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Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World

The sports industry is a vast field of international business and is becoming commercialized day by day. The sports business is more competitive than the competitions between athletes. The television networks race between themselves to broadcast certain sporting events. In addition, different sports brands also take part in this competition to sponsor some of the biggest stars in sports. All these sports brands are highly concerned with their value and image. The sports brands have attained huge popularity around the world. They are also earning a great deal of money through these businesses.
Our team have got an idea to enlist the top 10 richest sports brands in the world. The list is consisting of some of the premier television networks and also some sports apparel brands. Their net value were calculated as the amount of business they would fetch in an arm length transaction. The list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world is concerned with sports business and does not include any sports franchises. So, here it is-

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Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World:

10. MSG Network: $300 Million

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World, msg network
MSG Network HQ—-image credit: Wikipedia/Ilovechoclate

The MSG Network is a regional radio and television service in United States. The network is specially focused on the sports teams from New York City. The TV channel is hereby named after Madison Square Garden (MSG) and they broadcast games of New York Knicks, New York Rangers and WNBA’s New York Liberty alongside the soccer matches played by the New York Red Bulls of MLS.
They has been broadcasting the exclusive events of New York Giants since 2010. The sister of this channel, MSG Plus also broadcast the NHL games with special attention to the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders. The estimated worth of MSG Network in 2013 was increased by $70 million and now it is about $300 million. MSG Network stands at No. 10 in the list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world.

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9. MLBAM: $480 Million

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World
The MLB arena—-image credit: Wikipedia/ Nehrams2020

Major League Baseball Advanced Media, in short MLBAM is a limited partnership business network of the MLB club owners. It is the internet and interactive branch of Major League Baseball and currently based in New York City. MLBAM operates the official website of MLB. The site publishes news, standings, statistics and match schedules. The site also offers live audio and video broadcasts to the subscribers.
The company distributes ESPN’s online sports video, which include the BCS Championship games. MLBAM also owns the websites of WWE and Guns N’ Roses. With estimated $480 million income, MLBAM is at 9th place in the list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world.

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8. NESN: $510 Million

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World,NESN network
NESN reporters———image credit: Flickr/Keith Allison


NESN stands for New England Sports Network, which is the regional television channel in the six New England states in USA. NESN mainly broadcasts the games of Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins. They also covers the news of regional college basketball games. The channel was launched in 1984 and moved to be the basic cable network later in 2001. They offer a monthly subscription fee of $3.56, which is the 3rd highest fee charged by any regional sports network in United States.
NESN is currently a joint business of Delaware North, who own the Boston Bruins and TD Garden and the Fenway Sports Group, who own the Boston Bruins and English soccer club Liverpool FC. NESN is at No. 8 spot in our list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world.

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7. YES Network: $625 Million

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World,YES network
YES networks base in Yankees game—image credit: Wikipedia/ chris.ptacek

The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES Network) is the primary broadcasting network of New York Yankee and Brooklyn Nets. The YES Network is officially based in Manhattan. After launching in 2002, YES have spread their network in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and some parts of Pennsylvania. The YES Network have soon gained the popularity and become the most watched regional sports channel in the United States.
The 20% share of YES Network is owned by the Yankee Global Enterprises and the remaining 80% of the company is owned by 21st Century Fox. Global advertisement is the main money source for the YES Network. They earn more percentage of money than any other regional sports network in the world.

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6. Reebok: $1.1 Billion

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World,reebok
Reebok delta logo—image credit: Wikipedia/ReebokUSA

Reebok is the first sports shoe company in this list and they are also the 1st member in the billion club. The company, with a revenue of $1.1 billion, stands at No. 6 in the list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world. Reebok was founded in 1895 in Bolton, England. They have been a subsidiary of another major sports shoe company, Adidas since 2005. In 2012, Reebok earned a profit of $1.2 billion. Their $0.1 billion loss may be attributed that they are no longer the exclusive kit provider for the NFL. Most recently, Reebok seems to be forging multiple partnerships with Spartan Race and Crossfit. Still, Reebok is one of the very popular sports brands throughout the world.

