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Germany eager to end the curse of “Third-place” in the World Cup

German captain Philipp Lahm insists he is sick of finishing third in the World Cup as well as the team. Germany head to Brazil in 2014 FIFA World Cup aiming to end their 24-year wait for a rourth World Cup title.

Consecutive semi-final defeats at both of the last two World Cups have led to the Germany National Team taking bronze. With Philipp Lahm in their side it has been 12 years since the German lost the 2002 World Cup final to Brazil in Yokohama, Japan.

Germany national team, philipp lahm, lahm injury
Philipp Lahm in action ——image via:

After spending a decade in the German national team Philipp Lahm insisted,

“I do not want to go out in the semi-finals again or visit Brazil just to soak up the sun”

Improved counter-attack and tighter defence will be the key areas to coach Joachim Loew in order to break their duck. The German squad is packed with attacking potential, but there have been some rumours with disgruntled stars disrupting the squad’s harmony from the bench as it was happened at both 2012 European Championships and the World Cup qualifiers. Lahm and his team must be sure that the ego and talent of every individual provides only for the squad’s benefit. Since first winning the crown in 1954, the 24-year wait for a title is Germany’s longest. When Germany won Italy 1990-the last time, the youngest midfielder of the current squad Mario Goetze were yet to be born.

germany national team, german squad, joachim loew
Joachim Loew, the most tensed German figure—-image via:

Joachim Loew’s strength has been to instill impressive cohesion into his squad by hours of drilling. But the process could be hampered by the injuries and low fitness profile in his first- choice stars. The 54-year old insisted to work on flexibility and variation. He mainly urges on improving counter attacking after winning the ball back. The coach said about the team strategy,

” We haven’t done that as consistently well as we did at the South African World Cup and immediately after.”

The injury becomes unavoidable:

When into a World Cup campaign, it has become a habit for the Germany to suffer from injuries. In 2006 World Cup, Captain Michael Ballack suffered a calf injury while the current skipper Philipp Lahm underwent elbow surgery. In 2010, again Ballack was ruled out by a nasty tackle in the FA Cup final and Germany’s first-choice goalkeeper Rene Alder was out with broken ribs. Philipp Lahm took over Ballack’s absence while Manuel Neuer has taken his place between the posts and he is widely regarded as the World’s best goalkeeper. Four years on however and the fault line runs right along the back-bone of Joachim Loew’s first-choice squad.

Neuer injury, german injury
Manuel Neuer’s injury, a matter of concern—-image via:

The disaster came while Lars Bender withdrew and vice-captain Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sami Khedira lack fitness after respective knee surgery. Likewise, Neuer is struggling with a shoulder injury – think how bad it is for a goalkeeper. And the Captain Philipp Lahm is also being treated intensively for an ankle injury.

Loew is now low on options up front with only two recognized strikers in his squad.

The pressure is on for Germany:

Germany have boasted strong leaders traditionally, like- Stefan Effenberg, Michael Ballack or Oliver Kahn. But in recent years when things go wrong, both Philipp Lahm and Schweinsteiger have been criticized cruelly as the world saw in Euro 2012 semi-final defeat to Italy and 2010 World Cup defeat to Spain. According to Ghana midfielder Boateng although Germany have a superior side, they always feel the pressure to be World Champions. They lack characters like Effenberg or Ballack or Oliver Kahn.

In the deadliest Group G of 2014 World Cup Brazil the Germans will face Portugal on June 16. Lets see what Loew’s young side is made of…

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Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums for 2022

Qatar has been awarded the FIFA World Cup 2022 bid. The Government of Qatar showed their upmost interest to host the2022 football World Cup. With only a population of 2 million, Qatar will be the first Arab state to host such event.

Sheikh Mohammed (Emir of Qatar) was the chairman of the bid committee for Qatar. Qatar promoted as representing the Arab World to host the tournament. They also positioned their bid as an opportunity to bridge the gap between these two different Worlds. Anyway Qatar World Cup will definitely bring football for the Middle East.

FIFA Qatar proposals:

Qatar tried to give a feel about the upcoming Qatar World Cup by holding a match between Brazil and Argentina. Of course it was a friendly match. But the point is, people from different nations visited Qatar for this match. Probably that strengthened the image that Qatar can show their interest for FIFA World Cup 2022.

First of all, Sepp Blatter (President of FIFA) endorsed the idea for Arab World Cup. In April 2010, he said that the Arabic World deserves a World Cup. Truly these twenty two countries have never got the opportunity to organize the tournament.

In other words, Qatar’s progress is praiseworthy. The two million people have already shown their strength in Asia Games 2006. In terms of infrastructure, arranging 30 event for men and women is quite something.

