names to be found at the first position of Top 10 most valuable English Premier League Goalkeepers in 2016. He is the only other 26 year old on this list and has had his fair share of disastrous moments. But he always seems to battle back with his talent.

Most of the times he is found to be gaining some extra lift from somewhere during big games. He is undoubtedly the number one goalkeeper in England. He has had managed 17 clean sheets last season. Although Man City finished the season second, Joe Hart continues to grow and produce results..

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barclays premier league bio club football football history Top 10

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers

English premier league is one of the most popular football events in the world. It is the major English professional league football. The English Premier League (EPL) is also known as ‘Barclays Premier League’. The football tournament consists of 20 local English and Wales clubs competing against each other. During every premier league season, the football fans go crazy the fans not only watch the game in the field, but also use to stick to the television screens as these fans are scattered worldwide and therefore can’t reach the actual venue of the game by travelling half the world around.

It is a big deal for an English Premier League footballer to score a single goal in front of such a crowd. But for a great footballer its not even a pressure to play in their own style and set numerous records.

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers:

Sporty Ghost has taken an initiative to enlist the top 10 scorers in EPL. You may argue with the list, and therefore never forget to give us your valuable comments below. So, let’s take a look at the list of Premier League all time top goal scorers.

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                 Top 10 Best Premier League Goalkeepers

10. Robin Van Persie: 144

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, Robin Van Persie
Robin Van Persie, ‘The Flying Dutchman’————image via:

The current Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie is the captain of the Netherlands National team. Most notably, Van Persie enlightened his career especially in the English Premier League. In his EPL career, Van Persie achieved the ‘Player of the Month’ award five times until now. In addition, he also made it to the 11th position in the list of 100 best players in the world by the Guardian in 2013. The Dutch footballer has played for Arsenal and Manchester United in his English Premier League career, scoring 144 goals, which placed him at the 10th place in the premier league all time top goal scorers list. Firstly from 2004 to 2012, Van Persie scored 96 goals in his 194 appearances for Arsenal. From 2012 till now, as a Manchester United striker, he netted 48 goals so far in 92 appearances.

He also showed his outstanding performance at the national level. He scored a stunning 49 goals in 96 appearances for the Netherlands National football team since 2005. In the 2014 FIFA world cup, his remarkable goal against Spain earned him the nickname ‘The flying Dutchman’.

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9. Teddy Sheringham: 146

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers,Teddy Sheringham
Teddy Sheringham———–image via:

The former English footballer Teddy Sheringham is currently working as the head coach of West Ham United. He spent 24-year professional career as a renowned forward in the English Premier League. In his EPL career, Teddy had played for Tottenham Hotspur, Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Portsmouth, and West Ham United. Teddy Sheringham scored a total 146 premier league goals and thus he earned his place at No. 9 in our list of premier league all time top goal scorers.

Teddy scored 98 goals in 236 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur in between 1992 and 1997. And then from 2001 to 2003, he scored 31 goals for Manchester United in 104 appearances. Besides his club career, he has a remarkable performance for the England National team too. In his 51 appearances for English side, he made 11 goals in the national career.

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8. Les Ferdinand: 149

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, Les Ferdinand
Les Ferdinand at Newcastle———–image via:

The former English player, Les Ferdinand is currently serving as the football coach and Director of English club Queens Park Rangers. He also acted as a coaching stuff along with Tim Sherwood for the Tottenham Hotspur from 2008 to 2014. Les Ferdinand played for Queen Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, West Ham United, Leicester City and Bolton Wanderers during his English Premier League career.

He scored a total of 149 goals in the premier league and that makes him the 8th top goal scorer in premier league. For the Newcastle United, he scored 41 goals in 68 games from 1995-1997. He also scored 33 goals for Tottenham Hotspur in his 118 appearances between 1997 and 2003. As an English striker, Ferdinand was managed to score 5 goals in 17 appearances for the England national side in between 1993 and 1998.

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7. Michael Owen: 150

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, Michael Owen
Michael Owen———image via:

Michael Owen is a former English footballer and currently he is working as a football analyst on BT Sport football coverage and BBC’s Match of the Day. Michael Owen is the 2001 FIFA Ballon d’Or winner and he is widely regarded as the greatest Liverpool footballer of all time in the history. In his club career, he had played for Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City in the Barclays Premier League. With his amazing 150 premier league goals, Michael Owen takes the 7th place in the list of premier league all time top goal scorers.

