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Warriors tie with 1995-96 Chicago Bulls in 72-win record

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The number 72 in NBA isn’t just a number. The number defines excellence. It signifies the superiority of a team. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls had built a 72 winning record in a single NBA season. The number has become legendary since then. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls was the greatest regular season games of all-time in NBA. The team was arguably the greatest NBA team which was led by the great Michael Jordan. The 27-win record of Chicago Bulls seemed untouchable for many years. It’s like playing Icarus, daring to touch the sun. It was a dream to any NBA team to surpass Chicago Bulls. And now, Golden State Warriors are one step away to make history.

Warriors and Bulls 96, warriors record
Warriors and Bulls 96—–image credit: www.youtube.com/SeaMTee Gaming

Golden State Warriors are in NBA history

The Golden State Warriors grabbed a historic victory against San Antonio Spurs in 92-86 on Sunday night at NBA. In this course, the Warriors became the best NBA franchise over the past 20 years. The Warriors equalized the record at AT & T Center, the home of Spurs. For the Spurs, it came as a shock, as because no one had beaten them at their home this year. The Warriors’ next checkmark is the 73-win record, which isn’t achieved by any team in the history of NBA. It will be a great chance for them to exceed Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls with 73rd win on Wednesday against the injury-ravaged Memphis Grizzlies at home.

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The Golden State Warriors are about to make history. They are in a great shape of playing beautiful basketball and has captured the imagination of the sports world and beyond. The match against Spurs was not as easy as to eat chocolate pie. The game was tied at 35 at the half. It was full of up-and-down, chaotic frenzy in which Warriors are most comfortable throughout the whole season. Their stylish approach and balanced strategies fell victim to them.

the warriors, steph curry
The Warriors—————-image credit: Wikimedia/ Keith Allison

It was none other than Steph Curry who pushed the lead in the fourth and eventually finished it off. The Warriors team spirit was amazing throughout the game. They were destined to win that match. The most amazing things of Warriors are that they can play ugly and grind-it-out basketball and and eventually win the game. They have been manufacturing a mind-blowing statistics this season. The team is dominant again with their offensive efficiency and Steph Curry’s 3-point wave of annihilation. All the records have fallen by the wayside of Golden State Warriors this season. They could lose to the next Wednesday game against the Grizzlies and it wouldn’t take any fame away after how incredible this season has been for them. Notably, they are now tied with 1996 Jordan’s Bulls for the most wins in NBA history. The victory has brought Golden State closer to immortality.

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The Golden State showed an amazing team performance with Curry’s offensive brilliance and another excellent defensive performance against the Spurs with Green in charge. The Golden State’s assistant coach and defensive master Ron Adams praised Green’s outstanding presentation and finally he was very much happy with the game and accomplishment. The whole world wanted the Warriors to reach the plateau. Now, we are waiting to watch the Golden State planting its flag atop the mountain over the Chicago Bulls. The Warriors should refocus on Memphis in order to reign the heaven.

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  1. This team is becoming a dream team, they play with the heart. I Love the way they play, Stephen Curry is an spectacular player . My best wishes for them, next year they will be champion again. Go WARRIORS


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