The Qatar committee was well aware of the Middle East summer heat. They believed that this could be a matter of their disadvantage for the other countries perspective. So FIFA Qatar proposed for a very unique stadium ideas. Finally considering all their proposals, on December 2nd it was decided that the FIFA World Cup 2022 is formally the Qatar World Cup.

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World Cup venues for Qatar 2022:

At the beginning of March 2010, the first five proposed stadiums for the Qatar World Cup 2022 were unveiled. The stadiums will employ cooling technology. It is expected to reduce temperatures within the stadium by up to 20°C. Upper tiers of the stadiums will be disassembled after the tournament. There is a plan for donating those, to countries with less developed sports infrastructure.

According to the recent statistics, the summer heat of Qatar will be unbearable for both the players and the spectators. So heat balancing technology is a must for the Qatar World Cup stadiums. It has been planned that the air conditioning systems will be totally solar powered and carbon neutral. Arup of England will provide these for the Qatar World Cup stadiums.

There have been seven World Cup venues proposed for the tournament. Here is the list of proposed World Cup venues for the FIFA World Cup 2022:

  • Lusail
  • Doha
  • Al Khor
  • Ash Shamal
  • Al Wakrah
  • Umm Salal
  • Al Rayyan

Some of the stadiums are named after the city or proposed venue. The Al-Khor Stadium is planned for Al-Khor city. The city is located 50 kilometers north from Doha. The stadium will have capacity of 45330 seats. 19830 of them will be on a temporary modular upper tier.

Al Wakrah is one of the proposed World Cup venues. The Al-Wakrah stadium is going to be located here. The stadium will have a total capacity of 45120 seats. This stadium’s temporary upper tier will contain some 25 500 seats.

Most of the World Cup venues are expected to be decorated with Islamic arts. And definitely all the stadiums are to be surrounded with large solar panels. The above two stadiums were built regardless of the Qatar 2022 conclusion. But the bid committee claims that only the upper tier is going to be added as they have been awarded the opportunity of arranging the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums:

The following are the Official Stadiums to be built for the FIFA World Cup 2022 (Qatar World Cup) –


Lusail Iconic Stadium


Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Lusail Iconic Stadium, qatar 2022
Lusail Iconic Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Lusail, Qatar 

Capacity: 86,250 (planned)

Architect: Foster & Partners


Lusail Iconic Stadium is one of the proposed Qatar World Cup Stadiums. The Stadium will be built in Lusail and it is intended for the opening and final games of FIFA World Cup 2022. Like the other Qatar World Cup stadiums Lusail will also be air conditioned using solar power.

The proposed architect of the stadium is Foster & Partners, which is actually a British firm. The almost circular base will be surrounded by a moat. The car parking will be connected with six bridges. The Stadium will have a near-circular footprint and sits on the primary axis. The total structure will be encircled by a reflective pool of water. There will be around 86250 seat capacity for this Lusail Iconic Stadium. The stadium takes its inspiration from the sail of a traditional dhow boat. After the World Cup 2022, it will be generally used for other spectacular sporting events. Supposedly it is one of the perfect venue for the opening and final matches of any kind of tournament.


But the most important of all, the Stadium comes with an idea of environment friendly cooling technology. Undoubtedly this is ideal for the players and the spectators. The fans will get optimum views of the action in a cool and comfortable setting. Probably Qatar’s enthusiasm and ambition is reflected by the unbelievable eye catching design of this stadium.

Doha Port Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, fifa qatar, Doha Port Stadium
Doha Port Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Doha, Qatar

Capacity: 45,000

Architect: Albert Speer &Partner GmbH


The new Doha Port Stadium will be a modular stadium with around 45000 seating capacity. The Stadium is located in Doha, Qatar. It will sit on an artificial peninsula in the Gulf. Hopefully, the design is to evoke its marine setting.

Architect Albert Speer & Partner GmbH proposed water from the Gulf will run over its outer façade. It will aid the cooling process and most of all it will be definitely visually alluring. There will be two different arriving options, by taxi or ferry. There is an uncommon plan with the very stadium. The total stadium will be disassembled after the FIFA World Cup 2022. The seats will be sent for further development of football in other countries.

Sports City Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, sports city stadium, world cup venues
Sports City Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Doha, Qatar

Capacity: 46,000

Architect: Dan Meis


The Stadium draws inspiration from traditional Arab tents. Sports City Stadium is one of the Qatar World Cup Stadiums, which will have more than around 46000 seats.

There will be a retractable roof and partly retractable pitch. The stand will also be retractable. This combination will provide Qatar’s premiere multi-use facility in the decades. Even after the FIFA World Cup 2022. The innovative ideas of the Stadium will be quite ideal venue for football. But also concerts, theatres and other athletic events can easily be arranged here.

Education City Stadium


Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Education City Stadium , fifa qatar
Education City Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Doha, Qatar

Capacity: 45,000

Architect: RFA Fenwick Iribarren


Education City Stadium takes the form of a jagged diamond. Day by day it starts glittering and glow by night. There will be around 45350 seats at the very Qatar World Cup Stadium.