As a greatest Liverpool striker, Owen scored 118 goals in 216 appearances ranging from 1996-2004. Then from 2004 to 2012, he scored 5 goals for the Manchester United in 31 matches. In his glorious national team performance, Michael Owen was one of the best English footballers with his 40 goals in 89 appearances in between 1998 and 2008.

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6. Robbie Fowler: 162

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers,
Robbie Fowler—————image via:

The former English footballer Robbie Fowler is best known as a natural striker with amazing footwork. During his time with premier league club Liverpool FC, he earned the nickname ‘GOD’ from the Anfield crowd. In his premier league career, Robbie Fowler played for Liverpool, Leeds United and Manchester City. Scoring 162 premier league goals, Robbie Fowler secured the 6th place in the premier league all time top goal scorers.

Among these 162, 120 goals had come in his 236 appearances for Liverpool from1993-2001. For Manchester City, he scored 20 goals in 80 appearances from 2003-2006. Additionally, as an English National footballer he scored 7 goals in 26 caps for the Three Lions from 1996 to 2002.

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5. Thierry Henry: 175

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, thierry henry
Thierry Henry, the Gunners’ Gun———–image via:

French legendary footballer Thierry Henry is the most classical and skillful player in the Barclays Premier League. The legend has become the France’s top goal scorer of all time surpassing Michel Platini in October 2007. In 2013, Henry also won the MLS supporter’ Shield during his time with the New York Red Bulls. He has a total of 175 premier league goals which earned him the 5th spot in the list of premier league all time top goal scorers. In his English Premier league career, Thierry Henry has only played for Arsenal, and managed to scored all his 175 goals in 254 premier league appearances.

From 1999 to 2007, he was an integral part for Arsenal and still is regarded as the greatest Arsenal player in the history. In 2010, he joined the MLS club the New York Red Bulls and till 2014, he scored 51 goals in his 122 appearances for them. As an all time top scorer for the France national team, he scored 51 goals in 123 appearances from 1997 to 2010.

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4. Frank Lampard: 176

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard when at Chelsea———–image via:

Frank Lampard is currently playing for the English club Manchester City as a central midfielder or attacking midfielder. In 2005, Frank Lampard was elected as the prestigious FWA Footballer of the Year award and also received the FWA Tribute Award in 2010. He played for West Ham United, Chelsea and Manchester United in his EPL career with scoring a total of 176 premier league goals. He is currently at No. 4 in the list of premier league all time top goal scorers.

During his 13 long years (2001-2014) with Chelsea, Lampard scored 147 goals in 429 appearances and for Manchester City, he scored 5 goals so far in 24 appearances since his transfer. He capped 106 international matches for the England national team, from 1999 to 2014 and scored 29 international goals in his career.

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3. Wayne Rooney: 184

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney ——————-image via:

Wayne Rooney is currently one of the best English forwards who has also been used in various midfield roles. Rooney has achieved the England Player of the Year award three times in his football career and also won the FWA Player of the Year award in 2010. His 184 premier league goals earned him the 3rd place in premier league all time top goal scorers list. He has played for Everton and Manchester United in his premier league career.

Rooney scored 15 goals in 67 matches for Everton, before joining Manchester United in 2004. The rest of his goals (169) came in 333 appearances for Manchester United till now. He is considerably, one of the most influential players for the Manchester United. Besides his English premier league career, Wayne Rooney netted a total 47 goals for England in his 102 international appearances.

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2. Andy Cole: 187

Premier League All time Top Goal Scorers, Andy Cole
Andy Cole———-image via:

The former English footballer Andy Cole is one of the legendary Manchester United player who has won numerous trophies in his premier league career. He was awarded the PFA Young Player of the Year for his outstanding club performances. During his time with premier league, Andy Cole has played for Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Fulham, Manchester United, Manchester City and Portsmouth. He grabs the 2nd position in our list of premier league all time top goal scorers with his amazing 187 English Premier league goals.

