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Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015

For some unknown reasons, women’s cricket has never received its value in the international circle of cricket. Although gender disparity in the real world was chucked out years ago, this form of cricket still receives step motherly treatment in the sports world. The history of women cricket is as enriched as the men’s. Women adopted the sport not only to be physically fit, but it was a door for them to abolish the social disparity and to establish the base of equality into the society.

History of women cricket:

The first female cricket match was documented on 26 July, 1745. The cricket match was held between eleven maids of Bramley and eleven maids of Hambledon with all of them dressed white. The first women cricket club was established in 1887 in Yorkshire, England. The club was named the white Heather Club.

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International Women’s cricket council (IWCC) was formed in 1958.In 2005, IWCC was merged with ICC in order to form an unified body.

Top 10 best Women Cricketers:

There are so many remarkable female cricketers who made themselves quite special in this part of sports. It has been a very difficult task to choose the top 10 best women cricketers of the world.

Sporty Ghost is presenting to you the top 10 best women cricketers of the world.

10. Sana Mir – Pakistan

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Sana Mir
Sana Mir ; image credit

Sana Mir is a great Pakistani cricketer. She is the captain of Pakistan National Women cricket team. She is one of the greatest female cricket players in the world and currently, she is ranking at 16th position ICC female cricket player ranking.

In 2009, Sana Mir took the captaincy of Pakistan women cricket team. She is considered to be the best bowler in Pakistan women cricket team.

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9. Shashikala Siriwardene – Sri Lanka

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Shashikala Siriwardene
Shashikala Siriwardene ; image credit

Shashikala Siriwardene is leading the Sri Lanka women cricket team as captain and she is one of the most remarkable female cricketers in recent world cricket. She made her debut in the international level in 2003, in a match against West Indies. Shashikala is known for her ferocious bowling attacks. Against Pakistan, she attained her best bowling figure which is 4 wickets with a cost of only 11 runs, in 2005.

During 2006 Asia Cup, in another match against Pakistan she grabbed another four wicket figure, 4-34. In our list of top 10 best women cricketers of the world, Shashaikala of Sri Lanka is the No. 9 great female cricket player.

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8. Meghann Moira Lanning – Australia

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Meghann Moira Lanning
Meghann Moira Lanning ; image credit

Meghann Moira Lanning is an Australian female cricket player is considered as one of the best. She remains the opening batsman for Australia National women cricket team. Moira Lanning holds a record of being the Australia’s youngest century maker. She made her century at the age of 18 years and 288 days.

This record was previously possessed by great Australian batsman Ricky Ponting. Ponting scored his first century at the age of 21 years and 21 days. In the current Australian women cricket team l, Moira Lanning is an amazing female cricketer. She is in the No. 8 position in our list of Top 10 best women cricketers of the world.

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7. Mithali Raj – India

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Mithali Raj
Mithali Raj ; image credit

Mithali Raj is a famous Indian cricketer. She made her ODI debut in 1999 and she made a historical knock of 114 not out in her very first match in cricket. In 2002, while playing her third test match, Mithali Raj made another history by scoring 214 runs.

She broke the previous record of highest runs scored in a test innings in women international cricket, which was 209 by Karen Rolton. The record was later claimed by the Pakistani batsman Kiran Baluch through her 242 runs. Mithali Raj is indeed the part of top 10 best women cricketers of the world.

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6. Stafanie Roxann Taylor – West Indies

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Stafanie Roxann Taylor
Stafanie Roxann Taylor ; image credit

Stafanie Roxann Taylor is an integral part of West Indies women cricket team. She is not only the right handed batsman for the team, she also bowls off spin. Taylor made her debut in 2008. Since then, she has been representing her team more than 80 times.

It is a great achievement indeed. Her another great success was being the first West Indian female cricketer to receive the award for ICC Women’s cricketer of the year in 2011.

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5. Lisa Carprini Sthalekar – Australia

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Lisa Carprini Sthalekar
Lisa Carprini Sthalekar ; image credit

She is an Austrailian female cricketer with Indian origin. Lisa is considered as one of the finest all-rounders in the history of women’s cricket. She has a unique achievement of being the first female cricket player to score a stunning 1,000 runs mark along with 100 wickets figure in one day international cricket.

Lisa Carprini took the retirement from the international cricket after the Australia women cricket team won the 2013 women cricket World Cup.

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4. Katherine Helen Brunt – England

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Katherine Helen Brunt
Katherine Helen Brunt ; image credit

Katherine Helen Brunt is a prolific female cricketer in the English National women cricket team. She has a distinctive achievement of earning the title of Women’s Cricketer of the Year both in 2006 and 2010. Helen Brunt is well known for her aggressive bowling with a classical action.

In 2009 T20 world championship, she got the award of woman of the match title. It was the final match of the tournament which was held at Lords, England. She achieved a outstanding figure of 3 wickets haul for only 6 runs in a 4 over opening spell of bowling.
Katherine Helen Brunt is one of the best women cricketers in our list.

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3. Jhulan Goswami – India

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Jhulan Goswami
Jhulan Goswami ; image credit

Jhulan Goswami is a remarkable Indian Bengali woman cricket player. She has charmed the cricket world with her all-rounder cricket performances. Jhulan Goswami has been provided with the opportunity as a captain of Indian women cricket team in the upcoming world cup event.

She is well developed with her batting and bowling abilities in the team. She is the fastest female bowler in the cricket world. She was awarded ICC women cricketer in 2007. She proudly holds her position in No. 3 in our list of best women cricketers of the world.

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2. Sarah Jane Taylor – England

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Sarah Jane Taylor
Sarah Jane Taylor ; image credit

Sarah Jane Taylor is a wicket keeper batsman who is playing in England Women National cricket team. Sarah Jane is a classical stroke maker with her beautiful cover drives and big hits across the boundary. During the 2008 Ashes series, she was an important part of England Women cricket team.

Following the same year, Sarah Jane Taylor touched the remarkable milestone of being the youngest female cricketer to score 1000 runs in her international cricket career. She achieved the honorable title of T20 International female cricketer in 2013.

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1. Ellyse Perry – Australia

Top 10 best women cricketers of the world 2015, Ellyse Perry
Ellyse Perry ; image credit

Ellyse Alexandra Perry is the No. 1 best woman cricketer in this list. She made her debut appearance for Australia at the age of 16. She is well known for her right handed batting and all-round performance in the field. Ellyse Perry quickly made herself famous in the Australian team with her amazing cricketing abilities.

She holds the honour of being the youngest cricketer in the Australia Cricket team history. By the experts, Ellyse is one of the most promising female cricket player in recent time. There is no doubt that, Ellyse Perry has put her name in the list of top 10 best women cricketers of the world with dignity.

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