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Rules and Regulations of Basketball According to FIBA

For the smooth conduct of the sport amateur Basketball Association, invites athletes to respect the rules and regulations of basketball, bearing in mind that the rules and regulations of basketball are not made with the purpose of limiting, but to ensure that sport is turning in the best way, without difficulty and fun for everyone.

General Rules of Basketball

Following is a list of general rules and regulations of basketball. Have a look to know the details.

# Rule 1

The Basketball Carini is a sports association that is self-financed with members’ shares, so the athletes who do not pay the fee within the time allowed by the Company will not be allowed to practice or participate in competitions, nor will be registered and insured.

# Rule 2

During the time of learning basketball all the team players have to follow some rules and regulations of basketball. The sports commitment is crucial in the activity of every boy, but also the constant presence at practice is a commitment whose failure also affects the activity of other people. Each athlete is invited to organize their time in a way that does compromise neither attending school nor sports.

#Rule 3

Each athlete affiliated to the BASKETBALL CARINI will wear the uniform of the Company in any official occasion and in training, maintain a polite behavior, sport and fair to companions, coach, managers, referee and opponents in order not to involve themselves and the Company in situations that could harm their name and picture. Wearing uniform is a must for competition rules and regulations of basketball.

General Rules and Regulations of Basketball, rules of basketball
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By entering into the world of Basketball, you authorize the Basketball to use for their social purposes, including the promotion of the activities of the association and the search for sponsors, photos, images, videos, audio recordings, oral statements, etc. regarding the athlete and still where there is a reference to the athlete, related to the development of sport of basketball, including training, competitions, selections, stages pre and post-game.

Rules of Conduct

• Rules and regulations of basketball will be seriously evaluated, with indiscipline and incorrect attitudes, constrain or affect the activities and the results of their team: in such cases, the athlete may be suspended temporarily or permanently removed.

• The Company provides players play equipment only in use. Players have to follow rules and regulations of basketball during using these equipment.

• The Company disclaims any responsibility for what is left in the locker room that goods or values need to be kept personally. It is also in the rules and regulations of basketball. A player will be responsible for his personal items.

• In the gym is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol. It is one of the important rules and regulations of basketball. In the gym alone a person must carry out the activity on that day and that hour.

• An athlete affiliated to the Basketball Corporation cannot make contact and agreements with other companies’ basketball without the prior consent of the Company, that to ensure the completion of the team who want to be part of it. It is also one of the important rules and regulations of basketball.

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Rules and Regulations of Basketball in Terms of Health

The athletes must undergo an annual medical examination at their own expense for the suitability competitive sports. It is one rule among rules and regulations of basketball. According to current practice, the visit will be determined by the Company at the ASL, or other authorized centers promptly communicating the date and time for families. The Company will not allow in any way for athletes that do not have this ability, either to play or to train.

General Rules and Regulations of Basketball, rules in Basketball
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In case of injury in opportunities for training as well as matches, the athlete must complete at their own the accident report by downloading the forms from the website of where the company adhered to. Because the modules must be shipped within 30 days-insurance, forms, duly completed and attached with the required documents, must be submitted to the executive position within 20 days from the accident. It is among the rules and regulations of basketball applicable during the time of taking training.

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Rules and Regulations of Basketball during Training

Each athlete is required to participate in the training, play games, target dates, times, places, methods and directions established by the Company. Athletes are also required to abide by the decisions made by Coach and Managers and to behave accordingly. These are the rules of basketball.

On the occasion of the training the athlete must show up in the locker room 10 minutes before the workout and be ready, out the door of the gym, at least 5 minutes before: the entrance to the gym must be authorized by your coach. On the occasion of the matches athletes must be in the locker room at least 30 minutes before the start of the home matches and ready at least 45 minutes before the start of the race outside.

General Rules and Regulations of Basketball, rules for basketball
Basketball rules ; image credit

No player is allowed to leave the field of play without the permission of the coaches. It is one of the strict rules and regulations of basketball. Anyone who shows little commitment or disturbs the companions, during the workouts will be removed resulting in disciplinary action against him.

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Basketball Rules: Behavior in Field

The competitive spirit must always be contained within the limits of sports ethics. It is absolutely not allowed to disrespect with words, gestures or actions, in training or in the game, to teammates, opponents, technicians, managers, referees and spectators.

It is strictly forbidden to hold attitudes that could provoke reactions from the audience. In no event shall the Company tolerate punishment for unsportsmanlike conduct (technical fouls, expulsions, suspensions), the administrative sanctions and economic, will be borne by those who caused a sanction. Players have to follow these rules and regulations of basketball.

Bottom Line: Being a part of basketball does not mean you can do whatever you want. All the players have to follow these rules and regulations of basketball to maintain a peace environment all time.