From 1995 to 2001, Andy Cole played for the Manchester United scoring 93 goals in 195 matches and for the Manchester City, he scored 9 goals in 22 appearances in 2005/06 season of Barclays premier league. He was able to score only a single goal for the England national team from 1995 to 2002, in his 15 international appearances.

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1. Allan Shearer: 260

 All time Top Goal Scorers, Allan Shearer
Allan Shearer, the top goal scorer—–image via:

Here we come, the table topper in the premier league all time top scorers is Allan Shearer. This retired English footballer is widely regarded as one of the best strikers of the world football. After his retirement, he has worked as a football analyst for the British Broadcasting Corp. Allan Shearer was awarded the Player of the Year by Football Writers’ Association in 1994 and was also awarded the PFA player of the Year in 1995. He played for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United in his premier league career. Allan Shearer scored a stunning untouchable 260 premier league goals which has secured him at no.1 top goal scorer in the premier league.

For the Blackburn Rovers, he scored 112 goals in 138 appearances from 1992-1996 and scored 148 premier league goals for Newcastle in between 1996 and 2006 in his 303 matches. Alongside his glorious premier league career, he was also a reputed national team player who scored 30 international goals in 63 appearances from 1992 to 2000.

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The English Premier League authority doles out a huge amount of money every year to grab the best footballers all over the world to become the a part of the English premier league clubs. With immense pressure, all these great players perform while in the field, as they not only face the top league club contenders but also do better in the game in front of millions of English football fans worldwide. Those who keep calm and perform to enlist their names in football history, indeed deserve the celebration and the love of millions.

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barclays premier league club football football News flash recent spanish la liga Tranfer news

MANU Transfer News: Mats Hummels, Mario Mandzukic Transfer Rumors

Manchester United could be welcoming Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels and Atletico Madrid’s Mario Mandzukic to Old Trafford this summer. According to talkSPORT, Mats Hummels is kind of pondering his future at Dortmund following the departure of manager Jurgen Klopp and wants to leave this summer.

Borussia Dortmund had a difficult season in Bundesliga. They will not feature in the Champions league next season because of their poor performance this summer. The sales of Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski is consecutive summers weakened Borussia Dortmund while on the other hand it strengthened the rival Bayern Munich in German Bundesliga.

MANU Transfer News: Mats Hummels, Mario Mandzukic

Mats Hummels would reportedly set his value at £20 million for Manchester United, but for a player of his caliber, that price is more than worth it for the United. The Germany international, Hummels is a vast experienced player. He always performs outstandingly on the biggest stage of football. He came into the football through Bayern Munich youth academy. He joined his current club, Borussia Dortnund on loan in January 2008 and officially signed in 2009 for €4 million. He won two league titles and finished as runner-up in 2012-13 UEFA Champions league for the Borussia Dortmund.

Manchester United Transfer News: Mats Hummels and Mario Mandzukic Transfer Rumors, Mats Hummels
Mats Hummels ; image credit

He is playing for the German international team since 2010. Hummels has earned over 30 caps and represented Germany at Euro 2012 and 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The center-back is also an effective defender and would certainly improve the quality of Manchester United’s back line. Despite Dortmund’s struggle in Bundesliga, Hummels won 61% of his duels for his team, which also includes 70% of his aerial battles and successfully dribbled past an opponent 20 times in 28 attempts. The performance is quite impressive indeed. The 26-year-old central defender is a solid defender who is very much comfortable with the ball. He would be a great asset for the Red Devils’ uninspiring defense. Hummels should be considered as a must-buy for the Manchester United.

Up front, The Red Devils would be very much keen to add Mario Mandzukic in this summer of tranfer window. Mandzukic has shown much potential in this season of La Liga. He netted a total 21 goals in his debut season with Atletico Madrid. ManU are negotiating an £18.1 million transfer deal for the Croatian striker. He is a prolific goal scorer with a great defensive and aerial power. While in Bayern Munich, he won three trophies in his first season with the team, including the Champions League. Mandzukic became the first Croat to score in the Champions league final with Bayern.

He participated in two major competitions for Croatia, 2012 EURO and 2014 FIFA World Cup. Mandzukic was awarded the Croatian Footballer of the Year both in 2012 and 2013.

