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Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2016

Almost all basketball lovers know that height is an important fact to play this game. At the professional level, most male players are above 6 feet 3 inches and most women above 5 feet 7 inches. According to a survey, the average height of the most basketball players is around 6’7’. Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol were both 7’7”, who were the tallest NBA players in the world. Currently, Hasheem Thabeet is the tallest player in the NBA whose height is 7’3’.

Of course you don’t have to be tall to be good at basketball, but it certainly can help. The height of the players in the NBA adds to the appeal as it is almost otherworldly. Every now and then there will be a player discovered that is very tall in the sport of Basketball.  unfortunately many of the taller players often struggle with injuries, some can also manage to go on and have long and successful careers.

Top 10 tallest NBA players in 2016:

Here you can find out a list of the tallest NBA players in the world. All of them in the list are well-known not only for their basketball skills but also for their height.

1) Gheorghe Muresan

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Gheorghe Muresan,
Gheorghe Muresan ; image credit

Height: 7′ 7” (2.31 meters)

NBA Career: 6 seasons

A retired Romanian basketball professional player whose height is 7 feet 7 inches. A full foot taller than the average NBA player and nearly two feet taller than the average American male. He is one of the NBA tallest NBA players who is regarded slightly taller than another tallest NBA player, Manute Bol. Standing a fraction taller than Manute Bol, Muresan is the tallest to grace the NBA. Gheorghe Muresan’s best season was in 1994-95 when his average points per game was 14.5. He played his final 31 games from the New Jersey Nets.

Unlike many other tallest NBA players in history, Muresan showed promise in the game. Mureșan played a diversion for the Maryland Nighthawks as a component of the tallest lineup ever. This is the main b-ball game Mureșan has played where he was not the tallest individual on the court, as Sun Mingming is 7’9″. Unfortunately a persistent back injury restricted Muresan to just six seasons in the NBA

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2) Manute Bol

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Manute Bol
Manute Bol ; image credit

Height: 7′ 7” (2.31 meters)

NBA Career: 10 seasons (1985-1994)

Another tallest NBA player with 7 feet 7 inches height who was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. He was a Sudanese-born NBA player. Manute Bol has played for four NBA teams and two colleges. He played in the center, who is being considered the best shot-blockers in the NBA history. He had spent ten years in the NBA, from 1985-1995. He played for the Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat.

Bol played games for some groups over his profession. He played for two universities and four NBA groups. A core, he was known as an authority player; he was considered among the absolute best blockers ever, however different parts of his diversion were considered genuinely feeble. Unfortunately Bol passed away in 2014 at the age of 47 due to severe kidney trouble.

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3) Shawn Bradley

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Shawn Bradley
Shawn Bradley ; image credit

Height: 7′ 6” (2.29 meters)

NBA Career: 12 seasons

Shawn Bradley is one of the tallest NBA players in the history whose height is 7 feet 6 inches. He is retired German and American player who is very much known for his blocking shots. Shawn Bradley had played for the Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey in his NBA career.

Shawn’s limited offensive skill set held him back. For much of his career, Bradley was inconsistent in scoring and rebounding. Though Bradley enjoyed a lengthy career in the NBA with plenty of minutes logged. In fact he played one of the most important role on the Mavericks, most probably for his his shot blocking ability and unbelievable  length.

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4) Yao Ming

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Yao Ming
Yao Ming ; image credit

Height: 7′ 6” (2.29 meters)

NBA Career: 8 seasons

This retired Chinese basketball professional player was the tallest NBA player with 7 feet 6 inches height. But we must admit that he was much more than just an enormous player. Yao was an excellent passer and developed a great variety of post up moves along with the fantastic shooting touch and improved footwork. He played for the Houston Rockets. Due to his ankle and foot injuries, he announced his retirement in July 2011.

Yao reported his retirement from expert b-ball because of an arrangement of foot and lower leg wounds which constrained him to miss 250 recreations in his last six seasons. In eight seasons with the Rockets, Yao positions sixth among establishment pioneers altogether focuses and aggregate bounce back, and second altogether squares. He will be remembered as a Rockets legend, playing on a talented team alongside Tracy McGrady.

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5) Chuck Nevitt

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Chuck Nevitt
Chuck Nevitt ; image credit

Height: 7′ 5” (2.26 meters)

NBA Career: 1982-1994 (12 seasons)

Chuck Nevitt was well-known for his height, is a retired American Basketball professional player. His height is 7 feet 5 inches who used to play in the center position. He spent total 9 years in the NBA (center position). And he never played more than 43 games in a complete season. He was seen in and out of the league, as well as on and off teams.

