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Top 10 interesting facts about Rio 2016

Best of Luck, Rio 2016
Best of Luck, Rio 2016------image credit: Pixabay

Summer Olympic games is an international multi-sport event which occurs every four years interval and organized by International Olympic Committee. 2016 edition of summer Olympic games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 to August 21. The summer Olympics 2016 is commonly known as “Rio 2016”. It will be common place for over 10,500 athletes coming from 206 countries all over the world. Kosovo and South Sudan will take part in 2016 summer Olympic games for the first time. The Rio 2016 will feature 28 Olympic games. The summer Olympics 2016 sports events will be distributed in 33 venues at Rio de Janeiro and additional 5 venues located in Salvador, Brasilia, Manaus and Belo Horizonte. Today, we will present you some interesting facts about Rio 2016. It will be a major sport-event in the world this year and bears an unparallel significance in the sense of sports.

Top 10 interesting facts about Rio 2016:

With the few more months remaining at the calendar, Rio de Janeiro is preparing to arrange the greatest sports-event on earth, the summer Olympics 2016. After successfully arranging 2014 FIFA World cup, it has been a challenge for the Brazilians to prove themselves once again. All sports loving people are waiting to watch what Brazil brings to the world as 2016 summer Olympics host. Here we will focus on interesting facts about Rio 2016.

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Fact 1: South America’s first ever
Rio 2016, summer olympics 2016
Rio 2016 logo—–image credit: Flickr/CAPTAIN ROGER FENTON

Summer Olympic games 2016 will be take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hence the 2016 olympic games is also named as “ Rio 2016”. It will be the first Olympic games to take place in South America-which leaves Africa as the only continent yet to arrange this greatest sports-event.

Fact 2: Opening and closing ceremony
Maracana stadium, olympic stadium
Maracana stadium—-image via: Wikimedia/Brazilian Government

Rio 2016 will also be the first Olympic games in the history at which the opening and closing ceremonies are not held in Athletics stadium. Instead, it will take place at Maracanã Stadium which is solely a football stadium. It is an interesting fact about Rio 2016 that, every stadium except Murambi stadium, were used as a football stadium before 2016 summer Olympics.

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Fact 3: New games at Rio 2016

Golf will be reintroduced in Rio 2016. Golf is returning at the Olympics about 112 years later. Golf is a very popular game in Brazil, specially in Rio de Janeiro. There is an interesting statistic that says around 17,000 new golf players took golf as their prime sport in last 10 years at Rio. Another game named “Rugby Sevens” is also coming at Rio 2016. It is variant of Rugby union, in which seven players are required instead of 15. It is one interesting facts about Rio 2016.

Fact 4: The Olympic village

The Olympic village of Rio 2016 will be over 185 acres. This huge area will accommodate 17,700 beds in 9,460 bedrooms in 48 multi-storied buildings. it is among the interesting facts about Rio 2016 that  each apartment is made up of three or four bedrooms. There will be thousands of athletes and delegates of different countries will be gathered in Rio prior to the Olympic games. Barra da Tijuca in Rio will their first destination, where the Olympic village 2016 is located.

The Olympic village in Rio, Rio olympic
The Olympic village in Rio——–image via: Wikimedia/Barrazine da Barra
Fact 5: The Olympic stadiums

The Opening ceremony of Rio 2016 will be held at Maracana stadium. The stadium can accommodate over 90,000 spectators with 10,000 more capacities. The Sambódromo Stadium  will host the marathon and archery competitions while João Havelange Stadium will arrange track and field event of Rio 2016. The capacity of the stadium is permanently increased from 45,000 to 60,000 for the summer Olympics 2016. It is one of the interesting facts about Rio 2016.

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Fact 6: The events

34 venues have been selected in order to stage this mega-sport event. There are 306 sets of medals in 28 Olympic sports events. 18 of the  34 venues are already operating. The venues are located in four districts in Brazil, namely Barra de Tijuva, Deodoro, Copacabana and Maracana. The Olympic event of football will be held in various stadiums outside the city.

Fact 7: The renovation
Metro In Rio, brazil traffic
Metro In Rio ———image via: Wikimedia/Rodrigo Bethlem

Extensive renovation on transport has been initiated following Rio 2016. The Rio metro is building two underground lines and adding six more subway stations ahead of Olympics. The renovated transport system will be able to carry 230,000 passengers per day during the Olympic period. This gigantic task has been completed on December, 2015.

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Fact 8: The sky-high cost

The Rio 2016 summer Olympics will be supposed to cost over 37.6 billion Brazilian Real which is equivalent of around 10.24 billion Euros. Approximately 24.1 billion real has been estimated for the infrastructure of the city while 6.5 billion Real for sports facilities and 7 billion real for the operating cost of this mega event. Brazil has invested over 5.6 billion real to build the Olympic park in Rio. The success of this kind of mega event is largely depended upon the amount of money that is invested.

Fact 9: The Olympic mascot
Mascots in Rio 2016, olympic mascots
Mascots in Rio 2016—-image via: Flickr/Sebástian Freire

The official mascot of Rio 2016 summer Olympic games was unveiled on 24 November, 2014. The name of the summer Olympics 2016 mascot is “Vinicius”. It was named after the famous Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes. The mascot represents Brazilian wildlife, carrying the design of mammals. The concept of the mascot is that it was born from the joy of Brazilians after hearing Rio will be hosting the 2016 Olympics. It is obviously one of the interesting facts about Rio 2016.

Fact 10:  Summer Olympics 2016 tickets
Best of Luck, Rio 2016
Best of Luck, Rio 2016——image credit: Pixabay/diema

The summer Olympics 2016 tickets will cost you 40 Brazilian Real to 4,600 Brazilian Real. The ticket price is quite affordable for the general public to watch the game. There will be a huge foreign visitors besides Brazilians at Rio 2016. The Brazilian government also aims to gather a huge revenue from this purpose. There are around 45,000 volunteers, 85,000 third party employees and 8,000 employees ahead of this game. Thus, Brazil is offering a huge job facilities for the people to fulfill this gigantic task.

With 173 days to go of Rio 2016, Brazil is going in full throttle. The Olympic city will stage 22 test events from February to May in 2016 to warm up the city prior to the Olympic games in August. The whole world is waiting eagerly to watch this mega event. Many are keen to know how the preparation is going and the interesting facts about Rio 2016. Let’s hope for the best . At this stage, it is only a matter of time for the summer Olympics 2016 to come at the South America’s soil.

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