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Top 10 secrets behind Usain Bolt speed

Usain Bolt speed, top speed of usain bolt, usain bolt max speed
Usain Bolt celebration-------image credit: Flickr/drcliffordchoi

The Jamaican speed star Usain Bolt is regarded as the fastest human being on earth. The sprinter is currently holding both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records. The reigning Olympic champion Usain Bolt scored his best timing in 100 meters which is 9.58 sec in Berlin 2009. He achieved the record by reaching a speed of 12.2 meters per second. The astonishing 100 meters timing is the best ever since the fully automatic time measurement technology has emerged. He is a very popular athletic figure. The sports loving people all over the world cheer his style after winning a race. Usain Bolt is a very joyful character in the athletic world. Usain Bolt speed is amazing to watch.

Bolt won a total 6 gold medals in the last two olympic games he appeared. He made the Jamaicans proud by winning gold medals in all three categories of sprinting (100m, 200m, 4×100m relay). He is one of the most successful athletes in the world. Everyone wants to know the secrets behind Usain Bolt speed and his amazing success.The 2016 summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil is knocking at the door and Usain Bolt is preparing hard to mesmerize the world once again.  So, our team tried something here to find out the causes. Our prime target is to find out how fast is Usain Bolt on the tract and the reasons behind Usain Bolt fastest speed. Here are the top 10 secrets behind Usain Bolt speed. 

Usain Bolt records, usain bolt record run, usain bolt records
Usain Bolt records—–image credit: www.youtube.com/videoplus.hu

Top 10 secrets behind Usain Bolt speed

The main reason behind Usain Bolt speed and his gold medal winning ability is that the sprinter has built one of the best bodies on earth. His 6’5” and 207 pound frame of body is one of mankind’s most sculpted bodies. He is an inspirational role model to any athlete. You can steal his fitness, but you will never catch him on the track. There are some reasons other than fitness in his grand success. We have figured out some of the Usain Bolt speed secrets.

Usain Bolt speed, top speed of usain bolt, usain bolt max speed
Usain Bolt celebration——-image credit: Flickr/drcliffordchoi

1. Less dynamic with more dragging force

The writers in the European Journal of Physics calculated that Usain Bolt attains his maximum power when he is at half of his maximum speed. The team also discovered that nearly 8% energy produced by his muscles are used for motion and rests are absorbed by drag. Considering Bolt’s body mass, air temperature and tract altitude, the team found out that his drag coefficient is actually less aerodynamic than that of the average man.

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When comparing Bolt’s body mass, the altitude of the track and the air temperature, they found out that his drag coefficient – which is a measure of the drag per unit area of mass – was actually less aerodynamic than that of the average man. It is the drag effort that makes him untouchable. The enormous amount of energy absorbed by his drag is truly extraordinary.

2.   Extraordinary large stride

Cambridge University’s John Barrow analyzed on Usain Bolt speed and found that his extraordinary large stride length is the main reason behind Usain Bolt record run. His vast lengthy stride gives him fastest time in the run. He has a very supportive body structure with lots of fast twitch muscle fibres, which allow him to respond quickly. He may be even quicker if he gets support from slightly stronger tail-wind. Top speed of Usain Bolt got it’s limit at Berlin when there was a tail-wind of only 0.9m per second. On the other hand, most of the runners need 45 strides to complete 100m. But, Bolt only need 40 strides because of his 6’5” height.

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3. The coach

Usain Bolt has been under the total guidance of Glen Mills, who coached majority of the Jamaican sprint stars. Sprinters like Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell were also supervised by Mills. He took the Bolt job in 2004 just after Athens Olympics. He acted as a head coach of Jamaican national athlete team from 1987 to 2009. Initially, Bolt was interested to run only 100m. But, it was his coach Glen Mills who motivated him and got him on the track to run 200m and 4x100m relay. And then rest is history. Mills holds the key behind all the secrets of Usain Bolt speed.

4. Feet like springs

Max Prokopy from University of Virginia studies the secret behind Usain Bolt speed. On his opinion, Bolt has tremendous genetic advantages which allow his feet springs off the ground with 453 kg of forces. The normal person can generate only 226 kg of force. This double spring energy is the another major reason for his unbelievable fastest speed. He can create an enormous motion with those spring like feet which is enough to break records after records.

5. Usain Bolt diet

Usain Bolt’s personal chef always works hard to ensure that his body remains rock-hard. The athlete indulges the superfood containing 177 calorie per cup. The diet is calculated to provide him 34% of daily vitamin C requirement, 40% of vitamin B6 (energy booster) and 26% daily Potassium requirement. Usain Bolt diet includes Ackee and Saltfish, yellow yam and potato at breakfast, chicken breast and pasta at lunch, Rice and peas at dinner. A simple calculated diet plan indeed.

6. Symmetrical legs

A study has been suggested that the Jamaicans have particularly symmetrical legs than the Europeans. The research also showed that children with symmetrical legs, particularly at the knees, have the tendency to sprint. When they become adult, they gain a perfect body structure with long legs, which give them big advantages as a sprinter. Usain Bolt is physically perfect Jamaican sprinter like Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell, Nesta Carter and Steve Mullings.

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7. Fear

It seems strange that fear is one of the secrets behind Usain Bolt speed. Yes it is. On the tract, he always pretends that he is being chased by something. In his words,

“I just visualize all the runners are big spiders and then I got super scared. It’s the fear that I always try to run from.”

8. Usain Bolt workout

Usain Bolt is very much concern to maintain his body physique. He goes to gym in a routine basis. In fact, he has to do huge leg work at the gym in order to run faster. He does a lot of hamstring curls, leg extensions and focuses on his core. At the gym Usain Bolt targets not to get bulky. He always try to keep his body weight static. It helps him to float like a feather and run faster than wind.

Usain Bolt at training, suain bolt speed
Usain Bolt at training——–image credit: www.youtube.com/Lamoda.ru

9. Sleep

A perfect athlete maintains a schedule of working and rest. But Bolt is very much fond of sleeping. He is not tensed about waking early in the morning and going to gym. He is little bit lazy in this case.

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10. His thirst for more

Usain Bolt is the fastest athlete in the world. But still he is thirsty to break his own records, one after another. He runs with his soul in every race on the tract. He is becoming untouchable day after day. He is supposed to be get prepared for the upcoming Rio 2016. It is his own competition, where he always wins. Usain Bolt speed will cross the limit once again. The world is waiting to see another Olympic gold medals in his pocket and breaking his 9.58 sec in 100m.

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