The stadium is located in the midst of several university campuses at Education City. Qatar and neighboring Bahrain fans can easily access it. They are only 51 minutes away from the stadium by high-speed rail. The stadium will retain 2500 seats after the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Umm Slal Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Umm Slal Stadium , world cup venues
Umm Slal Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Umm Slal, Qatar

Capacity: 45,000

Architecht: Albert Speer & Partner GmbH


Umm Slal Stadium is located in the vicinity of one of Qatar’s most historically important forts. The stadium will have 45,120 seats. The design is a modern interpretation of traditional Arab forts.

There is a already a ford likw the stadium nearby Umm Slal Mohammed. Fter the FIFA World Cup 2022, the stadium will be used as Umm Slal FC.

Qatar University Stadium


Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Qatar University Stadium , fifa qatar
Qatar University Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Doha, Qatar

Capacity: 43,520

Architect: Dan Meis


The stadium is going to replace an existing track and field stadium on Qatar University’s campus. It will have 43520 seats. Being one of the Qatar World Cup stadiums, the gold facade blends traditional Arabic geometric patterns with free-form open surfaces, which conjure both the past and future.

Like almost all the other Qatar World Cup Stadiums, the stadium will be used by student athletes following the FIFA World Cup 2022. And the seat capacity will be reduced to 23000.

Al-Gharafa Stadium


Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Al-Gharafa Stadium , world cup venues
Al-Gharafa Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Doha, Qatar

Capacity: 45,000



The existing 21,175 capacity Al-Gharafa stadium will be expanded to 44,740 seats. Modular elements forming an upper tier will be used to serve the purpose. it is another of the Qatar World Cup stadiums. The facade will be made up of ribbons representing the nations that qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The design will symbolize football and the mutual friendship, tolerance and respect that the tournament represents. After the tournament, the stadium will be downscaled to its existing capacity.

Al-Khor Stadium


Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Al-Khor Stadium , world cup venues, fifa qatar
Al-Khor Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Al-Khor, Qatar

Capacity: 46,000



Al-Khor is a brand new 45,330-capacity stadium. It is one of the Qatar World Cup stadiums.  It has a stunning seashell motif and a flexible roof. There is a permanent lower tier which have 25,500 seats. The modular upper tier is going to have another 20,000 seats.

The stadium offers spectators a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf from their seats and will be located in a sports and recreation zone.

Al-Rayyan Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Al-Rayyan Stadium , fifa qatar
Al-Rayyan Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Umm Al-Afai, Al-Rayyan, Qatar

Capacity: 44,740



The Al-Rayyan Stadium already have a seating capacity of 21,282. It is one of the Qatar World Cup stadiums. They are planning to expand to 44740 seats meanwhile. Modular elements will be used to form the upper tier.

The stadium is designed with a special “media membrane” facade that acts as a screen for projecting news, especially updates.

Al-Wakrah Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Al-Wakrah Stadium , world cup venues
Al-Wakrah Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Al Wakrah, Qatar

Capacity: 45,000



Al-Wakrah is one of Qatar’s oldest cities. It is one of the Qatar World Cup stadiums. It has a long history of commercial fishing and pearl diving. The Al-Wakrah stadium will be having a seating capacity of around 45,120.

The stadium takes its cues from the sea that has played such an important role in the city’s history.

Al-Shamal Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Al-Shamal Stadium , fifa qatar
Al-Shamal Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Ash Shamal, Qatar

Capacity: 45,000

Architect: Albert Speer & Partner GmbH


Al-Shamal stadium will have a capacity of 45,120. It is one od the Qatar World Cup stadiums. There is a permanent lower tier of 25,500 seats. Another modular upper tier will be set up to extend the capacity up to 45,000.

The stadiums shape is derived from the “dhow” fishing boat used in the Gulf. Fans are expected to arrive from the Doha Expressway, water taxis, the Bahrain-Qatar Friendship Bridge and the new Metrorail.

Khalifa International Stadium

Proposed Qatar World Cup stadiums, Khalifa International Stadium , fifa qatar, world cup venues
Khalifa International Stadium ; image credit

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Location: Doha, Qatar

Capacity: 68,030

Architect: Foster & Partners


The stadium was redesigned for Qatar’s successful hosting of the 2006 Asian Games. it is one of the Qatar World Cup Stadiums. Khalifa International Stadium’s current capacity of 50,000 will be expanded to 68,030 for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The stadium includes sweeping arcs and partially covered stands. This is probably the centerpiece of Aspire Zone. The sports complex includes the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence, ASPETAR Sports Medicine Hospital and many other sporting venues.

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Top 5 Soccer Superstars who never played in a World Cup

Undoubtedly FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world. As soccer is the most watched sporting event on earth, billions of people watch the FIFA World Cup Final. On the other hand, the NFL Superbowl pales in comparison with not more than 100 million viewer worldwide.

