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Top 10 Best Basketball Movies of All Time

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, The Basketball Diaries (1995)
The Basketball Diaries (1995) ; image credit nepalnepal.com

If you like basketballs then you know about the drama and tension comes into the games. This is what makes basketball one of the most interesting sports. But if you’re like me, then you can also enjoy a good movie with a theme of basketball, which you may call basket ball movies.

Sit back and enjoy this article about top 10 best basketball movies listed and maybe you will agree that this is the best basketball movies collection.

Top 10 best Basketball Movies

Here we are trying to mark those top 10 movies, which featured the sport mostly. There are old schools in this list definitely. And also some present day collections.

Let’s check out, which are the top favorite Basketball movies?

1)     Blue Chips (1994) –

This is one of the best basketball movies. Nick Nolte stars as Pete Bell, a college basketball coach for the Dolphins University of Western fiction. Losing desperate for a season, the team begins to recruit new talent provide incentives for the players in the hope.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Blue Chips (1994), good basketball movies
Blue Chips (1994) ; image credit www.gopixpic.com

Ultimately Pete bell with what his team developed and after a press conference about all the activities that took place and disgusted his position as coach announced. NBA players in real life, Shaquille O’Neal and Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway play a key role in this film as well.

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2)     Coach Carter (2005) –

The film is based on a true story, made in the Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter made headlines for head benching his team undefeated for poor academic performance based.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Coach Carter (2005), top basketball movies
Coach Carter (2005) ; image credit www.fabiosaba.com.br

The film focuses not only on the basketball season, but private life of the team off the field. Samuel L. Jackson is impressive, as Ken Carter and pays a young group of future stars like Channing Tatum and Rick Gonzalez. Its story make it one of the best basketball movies.

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3)     Teen Wolf (1985) –

Among all the best basketball movies, this one is one of the best basketball movies. In this entertaining film stars Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard who discovers she has a “curse” of the family. If unexpected is a wolf in a game is to be very popular with his peers and takes his basketball team from last to first.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Teen Wolf (1985), great basketball movies
Teen Wolf (1985) ; image credit phillipdoesmovies.blogspot.com

Although he is admired by most of the school, his “transformation” is a problem for the closest of friends, due to its popularity and arrogance he has now. At the end, you play a game, as he instead of the Wolf and after he stained in the final seconds of the game, he made two free throws to win the game by a point.

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4)     Semi-Pro (2008) –

This is a hysterical movie from beginning to end. It stars Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon, a singer who uses their unique advantages, “Love Me Sexy” to the American Basketball Association basketball team called Tropic Flint, where he has to buy trainers, and from the front.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Semi-Pro (2008), good basketball movies
Semi-Pro (2008) ; image credit quotezf.blogspot.com

The plot focuses on the fusion of the league in the NBA, where only four ABA teams to facilitate the NBA. Jackie suggests the best four teams will go to the NBA. This sets the stage for a funny movie. Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin co-star. Its popularity makes it one of the best basketball movies.

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5)     Hoosiers (1986) –

Gene Hackman stars as Norman Dale, a controversial coach who lost his previous job for beating a student. At first it was not very popular among the people because of his defense coaching style and temperament that leads come again and again.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Hoosiers (1986), great movies
Hoosiers (1986) ; image credit www.matttrailer.com

The town holds a meeting to decide to get rid of Dale when Jimmy Chit wood, the best player in the city, said that he played for the team when Dale is to be the coach. From now on Hickory is to promote an unstoppable team to the finals of the state and to win in the final seconds. This film is an excellent example of the underdog in force. This one of the best basketball movies.

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6)     Glory Road (2006) –

The film is based on a true face of the history of the events leading to the division championship NCAA Basketball 1966 men I respect in which the late Don Haskins, the head coach of the Western University of Texas, he led a team with a lineup of black start, a first in the history of the NCAA.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Glory Road (2006),
Glory Road (2006) ; image credit www.gopixpic.com

Josh Lucas stars as Coach Haskins and Jon Voight as part coach Adolph Rupp. This movie is also one of the best movies into the chart of best basketball movies.

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7)     He Got Game (1998) –

Spike Lee wrote and directed this dramatic sports Jake shuttles, a convicted for the murder of his wife. Jake is also the father of Jesus shuttles, the prospect of high-level basketball in the country. Jake is placed on probation for a week by the Governor to persuade his son to play greatly reduced prison for the Alma Mater of the governor in exchange for a sentence.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, He Got Game (1998)
He Got Game (1998) ; image credit www.imdb.com

Its popularity makes it one of the best basketball movies. Denzel Washington plays Jake and NBA players in real life, Ray Allen, stars like Jesus shuttles. Fans consider it as one of the best basketball movies.

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8)     The Air (1994) –

Kevin Bacon stars as Jimmy Dolan, a college basketball coach, to find a new star for his team because he believes that it wants a promotion to head coach at the school. After seeing Jimmy is a video from a new perspective called Saleh to Africa and tries to convince him to play at school.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, The Air (1994)
The Air (1994) ; image credit moviespictures.org

Saleh is the chief’s son and threatened them at home, like the land, of the tribe of a mining company with its own basketball team. At the end of the stem and the mining company collided in a winner-take-all game of basketball and Jimmy plays with the tribe. You will want to keep it in the list of the best basketball movies.

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9)     The Basketball Diaries (1995) –

This movie is a biopic about the life of Jim Carroll, a star basketball player in high school once promised. His life begins to unravel when he made a heroin addict and great efforts to supply their habit of flying itself, flying, and prostitution.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, The Basketball Diaries (1995)
The Basketball Diaries (1995) ; image credit nepalnepal.com

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jim Carroll. Do not forget to watch it once as it is one of the best basketball movies.

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10)  Eddie (1996) –

Whoopi Goldberg stars in this hilarious movie. It does Edwina “Eddie” Franklin a limousine driver and passionate fan Knicks, who attended every game with a small group of other fans at Madison Square Garden perch. During the halftime of a game that one of three amateurs selected to participate in a publicity stunt in which, when a free-throw have the option of an honor to be coach, is she wins it will.

Top 10 Best Basketball Movies, Eddie (1996)
Eddie (1996) ; image credit moviesdvdnewreleases.com

After the Knicks coach is forced to retreat before a game, head coach Eddie was appointed. She is able to lead the team in contention for a play-off after a bad start and out of respect for the team to victory. You will like this as it is one of the best basketball movies.

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Bottom Line: So that concludes my list of best basketball movie. If you are looking for a drama, you cannot go wrong with these top 10 basketball movies. So these best basketball movie and make your life enjoyable.

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