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Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer

Where goalkeepers are concerned, natural process has almost always been to have one consistent goalkeeper. Also there is another much-less-heralded backup in the event of an injury to the consistent choice. Major football clubs across Europe have been laughing in the face of that natural so called process. They have been buying backup keepers who could easily start for other major clubs to have as a solid backup goalkeepers. This recent stockpiling of goalkeepers that we are trying to make list of the top 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer 2015.

We can easily figure out the fact by just looking at Chelsea. Being one of the famous and richest clubs in Europe as well as England, Chelsea still have Petr Cech on their list despite the return of Thibaut Courtois. They have taken him after an extremely successful loan spell with Atletico Madrid last season. There’s also the fact that Manchester City recently signed Malaga’s Willy Caballero as backup goalkeeper to support their prior choice Joe Heart.

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Barcelona signed both Claudio Bravo and Marc-Andre ter Stegen following the departure of longtime number one goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Who is still available for any club to be found as prime or backup goalkeeper. Real Madrid recently signed Costa Rican goalkeeping hero Keylor Navas to act as backup for Spanish goalkeeping legend Iker Casillas. No doubt, sometimes it feels like the number one goalkeeper of his age is currently on the downswing of his career with the Spanish Giants Real Madrid.

All this to say, backup goalkeepers are becoming a hotter commodity than ever in soccer. It’s becoming increasingly obvious as this transfer window comes to a close.

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10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer:

These 10 goalkeepers are still worth decent amounts of money despite their status of having to warm the bench. Though they are found more capable of providing a decent challenge to the guy in front.

Here we are discussing and making the list of top 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer / football world. These ranks are totally based on their market value.

Let’s find, who is the most valuable backup goalkeeper in soccer world?

10. Pepe Reina

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Pepe reina
Pepe Reina ; image credit

Present Club: Bayern Munich

Expense: $6.6 million

He was well known for so long as the main man in Liverpool. It’s a little bit strange to see Pepe Reina act as a backup nowadays in Bayern Munich. At 32 years of age, he is probably fitting that would be more accepting of a role as a mentor for Manuel Neuer, who is arguably considered as the best goalkeeper in world football.

With Bayern expected to make a serious run once again for the Champions League trophy this season, it was probably hard for the Spaniard. He is currently considered the number 10th of the list – top 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer. His current market value is at $6.6 million, which is turned down undoubtedly.

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09. Maarten Stekelenburg

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Maarten Stekelenburg
Maarten Stekelenburg ; image credit

 Present Club: Monaco

Expense: $7.3 million

Maarten Stekelenburg is currently on loan at Monaco after Fulham. The Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg is acting as the backup goalkeeper for Les Rouges et Blancs behind Danijel Subasic this season. Surprisingly he is barely entered his 30s and has gained 54 caps for the Dutch national soccer team.

Marten may be several years removed from his best days as a member of Ajax, still has a market value of $7.3 million. Which makes him the 9th most valued backup goalkeeper right now. Stekelenburg still comes with a decent price tag for any team to have.

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08. Jack Butland

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Jack Butland
Jack Butland ; image credit

Present club: Stoke City

Expense: $7.3 million

Jack has been considered as England’s goalkeeper of the future. Probably that’s the cause behind, Roy Hodgson brought him along for Euro 2012 two years ago. His previous club Birmingham City is proof enough that he’s got plenty of potential as goalkeeper.

However the 21-year-old is likely to play the role of backup to Asmir Begovic at Stoke. Unless the Potters can secure a last-minute loan spell for him. He is currently considered the 8th in the list of top 10 most important backup goalkeepers in the world. His current market value is $7.3 million. And he may not really be content to warm the bench despite his young career. He is being sent on a sixth loan spell may not be something he particularly wants either.

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07. Willy Caballero

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Willy Caballero
Willy Caballero; image credit

Present Club: Manchester City

Expense: $7.3 million

Willy had a very successful time as the main man at Malaga in La Liga previously. He has been inexplicably snubbed time and time again from the Argentine national team. Willy Caballero’s recent signing with Manchester City means that his chances of playing for his country have decreased a bit. As Joe Heart remains the main guy at the Etihad Stadium, he may only be called upon in case of injury.

Still with $7.3 million market price, Willy is at number 7 in this list of 10 most valuable backup goalkeepers in soccer 2015. It’s uncertain as to how long Caballero will be content to just be the second-string keeper at City.