Football is the elite of all popular sports in the world. So the crowd here can be considered as the cream of the crop. Famous players, who are usually seen playing with the Europe giant clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester United come together once every four year. On the same footballing event they dazzle the world with their spectacle of skills.

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Regrettably some stars do not make it. Of course not because they were not good enough. Even considering soccer superstars who never played in a world cup, we are not even pointing to those who couldn’t play due to injury. The most interesting fact is some of them are before such tournament started. And obviously, some of the soccer superstars’ national team were not good enough that they could participate the most spectacular competition in the World.

Top 5 Soccer Superstars Who never played in a World Cup:

Here we are trying to rank those unfortunate soccer superstars, who achieved everything except the glory of winning or even participating in a World Cup.

5. George Best – Northern Ireland

Top 5 Soccer Superstars who never played in a World Cup, george best, all time legend, manu star
George Best ; image credit


Played For: Manchester United

Position: Midfielder

George Best is another Word for soccer tragedy, in fact tragic story. Definitely he was the footballer of unfulfilled potential. George Best was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. At the age of just 15, Best was scouted for the English giant club Manchester United. He was the regular soccer superstar to dazzle the public at Old Trafford with his amazing displays of technical skills. George is best known for his charisma and easy going manner. No surprise, he became one of the first known celebrity footballers for the Manchester United club in world soccer history.

But there was a problematic issue with his increasing extravagant lifestyle, which in turn led him to several alcoholism health issue. Northern Ireland qualified for the 1982 World Cup final round. But Best was unfortunate enough that his good years were left behind. Even for a 36 year old George, we can say that the toll the drinking had taken away the FIFA World Cup opportunity from Best and also from the public, who could watch the amazing part of soccer history. The Manchester United display couldn’t take place in the World’s most watched sporting event.

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4. Jari Litmanen – Finland

Top 5 Soccer Superstars who never played in a World Cup, jari litmanen, finland soccer
Jari Litmanen ; image credit


Played For: Ajax FC, Liverpool and Barcelona

Position: Midfielder/Striker

Another great player who had the silky touch of an artist but never played in a world cup. The soccer superstar could execute almost every possibilities with the ball at his feet. The legendary playmaker, Jari Litmanen was born in Finland and played as a regular striker for the famous club Ajax FC. Quite unfortunate he was, as his national team attained much more success in Ice Hockey than in soccer.

Jari Litmanen came of age in the 1990’s playing for such illustrious European giant teams. He almost achieved the pinnacle of success with such clubs, except for his National Team. Finland was not quite a part of the then elite Europe soccer community.

Despite producing such great talents like Litmanen and Sami Hyppia (all time Liverpool legend), Finland could never get past the qualifying stage for the FIFA World Cup. And sadly, the footballing world kept deprived of watching the soccer superstar play with grace and artistry in the greatest soccer competition.

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3. Ryan Giggs – Wales

Top 5 Soccer Superstars who never played in a World Cup, ryan giggs, manchester united, midfielder, legend
Ryan Giggs ; image credit


Played For: Manchester United

Position: Midfielder

Most probably Ryan Giggs is saddest example of a player with such caliber and never playing in a Football World Cup. In fact we can say the World Cup is misfortunate enough to miss a soccer superstar like Ryan Giggs. Born in Wales, Ryan Giggs started his professional soccer career under the tutelage of the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United in 1990.

Giggs was instrumental throughout that decade in winning title after title for Manchester United. Yes, he got his right companion, another great of the 90’s – David Beckham, the Neville brothers, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes. With all those achievements keeping in pocket, the glory of playing in a World Cup did elude him more often. Of course, it would be real difficult for a small team like Wales to win the aristocrat tournament, but qualifying would definitely be an honor for him.

Undoubtedly the World Football event world would have seen magic performed by the midfield maestro. That’s what Giggs was practically. His smooth and calm approach would have left spectators wondering. It was quite a dream for any manager to have a soccer superstar like Ryan Giggs in his team and still he never played in a World Cup tournament.

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2. Frédéric Kanouté – Mali

Top 5 Soccer Superstars who never played in a World Cup, Frédéric Kanouté
Frédéric Kanouté ; image credit

Played For: Sevilla FC, Beijing Guoan (current team)

Position: Forward

Frederic Kanoute is an underrated player that was one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t get the chance to shine in a World Cup tournament. Many can comment this an odd choice, but I still believe him as one of the soccer superstars for the top five selection who never played in a World Cup. Kanoute actually made a name for himself in various European leagues. Teams from England, France and Spain.

Finally it was with the famous Spanish Club, that he reached his prime. He achieved the glory of challenging the top two all-time Spanish (in fact European) giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. With his skills and leadership he led Sevilla to UEFA Cup wins in 2006 and 2007. Probably these circumstances cemented his status as local legend.

