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Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals

A lot of money to be made in sport sponsorship, especially in soccer cleats endorsement deals. Every year billions of dollars are up for grabs for the manufacturers who supply everything. These everything includes team kits to the balls and shin-pads we buy at the local sporting stores.

Mostly, Nike and Adidas rule in this realm. One part of this industry, the very important and yet potential is soccer cleats/ football boots endorsement deals. Jersey and team sponsors are out of the hands of the player in present world soccer. Kits are manufactured by the likes of sponsors around the world.

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As a player in this instance, plyer need to wear what the team wears. But considering soccer cleats or soccer shoes, these are the only equipment which are fair game for a footballer. A player can sign on with any manufacturer of their choosing, which can in turn make him a great profit for himself.

Top 10 most expensive soccer cleats endorsements:

Manufacturers spend hundreds of millions to sign players up and get as many of their soccer cleats. It’s an aspect of the sports market that is taken very carefully. Soccer shoes are just as important for the player on the pitch as they are for the player’s money concern.

The following is a list of top 10 famous footballers and their endorsement deals with soccer cleats manufacturers.

Let’s find who has the biggest soccer cleats endorsement deals in 2015?

10. Neymar

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, neymar football boots
Neymar ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Nike
Endorsement deal: $1 million per year 

Brazilian sensational forward Neymar was one of the biggest names to grace the soccer world in very recent time. Clubs and fans around the world kept tabs on the 22-year old while he played for his team. And now, after his anticipated move to Barcelona, football world has got ongoing controversy and further excitement to Spain’s La Liga.

Obviously Neymar is a marketing dream. He is so well known outside of Europe too. Currently, Neymar has contracts with companies like Castrol, Panasonic, Red Bull and Volkswagen. According to Forbes, this forward has an 11 year deal with Nike, which worth minimum $1 million per year. Considering his attachment with one of the most famous clubs in European football, we believe the figure is not quite adjusted. Neymar currently wears Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom boots as for the football shoes endorsement.

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09. Wayne Rooney

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, wayne rooney soccer shoes
Wayne Rooney ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Nike
Endorsement deal: $1.67 million per year

The most famous English Premier League superstar, Wayne Rooney developed his name and reputation while playing for Manchester United and England National Team. The 28-year old English forward has enjoyed considerable success during his early career. He has been recently signed a new contract at Old Trafford which assures his $26 million earning from the club per year.

Rooney makes substantially less from endorsement and sponsorship deals comparing his player contrast. A few some controversies have already cost him deals with Coca-Cola and EA Sports recently. But he is successfully maintaining strong ties with Nike as for football boots endorsement. The American sports-wear giant has a deal that sees Rooney wear Nike Hypervenom Phantom boots while playing. Rooney is getting paid $1.67 million per year for wearing the gear from Nike.

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08. Sergio Agüero

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, sergio aguero football boots
Sergio Aguero ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Puma
Endorsement deal: $2 million per year

Sergio Aguero started making a name for himself with his previous club Independiente (Argentine club). Then he was moved to Atletico Madrid in 2006 and Manchester City in 2011. The former son-in-law of Diego Maradona has already established a considerable worldwide profile. He has actually developed a reputation for being technically gifted and lethal in front of goalpost.

We are watching Aguero striking the ball with that much confidence is probably the soocer shoes endorsement deal with the evoSpeed 1.2 boots by Puma. Being German Manufacturer Company, Puma is well behind Adidas and Nike in the sponsorship department. They are trying to cast more of high profile footballers with them to grab a bigger share of the market of soccer cleats. Agüero is one such player and Puma pay him $2 million per year to wear their shoes.

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07. Lionel Messi

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, lionel messi soccer shoes
Lionel Messi ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $3.34 million per year

Lionel Messi is one of the most recognizable footballing figures for all time in the world. This gifted and a nightmare for opposition defenders has more records and individual awards than can be listed here. No surprise that manufacturers compete so fiercely to have Messi lend his name to their football goods.

Lionel Messi initially worked with Nike. And then when the contract came up, their rival Adidas swooped in for his signature for football shoes endorsement. They offered him $3.34 million per season to wear their soccer boots. Currently the magician footballer is wearing the F50 adiZero line of footwear from Adidas. The sponsor company has even created a version called the F50 Messi SG. Probably this is the second football shoe to be named after a player. Their first one was David Beckham boot endorsement.

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06. Mesut Özil

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, Mesut Özilfootball boots
Mesut Özil ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $4.9 million per year

Mesut Özil rose playing for Bundesliga side Werder Bremen previously. He is also a regular player for the Germany National Team. The creative midfielder’s move to Real Madrid in 2010 raised his profile rich. And then the 25 year old Özil was once again headlines when he moved to Arsenal for a team record of £42.5 million (as a German player).

