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Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players in the World 2016

Definitely football is that team game which requires good coordination among all the fellow teammates. Everyone need to perform accordingly. But rivalry among hottest soccer players regarding their fashion sense has become a common thing now a days. It’s just as common as like other fields of entertainment and sports. Media as well as people all over the world create this importance to the glamour factor. The modern age football players like to step on the field with hairstyles that can make them stand apart from other teammates.

Even some of the top names are seen every now and then joining events, photo shoots and programs, some of which can turn as renowned magazine cover as sexiest footballers in the world. Soccer, in particular, probably has seen most of these glamorous faces in past decades, where the names were not limited within their skill only but also for their attractive appearance.

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Yes, you can say again, the most played sport is truly something much more than what we figured already. Arsenal player Theo Walcott prominently portrayed his hatred towards Van Persie for his drastic fashion sense. Theo named it ‘appalling clobber’ and also adds that, RVP was “Embarrassing.”

10 hottest soccer players:

I know, claiming someone from a specific field leaves some other else as hottest soccer players. But have you ever wondered who are actually the hottest footballers or you can say sexiest football players in the world 2016?

Here we’ve compiled a top 10 list of hottest soccer players in the world 2016. Obviously it’s very difficult to keep all of those preferable hottest footballers. So, hope, some of your own choices are enlisted too.

10. Xabi Alonso

Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players in the World 2016, Xabi Alonso
Xabi Alonso | image credit – Wikimedia/Rufus46

Xabier Alonso Olano, in short Xabi Alonso was long term famously known as the Real Madrid star and now he is with the German giants Bayern Munich. The 32-years old and yet hottest footballers is also playing for the Spanish National Football team. With his listed height of 1.83 meters, he usually plays as a midfielder for his teams. Xabi made 158 appearances and scored 4 goals from 2009 to 2014 for Real Madrid and also getting much better performance for Bayern now on. But these are not all we need to talk here about Xabi Alonso.

The Player of the year in 2003, is one of the best looking footballer among the Spanish footballers. His face is very common for some the renowned magazine covers in Europe and America too. Being one of the most earning football player in the world, Xabi has that handsome and beautiful appearance which can attract millions of his fans around the world. His sponsor deals are clear indication that he still makes the list of hottest soccer players in the world 2016.

09. Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas, hottest football players
Cesc Fabregas | image credit – Wikimedia/Jsmith11

Another Spanish player, here at number nine in our list of sexiest soccer players in th2016. The central midfielder, Cesc Fabregas plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League alongside the National Football team of Spain. He was transferred to Arsenal from Barcelona’s youth academy at the age of 16 in September 2003 and returned to Barcelona for £35 million on 15 August 2011. In June 2014, he signed for €33 million transfer fee with Chelsea.

Fabregas is widely admired for his different look almost every season. People definitely love him as a young and skillful soccer player. Even he gets price for the look, he signed a sponsorship deal with Puma in 2011 and is the brand face of the PowerCat range of football boots by Puma. He also appeared in an international ad for the Puma Power-Cat 1. Fabregas is also an honorary ambassador of ‘Show Racism the Red Card‘ for an anti-racism campaign.

08. Ignazio Abate

Ignazio Abate, hottest footballers
Ignazio Abate | image credit – Wikimedia/Олег Дубина

Ignazio Abate is a 28 year old footballer, born in Sant’Agata de’ Goti in Italy. The right back is also a member of the National team of Italy. He also currently plays for the club, Milan. His accomplishments are huge as a representative of both the national team and club football. Though he has not yet received any notable honor as a professional soccer player, Abate is admired for his skill and focus on the field.

He has a huge fan base all over the world, specifically in Italy. The rising star is definitely going to become fashion icon for the rest of his career. With a height of 1.80 meters, he is undoubtedly one of our fine pick of hottest soccer players in the world 2016.

07. Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud, sexiest soccer players
Olivier Giroud | image credit – Wikimedia/joshjdss

Olivier Giroud plays for the France National Football Team and English Premier League team Arsenal. The 28-year old striker was born in Chambéry, France. We’ve placed him at number seven in our list of top 10 hottest football players in 2016. He is listed as height of 1.92 meter. He was also named UNFP Ligue 2 Player of the Year in 2010 and achieved Ligue 2 Top Goal scorer in 2010.

The French fashion icon has a tattoo on his right arm from Psalm 23 in Latin. In 2013 Giroud stripped naked for Dieux du Stade. That time may be you can remember, a French charity calendar featuring naked sportsmen sold for charity. He also became the face of Hugo Boss and was voted as the ‘Hottest Premier League Player‘ in 2015. Though he admitted that he feels David Beckaham as an inspiration for the way he looks.

06. Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos, sexiest football players
Sergio Ramos | image credit – Wikimedia/Дмитрий Неймырок

Sergio Ramos is a 28 year old footballer, born in Camas, Spain. He represents both the national team of Spain as well as plays in the position of defender for the club, Real Madrid. His accomplishments are huge as a representative of both the teams. As a player Real Madrid since 2005, he has scored 38 goals and for Spain it is 10. He obtained the honors as the La Liga Best Defender in 2014 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup Castrol Index Winner.

The Spaniard is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes with a height of 1.83 meters. He is quite something special for Madrid fans all over the world. Some of them may even believe him as sexiest football player in Real Madrid. Ramos entered a relationship with Pilar Rubio in September 2012.  As a popular game in his hometown, Ramos is a fan of Bullfighting.

05. Neymar

Neymar, sexiest footballers
Neymar | image credit – Wikimedia/Musa Raza

Neymar is a professional soccer player who represents the national team of Brazil. He is also a player on the Spanish club FC Barcelona. The 22 year old Brazilian winger is probably the next generation to replace the top two giant names Messi and Ronaldo in near future. At a very young age, Neymar has already made some amazing achievements and has shown great potential. He also the next generation fashion icon footballer and surely to be granted as one of the hottest soccer players in the world.

Apart from the many formal recognition of his great gameplay, he has been praised time again for his skill and technique. Since joining, it has been very rear for him not to create impact upon the team that he now leads. Neymar actively promotes Brazilian pop music off the field, Música sertaneja in particular. Probably you have even saw the video of dancing to a Michel Teló number in the Santos Locker room, which went viral at that time.

04. Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué, hottest football players
Gerard Piqué | image credit – Flickr/Paula RB

Gerard Piqué is a 27 year old professional soccer player, plays for the Catalan club Barcelona as well as the Spain National Football Team. As a center-back, his accomplishments are huge as a representative of both the national team and club he represents. Since joining back Barcelona, he has scored 12 goals in more than 170 matches. Pique was honored as the UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament in 2012 and La Liga Breakthrough Player of the Year in 2009.

At the same time, Pique has some more fans for his great look with a height of 1.92 meters. Since early 2010, Gerard Piqué has been in a relationship with Colombian singer Shakira. The couple have two sons, Milan and Sasha. Being the face of Mango’s men’s line HE for four consecutive campaign seasons, he surely proves his presence among the hottest soccer players in the world 2016.

03. Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao, hottest footballers
Radamel Falcao | image credit – youtube/Kelly Guzman

Radamel Falcao is a 28 year old footballer, who represents the national team of Columbia as well as English club Chelsea. He is sometimes nicknamed as the king of the European League. The Colombian striker was obtained the honors as the GQ Spain Sports man of the year in 2012, the Globe Best Footballer in 2012 and the Onze de Bronze in 2012.

More interestingly, Falcao is a second generation footballer, with his father having played professionally as as a defender in Colombia. With a height of 1.77 meters, he is counted as one of the sexiest football stars now a days in world football. Though his name derives from the 1980s Brazil, he prefers to use his middle name in interviews and he is partially of English descent.

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02. Mats Hummels

Mats Hummels, sexiest soccer players
Mats Hummels | image credit – Wikimedia/Pro2

Mats Julian Hummels is a German soccer player, who plays as a central defender for Borussia Dortmund and the German national team. In fact currently he is the captain in his German Bundesliga team. He came through the Bayern Munich youth academy before joining this club on loan in January 2008. He officially signed for Dortmund in February 2009 for €4 million. So far he has achieved two league titles and finished as runner up in the UEFA Champions League 2012-2013. And of course we shouldn’t forget the greatest of them all, winning the FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil.

Though the good looking Borrussia Dortmund defender is currently not having a good spell with his club. Anyway, Mats Hummels continues to attract the young lady football fans with his good looks and we consider him second in our list of hottest football players.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, sexiest football players
Cristiano Ronaldo | image credit – youtube/Fcrok7TM

Here we find our final pick, top in the list of hottest soccer players in the world. This one name, surely you were definite about, even its position. The sexiest footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is a 29 year old professional footballer, who plays for the national team of Portugal as the captain and the richest football club Real Madrid. The arguably number one forward in the world bears the number 7 on his jersey. That’s another cause he is mostly popular by the CR7.

As a player of Real Madrid since 2009, in 176 matches, he has scored 197 goals. And for Portugal, in 118 matches since 2003, he has scored 52 goals. He has so far been awarded Three times FIFA Ballon d’Or, UEFA Best Player in Europe Award in 2013–14 and also the LFP Best Player in 2013–14.

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With a height of 1.85 meters, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be the hottest, in fact fittest soccer player in the world. He gets a lot of attention from the fans from around the world who often give him more credit for his look, though his achievements are not left unconsidered. There are too many sponsor deals with the Portuguese striker, which eventually determines his craze outside the field is not less than with the ball on field. True sports fanatics are, however, can be trusted to keep the glamour balanced for such sexiest footballers in the world 2016.