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5. Under Armour: $3.7 Billion

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World, under armour
Jordan Lewis is an Under Armour ambassador—image credit: Wikimedia/Shuffleking

Under Armour is a famous American sportswear and accessories company, which was founded in 1996. They firstly invented the moisture-wicking shirts that were made from microfibers. These clothing helped the athletes a great deal by keeping them dry and preventing discomfort of being in a sweat soaked shirt. In 1999, the Under Armour clothing company got the task of being the outfitter for two Warner Bros movies, Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. They progressed to a new level in 2000, when the company became the outfitter for the XFL. Now, they sponsor the NFL Combine and also branched out to produce other products like athletic shoes. Currently, The Under Armour company earns 12% of their revenue from footwear sales. Under Armour is at No. 5 in the list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world.

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4. Sky Sports: $4.1 Billion

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World,sky sports
Sky Sports 24 news studio—-image via: Wikimedia/Morningfrost

The No. 4 spot in our list is allocated for the Sky Sports, which is a group of sports television network. Sky Sports was founded in 1991. The channels are operated by the British Sky Broadcasting company. Sky Sports telecasts news from numerous sports, like soccer, cricket, rugby, darts, golf, boxing, wrestling, formula F1 racing. The Sky Sports News Channel does not need any premium package subscription for the viewers.
Sky Sports network is the most eminent sports channel , broadcasting the English Premier League matches. Sky Sports have dominantly provided sports contents in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Sky Sports television network played a vital role in encouraging England’s top football division to break away from the Football League and form English Premier League in 1992. It is the most influential sports media in Europe.

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3. Adidas: $7.1 Billion

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World,adidas
Adidas outlet in Hongkong—-image credit: Wikimedia/Tungyuemans23

Adidas is a German sports brand that produces sports footwear, jerseys and various accessories. Adidas is a part of Adidas Group (AG), which also includes Reebok, TaylorMade, Rockport and a small percentage of Bayern Munich Football Club. The company was founded by Adolf Dassler, following a split with his brother, who went on to form another Sports brand Puma. Thus the rivalry between Adidas and Puma has started and still remains today.
According to Forbes magazine, Adidas became the only prominent sports brand, which provided over 5,000 sports outfits in 2012 London Olympics. Also, 30% of the medals captured were by athletes wearing Adidas brand. The company has made sponsorship deals with the biggest sports stars in the world, such as Derrick Rose, Steven Gerrard, Dwight Howard, Andy Murray, Robert Griffin III and many more. Adidas is at No. 3 in the list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world.

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2. ESPN: $15 Billion

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World,ESPN
ESPN logo——image credit: Wikipedia/ ESPN, Inc.

ESPN stands for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network”, who often claims to be the worldwide leader in sports. ESPN is owned by the Hearst Corporation and the Walt Disney Company. ESPN sports network broadcasts live events from almost all sports and also live telecasts sport talk shows, sport documentaries and sports news shows. The channel is available on cable and reached to over 85% Americans. The subscription fee is $5.50 per month, which is the highest monthly subscription fee of any cable television network. ESPN was founded in 1979 and headquatered in Bristol, Connecticut.
ESPN is at No. 2 in our list of top 10 richest sports brands in the world. in 2013, the company earned over $6 billion in cable fees. The current net worth of ESPN is about $15 billion and now they have become the largest sports television network in the world.

