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Top 10 facts about Michael Jordan wife, Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan, michael jordan facts
Michael Jordan ---------photo credit: Flickr/Jason H. Smith

American basketball legend Michael Jordan married Yvette Prieto in April 2013. The marriage ceremony took place in an extravagant, star-studded Palm Beach in Florida. The newly married couple was treated to the performances by Robin Thicke and Usher. Their marriage was a big news for the world media. The incident drew the attention of all Michael Jordan fans throughout the world. Every sports and news channels broad casted the ceremony in an amicable way.

Who is Michael Jordan wife?

Michael Jordan wife, Yvette Prieto is a Cuban American model who was born on Cuba in March 1979. The beautiful model has the perfect body shape and looks. Prieto has done many modeling assignments in United States. The model has posed for the most successful fashion designer, Alex Wand. No wonder she caught on the eyes of Michael Jordan. Her body measurements are so lucrative that she is even described as an Angel by many.

The Affair

Before their marriage in 2013, Michael Jordan and Prieto are seen together in public. Prieto always looks gorgeous wearing beautiful designer dresses during the red carpet. The dresses make her too hot to handle with curvy body and toned legs. Although, the Latina is heighted over 5’6’’, she likes to wear high heels to make her look taller.

Michael Jordan, michael jordan facts
Michael Jordan ———photo credit: Flickr/Jason H. Smith

Their relationship began in 2008. That was a hot topic then for gossip rags. Everyone wanted to know who the girl was, as Michael Jordan was a famous name in the media world. after spending one year in affair, Prieto moved in with Jordan.

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Sporty Ghost team is offering you some interesting facts about Michael Jordan wife, who is his second after being divorced Juanita Vanoy. You will find it more interesting. So, lets stop wasting time and scroll down.

Here are some interesting facts about Michael Jordan wife:

1. She dated Iglesias

Before hooking up with the basketball superstar, Prieto dated Julio Iglesias, who is the older brother of Enrique Iglesias, before she met Jordan. She was always at the news for her high profile affairs. According to Julio, she is kind, simple and very good person.

2. She is a step mom

Yvette Prieto is a stepped mom. Michael Jordan was previously married to Juanita Vanoy and they were together for 17 long years. Jordan and Juanita have three adult children together-namely, Marcus, Jasmine and Jeffrey.

3. She is a model girl

She is a former model and posed for many famous fashion designers including Alexander Wang.

4. She is a Latina

She is a Cuban born American super model.

5. She is a mother of twin

In November 2013, Yvette at the age of 35 gave birth to identical twin daughters-the fourth and fifth kid for Michael Jordan. They named them Victoria and Ysabel.

6. She is higher educated

Yvette has a Business management degree. It is true that, she is not involved in any kind of business. Now a days, she does modeling occasionally. Her net worth is estimated over $1.5 million. However, she gets all her wishes fulfilled by the billionaire husband, Michael Jordan.

7. They’ve been dated for years

Prieto and MJ have been living together in Jordan’s house in Florida since 2009. The couple were constantly hounded by the paparazzi. The hooligans were present all around Jordan’s mansion in Florida, wanting to capture of them together as Jordan was a big celebrity in the United States.

8. The paparazzi trouble

The media didn’t let them go even after their marriage. They went on honeymoon in Greece, where they were harassed by the local paparazzi. The private pictures of the couple, walking around and doing various activities in beautiful Greece were all over the media. Their honeymoon walking videos are still on the Internet.

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9. The difference of age

The age difference of Jordan and Prieto is huge and there are many critics who out spoke about it in the internet. Both of them don’t want to talk about it publicly. They always try to keep their personal relationship in secret, although they didn’t like the general people’s comment about the age differences.

10. She is great dancer

Prieto met Jordan in a Miami night club in 2008. According to Urban Daily, she was caught on Jordan’s eye while freak dancing with him. Their first meeting was quite romantic in that sense.

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Thousands of guests were attended their marriage ceremony. Michael Jordan wife, Prieto refused to take any gifts from the guest. Instead, the couple asked for donation for the James R. Jordan Foundation. They also sent flowers to the Jupiter Medical Center.

Jordan's family and friends, Michael Jordan
Jordan’s family and friends—–photo credit: Wikimedia/Elisehunter

Yvette Prieto has became a superstar after the marriage with Michael Jordan. As a model she was popular enough, but now she is capable to draw the attention of Jodan’s huge fan base all over the world. it was a hot topics when they got married. Still the couple is living together happily. They got well wishes all over the world. The detail information of Michael Jordan wife, Yvette Prieto is missing from the Wiki or IMDb. It may be because of very little information is available before her marriage with MJ. Moreover, she is not active in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. She seems to be very lucky to have Michael Jordan as husband, who is also a wonderful person. She is not having any extra marital affairs. She is very much loyal and devoted to her husband. She is leading a perfect life with a perfect husband. Best wishes to the happy couple.

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