Unfortunately Kanoute’s national team could never reach his heights. We know, it never made it to the finals of World Cup during Kanoute’s playing days. So, the football world had to miss the amazing soccer star playing in the greatest ground.

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1. George Weah – Liberia

Top 5 Soccer Superstars who never played in a World Cup, george weah, greatest african player, all time great
George Weah ; image credit

 Played For: PSG, AC Milan

Position: Forward

The absence of a player like George Weah from the FIFA World Cup is truly unforgettable. Undoubtedly Weah is regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time. There are so many greater achievements in his diary like 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year and winning the Ballon d’Or.

George Weah started his youth career playing with the France famous PSG. Soon enough, Weah attracted the attention of one of the most prestigious clubs of that era, A.C. Milan. He played for five years in AC Milan and attained buckets of trophies. Very soon he became one of the best known faces of Italian soccer history.

Unfortunately again, this success did not transfer over to the international arena. His home country Liberia being already wracked with Civil War, he couldn’t take part in the greatest show on earth. Liberia along the soccer superstar failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Unbelievable but truth is, George Weah never played in a FIFA World Cup tournament.

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Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia

The month long 20th FIFA World Cup Brazil is already history. There was no shortage of surprises, even disappointments and memorable performances. Notably the most expensive World Cup event in history was watched by over 1 billion people. World cup 2014 was amounted to the most exhilarating in recent memory.

The winner of the tremendous event, Germany have flown their Trophy back home. Soccer fans are already struggling to cope with no-more-futbol. The excitement is moving on for the next 2018 World Cup Russia. Some very early predictions are brought upon for the worldwide fan base of soccer. These are the most probable odds for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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But one thing that I must acknowledge, controversy arrived far earlier than the odds. The 21st World Cup will be the first ever to be held in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and 8 other cities in and around European Russia. You can easily bet the protests will be significant as for Russia’s rep for racism, LGBT discrimination and xenophobia.

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia:

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, 2018 world cup
2018 World Cup Russia ; image credit

All these cautious things don’t ever mean that bets go off. This is probably one thing soccer fans crave more than a World Cup for their nation. Very legitimate concerns around the location of the next World Cup will likely be more than trumped by soccer fever. The earliest World Cup Odds for FIFA 2018 Russia is already announced by world cup betting websites.

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Here we are trying to accumulate those rankings as 10 best world cup odds for 2018 Russia. Team’s current World rankings are provided as FIFA Updates on 23rd October 2014.

World Cup Odds No. 10 – Russia

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, Russia national football team, world cup betting odds
Russia ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 30th

Previous Remarks: Euro 2008 (semi-final)

The last World Cup performance was not satisfactory for the upcoming hosts. They failed to break the Group Stage with a tie to Korea and Algeria and a loss to Belgium. Russia National Football Team has only once survived a major tournament Group Stage at Euro 2008 (semi-final).

But definitely 2018 will mark their fourth appearance ever at the FIFA World Cup. FIFA ranks them 30th in the world makes their top 10 world cup betting odds a feat in itself. The most obvious cause is that gamblers never underestimate the power of home turf as it is already named as 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Fans do believe that, the Motherland can very well light the fire its footballers need. So, Russia is considered as the 10th choice for world cup 2018 odds.

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World Cup Odds No. 9 – England

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, england national football team, world cup betting
England ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 20th

Previous Remarks: World Cup 1966, 1990 (fourth place)

The Three Lions’ prospects tied with Russia might be a little disappointment for English fans. All things told their outcome from last World Cup was not strong cause for optimism. Italy and Uruguay shut them out of the tournament which was far earlier than anyone ever expected.

Even England’s superstars failed to keep on the previous world cup betting. Their total performance was quite underwhelming. Almost everyone agrees that 2014 was England’s worst World Cup performance since 1958. The last time they failed to break the Group Stage that time. Wayne Rooney, being one of the present generation sensation for English football, couldn’t also shine on the right premises.

Together all these fact can haunt the English Football Team in Russia World Cup 2018. England is currently believed to be the 9th choice as World Cup 2018 odds.

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World Cup Odds No. 8 – Italy

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, italy national football team, 2018 fifa world cup
Italy ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 11th

Previous Remarks: World Cup 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006

The most important thing is Italy will definitely not look like the previous time in World Cup 2018 Russia. The 2006 World Cup champions played a disappointing duo of matches this year against Costa Rica and Uruguay. They were sent off home before the knockout stage.

Still no one can keep them out the world cup betting odds list. Though there is a major issue about the Italian Football era as their veteran midfielder Andrea Pirlo and iron goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon have probably seen their last appearance for Italy’s national team in World Cup 2014 Brazil.