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1. Nike: $17.3 Billion

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World
The gorgeous Nike Air Max—-image credit: Wikipedia/Beomseok

Here we come, the No. 1 is here. Nike is the No. 1 richest sports brand in the world with a massive $17.3 billion value. They are the worldwide leader in athletic footwear. Nike dominates almost 20% of the sports footwear market and according for Forbes, that Nike has outperformed the Dow Jones United States footwear index by 50% in last five years. After founded in 1964, Nike was initially known as Blue Ribbon Company, which was owned by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Later in 1971, the Company changed its name into Nike Inc. It is not just a shoe company, but a global giant in producing various sports accessories. Since 2013, Nike has been the exclusive uniform provider of all NFL teams in USA.
Nike was named after the Greek Goddess, who happened to be the goddess of victory. The company can claim to be victorious in all prospective, specially for being the richest sports brand in the world.

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Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals

A lot of money to be made in sport sponsorship, especially in soccer cleats endorsement deals. Every year billions of dollars are up for grabs for the manufacturers who supply everything. These everything includes team kits to the balls and shin-pads we buy at the local sporting stores.

Mostly, Nike and Adidas rule in this realm. One part of this industry, the very important and yet potential is soccer cleats/ football boots endorsement deals. Jersey and team sponsors are out of the hands of the player in present world soccer. Kits are manufactured by the likes of sponsors around the world.

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As a player in this instance, plyer need to wear what the team wears. But considering soccer cleats or soccer shoes, these are the only equipment which are fair game for a footballer. A player can sign on with any manufacturer of their choosing, which can in turn make him a great profit for himself.

Top 10 most expensive soccer cleats endorsements:

Manufacturers spend hundreds of millions to sign players up and get as many of their soccer cleats. It’s an aspect of the sports market that is taken very carefully. Soccer shoes are just as important for the player on the pitch as they are for the player’s money concern.

The following is a list of top 10 famous footballers and their endorsement deals with soccer cleats manufacturers.

Let’s find who has the biggest soccer cleats endorsement deals in 2015?

10. Neymar

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, neymar football boots
Neymar ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Nike
Endorsement deal: $1 million per year 

Brazilian sensational forward Neymar was one of the biggest names to grace the soccer world in very recent time. Clubs and fans around the world kept tabs on the 22-year old while he played for his team. And now, after his anticipated move to Barcelona, football world has got ongoing controversy and further excitement to Spain’s La Liga.

Obviously Neymar is a marketing dream. He is so well known outside of Europe too. Currently, Neymar has contracts with companies like Castrol, Panasonic, Red Bull and Volkswagen. According to Forbes, this forward has an 11 year deal with Nike, which worth minimum $1 million per year. Considering his attachment with one of the most famous clubs in European football, we believe the figure is not quite adjusted. Neymar currently wears Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom boots as for the football shoes endorsement.

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09. Wayne Rooney

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, wayne rooney soccer shoes
Wayne Rooney ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Nike
Endorsement deal: $1.67 million per year

The most famous English Premier League superstar, Wayne Rooney developed his name and reputation while playing for Manchester United and England National Team. The 28-year old English forward has enjoyed considerable success during his early career. He has been recently signed a new contract at Old Trafford which assures his $26 million earning from the club per year.

Rooney makes substantially less from endorsement and sponsorship deals comparing his player contrast. A few some controversies have already cost him deals with Coca-Cola and EA Sports recently. But he is successfully maintaining strong ties with Nike as for football boots endorsement. The American sports-wear giant has a deal that sees Rooney wear Nike Hypervenom Phantom boots while playing. Rooney is getting paid $1.67 million per year for wearing the gear from Nike.

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08. Sergio Agüero

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, sergio aguero football boots
Sergio Aguero ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Puma
Endorsement deal: $2 million per year

Sergio Aguero started making a name for himself with his previous club Independiente (Argentine club). Then he was moved to Atletico Madrid in 2006 and Manchester City in 2011. The former son-in-law of Diego Maradona has already established a considerable worldwide profile. He has actually developed a reputation for being technically gifted and lethal in front of goalpost.