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone spoke on Mandzukic’s exit from the Vicente Calderon,

“He annoys me easily, that’s the fact. He is a great player indeed and a decent lad. He himself is down about not maintaining the form he displayed up until this season.”

The Croatian striker netted 21 goals for Atletico Madrid and laid on five assists in all competitions during his debut season with the Spanish club. However, Mandzukic went on a significant dry spell in the last half of the season in La Liga.

Manchester United Transfer News: Mats Hummels and Mario Mandzukic Transfer Rumors, Mario Mandzukic
Mario Mandzukic ; image credit

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal is desperate in need of more firepower up front as Robin Van Persie continues to declines with age and Radamel Falcao has returned to his old club FC Monaco. The 29-year-old Mandzukic would be a fine squad player for the Red Devils, but they will not want to be in the position where they are relying on him to fire them to win the premier league title next season.

The Atletico striker is powerful in the air and excels at holding the ball up. But, Manchester United lack the pace in forward areas which they are currently lacking. This deficit caused Van Gaal to play Angel Di Maria out of his natural position or experiment with youngster James Wilson last season in Premier league. Mario Mandzukic can’t be considered as an attractive proposition in this case, given his age and playing style.

On the other hand, Mats Hummels should be brought into the old trafford whatever the cost is. The classy midfielder cum defender would add leadership and solidity to United’s shaky defense line and his purchase would be a bold step for Van Gaal towards returning to the air of invulnerability, that they enjoyed under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

barclays premier league club football football News flash recent Top 10 Tranfer news

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015

English club Manchester United have started to strengthen their side in order to claim their Premier League title in the next season. The United boss Louis Van Gaal is reportedly targeting to spend half of his budget for Manchester United transfers so far this summer. Van Gaal has wisely spent in defence and midfield and he needs just a couple more parts of the jigsaw to finish everything off. It is estimated that, Manchester United have about £75million left to complete their major business in this summer of 2015.

Louis Van Gaal’s side recorded a respectable 4th place in the last season of English Premier League, but further development will be expected by this Dutch tactician as well as the club’s huge fan base. There are several areas of ManU that are in need of attention, which include both the front and the back lines. The team is planning to welcome bunch of players in the Old Trafford during the upcoming transfer window.

Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015:

The Sporty Ghost team have enlisted the Top 10 transfer targets of Manchester United in summer 2015. No United fan would be disappointed to see pull on the famous red shirt. So, here they are-

10. Felipe Anderson

The young attacking midfielder, Felipe Anderson has shown some outstanding performances and enjoyed a solid season in Serie A with Lazio. He moved to the Italian capital from Santos in 2013. He is one of the quickest and tecnically gifted youngsters in football. Felipe Anderson has a big future ahead of him. His name should not be confused with other one, whose spell at old Trafford was a mere tale of unfulfilled potential. He will a little bit least choice for Manchester United as they already brought two midfield giants.

9. Nicolas Otamendi

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Nicolas Otamendi
Nicolas Otamendi | image credit – Wikimedia/Carla Cortés

Nicolas Otamendi has established himself as one of the most powerful and devastating center halves for Valencia. He was signed here in the Spanish club from Porto last summer. Otamendi has enjoyed a colourful reputation following a string of impressive performances in Spanish La Liga last season.

The 27-year-old Argentine is likely to cost a huge sum of money for the Manchester United, but he is in his prime and seems to be tailor made for the physicality of the English Premier League. He has the ability to change the game, which will be likely to endear him to Louis Van Gaal further. He is placed at No. 9 place in the list of top 10 transfer targets of Manchester United in summer 2015.

8. Roberto Firmino

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Roberto Firmino
Roberto Firmino | image credit – Wikimedia/Uwe Bassenhoff

The Brazilian midfielder is currently playing for German Bundesliga club Hoffenheim. The 22-year-old has been in superb form for the club, but his displays have snuck under the radar somewhat. Firmino has scored seven goals in the last Bundesliga season, and also ensured a healthy assist return, which was enough to grab the attention of Carlos Dunga and thereafter he forced his way into Brazil’s Copa America squad.

He may be relatively unproven at the top level, but the tricky and skillful Brazilian attacker would get bums off seats at Manchester United. He is at No. 8 in our list of top 10 tranfer targets of Manchester United in summer 2015.