At Real Madrid, Özil became embroiled in a legal battle with Nike, which was his previous football shoes sponsor. Disputes between the player and Nike created a situation where Özil spent one season wearing both Nike and Adidas boots. Recently he has signed a deal with Adidas for $4.9 million per year. Currently he is wearing the Predator LZ II from Adidas.

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05. Cesc Fabregas

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, Cesc Fabregas soccer shoes
Cesc Fabregas ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Puma
Endorsement deal: $5.34 million per year

Cesc Fabregas is another product of Barcelona’s famed La Masia academy. He made his name while playing for Arsenal in the English Premier League (2003 to 2011). The playmaker was well known for his creativity and passes to unlock other teams’ defenses as well. The 26-year old returned to Barcelona in 2011 where he continues to play now. Fabregas has been part of a dominant Spanish national team.

Formerly he had boots deal with Nike. And now he is signed with Puma for football shoes. Truly the company is making a real push to take some of the market away from the traditional apparel sponsors. The midfielder’s current sponsorship contract sees him receive $5.34 million per year from Puma for shoe deals only. He has been recently wearing boots from Puma’s PowerCat 1 line. He also took part in the launch ceremonies for Puma’s new Evopower 1 soccer boots.

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04. Gareth Bale

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, Gareth Bale football shoes
Gareth Bale ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $5.5 million per year

The Welsh winger Gareth Bale rose to prominence with Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur (2007 to 2013). Unbelievablew but truth is, he started as a defender and soon found his calling as an offensively minded winger for the team. He became known for his speed, strength and powerful shot over his final years at Tottenham. Bale moved to Real Madrid in a much publicized $142.8 million surprise transfer in the summer of 2013.

Adidas finalized a six-year contract extension for Bale football boots recently. The new deal will see the 24-year old get $5.5 million a year and bumps him up the high-earners list. Like Lionel Messi, Bale footwear is also from the F50 adiZero line from Adidas.

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03. Mario Balotelli

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, mario balotelli soccer boots
Mario Balotelli ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Puma
Endorsement deal: $6.9 million per year

Mario Balotelli is probably the only player where adjective terms like vial of nitro-glycerin, useful, capable, unstable and unpredictable all can be used prominently. Balotelli plagued his career from Inter Milan to Manchester City to AC Milan. He appeared on television in an AC Milan jersey while still a player for Inter Milan. But undoubtedly the Italian striker is a handful.

Recently Puma decided all of those issues were water under the bridge as they signed Balotelli to a deal report to be in the neighborhood of $6.9 million per year for football shoes. Puma has yet to release the official figures. Most analysts and papers tend to agree with this assumption figure of shoe deal. Balotelli’s deal represents another high profile addition to Puma. Mario Balotelli now wears Puma’s Evopower 1 and even sported a specially designed pair.

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02. Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, cristiano ronaldo soccer shoes
Cristiano Ronaldo ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Nike
Endorsement deal: $8.35 million per year

Everyone probably already guessed that Cristiano Ronaldo would be up here somewhere. The Real Madrid forward became famous during his time at Manchester United. The Portuguese, under the watchful eye of Sir Alex Ferguson, became known for being fast, strong and capable of producing sensational set pieces. In 2009, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid where the World Soccer Player of the Year hasn’t slowed down an inch, moreover gained a lot.

Of course, Ronaldo has many sponsorship deals ranging from Castrol and Fly Emirates to Coca-Cola and KFC. And he has a lucrative deal in place with Nike for concerning football boots. The American manufacturer pays Ronaldo $8.35 million per year for wearing their soccer boots while playing. This deal is set to expire in 2014 with reports that a new $13.4 million per year. Cristiano Ronaldo generally wears Nike’s Mercurial Vapor IX boot. He also has a number of custom boots belonging to the series from Nike.

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01. David Beckham

Top 10 Biggest Soccer Cleats Endorsement Deals, david beckham football boots sponsor
David Beckham ; image credit

Soccer cleats sponsor: Adidas
Endorsement deal: $11.7 million per year

Though he is not a present time footballer in this list, but yet his sponsor deal with the football boots manufacturer assures his first position without any confusion. David Beckham is an all time world famous celebrity. The 38 year old made his name with Manchester United, and he continued this journey by moving to Real Madrid in 2003. Stints at AC Milan and PSG rounded out an eventful and rewarding professional football career of our generation.

We all know, very well, who David Beckham is, regardless of whether they watch football or not. Probably this is why he commands so much attention from potential soccer cleats sponsors. Beckham still collects around $11.7 million per year from Adidas, even after the very end of his professional career. While playing for PSG, the iconic midfielder wore the Predator LZ boots from Adidas.

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