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Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, o2 arena
o2 arena ; image credit de.wikipedia.org

Tennis tournaments like Wimbledon, ATP tours always attract huge crowds all over the world. The tennis world always applauds when Roger Federer plays his spectacular smashes in grass courts or when Nadal plays a stunning backhand on the clay court. Now a day’s looks and appeal play a vital role in this kind of glamourous sports, as we see different hairstyle of tennis players as well as different architecture of tennis stadiums. All these, always create sensation among the viewers.

Best Indoor Tennis Courts | Tennis Court Surfaces:

There are many huge and beautiful tennis courts all around the world. Likewise football and cricket, tennis is also glorified not only by the star players but also some spectacular tennis stadiums. Here is the list of top 10 best indoor tennis courts in the world.

Let’s check out, which one is the best Indoor Tennis court surface in the world?

1. Arthur Ashe Stadium:

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Arthur Ashe Stadium
Arthur Ashe Stadium ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Arthur Ashe Stadium is the largest tennis stadium by viewer’s capacity in the world. This court is used as the main court for US open. It is also a part of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The stadium is named after the famous tennis player Arthur Ashe, the player who won the inaugural US open. Previously US open was held in Louis Armstrong stadium until 1997, when it was replaced by Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The construction cost was a huge $254 million USD to build a huge capacity for 22,547 viewers with 90 luxury suites. The stadium is also incorporated with 5 restaurants and a two-level players’ lounge. The court surface used in this stadium is Deco Turf cushioned acrylic. The court is also equipped with an advanced Hawk-Eye electronic system.

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2. Wimbledon Centre Court

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Wimbledon Centre Court
Wimbledon Centre Court ; image credit www.geograph.org.uk

Wimbledon center court is the main ground of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which is located adjacent to Aorangi Terrace. At the 2012 summer Olympics, Wimbledon also hosted the tennis competition along with the third annual Grand Slam event of the tennis calendar. Wimbledon is also known by its postcode SW19. The center court of Wimbledon has a premium box for the British Royal family.

The court has a very pathetic history during the Second World War. The center court was demolished by a 500 lb bomb. Then it was rebuilt and in 2009 the stadium was equipped with a retractable roof, designed by SCX Special Projects Ltd. Here on 8 July, 2012, Roger Federer and Andy Murray contested the first Wimbledon final under a roof. It is one of the remarkable tennis court surfaces in the world.

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3. Court Philippe Chatrier

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Court Philippe Chatrier
Court Philippe Chatrier ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

The ground is located in Paris, France. Court Philippe Chatrier remains the main ground of French Open. The ground is also known as ‘Roland Garros’. The stadium was constructed in 1928 to host France’s first defense of the Davis Cup after winning it in 1927. The tennis court was named after the pioneer aviator engineer, Roland Garros. He is the inventor of first forward- firing aircraft machine gun. It has a huge 21 acre compound.

The stadium contains twenty courts including three large capacity stadiums, a luxury restaurant, a bar complex, the press and VIP arena and the Tenniseum. The tennis court surface of the Roland Garros is considered as red clay. Actually, the red clay is made off white lime stone and then coated with a few millimeters of red brick powder.

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4. O2 Arena

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, o2 arena
o2 arena ; image credit de.wikipedia.org

This multi-purpose indoor sports complex is situated in Greenwich Peninsula, London. The stadium is named after its main sponsor, O2. O2 is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world. The construction of O2 arena was commenced in 2003 and it was opened for tennis competitions in 2007. The stadium was specially built to reduce echoing whereas the entire seating arrangements can be modified according to requirements. O2 arena is well equipped with a changeable surface.

The tennis court surfaces can be changed to an ice rink, basketball court, exhibition space, and conference or concert venue. This spectacular stadium has already hosted ATP World Tour Finals since 2009 along with summer Olympics and summer Paralympics events in 2012.

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5. Indian Wells Tennis Garden

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Indian Wells Tennis Garden
Indian Wells Tennis Garden ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

It is the home of the Indian Wells Masters tournaments and the BNP Paribas Open. Indian Wells Tennis Garden is located in Indian Wells, California, USA. Since its opening in 2000, the Indian Wells Tennis Garden are arranging Wells Masters Open, which is held in the second week of March each year. Wells Master is the fifth largest tennis tournament in the world. This beautiful stadium was designed by Rossetti Associates Architects in March 2000. The estimated budget was $77 million. With a huge 88 acres compound, Indian Wells Tennis Garden is the second largest tennis stadium in the world.