7. Nathaniel Clyne

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Nathaniel Clyne
Nathaniel Clyne | image credit – Wikimedia/Ronnie Macdonald

Nathaniel Clyne is currently playing for Southamtpn as a right back. Truly, he is a man in demand. His splendid season for the Southampton has not gone unnoticed and several of Manchester United’s rivals, including Liverpool, are very much interested in acquiring him. The Merseysiders’ measly bid £10 million for his service, but was rejected. Manchester United would have to double that money to make sure Nathaniel Clyne waves goodbye to St. Mary’s and move into Old Trafford.

6. Mats Hummels

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Mats Hummels
Mats Hummels | image credit – Wikimedia/Ilja Chochłow

Manchester United truly lack a defence leader and the Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels could be the answer for them. Following Dortmund’s disappointing campaign in the last Bundesliga season, there are lots of questions concerning Hummels performance. But, it is an unavoidable truth that, the United also lack some power in the central defending position at present.

The 26-year-old German defender will not come cheap. He can be the missing piece of Van Gaal’s defensive puzzle. The No. 6 position in our list is attributed to Mats Hummels. Let’s hope, the puzzle being solved.

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5. Hugo Lloris

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris | image credit – Wikimedia/Станислав Ведмидь

The current United goal keeper David de Gea, has been tipped to sign for Real Madrid. If it happens, this would leave a huge hole in Manchester United’s defence line.In that case, the Tottenham Hotspur’s shot-stopper Hugo Lloris would be the first choice to Van Gaal in order to fill the gap.

The current France captain, Lloris is a ready-made replacement for de Gea. Both the goalkeepers have shared a similar goalkeeping style and the 28-year-old, Lloris has a wealth of experience in the English Premier League. He would be a remarkable replacement for de Gea between United’s post.

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4. Karim Benzema

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema | image credit – Wikimedia/Addesolen

French forward Karim Benzema is constantly tipped to be the fall guy at Santiago Bernabeu. He is most likely to be deemed surplus to requirements for Real. There has been a massive change of plan after the arrival of Rafa Benitez and he is planning to take his side’s front line in a different direction. As a result, after passing some difficult time, Benzema could be on his way out of the Spanish capital. The United, on the other hand, is in need of new additions in front line following the failure of Radamel Falcao’s spell.

Van Gaal should have eyed on him in this case. The 27-year-old still possesses proven quality and stamina. He has the ability to develop an excellent partnership with Wayne Rooney in the front line. He is at No. 4 in the list of top 10 transfer targets of Manchester United in summer 2015.

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3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic | image credit – Wikimedia/Дмитрий Неймырок

The Swedish striker and the heart of Paris Saint Germain, Zlatan isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. He may has some egotistical demeanour and outspoken nature, which tend to rub people up the wrong. But, he also has some unique talent in football.Although the contract he signed for PSG still remains one year by the calender, the Ligue 1 Champions could decide to sell Zlatan this summer, rather than the risk of losing him for nothing. It would be an exciting scene to watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing at the United’s front in the next season of EPL.

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2. Paul Pogba

Arguably, Paul Pogba is currently the most sought after player in the football world. The Juventus midfielder is also targeted by Manchester City and FC Barcelona. Although, Pogba left Old Trafford for nothing only a few years ago, following a contract dispute, but he showed some superb performance at Juventus. He has attracted interest from almost every European club and is expected to cost around £40 million to sign him in. If Van Gaal wants some progress in the future, the 22 years old, Paul Pogba will be a most needed player.

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1. Gareth Bale

Top 10 Transfer Targets of Manchester United in summer 2015, Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale | image credit – Wikimedia/DanilaKrotov777

Now, here he comes, the most cherished and the most focused part of this story, which ended up with Gareth Bale. He is the No. 1 boy in our list of top 10 transfer targets of Manchester United in Summer 2015. The Welshman may have been installed as a scapegoat at Real Madrid this season of La Liga, but his arrival at Old Trafford would be a great statement of intent. However, the former Spurs star, Gareth Bale is the highest paid football player of all time in the history of football.