We are watching Aguero striking the ball with that much confidence is probably the soocer shoes endorsement deal with the evoSpeed 1.2 boots by Puma. Being German Manufacturer Company, Puma is well behind Adidas and Nike in the sponsorship department. They are trying to cast more of high profile footballers with them to grab a bigger share of the market of soccer cleats. Agüero is one such player and Puma pay him $2 million per year to wear their shoes.

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07. Lionel Messi

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, lionel messi soccer shoes
Lionel Messi ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $3.34 million per year

Lionel Messi is one of the most recognizable footballing figures for all time in the world. This gifted and a nightmare for opposition defenders has more records and individual awards than can be listed here. No surprise that manufacturers compete so fiercely to have Messi lend his name to their football goods.

Lionel Messi initially worked with Nike. And then when the contract came up, their rival Adidas swooped in for his signature for football shoes endorsement. They offered him $3.34 million per season to wear their soccer boots. Currently the magician footballer is wearing the F50 adiZero line of footwear from Adidas. The sponsor company has even created a version called the F50 Messi SG. Probably this is the second football shoe to be named after a player. Their first one was David Beckham boot endorsement.

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06. Mesut Özil

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, Mesut Özilfootball boots
Mesut Özil ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $4.9 million per year

Mesut Özil rose playing for Bundesliga side Werder Bremen previously. He is also a regular player for the Germany National Team. The creative midfielder’s move to Real Madrid in 2010 raised his profile rich. And then the 25 year old Özil was once again headlines when he moved to Arsenal for a team record of £42.5 million (as a German player).

At Real Madrid, Özil became embroiled in a legal battle with Nike, which was his previous football shoes sponsor. Disputes between the player and Nike created a situation where Özil spent one season wearing both Nike and Adidas boots. Recently he has signed a deal with Adidas for $4.9 million per year. Currently he is wearing the Predator LZ II from Adidas.

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05. Cesc Fabregas

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, Cesc Fabregas soccer shoes
Cesc Fabregas ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Puma
Endorsement deal: $5.34 million per year

Cesc Fabregas is another product of Barcelona’s famed La Masia academy. He made his name while playing for Arsenal in the English Premier League (2003 to 2011). The playmaker was well known for his creativity and passes to unlock other teams’ defenses as well. The 26-year old returned to Barcelona in 2011 where he continues to play now. Fabregas has been part of a dominant Spanish national team.

Formerly he had boots deal with Nike. And now he is signed with Puma for football shoes. Truly the company is making a real push to take some of the market away from the traditional apparel sponsors. The midfielder’s current sponsorship contract sees him receive $5.34 million per year from Puma for shoe deals only. He has been recently wearing boots from Puma’s PowerCat 1 line. He also took part in the launch ceremonies for Puma’s new Evopower 1 soccer boots.

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04. Gareth Bale

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, Gareth Bale football shoes
Gareth Bale ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $5.5 million per year

The Welsh winger Gareth Bale rose to prominence with Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur (2007 to 2013). Unbelievablew but truth is, he started as a defender and soon found his calling as an offensively minded winger for the team. He became known for his speed, strength and powerful shot over his final years at Tottenham. Bale moved to Real Madrid in a much publicized $142.8 million surprise transfer in the summer of 2013.

Adidas finalized a six-year contract extension for Bale football boots recently. The new deal will see the 24-year old get $5.5 million a year and bumps him up the high-earners list. Like Lionel Messi, Bale footwear is also from the F50 adiZero line from Adidas.

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03. Mario Balotelli

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, mario balotelli soccer boots
Mario Balotelli ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Puma
Endorsement deal: $6.9 million per year

Mario Balotelli is probably the only player where adjective terms like vial of nitro-glycerin, useful, capable, unstable and unpredictable all can be used prominently. Balotelli plagued his career from Inter Milan to Manchester City to AC Milan. He appeared on television in an AC Milan jersey while still a player for Inter Milan. But undoubtedly the Italian striker is a handful.