The stadium is equipped with a stunning 16,100 seating capacities, 11 match courts, 6 practice match courts along with 2 Har-Tru clay courts. Besides tennis, the stadium also hosted musical concerts by the world renowned artists such as The Eagles, The Who, Tom Petty and many more.

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6. Sinan Erdem Dome

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Sinan Erdem Dome
Sinan Erdem Dome ; image credit www.news.com.au

Sinan Erdem Dome is a multi-purpose indoor sports complex. It is located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. The stadium is formerly known as the Ataköy Dome. In Turkey, it is the largest multi-purpose indoor tennis court and in entire Europe it is the third largest. The stadium was named after the former President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, Sinan Erdem. The ground can accommodate over 22,500 spectators for concerts and 16,647 for tennis tournaments.

The stadium was one of the main grounds of WTA Tour Championships in 2013. It also hosted EFES Turkish League and Euro League since 2010. To increase the seating capacity, temporary stands were built on the top of the permanent stands for the FIBA World Championship in 2010. The stadium is considered as one of the finest indoor tennis courts in the world.

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7. Ahoy Rotterdam

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Ahoy Rotterdam
Ahoy Rotterdam ; image credit pt.wikipedia.org

Ahoy Rotterdam is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This huge complex consists of three main parts, the “Beurs- & Evenementenhallen”, “Congres- & Vergadercentrum”, and “Sportpaleis”. Although, it was inaugurated in 1950, it was opened for the tennis players on 15 January, 1971. Since then, the Rotterdam Open has been held here annually. Not only that, the ABN AMRO ATP World tour has been taking place here for many years.

The stadium is also used for other sports too. In 2010, World Artistic Gymnastics Championships were held here. The Famina family exhibition was also held here as the first event at it’s exhibition hall named “Ahoy’-Hal”. The famous band “Abba” performed in this very stadium in 1979 on their “ABBA, The tour” campaign.

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8. Smart Araneta Coliseum

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, smart araneta coliseum
smart araneta coliseum ; image credit kahimyang.info

Smart Araneta Coliseum is also known as ‘The Big Dome’. This multi-purpose indoor tennis courts is located in Quezon City, Philippines. The stadium is considered as the largest coliseum and indoor facility in Asia. Besides tennis, it is also the home of Philippine Basketball Association. Different sports events of National Collegiate Athletic Association and University Athletic Association were also hosted in this stadium.

The construction of Big dome was started in 1957 under the architect, Dominador Lacson Lugtu. By 1959, it was opened by different sports. The decision was widely appreciated when the stadium was selected as one of the main hosts of 2014 Davis Cup tennis tournament.

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9. National Tennis Center

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, National Tennis Center
National Tennis Center ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

National Tennis Center is located in the Olympic Green, Beijing, China. It has a huge 41.22 acres compound. National Tennis Center is equipped with a total 12 tennis courts and 35 practice courts including 30 indoor and outdoor hard tennis court surfaces, 2 artificial grass courts, 2 indoor clay courts, and a mini hard courts for the junior tennis players. The main court of this arena is known as “The Diamond court’. It has a seating capacity of around 15,000 featured by a retractable roof above the pitch.

The National Tennis Center hosted the tennis preliminaries and the finals of singles and doubles for men and women at 2008 Beijing Olympics. The National Tennis Center is regarded as one of the best indoor tennis courts in the world.

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10. Rod Laver Arena

Top 10 Best Indoor Tennis Courts in The World | Tennis Court Surfaces, Rod Laver Arena
Rod Laver Arena ; image credit www.tripadvisor.co.uk

Rod Laver Arena is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is a part of the Melbourne Park complex. The stadium is also known as ‘National Tennis Center’ or ‘Center Court’, when it was opened in 1988. Later in January 2000, the name was officially changed to the honor of three time winner of Australian Open, Rod Laver.

The stadium is the centerpiece in hosting the Australian Open since 1988. With the seating capacity of 15,000, it is also facilitated with a retractable roof. Since 1988, the surface of the arena was green coloured. The colour was changed to Blue plexicushion in 2008. Besides tennis, the stadium hosted 12th FINA World Aquatics Championships in 2007.

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Beside all these marvelous tennis grounds, there are many more tennis arenas throughout the world to claim the top place in this list of top 10 best tennis courts around the world. From splendid masterpieces of world famous architects to state-of-the-art designs, these tennis grounds are a “beauty to look at”.

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