So, 2018 Russia means a new days for Italian soccer which is definitely chilled with uncertainty. And after all these equations, Italy is the 8th ranked team as World Cup 2018 odds.

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World Cup Odds No. 7 – Belgium


Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, Belgium national football team, world cup 2018 russia
Belgium ; image credit

Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 4th

Previous Remarks: Fourth place – World Cup 1986

Belgium have made 12 appearances in the previous FIFA World Cups. Today they are ranked 4th on FIFA’s world ranking point list, published on 23rd October 2014. Their best remains a fourth place result in Mexico 1986 World Cup. Last time they were eliminated by the runner-up Argentina in 2014 Brazil. Some will definitely not doubt to keep them in the world cup betting list for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Sturdy victories over Algeria, South Korea, Russia and the United States in Brazil 2014 makes them one of the favorites for world cup 2018 odds. Hopefully Belgium will surely be capable of showing their abilities for the unusual betting over them.

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World Cup Odds No. 6 – Netherlands

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, netherlands national football team, russia world cup 2018
Netherlands ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 5th

Previous Remarks: Runners-up – World Cup 1974, 1978, 2010

Total football team, Netherlands played exemplarily at 2014’s world cup. Beginning with an unprecedented 5-1 victory over the 2010 champions and serially swapping through Australia, Chile, Mexico and edged by Costa Rica on a nail-biting penalty victory.

Being one of the world cup betting odds, Netherlands ultimately succumbed to semi-final shootouts with runner-ups Argentina. But their performance surely have assured the world that a Dutch World Cup victory is hardly a crap shoot. Currently they are the record holders for most World Cup finals without a single win.

Many believes that the Netherlands is a genuine push just waiting to shove. So, they should be counted as at least the 6th world cup 2018 odds in this list.

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World Cup Odds No. 5 – France

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, france national football team, fifa world cup 2018 russia
France ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 7th

Previous Remarks: World Cup 1998

The Blues have delivered on much of the promise they arrived with this year tournament. Their performance was cut short by a loss to the champions Germany for their second quarter final placement.

France’s world cup betting this time straddle optimism and caution. As the blues are not that consistent in World Cup history. Last tournament was a major step up from their 2010 and 2002 Group Stage eliminations. And yet also underwhelming for a team that placed second in 2006. World cup 2018 Russia is definitely going to be a great opportunity for the team.

If someone believes in patterns, Team France is now slated for Group Stage elimination once again. But gamblers can’t but keep them in the list of world cup 2018 odds.

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World Cup Odds No. 4 – Spain

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, spain national football team, world cup 2018 odds
Spain ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 10th

Previous Remarks: World Cup 2010

Unfortunately Spain had to endure a tough bag of Group Stage games in Brazil World Cup. Their failure to overcome them was this World Cup’s first major disappointment. Previously they were probably having their string of victories in international soccer—Euro 2012, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2008.

But 5-1 loss to Holland! That was totally hard to predict for any kind of soccer followers. La Furia Roja’s reign at the top of football ended as suddenly as it could have. Still being counted for the world cup betting odds, Spain could occupy the highest FIFA World Ranking. People must have already willing for their valuable placement in the world cup 2018 odds list.

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World Cup Odds No. 3 – Brazil

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, brazil national football team, 2018 world cup
Brazil ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 6th

Previous Remarks: World Cup 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002

Undoubtedly this is the team, gamblers would not bother to look for the present rankings or their previous remarks.

But talking about the Brazil-Germany game, especially after Germany’s fourth goal at 26 minutes, the entire institution of football and every press outlet in the world experienced the same feeling. The five time winner’s domination by the World Cup champions, especially in that first half where six minutes produced four effortless goals.

With no Neymar and no Thiago Silva, Brazil seemed almost willing to be pried open by Germany’s precision attackers. Truly their 7-1 loss was quite painful to watch from any kind of football perspectives.

Though lost in upset, you can hardly have the scope to keep the true champions from any kind of world cup betting list. No football fan could make the case that Brazil aren’t one of the best teams for the Russia World Cup 2018. May be sometimes be told as one of the safest bets currently at no 3 of the top 10 world cup 2018 odds.

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World Cup Odds No. 2 – Argentina

Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, argentina national football team, world cup betting odds
Argentina ; image credit


Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 2nd

Previous Remarks: World Cup 1978, 1986

There were hardly any complaints to be had about the runner-up performance for Argentina. A straight string of Argentine victories ended with a razor-thin margin in the final match. The team had to concede just a single goal in the exhausting 113th minute of unbelievable final.

Argentina more than held its own against the tournament champions. Many of the late gamblers would have predicted a shoot-out finale after they ran a superbly tight defensive performance. Current time soccer sensation Lionel Messi still ultimately won his 4th consecutive Ballon d’Or after a well-rounded performance.