Recently Puma decided all of those issues were water under the bridge as they signed Balotelli to a deal report to be in the neighborhood of $6.9 million per year for football shoes. Puma has yet to release the official figures. Most analysts and papers tend to agree with this assumption figure of shoe deal. Balotelli’s deal represents another high profile addition to Puma. Mario Balotelli now wears Puma’s Evopower 1 and even sported a specially designed pair.

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02. Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, cristiano ronaldo soccer shoes
Cristiano Ronaldo ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Nike
Endorsement deal: $8.35 million per year

Everyone probably already guessed that Cristiano Ronaldo would be up here somewhere. The Real Madrid forward became famous during his time at Manchester United. The Portuguese, under the watchful eye of Sir Alex Ferguson, became known for being fast, strong and capable of producing sensational set pieces. In 2009, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid where the World Soccer Player of the Year hasn’t slowed down an inch, moreover gained a lot.

Of course, Ronaldo has many sponsorship deals ranging from Castrol and Fly Emirates to Coca-Cola and KFC. And he has a lucrative deal in place with Nike for concerning football boots. The American manufacturer pays Ronaldo $8.35 million per year for wearing their soccer boots while playing. This deal is set to expire in 2014 with reports that a new $13.4 million per year. Cristiano Ronaldo generally wears Nike’s Mercurial Vapor IX boot. He also has a number of custom boots belonging to the series from Nike.

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01. David Beckham

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, david beckham football boots sponsor
David Beckham ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $11.7 million per year

Though he is not a present time footballer in this list, but yet his sponsor deal with the football boots manufacturer assures his first position without any confusion. David Beckham is an all time world famous celebrity. The 38 year old made his name with Manchester United, and he continued this journey by moving to Real Madrid in 2003. Stints at AC Milan and PSG rounded out an eventful and rewarding professional football career of our generation.

We all know, very well, who David Beckham is, regardless of whether they watch football or not. Probably this is why he commands so much attention from potential soccer cleats sponsors. Beckham still collects around $11.7 million per year from Adidas, even after the very end of his professional career. While playing for PSG, the iconic midfielder wore the Predator LZ boots from Adidas.

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club football fifa world cup 2014 football international football recent Top 10 world cups

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players

Sports fans, especially football (soccer) lovers probably remarks the month September for a different cause. Of course, College football and the National Football League get underway. Again Major League Baseball pennant races finish up already. But the fact that EA Sports releases the latest FIFA video game in this certain period. Football lovers all over the world must have been waiting for this new release. Last year we’ve got the new version of FIFA game, which is FIFA 15. As EA takes real life domestic and international player performances into account, here we will check out the latest FIFA 15 player ratings. Either way, we can say these are the FIFA 15 best players to be found inside the game according to the FIFA 15 player ratings. Some may still claim specific players to be shuffled in this list, but we assure that this is totally based on FIFA 15 player ratings overall.

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 best players:

Let’s find out the 10 FIFA 15 best players according to FIFA 15 Player ratings. I think we well used to with the top two names, ranked No. 1 and No. 2 come from the two La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. The recent Ballon d’Or consideration may also provoke some corrections in this list of top 10 FIFA 15 best players. As we surely saw Cristiano Ronaldo performing better than Lionel Messi last soccer season. But here we stick to the overall FIFA 15 player ratings conclusion.

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                    Top 10 best soccer players in the world 2015

Let’s check out, who is the FIFA 15 best player according to the FIFA 15 player ratings?

10. LM Eden Hazard – Chelsea & Belgium

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, LM Eden Hazard
LM Eden Hazard ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 88 Overall

Pace 89, Shooting 82, Passing 84

Eden Hazard has quickly emerged as one of the top attacking midfielders in the world soccer. The 23-year-old made the move to Chelsea in 2012 June. After that Hazard has cemented himself as one of the best overall footballers in the English Premier League. He deserves this very entry in top 10 FIFA 15 best players.

