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Top List of Cool Basketball Team Names 2015

List of Cool Basketball Team Names 2015, Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls ; image credit www.flickr.com

American sports teams from high-school to the professionals are identified by a team name that accompanies the name of the place in which they reside. Most of the teams want to have a team name that is cool enough. Cool basketball team names are as important as it is the symbol of their identity. People recall them by their cool basketball team names. No matter if you look from one place to another, your basketball team name will be your identity. Here you can read about 15 NBA cool basketball team names.

Cool Basketball Team Names

Atlantic Division

1. Boston Celtics: It is one of the cool basketball team names that was founded in 1946, and have always remained faithful to the capital of Massachusetts. In that year, the then president and founder Walter Brown decided to continue with the tradition of the Irish in Boston. The city was full of immigrants originating in the land of St.

Patrick and the result was a team with the green jersey as the meadows of Ireland and the name of the ancient inhabitants of the island.

2. Brooklyn Nets: It was founded in 1967 initially as the New Jersey Americans in 1968 left the New Jersey to go in Commack, Long Island becoming the New York Nets and then moved to Brooklyn in 2012. The new logo of the Brooklyn Nets is inspired by the characters typographical lettering Metro New York in 1957.

List of Cool Basketball Team Names 2015, Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets ; image credit www.flickr.com

This name is among cool basketball team names and the dress colors are black and white and the new planet for the matches of the house is the Barclays Center.

3. New York Knicks: This one is also present since 1946. You can also consider this name among cool basketball team names. The ancient name of this team was given by Dutch and the name is Knickerbockers. This is because these same people wore the characteristic pants tied above the knee called “knickers”.

4. Philadelphia 76ers: The old Syracuse Nats in 1963 were purchased and brought into the city of brotherly love. This cool basketball team name came in the day of Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.

5. Toronto Raptors: This is the first expansion team outside the territory of the USA. Its name is among cool basketball team names. This team was won by those who proposed the old dinosaur as a symbol of the team. Born in 1995.

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Central Division

1. Chicago Bulls: You can easily think that the name comes from the large cattle industry in this area of the capital of Illinois.

List of Cool Basketball Team Names 2015, Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls ; image credit www.flickr.com

This cool basketball team name came from the fact that the former owner, Richard Klein, admired bulls and hoping to see the same strength and resistance of cattle in his young deductible (1966).

2. Cleveland Cavaliers: In 1970 a newspaper in Cleveland suggested a contest where you can win the opportunity to give the cool basketball team names to the franchise that was about to be born in Ohio. Cavaliers won those proposed (to honor the Knights eighteenth century) sometimes abbreviated Cavs.

3. Detroit Pistons: The NBA champion team in 2004 but and this cool basketball team was born in 1948 in Fort Wayne. Pistons were called from the beginning because their boss Fred Zollner was the owner of a factory of pistons.

4. Indiana Pacers: With this cool basketball team name, they have been maintaining their performance since 1967 for a decision of the president that he hoped his team would take the pace of the top teams of the time. Pacers literally means “tread” and refers to both the tradition of horse racing trot that the famous Indianapolis 500.

5. Milwaukee Bucks: This cool basketball team name, “Buck” was an idea of RD Trebilcox native of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin who proposed it in 1968 to the leadership. He won the comparison with other names like Stags, Skunks and Stallion and the winner explained his choice by saying: “The deer is brave, a good jumper and is fast and agile.”

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Southeast Division

1. Atlanta Hawks: Hawks are the best team in the history of the League vagabond. Were born in 1948: at the time of the foundation, were the Tri-Cities Blackhawks; 3 Cities were Moline and Rock Island (both in Illinois) and Davenport (Iowa) and in 1831 was fought between these three locations the Blackhawk War.

List of Cool Basketball Team Names 2015, Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks ; image credit de.wikipedia.org

Their cool basketball team names derive from the franchise this battle in which the army of the United States defeated hard Indians, led by Black Hawk. In 1951 they moved to Milwaukee, then in St. Louis from 1955 to 1968 to win a ring and only in 1968 arrived in the capital of Georgia, their current home.

2. Charlotte Hornets: This cool basketball team was chosen through a contest that rewarded Hornets (“wasp”), among the other finalists and Gold Knights. In 2002, the Hornets moved to New Orleans and was created the new team Charlotte Bobcats. In 2013, New Orleans Hornets change the name in New Orleans Pelicans allowing Charlotte to resume its original name from the season 2014/2015.

3. Miami Heat: NBA champions of 2013 also have to resort to a competition in 1987 to win that sees the term Heat (“hot”) and the winner explained: “When you think of Miami, is the heat that comes immediately mind.”

4. Orlando Magic: Orlando Sentinel newspaper sponsored a “Name the Team” challenge and the two terms “finalists” were Magic and Juice. Magic won, and this was the explanation given by GM Pat Williams: “Magic is a synonym for the Orlando area. We have the magical kingdom of Disney World and our tourism motto is: Come where the magic is.”

5. Washington Wizards: The franchise was born in Chicago in 1961 and this cool basketball team name was Packers, because of the shipping company’s president. In 1963 they moved to Baltimore and became the Bullets; this is because they played near a foundry that produced munitions during the Second World War. In 1973-74, after 10 years of Baltimore moved in the district of the capital and became the Capitol Bullets.

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Bottom Line: A Basketball team name is not just a name, it is the identity. Cool basketball team names have the power to draw the attention of all!

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