Bale’s physical stamina and electric pace is to be well suited in Premier League football. If Gareth Bale joins the Red Devils, it would make them the best attacking tridents in the world, alongside Wayne Rooney and the new boy, Memphis Depay.

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‘Yaya Toure wants ‘job for life’ in Manchester City’, his agent said

Yaya Toure’s agent has said that Toure wants assurances from Manchester City to have a ‘job for life’ at the club.

The 31-year-old midfielder, Yaya Toure was said to be very upset by a perceived lack of respect shown him by Manchester City’s officials.

Yaya Toure, manchester city
Yaya Toure to the reporters—–image via:

But Dimitri Seluk, the agent says that toure wants the similar treatment to that given Zinedine Zidane by Real Madrid. After ending his playing career Zizu became an adviser and assistant coach at Real Madrid.

“We like you and you are with us forever” ,

Seluk added in his speech.

On Tuesday, Seluk said Toure could leave Man City because of the lack of respect of the club owners on his 31st birthday, ignoring Toure when the City squad arrived in UAE to celebrate their Premier League title win last week.

Yaya Toure tweeted his backing for the agent’s claims to stop any contradictions, although one telling Toure’s tweet was deleted by Thursday. The tweet was as following,

” Everything Dimitry said is true. He speaks for me. I will give an interview after the World Cup to explain.”

On reportedly, Man City presented Toure with a cake and tweeted their greetings and they have no intention of selling the midfielder, who has three years left on an extension of contract signed in April, 2013.

Toure’s apparent disappointment with the richest City officials may be a tactic aiming at increasing his earnings after this season in which Toure scored 24 goals in 49 matches for City. But his agent, Seluk denied the claim. He ensured the contract to be OK saying,

” For us, the most important is attention from the club to whom Yaya gives a lot.”

highest goalscorer, Manchester city
Yaya Toure, the highest scorer for Man City this season—-image via:

France international Superstar Zinedine Zidane, who played for Real Madrid for five seasons and scored a winning goal in the Champions League final to win the title, has remained in the Real Madrid even after retiring. Firstly, Zidane was playing a role of advisor to club president Florentino Perez and then as an assistant to the current manager Carlo Ancelotti.

One the other hand, Yaya Toure joined Manchester City from Spanish Club Barcelona in 2010. Currently he was linked with a return to Barcelona when Seluk made his comment on Thusday.

Toure said that he is interested in playing for another club next season and added after FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, he would resolve his future.

His country Ivory Coast are playing in Group C in this upcoming world Cup. Other three teams of this group are-Colombia, Japan and Greece.

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Tottenham Hotspur ready to move for Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino if Carlo Ancelotti says no

English Club Tottenham Hotspur will approach Southampton for their next season manager if Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti decides against move to White Hart Lane.

The Tottenham Hotspur want to make one final check to see whether Ancelotti is interested in managing them before making their move to Southampton’s Mauricio Pochettino, next week. The board of Spurs decided to approach to talk with Pochettino on Friday. If Carlo Ancelotti leaves Real Madrid after Saturday’s Champions League final, their only alternative would be Pochettino.

mauricio pochettino, southampton,mauricio pochettino transfer
mauricio pochettino as Southamton’s manager—-image via;

As the Italian has a good relationship with Spurs’ director of football, Franco Baldini, Ancelotti would grab the attraction of returning to London. However, his wage demands are likely to be prohibited.

On the other hand, Pochettino has been Tottenham’s first choice since the club took the decision of not taking upthe 1 year option on Tim Sherwood’s contract.

Spurs have spoken to Rafael Benitez’s agent in the knowledge that the Napoli coach would like to return England but for more than two weeks there have been no contact.

Pochettino, 42, is a kind of dynamic coach Spurs want. The crucial factor of their interest in him is the hope that he will be able to get the best out of foreign players.

 He faces a £2 million bill replacing Sherwood as head coach at Tottenham. Tim Sherwood was sacked by Daniel Levy at a meeting, with the Tottenham Chairman deeming his outspoken comments and challenges to the club unacceptable. To succeed Sherwood, Pochettino is the favourite. But the Argentine will have to pay Southamton the compensation bill to move to Tottenham after agreeing to a unique clause in his Saint Mary’s deal.