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06. Michael Agazzi

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Michael Agazzi
Michael Agazzi ; image credit

Present Club: AC Milan

Expense: $8.8 million

Michael Agazzi is probably the least recognizable name on this list. The Milan backup goalkeeper Michael Agazzi has built up a decent reputation for himself as the main goalkeeper at Cagliari. At Chievo Verona earlier this year then led to him moving to the San Siro. They also signed Diego Lopez from AC Milan Football Club.

The 30-year-old is rated with a market value of $8.8 million. This makes him rank at 6th in the list of most valued backup goalkeepers in soccer world. He may not have much of a chance to compete for time as the number one keeper if Lopez’s performances for the Rossoneri are consistently better. The fact that longtime keeper Christian Abbiati is still on their books surely doesn’t also provoke.

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05. Michel Vorm

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Michel Vorm
Michel Vorm ; image credit

Present club: Tottenham Hotspur

Expense: $8.8 million

Vorm has been capped 15 times by the Dutch national team. He was also chosen as going to the World Cup this past summer as a member of the Oranje’s third place team. Michel Vorm’s recent signing with Tottenham Hotspur may come back to haunt him.

As Hugo Loris firmly entrenched as Spurs’ number one man, also evergreen American goalkeeper Brad Friedel still on their side, Michel Vorm may have a difficult time starting games at White Hart Lane. He is at fifth position considering the backup goalkeepers priority list. The former Swansea City keeper is rated at a market value of $8.8 million. Hopefully he may not stay in Tottenham for a terribly long sessions.

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04. David Ospina

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, David Ospina
David Ospina; image credit

Present club: Arsenal

Expense: $10.3 million

He has been following a great run by the Colombian national team to the quarterfinals of this summer’s 2014 World Cup, Brazil. Most obviously David Ospina needed to play for a bigger club than Nice in Ligue 1. He had been playing with them after moving overseas in 2008.

Arsenal may not necessarily be the answer for that problem. Although he’s clearly good enough to start for a major club. He will likely have to fight for playing time with the Gunners’ longtime number one Wojciech Szczesny now. With a market value of $10.3 million, Ospina is considered 4th of the most valuable backup goalkeepers in 2015 soccer world. The 25 year old still young goalkeeper need his competition which could potentially be fierce.

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03. Claudio Bravo

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Claudio Bravo
Claudio Bravo; image credit

Present club: Barcelona

Expense: $11.6 million

Claudio Bravo is currently in the starting role for Barcelona FC. As a result of the fact that promising young German keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is out injured for some times. Once ter Stegen returns, Bravo may have to sit a number of games out for the Blaugrana.

He has been playing for the Chilean national team that made it past one of the World Cup’s round. He was the longtime number one for Real Sociedad. Claudio Bravo may not be satisfied to have to be part of a goalkeeping tandem. He is at no. 3 of the 10 most valued backup goalkeepers 2014/2015. At 31 years of age, his market value is $11.6 million, which is still considered fair enough.

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02. Keylor Navas

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Keylor Navas
Keylor Navas ; image credit

Present club: Real Madrid

Expense: $14.6 million

Navas’ performances for his country at the 2014 World Cup Brazil this summer were nothing short of sensational. Undoubtedly his role in Costa Rica’s run to the quarterfinals was instrumental also. So it was obvious that Keylor Navas would not be content to still be playing for a club like Levante.

The sensational goalkeeper was rewarded with a move to La Liga giants Real Madrid. His market value of $14.6 million shows that he’s good enough to start for many big clubs around Europe. But it’s unknown how often he’ll have to jockey for position with another arguable greatest of our generation. Someday will definitely see him as the number one role at Bernabeu.

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01. Petr Cech

Top 10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer, Petr Cech
Petr Cech ; image credit

Present club: Chelsea

Expense: $24.9 million

Cech has been linked recently to loan spells at clubs like Paris Saint-Germain. Still he remains on Chelsea’s books. It looks as if he’ll have to settle for a backup role behind young Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Unfortunately if he doesn’t win his place back at Stamford Bridge, Petr Cech will be certain to move elsewhere.

For a time now, he’s still by far the most valuable backup goalkeeper with a market value of almost $25 million. He is also one of the best goalkeepers in recent years and still very much intact even at 32. People believes he has also fallen on the downturn of his career and leading the backup goalkeepers in world soccer.

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