Nevitt played for several NBA teams, including Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angels Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and Italy. He is the only tallest player to ever win the Championship in NBA. Definitely he will be remembered as a member of the 1985 Lakers’ championship roster.

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6) Pavel Podkolzin

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Pavel Podkolzin
Pavel Podkolzin ; image credit

Height: 7′ 5” (2.26 meters)

NBA Career: 1 season (appeared only last day of 2nd season)

Pavel Podkolzin is another tallest NBA player who is a Russian Basketball professional player. He played for the Sibirtelecom Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. His height is 7 feet 5 inches. Podkolzin has a great skill of blocking, that is why, he was considered to be the high drafts in 2004. However he struggled to adjust to the league however and only made five appearances in 2004-2005 season.

Podkolzin was thought to be a high draft pick in he 2004 draft as a result of his size, blocking capacity and quality, however he was picked late in the draft. Podkolzin arrived at the midpoint of 6.0 bounce back in 14.0 minutes in his initial two Las Vegas Summer League Revue amusements.

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7) Slavko Vranes

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Slavko Vranes
Slavko Vranes ; image credit

Height: 7′ 5” – 7′ 6” (2.26-2.29 meters) 

NBA Career: 1 season (not even complete season)

The height of this Montenegrin Basketball Professional is 7 feet 5 inches. He is one the NBA’s tallest player. Vranes has played for several teams in the NBA, including the New York Knicks, Portland Trail Blazers, Buducnos Podgorica, and Partizan Belgrade. He was also played for Sanaye Petroshimi BC (an Iranian Super League), Metalac Valjevo, and Zob Ahan Isfahan.

Slavko Vranes had to struggle quite a lot in Partizan Belgrade and Zob Ahan Isfahan. Probably he is such an example here to prove that even if you are one of the tallest players in the world, it does not necessarily mean that you can have an impact on this hugely talented league. Players from all round the world have to struggle to adjust to its speed and physicality.

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8) Mark Eaton

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, mark eaton
mark eaton ; image credit

Height:  7′ 4” (2.24 meters)

NBA Career: 11 seasons (1982-1993)

Mark Eaton is one of the tallest NBA players whose height is 7 feet 4 inches. He was an American Basketball Professional player who has played for the Utah Jazz in 1982-93 session. He was awarded as the NBA Defensive Player for two times and selected for NBA All-Star in 1989. Though historians often refer as a freak accident that Eaton got to play in the NBA. He preferred Water Polo to Basketball during high school and served as auto mechanic for a few years before being discovered for the specific game.

Mark Eaton will definitely go down as one of the greatest defensive big men to play the game. probably the second best player to block, just behind the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Eaton spent 11 years patrolling the paint in the NBA, averaging 3.5 BPG for his career. After his retirement Jazz honoured his legacy by retiring his jersey.

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9) Rik Smits

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Rik Smits
Rik Smits ; image credit

Height: 7′ 4” (2.24 meters)

NBA Career: 12 seasons (1988-2000)

Another tallest NBA player who height is 7 feet 4 inches. Rik Smits spent his whole career with the NBA’s Indiana Pacers team. He is Dutch-born player who was called as “The Dunkin’ Dutchman”. Smits scored in double figures each season he played, 95-96 being his best, his average points for per game was 18.5. He created nerve harm in his feet from wearing tight shoes as a young person. He underwent multiple surgeries, including back, knee and ankle procedures.

Foot issues tottered Smits for the larger part of his vocation, and he resigned at the finish of the Pacers’ 1999–2000 season, after Indiana was vanquished by the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals 4 diversions to 2.

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10) Ralph Lee Sampson

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players in the World 2015, Ralph Lee Sampson
Ralph Lee Sampson ; image credit

Height: 7′ 4” (2.24 meters)

NBA Career: 9 seasons (1983-1992)

This retired American player was selected as the best player in his college for three times. His height is 7 feet 4 inches. He played for the Houston Rockets and contributed to send the team in their second NBA finals. With his size and deftness Sampson was relied upon to score like Wilt Chamberlain and win titles like Bill Russell when he arrived at the masters. Paired with legendary big man Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Lee Sampson the greatest and most imposing front-court, which earn them the nickname “Twin Towers”.

The Houston Rockets made him the No. 1 pick in the 1983 NBA Draft. As a newbie he found the middle value of 21.0 focuses and 11.1 bounce back, played in the All-Star Game, and won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. At the time of his retirement, he ranked second all-time in league history in total blocked shots. Though he only left the game at the age of 32, finishing a short and disappointing career as to what was expected of him when he came out of college.

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Bottom Line: All the above tallest NBA players have a great professional career. Their heights give them an extra advantage..

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