So after all this conclusions it is just only reassured the soccer world that though Argentina didn’t exactly make history. No one need to doubt for the upcoming world cup betting with the Argentinians. Hopefully they will be able to keeping with the world cup 2018 odds expectations.

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World Cup Odds No. 1 – Germany


Top 10 Best World Cup Odds for 2018 Russia, germany national football team, russia world cup 2018, world cup beting 2018 world cup 2018 odds
Germany ; image credit

Ranking before 2018 World Cup: 1st

Previous Remarks: World Cup 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014

The world will likely remember Brazil 2014 as the year Germany wrote another chapter in football world. Germany’s trajectory included an historical beating of Brazil and historical beating of a host country. They have grounded with the 8th time in the final and fourth consecutive semi-final by any team in World Cup history of all time.

This is the country’s first World Cup victory as Germany. Previously they have succeeded with another three titles as West Germany. Now they can be considered second with Italy as World Cup winners. And propping up veteran striker Miroslav Klose to become the all-time leading scorer of the greatest show on earth.

Probably this time Germany is going to be your world cup betting odds, if your team is not able to qualify for the tournament. They are country nearly everyone know that will win.

Germany’s performance only leaves us with one question: will they be able to do it again in 2018 Russia World Cup? Don’t know, but surely gamblers will definitely fix them on top of the world cup 2018 odds list.

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football history international football Top 10 Women Soccer world cups

Top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup Records of All-time

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest stage of football. It is not only applicable for men, but also applicable in the women’s version of football. The event is equally exciting in FIFA Women’s World Cup. Some of the greatest records in women’s soccer have been created in FIFA Women’s World Cup’s history. The female soccer players from different countries try their best to go down in the history. Holding a record in a world cup, is very much significant for a player, whether the player is a man or woman.

With the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is progressing, many new records will be built, breaking the older ones. The world cup records thus carry a significant importance to both players and the soccer fans.

10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time:

Sporty Ghost have taken an initiative to enlist top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time. Let’s have a look at it, but do not forget to give us your valuable comments.

10. Highest attendance in a match: 90,185 (1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final)

The final match of 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup took place on 10 July, 1999, at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, United States where United States met China for the title. The final is widely considered as one of the most important events in the American soccer history. A whooping number, which is estimated 90,185, of soccer fans gathered that day in one place to see the final showdown. The 1999 final set a record of highest attendance in the history of a Women’s World Cup match.

We have selected the record as no. 10 in our list of top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time. The match became a breath taking, heart-throbbing phenomenon while the score remained a 0-0 draw and finally United States won the final with a 5-4 in a penalty shoot-out after the end of the extra-time.

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9. Biggest victory: Germany (11)-(0) Argentina

The German women’s national soccer team holds the record of the biggest margin of victory in the history of FIFA Women’s World Cup. The World Cup match took place on 10 September, 2007 at Hongkou Stadium, Shanghai, China. The invincible German team demolished Argentina women’s side by scoring 11 goals with a clean sheet. The German forward Birgit Prinz scored a magnificent hat trick, while Lingor and Behringer also scored two goals each. Smisek is another player, who made another hat trick in that match.

It became the only world cup match where two players of same side scored a hat trick. Argentina, on the other hand failed to net a single goal and also faced their biggest loss by 11-0 in the world cup. The record is placed at no. 9 in our list of top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time.

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8. Most consecutive losses: Argentina (6 world cup matches)

The Argentine women’s national team is consisted of amateur players, because there is no professional soccer league for the women in Argentina. Women’s football in Argentina still remains in shadow in compared of men’s soccer. The team’s last major achievement came when they defeated Brazil in the finals of 2006 Sudamericano Femenino on November 26, 2006. The inexperienced Argentine women’s team lost 6 times in a row in the FIFA Women’s World Cup from 2003 till 2007.

The record of most consecutive losses goes for the Argentine national women’s team and it is the no. 8 record in the list of top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time. The poor team started the streak with a 6-0 loss against Japan on 20 September, 2003 Women’s World Cup and the streak ended after the 1-6 loss against England on 17 September in 2007 Women’s World Cup.

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7. Most consecutive matches without a loss-Germany (15 World Cup matches)

Top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup Records of All-time, German women’s national soccer team
German women’s national soccer team ; image credit – Wikimedia/Frank

The German women’s national football team is one of the most successful teams in the history of FIFA Women’s World Cup. They are the winners of 2003 and 2007 Women’s World Cup. Germany remain the sole nation to have won both the men’s and women’s world cup. The German women’s team is holding the record of most consecutive matches without a loss with 15-match streak without facing a loss in the world cup, which has given the 7th spot in the list of top 10 FIFA Women’s world cup records of all-time.

Their winning streak started when they won by 4-1 against Canada in 2003 Women’s world cup at Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus and won the final match of the streak by 4-2 against France in 2011 Women’s world cup at Borussia-Park in Mönchengladbach. German women’s team is one of the hardest contenders in 2015 FIFA Women’s world cup, Canada.

