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Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, Adam Vinatieri
Adam Vinatieri ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

American football is one of the most popular sports in United States. The game is widely played all over the country. National Football League (NFL) is the professional American football competition. The NFL footballers reach the highest level in football because of their tremendous hard working as well as their athletic ability with extraordinary competitiveness. It must be a great feeling for an American footballer to be on the top. Both mentally and physically, they had to stay strong and face the immense challenge. This popular American sports has produced so many legends over the years and some are notably famous for their style of play.

Today, Sporty Ghost have enlisted the Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time. All these names are very popular among the football loving Americans. So let’s find out something new about all these football legends.

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time

10. Norm Johnson: 1,736

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, Norm Johnson
Norm Johnson ; image credit en.wikipedia.org

The former American football placekicker, Norm Johnson played continuous 18 seasons in NFL. The NFL legend marked his step in different NFL teams throughout his long career. Teams like Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and Pittsburgh Steelers are grateful to him for his enormous contribution. Norm Johnson finished his football career with 366 of 477 field goals (76%), which gave him a total 1,736 points.

In 2013, he ranked at no. 10 in the list of NFL leading scorers of all-time. During his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks, Johnson endured a nickname “Mr. Automatic. His famous 46-yard field goal in Steelars’ 27-17 Super Bowl loss to Dallas Cowboys was a memorable one.

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9. John Kasay: 1,970

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, John Kasay
John Kasay ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

John Kasay is an American football kicker who is one of the most prolific figures in NFL. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks as a 1991 NFL fourth round draft. He held the record for most field goals in a single season which is 37, achieved in 1996 NFL season. Three years later, Olindo Mare broke his record by scoring 39 field goals. Again, the record was broken by Neil Rackers and later by David Akers.

John Kasay holds many records into his name as a placekicker. He ranks second for field goals made from 50+ yards. In 2009, Kasay hit the 400th field goal record. He is the no. 9 in our list of top 10 NFL leading scorers of all-time.

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8. Jason Elam: 1,983

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, Jason Elam
Jason Elam ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

The former Denver Broncos placekicker, Jason Elam played a total 15 seasons for the Broncos while spent two with the Atlanta Falcons. With Denver Broncos, Elam has won two Super Bowl rings. He is also a three-time Pro Bowl selection. He is famous for the longest field goal in NFL history at 63 yards, while later, Matt Prater broke the record with a 64-yard field goal.

7. George Blanda: 2,002

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, George Blanda
George Blanda ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

George Blanda spent more seasons in NFL than any other NFL player, having played 26 season in professional American football. At the time of his retirement, he was the leading scorer than anyone in the history. Before retiring in 1976 at the age of 48, he is the only two players in the NFL history to play in four different decades.

Blanda holds another record of being the most extra point kicker in NFL. George Blanda is a very familiar figure in the NFL hall of fame. The list of top 10 NFL leading scorers of all-time will be truly incomplete without George Blanda.

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6. Matt Stover: 2,004

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, Matt Stover
Matt Stover ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

The Greek descent, Matt Stover was one of the most accurate kickers in the history of National Football League. Stover played for the Cleveland Browns, the New York Giants, and the Baltimore Ravens. Indianapolis Colts signed him on 2009 as a replacement for the injured kicker Adam Vinatieri. Matt Stover spent his last days in football playing for Baltimore Ravens.

At the time of his retirement in 2011, Stover was the last remaining member of the Cleveland Browns still active in the National Football League. He was the fourth in NFL leading scorers of all-time at his retirement.

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5. John Carney: 2,062

John Carney played in NFL firstly as an undrafted free agent signed by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1987. He also played football for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. At the time of his release from New Orleans Saints in 2009, he was the third in NFL leading scorers of all-time list, with 2,044 points. He is the last remaining player from the 1980s who is still active in NFL. His service as a kicking consultant at Saints was widely admired among the fans.

4. Adam Vinatieri: 2,146

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, Adam Vinatieri
Adam Vinatieri ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Adam Vinatieri is a placekicker who plays for Indianapolis Colts in NFL. So far, Vinatieri has played five Super Bowl football tournaments in his career. He is the Super Bowl winner in 2001, 2003 and 2004 with the New England Patriots and in 2006 with the Indianapolis Colts. He holds the record of appearing in most Super Bowls (5) and winning the most Super Bowl rings (4) as a placekicker.

At the age of 42, Adam Vinatieri is still an active NFL player. He was nicknamed “Automatic Adam” for his accuracy in kicking the ball. He has scored several match winning field goals in the NFL history. Adam Vinatieri is at No. 4 in our list of top 10 NFL leading scorers of all-time.

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3. Jason Hanson: 2,150

Top 10 NFL Leading Scorers of All-time, Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

He spent his entire 21-year career playing for the Detroit Lions in NFL. The one-club man firstly drafted by the Lions in the 2nd round of the 1992 NFL draft. Hanson is the record holder of being the most game-player with one single team. Before he got retired in 2013, Hanson played over 296 games for the Lions.

In 2012, he broke another record of being with one team for most years (21). This longest tenured Lion scored a stunning 2,150 points during his whole career. He stays at no 3 in our NFL leading scorers’ list.

2. Gary Anderson: 2,434

Gary Anderson was the first NFL kicker to have a perfect regular season in 1998. He successfully made every field goal and every PAT during that season. He was a 1982 NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills as a placekicker. He also signed contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he spent 12 long seasons. In 1995-96 season, Gary Anderson signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Again next season, he moved to the San Francisco 49ers. He is particularly renowned for wearing a one-bar face mask throughout his football career. With 2,434 points, Gary Anderson is the 2nd among the NFL leading Scorers of all-time.

1. Morten Anderson: 2,544

He was nicknamed as “The Great Dane”. Morten Anderson holds the record of being the all-time leading scorer in NFL. He is also a highest point scorer for two different rival teams in NFL, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons. Morten spent 13 seasons playing for the Saints, while for Falcons, he spent a combined eight seasons. The NFL kicker officially retired in 2008, holding several records in his hands.

He is the holder of following NFL records:

  • ●Most points in NFL: 2,544
    ● Most game played: 382
    ● Most field goals attempted: 709
    ● Most field goals: 565
    ● Most seasons with 75 or more points: 24
    ● Most consecutive games played by a placekicker: 248
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