Hazard is a maestro when he has the ball at his feet. This year’s FIFA edition also reflects such criterions. EA games rated Hazard at 91 in dribbling and that puts the Chelsea star in the top-five (tied) in that category among FIFA 15 best players featured in this list. Hazard has 89 pace, 82 shooting and 84 passing ratings. Undoubtedly he is one of a dream acquisition for FIFA Ultimate Team players.

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09. LM Franck Ribéry – Bayern Munich & France

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, LM Franck Ribéry
LM Franck Ribéry ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 88 Overall  

Dribbling 92, Pace 89, Passing 85

Frank Ribery is one of the best and most underrated players on the soccer world. The 31-year-old continues to outdo peers five and ten years younger seems to stretch out the length of his physical prime every game. Ribéry is the second oldest player to make the top-ten list for FIFA 15 best players.

Fans may often feel that they hit the lottery if they land Ribéry in an Ultimate Team pack. I know some of them are very curious on using skill moves frequently. The Bayern Munich superstar is a five-star skill provider in this case. His weak foot is rated at four stars. He has 92 dribbling, 89 pace and 85 passing and overall 88 FIFA 15 player ratings.

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08. CM Bastian Schweinsteiger – Bayern Munich & Germany

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, CM Bastian Schweinsteiger
CM Bastian Schweinsteiger ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 88 Overall 

Dribbling 82, Passing 85, Shooting 81, Defense 78

Bastian Schweinsteiger is probably that particular player who has done it all during his professional career both in German National Football Team and Bayern Munich. He has seven Bundesliga titles to his name and also kissed the Champions League trophy in celebration. The national team manager Joachim Löw has recognized the importance of the 30-year-old naming Schweinsteiger as the country’s new captain.

EA is also keeping him at the top list of FIFA 15 best players with overall 88 points. Those fifa lovers who love to feature footballers with loads of pace may choose to shy away from the German storm. His 61 pace is far and away the lowest among field players who are listed in the top 10 best football players of FIFA 15.

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07. ST Luis Suarez – Barcelona & Uruguay

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, ST Luis Suarez
ST Luis Suarez ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 89 Overall

Pace 83, Shooting 87, Dribbling 88

The Uruguay superstar has earned the reputation for being one of the more despised athletes in all of professional football. He racially abused a player during a Premier League contest. There are other objections like he has bitten opposing players no fewer than three times, even during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil.

But above all no one would like to argue against the statement that Luis Suarez is one of the top striker in the football today. We can find resemblances that Barcelona paid £75 million over the summer to acquire his skill with the Catalans.

EA games may have underestimated how good of a finisher Suarez is as it pertains to the latest edition of FIFA 15. But 87 shooting is certainly lower than the shooting ratings given to three other players in this list of top 10 FIFA 15 best players.

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06. CM Andres Iniesta – Barcelona & Spain

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, CM Andres Iniesta
CM Andres Iniesta ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 89 Overall

Pace 75, Dribbling 91, Passing 89

Andres Iniesta is considered by many to be the best attacking midfielder of his generation. The Barcelona superstar has netted a plethora of personal and club honors since the 18 year old debut with the Catalan club. The 30-year-old has been named the best player in Europe and the top player in a European Championship. Champions League and World Cup trophies are also not beyond his very acquisition.

The well-rounded a midfielder is honorably found in the FIFA 15 best players list. His 75 pace is not blinding, but his 91 dribbling and 89 passing more than make up for the fact that Iniesta should overrule defenders comfort. One would be wise to start with Iniesta in case of outfitting a La Liga Ultimate Team of his own.

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05. GK Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich & Germany

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, GK Manuel Neuer
GK Manuel Neuer ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 90 Overall

Positioning 90, Diving 87, Reflexes 86, GK Kicking 92

Casual fans of soccer who tuned into the 2014 World Cup have already learned what diehard soccer fans have known for years. And the truth is, Manuel Neuer is certainly the best goalkeeper in the world right now. He is most definitely to be placed with the all-time great goalkeepers or even all-time great footballers.