Nicola Cortese, the former executive chairman drew up the contract that states if Pochettino breaks his Southampton contract early, he has to personally pay the outstanding amount. On his Saints contract, Pochettino has 12 months to run and it is worth £2 million a year.

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Steven Gerrard hints at international retirement after World Cup

England and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard hints he will decide his international future and even he could retire from the international stage after the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil. Gerrard made it sound like he could be involved in his last international tournament.

steven gerrard retire, liverpool, england national team
steven gerrard —-image via:

The 33-year-old, Steven Gerrard will lead Roy Hodgson’s side to Brazil in June. In the group stage their opponents are Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Gerrard is very much hopeful to defy their underdog status in the World Cup and make a serious challenge for their first World Cup crown since 1966.

But the Liverpool midfielder, turning 34 next week, acknowledges this could be his last appearance in the international scene.

The captain said,

“I won’t stay around if I’m not wanted.” He hints to make the decision saying,” it will be very close after the World Cup I’ll make that decision.”

If Gerrard wasn’t contemplating hanging it up for his country, there wouldn’t be a decision to make, but it’s on his mind obviously.

He told English newspapers,

”I am not going to to leave anyone hanging. Don’t worry, as soon as the World Cup is over, I’ll make the decision.”

With Liverpool nearly winning the title last season, the clib would no doubt benefit from the playmaker taking time off during international breaks in the schedule, especially with the grind of European play next year.

gerrard retire, liverpool, england national team
Gerrard, the English playmaker—-image via:

If Steven Gerrard plays in every upcoming friendly match plus group stage match in the World Cup, he would equal David Beckham’s outfield appearances record of 115. By calling Beckham his hero, touching the milestone isn’t important for Gerrard said,

“Isn’t an important one.”

To get close to Beckham, to match him would be an unbelievable achievement for him when Steven Gerrard mentioned that he was lucky enough to play with him.

 Steven Gerrard has won a Champions League in dramatic fashion at the club level, but he was not lucky enough to win a Premier League title, that something the Reds came so close to during last season.

After appearing his third World Cup, he may decide his retirement, but the club honors may be more important to his legacy than any other thing he may be able to still achieve with England squad.

 Mentioning his future chat with Brendon Rodgers and Roy Hodgson he said,

“I’ll chat to them all and make the right decision at the right time.”

The Liverpool man would be a huge to his country based on his performance across the World Cup qualifying campaign. He has been England’s most consistent performer, setting the standards as captain. Roy Hodgson said about Steven Gerrard,

“Steven is a real talisman for the group. He is a real leader for the team and everyone there.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Exit Rumours Grow

According to the Spanish publications, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to leave after spending marvelous time with the club. The press like Daily Star intensified the report of returning Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. Moreover, it was also reported that, the sacking of manager Carlo Ancelotti has probably strained the relationship between Cristiano and the Real Madrid President Florentino Perez.

Rafael Benitez is expected to take over the managerial position at Real Madrid. The rumor grew that the striker isn’t convinced enough by the new coach. Moreover, Ronaldo has become upset by Perez’s unwavering support for misfiring Gareth Bale from the squad.

Probable Destination After Real Madrid Exit:

Here comes the question, then what will will be the destination after Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid exit?

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal is desperately seeking for some improvements for his side during the summer. He is probably eying two players for every position as reported in the club’s website. The choice of Cristiano Ronaldo would be his ultimate goal in this situation.

On other side, the French Champion, Paris Saint- Germain are about to target CR7 as a part of their mega deal, per ESPN. Because of a fantastic relationship between Cristiano and Jose Mourinho, English club Chelsea are silently trying to make him convinced, considering his unhappiness at Bernabeu.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Exit Rumours Grow, cr7
Cristiano Ronaldo ; image credit

In the recently finished Spanish La Liga, C. Ronaldo has scored 48 goals to grab the Golden Shoe award. However, despite his individual achievement, Real Madrid didn’t make it to the Super Cup and Club World Cup.

The former manager, Carlo Ancelotti had failed to find a sustainable balance with the formation of 4-3-3. It was a wrong idea that forced attacking midfielder Isco and James Rodriguez into the center of the pitch. It will be the first task for Rafa Benitez to use the best players into their natural positions. Benitez has his own plan, which would be building the team around Gareth Bale. Perez’ll be impressed if it involves Bale to take on a more central role adding Cristiano Ronaldo with the plan.

