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Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Johnny Unitas
Johnny Unitas ; image credit www.greatamericanthings.net

The NFL quarterback is the most glamorous figure in United States. The quarterback is the hope and dreams of his team. He also carries the flag for the entire cities, religions and the way of life. The pressure they live in is unreal. It is a fact that, the Americans look to the NFL gladiator for controlled violence, strength and stamina. The NFL quarterback is the one member of entourage which combines with intelligence, leadership and strategic thought. They are the brute force to control the game and ultimately emerge as victorious.

Sports fans consider the best NFL quarterbacks of all time as icons that define cities and dynasties. In order to be defined as the best quarterbacks of all time, the signal caller must combine top-shelf mechanics with the game-time decision making. Beyond the nuts and bolts of execution, the NFL quarterback must have the ability to win.

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time:

Today, Sporty Ghost will introduce the top 10 best NFL quarterbacks of all time. All of them are very much popular football players and also have achieved much popularity in the course of their career.

Let’s scroll down the list and find the best NFL quarterback of them all.

10: Fran Tarkenton:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Fran Tarkenton
Fran Tarkenton ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Fran Tarkenton is better known as the “mobile quarterback”. He was renowned to evade the rushers in the pocket and also scramble to the outside to keep the games alive and drop bombs into the receivers’ hands. He is historically identified with his two separate stints, the Minnesota Vikings and the Purple People Eaters. In fact, the 1970s Minnesota Vikings and Bud Grant are also infamous for losing three separate Super Bowls to Pittsburgh, Miami and Oakland. Fran also performed miserably at the Big Game as the talented Vikings were outclassed along all the fronts.

The Steel Curtain harassed him to go 11 for 26 and passing for 102 yards with 3 interceptions along a quarterback rating of just 14. Nevertheless, the Super Bowl failure can’t dispute the fact that Fran Tarkenton is one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. He finished his career with 3,674 rushing yards and retired as a top quarterback in terms of completions (3,686), touchdowns (342) and yardage (47,003).

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9. Otto Graham:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Otto Graham
Otto Graham ; image credit bluegrasspreps.com

Otto Graham is one of the greatest winners in any sports. The former running back forged the switch to quarterback at the professional football level. He guided the Cleveland franchise to ten straight titles and four All-American Football Conferences and 3 NFL championships. Otto Graham’s sportsmanship and his staggering feats dominated the American Football more than any dynasty.

Graham claimed 3 titles after the Browns entered the NFL in 1950, which included a 56-10 shellacking of the Detroit Lions. Otto Graham led the AFC and NFL in passing upon 5 separate seasons with his 23,584 passing yards. We put him at the 9th place in our list of top 10 best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

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8. Steve Young:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Steve Young
Steve Young ; image credit www.cnn.com

Steve Young was never regarded as a Golden Boy. Young ran the option in Connecticut, before he stumbled as a traditional passer at Brigham Young University. Steve Young was ultimately drafted into NFL by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But, they promptly drafted Vinny Testeverde, discarding Steve Young as a bust, just prior to send him off to the San Francisco 49ers. Steve Young didn’t spend his time to take his seat behind 4-times Super Bowl winner Joe Montana. The fiery lefty showed his athletic ability during his spot duty and carried a clipboard for the San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl XXIII and XXIV. Steve Young dazzled the coaching staff with his amazing ability to improvise and deftly facilitate the West Coast offense and actually won the MVP award in 1992.

Young was best known for the magical season of 1994, where he led the San Francisco 49ers to a 1303 mark, behind 70% passing, 35 touchdowns through the air and a total of 3,969 yards. He also led the team to destroy the San Diego Chargers by 49-26 in the Super Bowl XXIX by tossing a record 6 TD passes. Thus Steve Young marked his name as one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

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7. Peyton Manning:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

Peyton Manning is famous for his stunning consistency as he has been so good for so long. He facilitated the staggering statistical resumes of the receivers at Indianapolis. Prior to his neck injury, Manning had aired out the football for over 3,500 yards with 25 touchdowns for 13 straight NFL seasons and has won AP NFL Player of the Year for 4 times. At 37, Peyton Manning stands poised to finish his career first in passing yards, completions and touchdowns. His career 97.2 quarterback rating stand second only to Steve Young. His 2004 NFL season of 4,557 yards and then a record 49 touchdowns ranked him as one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Peyton Manning led the 2013 Denver Broncos to 606 points which is remembered as one of the most prolific offenses of all time NFL history which is only to be routed 43-8 in the Super Bowl competition by the Seattle Seahawks.