Neuer was awarded the Golden Glove for being the top keeper in the World Cup 2015. It was an honor he rightfully deserved for years. In fact the German performed so well on the world’s biggest stage that many analysts believed he was worthy of being named the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015. He is the undisputed best goalkeeper in FIFA 15. Probably he is the only ‘keeper to crack the top-ten list of FIFA 15 best players.

The sweeper-keeper has 90 positioning, 87 diving, 86 reflexes and 92 GK kicking. And these much larger quantities than last year version of FIFA video games.

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04. ST Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Paris Saint-Germain & Sweden

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, ST Zlatan Ibrahimovic
ST Zlatan Ibrahimovic ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 90 Overall

Dribbling 86, Passing 81, Shooting 91

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is practically a walking real-life video game character among the football fans. The 6-foot-5 striker is well renowned for his cheeky back-heel goals during his career, which is one of the best finishers in the world and in FIFA 15 Games. EA gave him 91 shooting ratings in this version. That is much better than all but one player listed in the top ten list of FIFA 15 best players.

I think, the FIFA game lovers would be wise to “dare to Zlatan”. Ibrahimovic will turn 33 years old this fall and may end his professional career in Major League Soccer. The North American sports fans are going to get the full out of this great FIFA star.

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03. RM Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich & Netherlands

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, RM Arjen Robben
RM Arjen Robben ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 90 Overall

Pace 93, Shooting 86, Dribbling 92

The Dutch wonder made headlines this past summer during what may be his final World Cup appearance. Arjen Robben was undeniably one of the top performers of the biggest tournament on earth. Some even argued that Robben deserved to win the Golden Ball this time.

His defense and defensive work rate are low in FIFA 15. But EA probably blessed the Munich star providing ratings 93 pace, 86 shooting, 83 passing and 92 for dribbling. He is our third pick as the FIFA 15 best players.

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02. LW Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid & Portugal

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, LW Cristiano Ronaldo
LW Cristiano Ronaldo ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 92 Overall

Pace 93, Shooting 93, Dribbling 91, Passing 81

FIFA fans are well accustomed with this player and his position as it is unchanged like the FIFA 14 best players list. The inevitable complaining and unending debates begin here. Cristiano Ronaldo earned the privilege of being recognized as the top player in the world. The FIFA Ballon d’Or award has been given to this unbelievable superstar of his generation .While the highest-rated player in FIFA 15 was sidelined because of injury, he found the back of the net a total of 51 times.

EA describes five star skills for our second pick of the FIFA 15 best players list. 93 pace, 93 shooting, 91 dribbling and 81 passing makes a complete package for first choice from any kind of completion in this game. The Madrid star is believed to be having an ability to nod the ball home from anywhere inside of the box. Yes, of course you may question for his top position according to FIFA 15 player ratings in this list.

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01. CF Lionel Messi – Barcelona & Argentina

Top 10 FIFA 15 Player Ratings | FIFA 15 Best Players, CF Lionel Messi
CF Lionel Messi ; image credit

FIFA 15 Player Ratings – 93 Overall

Pace 93, Dribbling 96, Shooting 89, Passing 86

Those interested in debating video game player ratings should remember one thing, there isn’t much a difference between a 93 and 92 rating. And in fact Lionel Messi has been the cover man for FIFA video games last four years. Of course Messi is one of the best real life footballers of his generation. His ability to dart through and between defenders while holding possession of the ball is unrivaled. The world-class finisher can strike seemingly at a moment’s notice.

His 96 dribbling puts him atop that category in FIFA 15 best player list. He has 93 pace, 89 shooting and 86 passing. Another point to be noted that the Barcelona all-time star is only a four-star skiller (while Ronaldo is five star). But believe me, you will not regret bringing this magical figure to you own best team in EA game’s FIFA 15 edition.

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