The Sky Sports recently reported that, CR7’s influence in the team will be affected if Bale is moved from the flank. If the Real fans want to see Bale flourish, Cristiano Ronaldo will need to step back a little bit in this case.

There is no doubt about Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal scoring ability. He will be a valuable asset for any side of the world. It’s likely that, new manager Benitez will certainly want him to play a vital role during his entry at the Bernabeu. It is admitted that the 30-year-old, Cristiano will begin to slow down soon. But, for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is a kind of player who is totally irreplaceable.

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                      Cristiano Ronaldo Net worth at Madrid 2015

Last Summer, Man U coach Van Gaal raided Real to capture Angel Di Maria, but it is unlikely luring Cristiano Ronaldo to take the chance of returning. Cristiano will need to play a key role here in any transfer being pushed through, whether it’s to Manchester United or anywhere else.

The Manchester United fans will continue to expect their hero will return one day. Cristiano’s return could kick-start the first success in post-Sir Alex Ferguson era in Manchester United.

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He cost how much?

Yes, your lunch cost $10,99. Your rent keeps crawling up, and those happy hour cocktails aren’t so happy. But in the world of professional soccer, the transfer prices for European players are becoming beyond astronomical.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Pogba; the world’s most expensive soccer player that has ever graced the pitch; recently signed a mammoth contract at the world’s most valuable club, Manchester United. Now he might be earning over $340,000 per week *gasp* – but the transfer fee paid to Italian giants Juventus was over $110 million (£89m) plus add-ons based on future performance. What makes this transfer even crazier is that the player grew up in Manchester and left for Juventus for free just five years earlier.

paul pogba, manu, red devils, epl transfer news
Paul Pogba | image credit Wikimedia/Ardfern

Paul Pogba has surpassed Gareth Bale, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s most expensive player… with very big, shiny boots to fill. Manchester United are a commercial powerhouse, as well as a pretty impressive soccer team, even without the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm. Manchester United have won 20 League Titles, 3 European Championships, and 12 English Cups.

The ‘Special One’ Jose Mourinho made Pogba his Number 1 target when arriving for the 2016/2017 campaign as the new manager. Pogba has impressed domestically and internationally – helping France reach the Euro Finals in Paris, earlier this year. Unfortunately for Pogba and Co., Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal stole the trophy from the hosts in extra time.

Below is a table of the most expensive football transfers of all time:

1 Paul Pogba (2016) Juventus to Manchester United £89m
2 Gareth Bale (2013) Totteham to Real Madrid £85.3m
3 Cristiano Ronaldo (2009) Man Utd to Real Madrid £83.7m
4 Gonzalo Higuain (2016) Napoli to Juventus £75.3m
5 Luis Suarez (2014) Liverpool to Barcelona £75m
6 Neymar (2013) Santos to Barcelona £71.5m
7 James Rodriguez (2014) Monaco to Real Madrid £63m
8 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2009) Inter Milan to Barcelona £59m (40m+Eto’o)
9 Angel Di Maria (2014) Real Madrid to Man Utd £59.7m
10 Kaka (2009) AC Milan to Real Madrid £56m

The premier League alone spent over $1,5 Billion in transfers for the 2016/2017 campaign. But in light of Pogba’s iconic haircuts, questionable dance moves and outrageous marketability, he is on the lips of every soccer fan, every player wants to shoot the ball like him, and he is now on the back of a lot of fan’s jerseys; You might wonder how Manchester United would ever recoup their huge transfer fee… In just 3 weeks they surpassed $200 million in jersey sales. Seems like good business to us.

The real question we have is; what do these players do with all their earnings? Sure, they own exotic cars, mansions and fancy holidays. But what about the frivolous purchases? Our bet is that these players, like many of us, spend some dough on some fun. They might even join Royal Vegas and play free slot machines, doubling their earnings! Or spend a little cash betting against their teammates in a fantasy football league.

However they choose to spend their outrageous income, we’ll support them all the way. After all, they’re the ones we root for during soccer season.