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6. Johnny Unitas:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Johnny Unitas
Johnny Unitas ; image credit www.greatamericanthings.net

Johnny Unitas laid down the base stone for the modern era of forward passing and quarterback. He also paved the way for Peyton Manning as a star NFL quarterback for the Colts franchise and Unitas has made himself the first and foremost great signal caller in the history of NFL.

Johnny Unitas marched his team Baltimore Colts towards 2 NFL crowns and 1 Super Bowl Championship. Most importantly, he helped usher football into television and the modern era of football by defeating the New York Giants in a 23-17 overtime game as a total 45 million American viewers turned into the NBC broadcast for ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ in the history of NFL.

Johnny ultimately went on to revolutionize NFL offense with 40,239 total passing yards and a total of 290 touchdowns, which is now ranking as the 14th and 9th respectively in the NFL history. The no. 6 place has been denoted for him in the list of top 10 best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

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5. Brett Favre:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Brett Favre
Brett Favre ; image credit vapresspass.com

Brett Favre was a very popular NFL figure in the Green Bay Packer franchise. He is best regarded for his joy for football, his imposing arm strength and frozen tundra heroics. The ironman had started a record 297 consecutive regular season and playoff games. Brett Favre finished his NFL career as first in passing completions (6,300) with 71,838 yards and 508 touchdowns. He was awarded as the one Super Bowl chip and AP NFL MVP three times in his career.

Favre is undoubtedly blessed with the strongest arm in the history of NFL. His tendency to ditch the playbook and improvise, often embarrass the gaffes. Brett Favre will remain much beloved in Wisconsin.

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4. Tom Brady:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Tom Brady
Tom Brady ; image credit pt.wikipedia.org

Tom Brady is one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. The sixth-round draft has already appeared in 5 Super Bowl Championships-winning three of them. The generation’s winner Tom Brady earns tens of millions of dollars annually, nabbing three Super Bowl titles by playing pitch and catch with the teammates like Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk, David Patten, Bethel Johnson and Deion Branch.

Brady has carried the New England Patriots offensive rosters to a new level. The New England signed Wes Welker, Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth in 2007 in order to reload at wide receiver for yet another NFL Super Bowl run. Tom Brady finished the season with a 69% completion with 4,806 yards and a record 50 touchdowns.

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3. Dan Marino:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Dan Marino
Dan Marino ; image credit the305.com

Dan Marino is regarded as the greatest pure passer in the history of NFL. He grabs the no. 3 spot in the list of top 10 best NFL quarterbacks of all time. With his quick release ability and delivering the ball into the tight quarters with precision, Dan Marino proved himself to be the greatest quarterbacks in NFL. The 2005 American Football Hall of Famers spent his 17-year football career with the Miami Dolphins and upon retirement, he owned every significant passing record for the Dolphins.

The pitchman performed as a virtual stiff behind the center and his quick release rarely took sacks. Dan Marino was sacked only 6 times in 1988, when he dropped back to pass for 606 attempts. In the 1984 season of NFL, Marino threw for 5,084 yards and a total 48 touchdowns.

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2. John Elway:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, John Elway
John Elway ; image credit www.nfl.com

John Elway is every inch golden boy quarterback in this list. He is the son of college coach Jack Elway and emerged as the top recruit in the nation after finishing his stellar high school career in Southern California. Very soon, he established his name to be one of the most dangerous threat to run or pass and finished his amateur football career atop. He was the most physically gifted athlete at that time. John Elway was widely known with his fourth quarter comeback and a record with 47 drives to tie or win the game.

The 37 aged Elway finally achieved the Super Bowl glory by going vintage Orange Crush. The star loaded Denver Broncos repeated as champions the following season of NFL and John Elway finished his career by winning 2 Super Bowl rings alongside a total of 51,475 yards passing.

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1. Joe Montana:

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All time, Joe Montana
Joe Montana ; image credit Joe Montana

Most of the football fans recognize the fact that Joe Montana has thwarted nearly every modern era’s claim to the greatness on the field of football. Montana carried the San Francisco 49ers into 4 Super Bowl Championships, claimed 4 MVP awards and won 4 separate Lombardi trophies. His perfect Big Game legacy is impossible to overtake. He is the no. 1 in our list of top 10 best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Joe Montana, the legend went on 83 for 122 to pass for 1,142 yards and a record 11 touchdowns against zero interception in four Super Bowl games. At the stage of Big game, he translated into an astronomical 127.8 NFL quarterback rating. In 1979 third-round pick, Montana arrived at a middling San Francisco franchise as a scrawny and left as the forefront of the controls to the greatest offensive dynasty in the history of NFL.

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