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6. Most consecutive wins: Norway (10 World Cup matches)

The Norway national women’s team is widely regarded as the most successful teams in women soccer. They are the former European, world and Olympic champions. The Norway team won consecutive 10 world cup matches from 1995-1999. They started the winning streak with a massive 8-0 victory against Nigeria at 1995 FIFA Women’s world cup.

The Norwegians accomplished their 10th win in world cup consecutively on 30 June, 1999, while they defeated Sweden by 3-1. This unbelievable women’s world cup record stays at no. 6 in the list of top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time. The Norway national team is still showing.

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5. Players with most goals in a single world cup: Michelle Akers (10 goals, 1991)

Top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup Records of All-time, Michelle Akers
Michelle Akers ; image credit –

Former American soccer player, Michelle Akers was an integral part of US team in 1991 and 1999 women’s world cup victories. The 1991 women’s world cup held in China, was very significant in Akers’ football career, as she managed to score a record 10 goals in total. She scored two match winning goals in the final and was awarded the golden Boot as she was the top goal scorer of that tournament.

In the 1991 season of soccer, Michelle Akers scored a stunning 39 goals in 26 matches, which settled the all-time team record for most goals in a single season of football. She was named FIFA Female Player of the Century for her outstanding goal scoring ability. Her name is also inducted in the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

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4. Youngest goal scorer in World Cup: Elena Danilova (16 years 3 months 15 days)

The Russian soccer team forward, Elena Danilova became the youngest goal scorer in the world cup history at 2003 FIFA Women’s world cup, held in United States. She scored Russia’s last goal in that world cup campaign in a quarterfinal clash against Germany, who were the eventual champion. After scoring the goal, Elena made a history by being the youngest goal scorer in a world cup match with just 16 years 3 months and 15 days of age.

Her amazing record remains at no. 4 spot in our list of top 10 FIFA Women’s world cup records of all-time. She is a remarkable player for Russia as in 2005, she alone scored 9 goals in U-19 Euro and led her team to win their first international title. She is currently playing football for Ryazan VDV, besides Russian national team.

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3. Player with most world cup appearances: Kristine Lilly (5 world cups)

Top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup Records of All-time, Kristine Lilly
Kristine Lilly ; image credit –

Kristine Lilly was the captain of United States women’s team and she appeared in a total five Women’s world cup during her soccer career. Her final appearance came at the 2007 World cup in China. It is an amazing record which made her the first woman and also one of the three footballers in the soccer history to appear in five world cups.

This unique record has been placed at no. 3 spot in our list of top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time. She played the 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007 FIFA Women’s world cup, scoring 8 goals in total. The record of appearing in five world cup also later achieved by Brazilian Formiga, Norwegian Bente Nordby , Japanese Homare Sawa and Birgit Prinz for Germany.

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2. Top goal scorer: Marta, Brazil (15 world cup goals)

Top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup Records of All-time, Marta, Brazil
Marta, Brazil ; image credit –

Brazilian football forward, Marta da Silva is one of the soccer legends in Brazil’s football history. She has made some important contributions to the Brazil all through her career. Marta was the key player in Brazil’s silver winning performance at 2004 and 2008 summer Olympics. She has participated in four Women’s world cups, including 2015 from the 2003 version of Women’s world cup and has played some extraordinary knocks for her team.

All through her world cup career, Marta scored a total 15 goals. In her first world cup appearance in 2003 FIFA Women’s world cup in United States, she scored 3 goals, and then 7 in 2007 FIFA Women’s world cup in China, 4 more goals in 2011 world cup in Germany, and 1 goal so far in 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The record is placed at no. 2 in top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup records of all-time.

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1. Best national side: United States (30 wins in 40 world cup matches)

Top 10 FIFA Women’s World Cup Records of All-time, USWNT
USWNT ; image credit – Wikimedia/rachael.c.king

The United States Women’s national team, nicknamed as “The USWNT” is the most successful team in Women’s world cup history. The team has won 30 matches in their 40 appearances, while winning the world title twice, in 1991 and 1999. So far, the team have scored 104 goals in world cups, while consuming just 33 goals. The USWNT have achieved Olympic gold medal four times in history, which have taken the team to another level. Most recently, they have beaten Colombia in 2015 FIFA Women’s world cup, round of 16 by 2-0. The team, with its all firepower, is comfortably advancing towards their third world cup title.

The records are always built to be broken some day for sure. Nothing stays forever in this world. Hope, in the coming year, we will be writing another story of building new records in FIFA Women’s world cup. The players will be always in the history and they will be remembered for many years. The top 10 FIFA Women’s world cup records of all-time is just a temporary issue from our desk. So, let’s wait for the next year to see some more new records.

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