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Top 10 Most Popular College Sports in the world

Top 10 Most Popular College Sports in the world, American Football
American Football ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Youth is the best time to cherish a dream. If someone wants to be a sportsman, it is the perfect time to show the potential. Sports are best performed by the youngsters. They have the exact fitness and flexibility to perform their best in this regard. This is the main reason to find the talented youngsters in the schools and colleges all around the world. Most of the colleges around the world have their sports team as a part of their co-curricular activities. There are many colleges which are more known for their sports teams to the world. Although, some sports are not so popular at the college level, while some other specific sports have gained huge popularity among the youths.

Here we enlisted the Top 10 most popular college sports in the world. Let’s have a look at the top 10 list which hopefully remind you your college life.

10 Most Popular College Sports in the World:

10. Track and Field

Track and field is a kind of sport that includes many different events. The game involves the competition of individual young athletes in separate events along with the combined one. The United States is well known for hosting different disciplines of track and field for both male and female at the school level. Sponsored by many famous schools, United States has become the home of track and field.

Most of the US schools sent their students in this mega sports event from middle school level through college and feature in a track and field team. USA offers a stunning development in creating big talents through high school track and field. Many US athletes try to build themselves to the Olympic standards from the high school level. The national event of track and field is just the selection process to find the best.

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9. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a widely popular indoor sport especially in the South-East Asian countries. In fact it is the no. 9 in our list of top 10 most popular college sports in the world. Countries like China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore etc. practice table tennis at the high school level. This may be the main reason behind their success in the big events like Olympic Games. Table tennis has been a part of Olympic since 1988 and it is governed by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation).

The table tennis association was formed in Britain in 1921 and in 1926, it was renamed as International Table Tennis Federation. In United States, the table tennis association was founded in 1933. Besides Olympics, there are several professional table tennis competitions at club levels, like the national league of countries such as China, France, Germany, Austria and Belgium as well as international club team table tennis championships.

8. Volleyball

Volleyball is a notably popular sport in Unites States both at the college and University levels. Volleyball stands at no. 8 spot in our list of top 10 most popular college sports in the world. Most of the Olympic sports offer both sexes to be participated. However, volleyball would be the only sport which is dramatically promoted as female’s game. In the 2013/14 academic year, there were 1064 NCAA volleyball member schools, of which 329 were selected in top level Division I.

NCAA also sponsors volleyball for women at the University level. There were around 16,647 participants across all three divisions in NCAA. There are about 109 schools offering varsity volleyball for men in all three divisions. On the other hand, beach volleyball is gaining popularity day by day, too. In 2012, beach volleyball is sanctioned along with college volleyball in United States for the first time.

7. Tennis

Tennis is a kind of racquet sport which is played between two single player and two teams consisting two players each. Although, it is not a popular sport in Olympic, the game is played at different levels of society by millions of youngsters as a mere source of excitement. There are four Grand Slams in tennis which are widely popular around the world. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) conducts a junior tour to let the young players establish a world ranking as well ATP or WTA tennis ranking.

Most of the young tennis players enter into the big tournaments through ITF. Some reached the ATP tour directly from junior tour. The ITF facilitates the colleges to grow such potentials in many different ways. Tennis is gradually becoming one of the most popular college sports in the world nowadays.

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6. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular winter sports in the world. The major professional Ice hockey league in North America is known as the NHL. The NHL may not be as popular as NFL or NBA, it is one of the most popular college sports in the world. The followers of this game is gradually increasing at the college level. Junior Ice hockey league in Canada plays a huge impact in developing players for NHL.

The Frozen Four is the most renowned college Ice Hockey tournament at the national level. The game is mainly played in the Northeastern and upper Midwestern of USA and most of the part of Canada.

5. Baseball

Top 10 Most Popular College Sports in the world, baseball
baseball ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

Baseball is the most popular participatory sports in USA. Major League Baseball is the highest level of baseball competition in America. The junior baseball serves mainly as a development system to inspire the young generation. Every American University has its own baseball teams.

The recent stars developed their skill and proved themselves from their very beginning of varsity levels. There are also collegiate summer baseball leagues, taking place in every towns in America. The game has become one of the most popular college sports in the world.

4. Cricket

Cricket is the most popular game especially in the commonwealth countries. The sport has gained its popularity at the college and varsity level. The most schools and colleges in England have their cricket teams. Even in India, the game is well played at the school and college level. The Ranji trophy has become a vital stage for the Indian youngsters.

Great cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar all started their cricket career at the college level and we all know what they did for India later. So, it is really inspiring for the young fellas to follow them and developed themselves as cricketers.

3. Soccer

Top 10 Most Popular College Sports in the world, soccer
soccer ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

College soccer is the most popular sport in US as well as in European countries. The institutions hire full time professional staffs and coaches to teach the students. There are many collegiate soccer associations in US, namely NAIA, NCAA, USCAA, NCCAA etc.

The professional US soccer clubs use to hire talented players after the NCAA college season. Thus the college students get the chance to enter the national level. Soccer is indeed one of the most popular college sports in the world.

2. Basketball

In the recent times, a statistic showed that, around 26 million American are playing basketball since its invention in 1891. Basketball is a popular college game in United States. The professional American basketball league is known as NBA. Various basketball competitions at high school and college level are becoming very much important for the young players.

Every year in March, a 68-college basketball team- tournament is organized called March Madness. The competition decides the NCAA Division I Men’s college basketball championship. Most of the high schools in different states of US declare champions and also harvest a huge fans surrounding the game.

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1. American Football

Top 10 Most Popular College Sports in the world, American Football
American Football ; image credit commons.wikimedia.org

American football is simply known as Football in USA. It the most played sport at the school and college levels in United States. The game has been ranked as no 1 in our list of top 10 most popular college sports in the world. American Football has a greatest number of participants at the college levels. The highest national football competition is named NFL (National Football League).

During the fall months in American colleges, the sport gather a millions of fans especially on Friday and Saturday. The fans and the alumni use to very passionate about their own college teams. American football has truly put a great impact in United States’ young society and it is a true sign of their sports development.

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